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Spiritual-PowerMan seems to have always been seeking power. Yet perhaps originally that power was internal, or a power that comes from greater connection beyond oneself, rather than a means of physical control of others. We may have lost this understanding on a cultural level, but on an inner level, and through our dreams, we are constantly being nudged back to our inner truth. It’s just a matter of whether we want to hear it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Then I had this other dream. I’m trying to get away from an inevitable unfoldment by going through kind of a backdoor approach and using this to try to realize what I’m missing. For this backdoor approach to work, I need more energetic power and clarity. I need to see and/or find a way back. You use more energy to do this. You need more power to do this.

What the meditation dream and the sleep dream are both telling me, is that there is a way out, but I am not recognizing it at this time. But because I see the problem, this means that I will reach the result that I seek.

So, how does that fit with yours? With yours, you’re taking and recognizing that you shift now and utilize your energy. As you become more conscious, your consciousness ties things together in terms of how they are as a process in the outer. You recognize what fits and supports or heals the outer.

My nature is to try to figure out how to go back through a flow that has happened, to backtrack or backdoor through it. Because where it has taken one, the result is not going to be sufficient. And even to backdoor something, you can’t sit there and noodle at what took place. You aren’t going to figure it out that way. You’re going to know how to do it naturally, if you can find more energy.

So, in my dream, there’s the need to just automatically shift and come into more energy—or more power—and when you come into more power, you come into an understanding of how to do it.

Otherwise, the lower side or part of yourself is that when you’re afflicted, then you’re continually trying to figure out based upon what occurred, which is a type of going backwards into what occurred. You’re continually trying to figure out how to resolve it or to figure something out. And it can never work that way because it is always about something deeper and more meaningful.

And you took it to a point where, because it’s always about that unfolding in terms of who you are, that you have to continually access more power or energy inside of yourself in order to keep taking those steps. This is a form of awakening.

The way the dreams are connected is the form of awakening has to do with me accessing a certain degree of inner power to which to bring in the clarity of a situation that’s naturally known, but cannot be known if I just study the situation per se, because then I’ll only be bulldozing myself or making a mockery of this or that, or that or the other. In other words, whatever I come up with, is only going to be as good as the data that I feed into it, which is going to be outer consequences and circumstances.

When one accesses more energetic power and whatnot inside, then they have the natural knowingness and clarity in terms of what to do. That natural clarity and knowingness comes through and it becomes part of the feminine nature in which, in life the feminine nature as it becomes more conscious stops its doingness and carrying on so much, but then can tend to become a little too aloof because it’s not necessarily as bothered or as fettered by things.

But then with the additional power with the clarity that comes through, it then knows how to maintain because it always has to maintain its natural roots into life. And so it is the one that can bring in that change.

In this particular case the change that was needed, that also kept you part of a oneness, both on the inner and on the outer level, was the establishing of this alcohol and drug quality program. And, in doing that, you maintained yourself as part of what was going on and you wouldn’t have otherwise.

The thing that kind of brought your attention back was this drug and alcohol program that was established, or otherwise you would have just continued to feel yourself wispier and wispier, coming and going in and out the window. This tended to create a magnetism or a top-to-bottom connectivity.

So, the way the dreams, like I say, fit together, the masculine takes and has to address and access the power that it needs to know how to see how something comes one way and then the other way, comes both directions properly, appropriately.

The feminine understanding that, or gaining an understanding of that, is able to then introduce that into the creation. And in doing so, that keeps her from getting too spiritually ungrounded because the weight of things falls off. She’s naturally inclined to be doing things, but how you do things is a whole other thing.

And now, she’s able to do things from a naturalness, as opposed to doing things as part of a neurosis where she’s caught up in this, that, or the other that hasn’t been sorted out in her nature, which is more in the lines in terms of how the feminine was, or tends to be, when it doesn’t have this process, you know, working with it. It tends to look this way or that way. It tends to have to be overwhelmed by all of the neuroses of itself and, therefore, isn’t able to do something effectively for life.

This dream actually tends to show you how you establish an independence and a strength. It shows that the two parts don’t just lean on each other, they have to operate autonomously, or otherwise, there’s something missing.

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890ce70The only cure for greater consciousness is even greater consciousness. Or, said another way, on a spiritual journey we can’t rest on our laurels. As we gain consciousness, we need to remain vigilant because we still don’t know exactly what is unfolding – because it’s new and uncharted territory for us. The shift that is being made is from self-propelled (ego) life, to being in service to something higher as we begin to experience outer life from an inner location. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only pulled out parts of my dreams. In one dream, it’s like I’m looking at a letter and it seems to be addressing a lot of people. It’s not like it’s just a letter written to one person.

I know part of it’s about a woman who lives in the community and I’m trying to decipher some of the things in the letter, including some advice about how you use certain—what would they be? Formulas, more like a liquid. Looking at the colors involved, it’s kind of a magenta color.

You know, as I look at this letter and I read it and then I look at the page, it’s like there’s a drawing of some—it’s almost like not perfume bottles, unguent bottles. Some kind of bottles that would have scents or things in them that I remember, that maybe when one was at the center or something or in the past, one had used those and I’d forgotten about them.

Like they might be bottled with amber in them or something like that, or an amber scent. And as I’m looking at that, it’s like I’m assessing that. I’d forgotten about those and that one could use them. And then I’m looking at other things in the letter to see if there’s other things that one could do that I’d forgotten about. That’s about all I could tell you.

John: So, let’s see if I understand it right. You’re looking at a letter and the letter had magenta colors on it?

Jeane: I think sometimes some of the ink was magenta in certain parts. Then there were these little bottles filled with amber or other kinds of lotions, or perfumes, or essential oils or something that I’d forgotten about, too, that was in another part of the letter.

It’s like as I would read the letter, I’d suddenly see that those bottles were there. Yeah, they were like drawn in, but they were actually there and I was reading it. I had the feeling that maybe it was something that had been written to a number of people in the community. It’s like I’m kind of reading it trying to figure out almost like things that I had forgotten that we could do, or have.

John: Because the sense about it is that it’s something that is awakening in you – the letter is basically written to you – that has to do with information coming to you or awakening in you, that’s based upon the color. And you have the right note or scent—or sense even—about it. That’s why it has the bottles on it. So, it’s kind of like a letter indicating that you’re receiving something.

Jeane: Then I had a dream where it feels like I’ve gone back to visit where I used to work, and when I approach where I used to work at first I climb up the outside of a building and see people that I used to work with at a desk inside.

And then I have to figure out how to open up the window on the outside of the building, because it seems to have about three parts to it that slide back and forth, so that I can get in and visit for a moment with some people in the office there.

Then I seem to leave by the window again. And meanwhile I have found out that after I left, one of the things that they did was hire a drug and alcohol counselor and I’m thinking that was really a brilliant idea, that that was something that they needed that they didn’t have.

And then I’m going and I’m looking around other things that have happened at the job and it feels like it’s not a job I can come back to. I’m just kind of assessing what’s going on there.

The other feeling I have there and then I think, I don’t know if something comes up in a later dream that I’ve dropped, but the other sense I’m having is this little bit of frustration that there is like this part of me that’s still locked up in time, in some way, that I can’t quite access and it’s creating a kind of a frustration feeling, like there’s a step one can take or something one can do, or be part of, but I can’t because there’s something that’s locked up yet.

John: The first dream, of course, suggests that something is awakening inside of you as if a consciousness is coming to light. And, as a consequence, of this consciousness coming to light, it is bringing up a type of memory and otherness in your nature in relationship to how you are in terms of as a physical person in relationship to life.

In other words you have a connection to things, but not necessarily in the same way as you had it before. It’s like you come in through a window, so to speak, leave through a window, which is a little inflated and off the ground, but that is kind of a dilemma that happens when you start to become more conscious is that you tend to perceive, and feel, and look at things as they’re happening in the outer in a slightly different way.

There’s a reflective need to counterbalance all of that, and the reflective need that you’re aware of and becomes even clearer to you, when you’re in this part of yourself that has become more conscious, is that something more grounded needs to occur, like a drug and alcohol rehabilitary system. To add that, that tends to fill a missing link, tends to ground something or close a gap.

So this kind of has a double entangled meaning, even. That’s something that you see is occurring that’s reflective, which means it’s in the outer as a recognition of a need. It is also something that, as a reflection, to fill a need, it is like also something that helps the fact that it has that – in terms of your consciousness – that reaches up and is almost in another area or way.

All of this helps pull the cohesion together. You, in terms of your consciousness, in terms of something that awakens, you’re able to see how something needs to be and reflect that into life as part of the process of grounding yourself into life. This is kind of a hard thing to describe.

Ordinarily when you start off on this path, what you have to do is you have to go into the depths of yourself in order to free yourself from limitations that you carry that keep you dense, and keep you dumb, and keep you stupid. You have to face, you have to confront those limiting parts of yourself that keep you cycling in the personal.

And, then, as you let go of that or as you come to a point where you start to develop a light body, or a part of yourself that is more conscious, and then you get to a point where your consciousness is such where you still have the memories, or the part of yourself that’s in the outer, but it doesn’t touch you in the same way. It doesn’t impact you quite in the same way. You’re able to let go of it because your attention is more upon how you’re feeling in a consciousness that’s outside of the physical limitations.

So, you have your physical limitations but they’re not as loud to you as they would be ordinarily, if you didn’t have this something other to lean on. So, when it gets to be like that then, because you’re intertwined with the whole, if you find yourself just associating with the freedom and sense that you have of being freed up from the normal weights and burdens of the world, then what’s happening is you put yourself into this energetic spiritual illusion of sitting in that state as opposed to in this state, which means as a type of separateness, then, on a spiritual level as opposed to an intertwining.

So you maintain the intertwining by recognizing and looking at what is required in order to pull things together, in order to come down, in order to ground something. And so from this higher perception sight, you can see the limitations of something in terms of how it is. You could see the limitation in terms of you can come in, you have a greater view of things, you’re a little inflated. You don’t have the normal cognition; you’re almost like—it’s kind of wispy even, isn’t it? Like you’re not even necessarily there, and yet you are.

So, the influence and the effect that you can bring in is you bring in what is needed to help ground it, to help root it. Because the object is to have this transmission or connectivity that goes from inner all the way into the outer.

And this part of yourself, now to go all the way into the outer, needs to facilitate what is necessary and important to bringing it all the way through, to bring that whole matter through. So you have to reflect in that which tends to complete the program.

If you don’t reflect in that which tends to complete the program, then you tend to sit in an aloof space, with the sight over it all, but the program in the outer that exists has problems. It has an incompleteness about it.

Well, you have a completeness about yourself in terms of what you see. And so, if you don’t support or inflect into the outer that which makes the outer complete, so that it mirrors the inner – in terms of what you’ve reached inside yourself – then you’re going to have a separation.

And the key is not to have a separation. The key is that ultimately both the inner and the outer reflect each other as if they are one, and that you don’t go and develop a consciousness to the point where you get outside of that connectivity in the physical. You’re always reflecting into the physical what the physical needs in order to mirror where you’re at on the inner consciousness level of yourself.

And so when you have developed this sense that you have, and you still have this co-relationship to something in which how you functioned or were in the past, but now you have a broader, clearer sight, it’s almost as if you could come in etherically into that and rather than stay etheric, if you didn’t do this, you can inflect what is necessary and needed in order to bring that through.

So, what you’re doing now is you have made a shift. Instead of like in the beginner that takes and goes into the depths of themselves, and faces and confronts their own shadows and demons, and all of that, now at the higher octave, what you actually do is you bring in a density into life. You bring in something into life.

Normally, as a beginner where you’re taking and going in and confronting things, you’re also having to go through a whole reorientation as to what you identify with and how you see yourself. And so any kind of doingness of things at that particular point, you know, you would be inclined yet to pay attention to and in the paying attention to that you would be inclined then to limit your growth and your process.

But at this level, instead of the delving into the depths of yourself, what you’re doing is actually doing the delving, but through a process of bringing through or facilitating that which makes the outer come together reflectively as an image of the whole. You’re not dwelling on the program that you’re setting up—the drug and alcohol program that you’re setting up. You’re not dwelling upon that as a means to an end or a mission or anything like that.

You’re just doing that so that you maintain the connection of a oneness. You won’t maintain the connection of a oneness if you sit in this wispy realm that is aloof and above it all, as a type of spiritual illusion development.

You help life by coming down into life, by coming back into life, and this is how you do it. And what’s interesting is this is a shift from what had been a probing the depths of yourself as a beginner, to a now bringing through into the depths of life that which is needed.

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spiritual-journeyWe are born into a physical life, yet we have a spiritual life. Part of our process here is to make these two lives one and the same. We do that by putting the physical life in service to the spiritual life, meaning that the world around us is merely the theater for our spiritual journey. That’s why a true spiritual journey is as unique as we are – no two of us will do it in the same way. But this journey begins by seeing that physical life is merely the opportunity for something much greater. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: That [Jeane’s dream, see Up-Tempo] was a good way of doing it, and it causes me to have to tell my dream last night, that I had when I went to bed, first, before telling the meditation dream, because it has a similar kind of chemistry about it.

It does it slightly differently but, because I’m the masculine, I tend to often times not see what it is that is right in front of me, that should be obvious for me to see.

The feminine nature just finds itself in some sort of state that exists in the outer, and whether it has an inner connection or not, to begin with the feminine just doesn’t make that distinction because its concern doesn’t tend to function that way and, as a result, the way its attention does function it has to do more with how it feels the overallness of the space, or not.

And the masculine’s attention functions in terms of the specifics, the detail, the way something comes down, or the way something is impacted, or affected, as a kind of almost a discriminatory way of being, but what you’re discriminating is hopefully, conceivably, the dropping away of the slower limitations of the outer, to adhere to the only thing that is real which is the inner coming into outer flow.

This is the role, the responsibility, of the masculine, which it’s often times said that it of having the passage rite of bringing in the clarity. This, in a way, is almost so simple that you have to keep saying it over and over again because it’s so easy to miss it. And the reason why it’s so easy to miss it is because we live in an outer world, and so the perceptions are based upon the senses. And when the perceptions are based upon the senses, and maybe that occurs say 99% of the time, and the senses then correlate to how we think, the inclination then is to make reflective decisions based upon how the outer is unfolding, instead of from the faster energy that is tweaking all of it.

So, to show how one gets spoiled, or dumbs-down, or loses clarity, or how all of that kind of tweaks back and forth, I have three aspects. You had three aspects. I mean your third aspect was bringing in the Led Zeppelin. Your middle aspect was recognizing how to not have to be in a hillbilly mode, which has got to feel absolutely horrible because you don’t have any energy there, and everything is just getting by day-by-day. At least the second part had more interest to it, but it too would get nauseating at some point based upon the fact that it did and you recognized that something more from an inner level was needed, thus came the Led Zeppelin music.

So in my dream I start off with, first of all, kind of being in a recognition of the inner into outer flow. I mean just kind of naturally there, I don’t have to be told. I mean maybe if everything is left in its perfect state of coordinated ordination, it’s going to work like that. And so, the first part of the dream is reflecting the fact that I’m settling for an old energetic habit.

In other words, that becomes the message, and it becomes the message because the way I notice it is as follows: I start off with the dream making a choice that on the outer level also makes sense.

In other words, I know what the inner level is saying, but it just so happens that the outer level is also kind of in a kind of cohesion. It’s still somewhat quickened, or alivened, or affected on a one-to-one direct correspondence to the inner flow. So you could actually, to begin with, spoil yourself by actually settling for making a decision in relationship to what you see as outer quickened events that are happening around you. And it will work out if you do that.

And when it works out like that you tend to get spoiled, and you tend to think that that’s okay as well. It’s just like a person who takes and goes on a gambling machine and wins the jackpot and even though they intellectually know that the odds are designed to beat them in the end, they somehow or another go into an active imagination inside themselves that thinks they are above and beyond that scenario, and that they have some sort of rights based upon how something worked out in the outer.

But the whole design of things, that has been designed from the inner, that was designed as an outer mannerism, they lose that recognition. Then you beat up on yourself and you get delirious.

Well, to begin with, this is something like that. I’ve gotten spoiled because it just so happened that you could make this decision based upon an inner into outer, which requires a little more consciousness and a little more attentiveness, and you could have been a little bit stupid and made it based upon the outer consequence of what was unfolding – and it would have been just fine. It would have just happened to work out just fine.

Well, when you do that you dull yourself down. You’re dropping yourself to the lowest common denominator, so the next thing you know that when you see the next sequence of images, you dulled yourself so you don’t necessarily know which is the inner and which is the outer.

And so everything, the distinction, everything seems very, very hard to decide, very, very hard to know which is the inner and which is the outer, because you’ve dulled yourself.  You no longer have a ready access to the subtler inner inflections, and you have lost touch of the overall connectivity.

Now you’re relying more heavily upon the outer senses. Without a succinct clarity or subtler adherence to the inner coming into outer awareness, you’re hit and miss, you’re all over the place. You fall back into the fog and the delirium, in other words, which is easy to do because, as I indicated, your surroundings support that because it’s 99% awareness through the senses of the outer that you’re in, so it’s hard for you to hold a consciousness that adheres to a general overall vibration, which is what is alive that comes through, and that is what we are.

We’re created in the image of that inner into outer vibration, and that we need to adhere to that. It can be described in various ways as a raging wind, or light, or however you want to say it, but it is where the attention needs to be placed, because the outer is nothing more than a reflection of that in a slower way.

And because it’s in a slower way it sometimes can be in the past. And this other vibration, this raging wind, or light, or whatever you want to call it, or a fire, or inferno of an innerness, can be in the moment. And because it’s so much faster, the outer consequences can be left behind.

And thus if you’re reflecting and making decisions based upon the outer consequences, you can get it wrong because you’re not where the attention and the focus is supposed to be, which is the secret substance.

So in this phase where I have lost the clarity and need to be able to discriminate to what is real, I place myself into scenarios in which I suffer, because I’m making decisions based upon the outer. I suffer because I’m not complying with the inner into outer overall knowingness; in other words settling for outer nuances.

In the third phase of dreaming, I have reawakened to how I need to be. There isn’t much to report because when I recognize and adhere to the inner into outer flow, everything works out as it is meant to do. In other words, what works out is what is intended, and I come to just readily embrace and accept that because the other is not the real way of going – that’s the deviations.

The reason that everything works out as it needs to be is because I am following a conscious inner knowingness that is connected to the overall energetic that predominates in all of creation, instead of the denser outer reflections that often times misrepresent what is really going on.

The reason the outer sense perceptions get it wrong on many occasions is because that which is the inner, Will of God, is like a light, and the outer reflections are often left behind are more like a delayed effect that correlates more to that which is in the past, thus being too slow.

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