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Letting go of our personal psychologies and defense mechanisms is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, they may not be a true representation of who we are, or who we want to be, but are a vestige of a reality that might no longer exist. Second, they often work on an unconscious level, so being aware of their outplay helps us evolve. And thirdly, they often create an inner blockage to other, and greater, possibilities. So while on a subtle level we think we are protecting ourselves, we are also limiting what the future can bring in for us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Another little aspect of the dream that I had was, first of all, of course, I had just remembered the very first part. The second part was that where I was at was something very enticing and soothing and interesting, and I declined that and went back and found these empty rooms, of which there were the babies in them. 

But the very first part, that I forgot about, was that I went off to one side and was told there was a person that was asking about me. And so I was curious. That’s interesting, they’re asking about me. And what they were doing was, they were commenting about the fact that they were overhearing me talking all the time. 

And so this woman that was telling me this was actually telling me this to indicate that it wasn’t that they were asking about me because they were interested in something, they were asking and inquiring about me because they were offended by the fact that, in the atmosphere, I was always talking all the time. 

And then there was another aspect in which there was a process that had to be dealt with, or gone through, in terms of the connectivity. And so it was kind of like what Dean does where he breaks people up into doing practices or something. And so, in this particular case, we were required to break up into groups of three. 

And so I kind of hang back just a second, because my inclination is to break out with people that are interesting, and so I end up in a group where it just kind of fumbles together by accident. And it’s in that group, it’s from the shrediments of this group that there’s the catalytic process that confronts or challenges the manner in which I am striking out too much – which was my very first part. 

And then there was the middle part where I now decline the activities in the area that are interesting to me, that catch my attention. And I go off and back to one side, and, lo and behold, think I’m going into empty rooms, but all of the bedrooms I find back there are full of babies like a nursery. And it’s through that quaint aspect of oneself that one comes to recognize something so much more. 

In other words, I’m describing, in my sleep dream, a system by which you catch up with what the theme of the dreaming was about. And, of course, the theme of the dreaming was about going out and getting away from an aspect of where one’s personal mannerism is out in the open in a personal active way or something, is engaged in some way. And for me, it works by going off to one side.

For you, it works by taking and getting involved in something that moves energy around to the point where the East and the West, and the West and the East suddenly there’s no personal and something can come to you – as opposed to you thinking that you’re going to find it.

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We’ve all the heard the mantra that challenges and setbacks are opportunities in disguise. And, when we ponder this idea, we can see that it is only when we are in it, when we are feeling the emotions and personal involvements, that we can make a new decision to change our way out. Many times we just let the intensity subside and eventually fade away, but it is when we are fully triggered that there is the most potent opportunity to make a new intention. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the next dream, I am in a place where there is no light. I go into this dark and dire atmosphere to try to find more life. What I find is that the duress is depressing. But, even so, there is still hope. 

But a hope for potential change has been discarded in a bathroom. I take from the bathroom garbage, to a place where I can be by myself, three eggs that are so dirty you can hardly recognize them as eggs. I found these eggs in the bathroom. I was in need of finding some eggs because I needed something to light my lantern. And I came across these eggs, and because I desperately needed something to bring out some light, I guess I had no choice but to resort to these inadvertently thrown away filthy eggs. 

So I rescue the eggs from the trash, I take the eggs through a restaurant outside, I’m looking to find a place where I can be alone, where I can sit and be with the eggs. It’s recently rained outside, so I still have to contend with that factor where I can do all this comfortably. Or quietly. 

And what I’m doing is I’m seeking light within each egg, or what I’m doing is just trying to put the eggs into like a type of flashlight – to power the flashlight with these eggs. It requires, really it holds four batteries, or four eggs, but the fourth one was so bad that I just took three of them. I figured I can make three of them turn on the thing even if I had one bad battery. There was a degree to which, how low I was going to stoop, in terms of these filthy eggs? 

So the dilemma is, in this dream, the wayward conditions I find are lost from who I am, but there’s still hope. In other words, I have my concept of who I am behind it, because I don’t like certain things when they come out – but sometimes that’s okay. 

The hope is based upon accessing from a depth within an energetic clarity that awakens my beingness from an intolerant stinginess, maybe even stinginess isn’t the right word. But it’s an attitudinal thing. And so what is that? I hadn’t really fully sorted this out yet. Maybe there wasn’t anything wrong with it. A person finds that if they go into a certain state of bewilderment and confusion, and allow themselves to go into that, that they have access to something inside that will turn that around and flip that around and make something more out of that. In other words, we have become so compartmentalised that all of the stuff that affects us is actually positive, even though we perceive every time something throws us off a bit it’s negative, because it is an opportunity to take on more. But we have defined ourselves to such degree, we do this in ways that aren’t apparent, we have to be able to accommodate everything. 

And then there’s another dream I had, which is to find my way wasn’t easy. There initially was no place to go. I somehow felt my way in an area where it was so crowded you couldn’t move. I stumbled upon a blocked off place where no one was allowed because this area was volatile and could slide again. I was desperate enough to take a chance on this unstable and slippery slope, having nothing to lose, because there was nowhere else to go. 

Where I went along with others that followed me, all of us hoping for a second chance, is a place we all knew was a gamble. That’s another way of pointing out a certain kind of, well, you have to have a certain kind of courage in terms of being able to confront things because there’s a whole bunch of things that you have to deal with that don’t make sense to you, necessarily, in terms of how you are inclined to see yourself. And these things come up as you’re breaking out into the open in terms of realizing and coming to grips with more and more that is going on. 

All the fragments are significant and interesting. What’s not interesting, what is a problem, is when some fragment owns you, and you can’t move, you become linearized. But if the fragments hit you and then there’s something always more behind it, so one has to be careful what they annihilate again, in terms of even the negative fragments. It’s kind of a common thing to have certain areas about what you can and can’t do, and will and won’t do, or look at or however, and you carry that to too great of an extreme and pretty soon there isn’t much that you can do. You’ve isolated yourself, you’ve put yourself into an oxygen tank of some sort.

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The higher energies are, the more rejecting they are of lower contaminants, because they simply cannot intermix with lower states. The angelic realms are like this: if we want to be with angels, we must grow the angelic aspects of ourselves to create a safe ecology, for them, in us. As humans we will always be amidst the lower, so it is part of our development to not be brought down by the lower, but to avoid it – if we cannot help lift it up. This is the way our development helps us navigate our incarnation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My dreams last night we’re about this intolerance pushed to an extreme. So, in the meditation dream, I noticed the way the vibrational energetics are when in a collective collaboration. You get to the point where you can see what is collective, and then you could say you know that you have your own way. 

Usually, when a subtle recognition is needed, a person has access as an inner depth of themselves, which is distinct from the overall condition of light and darkness thrown together, rhythm is the name of the game. You house all of these parts, and there’s nothing wrong with the collective if there’s something in the collective that comes up and gets a hold of you, that’s just kind of how it is. But if it gets a hold of you to the point where you can’t come out of it, then there’s a problem. 

Otherwise, it’s just an aspect or part just like you have the angelic part, you can’t park there, or the Jinn part, you can’t park just there, or the shamanistic part, you can’t just try to put the whole world in that. A human being is everything, so much more. 

If you don’t take the wholeness of yourself, and accept the wholeness in every regard, then you’re apt to have a mannerism towards reactive aspects. And when you have that, you tend to cause them to come out. And, when they come out, they destroy a potential awareness from occurring. 

In other words, you manifest what you don’t want to manifest when you push off too hard. You have to have light hands about everything and realize that you are all of the things that are going on. And you can’t steer yourself, try to do spiritual things, thinking that that’s the answer. You are everything. 

So what I am talking about is the general state of things for a person who has a long way to go before they are able to catch subtle nuances. In other words, you have a long way to go if you throw yourself in this motif direction, and that motif direction. The subtle nuances include things that you’re inclined to have a repudiated attitude towards. 

So I’m talking about a person who is able to recognize the subtle distinctions, but is not able to carry the pristineness of their being into the collective consciousness with dignity. In other words, we have the gross, we have the dense, we have to take it all on. 

So what is going on? I am talking about the capability of knowing the distinctions from a person who has yet to reach various points. Knowing the distinctions; don’t take and push off something that is haywire, there’s always something about it that’s significant, that’s important.

And we do this in relationship to how we see others, and we do this in terms of how we tend to catch up with what we think we know that we see in terms of ourselves. So in terms of a person capable of knowing the subtle inner and outer distinctions, I am noticing that when they are a person who is still intolerant of others because of an inner wound in the way, a clash occurs.

What occurs when a person who has a long way to go before they are able to be conscious, in terms of inner and outer, matches up with a person with an intolerance wound afflicting their heart, which is a series of reactions that don’t go anywhere. 

So, essentially, the meaning of this is a human being is a tangled mess that is always in need of sorting out, sorting things out from the malaise. The malaise includes everything, positive and negative. We don’t know what’s negative; we think we know what’s negative. And we find a lot of agreement in terms of what we think we know. But, none of that matters. That’s the problem: holding on to any of that gets us into a dilemma.

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