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i000To really be connected and in the energetic flow of life requires, if it is understood, a deeper sense of responsibility. That begins with taking responsibility for what we radiate into the world and around others (i.e., is it a coarse or fine energy because of our state: anger, compassion, kindness?). The next elevation from that is to make possible the energetic fulfillment of a given moment, which becomes possible when we are intertwined. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The first dream just seemed to be like I was dreaming about elections, but elections in a distant country where people had been… maybe someone had been king, or people had been kings, and now they had to run in elections, which they didn’t always understand.

And I would say that sometimes a king might even be surprised if he actually got elected, but it just felt like there was this kind of rough and tumbling running for an election, and looking to see who got elected, and how it was odd when they had countries where you used to have one type of the way that someone ruled, and now that same person might have to run in another system. And sometimes they might win, sometimes not. That was the first dream.

John: That’s an image of coming down, energetically. In other words, it’s like you’re used to a scene. You used to have a scenario in which there’s a certain kind of natural aloofness and order to things. And so that means there’s a separation, a custom separation, and that conditions prevailed and prevailed and prevailed just the way they were in their set way and now, all of a sudden, you have to contend with the fact that you have to come down and you have to do something that enables you to be elected. You can’t sit upon some throne or something, up above.

But there’s also something more to this, and that is that you do this in a way that is able to be designed to the process. In other words, before you weren’t able to be resigned to the process. There was always something that was able to be aloof, and now you’re able to be resigned to the process. And even more so, it doesn’t matter. If you get elected, you get elected, and if you don’t, you don’t.

It’s not like it’s a big deal anymore, which means that technically the atmosphere of a stature has fallen away. And it’s almost as if like if you get elected or intertwined, you carry a responsibility. It’s not something that’s an achievement. It’s a responsibility. It’s a sense of being, but it’s not a kind of being that’s aloof.

Jeane: So the other dream I have it feels like at some point I’ve gone and visited this very wealthy man at his home, very kind of elaborate home, old fashioned almost like an old English home, lots of wood, and butler, and that sort of scene.

And I must have done something that angered him because I feel like he tossed me out, but I had been fascinated because of these Limoge coffee or tea cups they had. They were white with golden lettering around them, or pattern, Limoge pattern. And I knew they were very old. They were antiques, like even I think one cup and saucer might be even worth about $3,000, at least that’s what I seem to know about it.

Because of my fascination with these, I go back when he’s not there and the servants let me in. They even give me a cup of coffee in one of these Limoge cup and saucers. And I’m sitting there and I’m visiting with a friend of his that comes by, another young man, and we’re talking about the Limoge cups. He hadn’t really thought about them before, but I find them really beautiful.

But we’re talking about that and just visiting in general and relaxing there in this guy’s library, when I hear the guy come home unexpectedly. So then I set everything down carefully and decide I’ll hide behind a door, and maybe he won’t come in the library or, if he does come in, then I can dash out and get out of the house. But I have a feeling he’ll run out and catch me. I don’t really know because this is the point in the dream when I wake up.

John: What this dream means is that you find yourself in a setting in which there is something within that setting that you are able to embrace, or encompass, in a quality that is necessary to facilitate it being able to open up. In other words, every situation and every setting has a depth and a meaningfulness that is important in terms of the way it can come across and go into life. And what the dream is portraying is that you have a nature that is able to discern that sort of thing. In other words, you can be placed in a situation and come to know what is most meaningful in terms of how it is intended and meant to unfold.

The cups that you saw, a cup is used to serve and this serves in a very special, unique, high quality way. And so you are designed in such a way so that if you’re placed in a particular scenario, you’re able to see how that scenario is meant to unfold, and you’re able to accommodate accordingly in a way of holding that space. It isn’t just an over-the-topism. You are able to discern the poignancy behind the scene. The scene may have something that is over the top about it, in and of itself, but you’re able to draw out that which is most meaningful.

In other words, this is like information that’s giving you a greater meaningfulness of what is meant and is ready to open up.

And so you put the two together and you have, first of all, a type of flow that comes down that doesn’t just sit in a precocious way with things. It is able to bring it down into something that’s touchingly meaningful. And it does that in a way that isn’t forceful. In other words, it’s not about trying to reestablish a different kind of orientation. It’s part of an intertwining that you do that, from what had been a kind of hanging out aloofness that didn’t come down.

And when you’re able to function and flow in this way, then you’re able to support and accentuate what is meaningful in the environment that you find yourself in. Isn’t that interesting? It’s how that flows together. Wow.

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James Alan Smith

The flow is always available to us, yet it is always moving on. If we lose our connection, it moves on without us. That means we have to realign ourselves and reconnect – to where it has moved to, not to where we last were. That’s the nature of the real reality: it’s constantly evolving forward whether we are with it or not. Can we, as individuals, afford to be left behind? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The next dream points out just how far off one really is in terms of doing this process. I mean, you tend to see yourself as having experiences and certain realizations, and so you’re inclined to think that you’re making headway. But in the next dream it shows that our idea of what the flow and the naturalness is, if we really, really were to denote how it is, we are really way, way off, and that we are constantly blowing it, and blowing it in ways that we can’t make it back up. It’s like there’s just too much in life to be able to make things up where you miss something.

So, in this dream, I’m taking a dance class. To begin with I’m able to kind of limp along, and kind of fake it, because I realize I’m just not getting something. In fact, I am so bad at it that I realize that when I look at others, especially those that seem to be doing just fine, and they can do it effortlessly, I realize that my struggle of not getting it stands out, as far as I could see. It bugs me, it bothers me, but I still have hopes of squeaking through in the class. In other words, if I just keep doing it and whatnot maybe I’ll get my D-minus or something, you know, be passed more or less but, not really have mastered or caught up with anything.

And this is a class that is graded. It counts for two credits at the university I’m at. I hate it, and I’m so sensationally thrown off by it that I skip a class, purposely skip a class, as if, you know, at least I don’t have to subject myself to the misery now – for at least this time. But I didn’t take into account that upon having skipped a class, now I’m really out of it, and there’s no way I can catch up. There’s no way I can really go back.

So the dream ends with me observing the class off to one side, towards the end of the class, and I’m noticing that those who I had admired before, that were able to do things kind of naturally, and fluidly, and effortlessly, have now been put into positions by the teacher in which they direct and even lead others. And so there’s a wonderful flow to it all, in other words, instead of it all just being one awkward collage, that it has a whole quality to it that undulates with different ones able to do other things with the class. It looks really good, in terms of what they are doing.

It’s at that point that I realize that, for me, it is hopeless and that I am going to get an F. I’m wondering if this will keep me from graduating. Usually you have to have a passing grade in everything to graduate. I wake up dreading the fact that I am going to have to make this up, which means take it over, to graduate, something I hate to do because I passed at it the first time.

And the meaning is, the earlier dream set the theme. It indicated I had to adhere to an inner into outer connection as part of the Tariqa, meaning the flow, or the process, or path that I’m on, and in that dream that is what I saw as having unfolded. And I had, as the dream indicated, a certain natural way that I seemed to observe it. And maybe I was even in that dream thinking I was doing better than I was, because in this dream I notice if you fail to stick to, or catch anything, miss something of importance, or when you drop off when things get difficult that that puts you in a process of experiencing and miserableness, on a sensation level, that is equivalent of the vibration of blowing it.

And, in the end, you realize that if you had probably stuck it out you may have gotten by although it wouldn’t have been pretty. So in the end in I notice that those who got it, and found their naturalness, turned out to be very inspirational and directive and added to the whole beauty of the whole process of flow, in terms of themselves and others. I was impressed to see this, and in seeing this realized that the teacher had seen this all along – because when I was blowing it and whatnot I acted like I was able to kind of hide behind the radar screen, but you don’t hide behind anything.

So in the first dream, as hard as it is to find what is natural in the unfoldment in life in the outer world, I am seeing that I have a natural linkage to the understanding that the unfoldment is inner into outer.

In the second dream, I’m unable to take anything for granted, lucky to be barely getting by. The miserableness of the struggle is accentuated. Again, this is a flow of something that you have to catch from within in order to do it, you can’t just memorize certain actions because dancing involves a flow. It may have some set principles that you start with, but then they have to fall into the flow.

In this dream I realize that checking out from a key element of the unfoldment process is something I am unable to make up. In other words, I can’t just suddenly get it by osmosis. In other words, I can’t skip one week or whatever and so I fall away from the process, which means when you fall away you’re going to have to do it again.

Such a dream can’t help but cause me to wonder to what degree is that happening now, and in ways that I am not getting it? The dream is also designed to cause me to wonder what it is in the outer that I am doing which points this out. I say this because when a person is relating to the outer in a way that isn’t working out for them, in terms of an unfoldment, that the outer points back to some inner flow natural awareness that is a bit askew. Like they say, as above so below.

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phot22In this imagery, we can get a good sense of how we are all the characters in our dreams. Here John has hitched a ride with two male strangers who seem to be ambling about aimlessly in life. He, on the other hand, has a destination ahead. As we move forward on our development journey, we will always be struggling with inner lives that want to detour us from our destination. That’s when we need to keep the greater clarity of why we are doing what we are doing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What I am noticing, and it really got accentuated again, is that you have to really stay quiet, because I am noticing I’m getting more and more affected by the little energetics around. And maybe because one gets more along on the path you do get more affected if you’re not careful.

But I can always hear that sound, the vibration inside, and if I focus on that, that’s when I go somewhere and this time I realized that whatever energetic you’re feeling, because we were dreaming about these energetics and then how they take and keep things from just dissipating, or going into an emptiness. But if you just listen and allow yourself to be swept up by that vibration in the universe, or sound of the universe, that whatever it is that you had been holding onto will go away. And when it goes away, you find yourself actually in the emptiness.

Now, you can have dreams in the emptiness that correspond to things. Well, first of all the one that I remember, that I didn’t write up, was that I had apparently caught a ride with these guys, because where I was at was a long, long ways away from where I needed to be. And they just seemed to be people that were ambling about in life with no real aim, but that’s how I came to see them, and that’s how they kind of introduced themselves to me at the end. Things just were not coming together for them, as they were just ambling about in life.

And I caught a ride with them, trying to go from one area across to kind of towards the university on the other side, and they were driving along the peak of a top of a mountain and at one point they have stopped and one guy needed to show another this kind of stuff that you could see at the top there. And the car even wasn’t even property turned off, and fortunately I got it so it didn’t move forward too much, and realized that they didn’t know where it was that I was going. I kind of knew, and I could probably walk from here because at least I was more than halfway there. And I had in my memory made these long walks before without catching a ride.

So, I go back to dig out my bag in the back, and one of them is back there, and the next thing you know I can tell that I’m in trouble: they’re probably going to beat me up and rob me and whatnot because, for whatever particular reason, that’s just kind of the state they were in, in a state of kind of a confusion where nothing is really coming together for them. And it looked like, I suppose, that I was someone that they could take advantage of. And I woke up before I got beat up and robbed.

But the essence of that dream was that whatever it is that I’m doing, I have to make sure that I am… the key is to hold on to a clarity in terms of what’s unfolding, a vibration behind what’s unfolding in terms of whatever it is that you’re doing. And if you don’t, and if you’re trying to take and pursue something, or make something happen, or have your attention in some way where you’re being affected by things that throw you into a peculiar reality, that the way I’m evolving in terms of things opening up and having a meaning, and a meaning that has to be tied to an emptiness – if I don’t do that, then I am asking for trouble. I’m asking to eventually get really seriously whacked, or smashed around, because I know better. I now know that I have to hold onto whatever it is that I do, I have to hold onto the silence behind that. That was the dream I had.

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