A Conscious Breath

i1209gesIt curious how things change. It may appear to us that everything happens gradually, step by step, but the change happens instantly. Even in learning to ride a bike, we keep trying and trying and we still don’t know how. Then, suddenly, we do, and what we have gained can never be taken away from us – because we are actually different. It is the steps and effort that eventually help us make a change, but the change can only happen when the criteria has been met, and then it changes forever. This is important to understand in our journey, because sometimes we may feel like we’re not getting anywhere, but the truth is: we are getting somewhere, but we’re just not there yet. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Actually, the theme of the dreaming was about switching, and how that process works. And, of course, what was being challenged is our concept, in terms of how that works.

Our concept is we are inclined to think that we go from one place, from inner into outer, or outer into inner, in a sort of sorting out way, as if there’s a gray zone, as if we awaken between the two aspects of our overall beingness. An aspect that’s on the inner, that is more than we can know and catch up with, that, among other things, embodies all the planes of light, and an aspect that is in the outer, that embraces, and seeks to embody, a quality of an essence put into thought, to create a concretized domain. And we don’t sit and awaken in the way that we would like to believe, in which we think we do, as a process.

We don’t go and do this in a gray zone, meaning sorting out the inner and the outer. That idea that it works like that, a process of going home, so to speak, a journey, that’s actually all illusion. You’re either one place, or the other, and we’re always in, so to speak, both places simultaneously – or as close to simultaneous as possible – because you have the in-breath and the out-breath, and on the in-breath you’re in the inner, and on the out-breath you’re back into the outer, and it’s not a matter of distinguishment as a means of being on the inner and in the outer.

It’s not a distinguishing game between the two. It’s not some sort of sift and sort. That’s a bewilderment zone. That’s an amnesia to the breath that causes us to connote that way. It’s kind of like black-and-white. It’s a switch that’s just boom, boom, not with all of the commotion. Yet in the plane of the outer, in the plane of manifestation, we long for something more that is, so to speak, our beingness in the light, the unseen light. And in the plane of light we quest for a human body. In other words, we are both an inner and an outer, simultaneous. And the gray zone, where we use the mind senses as if we’re going somewhere, to create the sensation of a journey, that’s all spiritual illusion.

So that’s what I came to learn from the meditation dream and the sleep dream.

So, in the meditation dream, there’s a way of sugarcoating manifestation, from the inner level of existence, as being correlated to the underlying essence therein, that can be shattered. In other words, you tend to try to correlate it, but it needs to just get shattered. In other words, it’s a distinction that we make out as if there’s an awakening in a more and more kind of way, instead of a sudden and abrupt shattering.

In other words, what I experienced inside was I was suddenly given an experience where this in between process that we go through, that’s kind of like a gray border area, or zone, in which our mind senses and whatever it is, and everything vies for the heart as we’re trying to sort this thing out, suddenly went poof! And when it went poof, I saw this as either all in the inner, or all in the outer. And then I saw that it’s always both, because that’s the nature of the breath. Where the in-breath turns to the out-breath is the essence of it all, and where the out-breath turns to the in-breath, in manifestation, that’s the longing to it all, put into a concretized nature.

So, in the dream, I was shown the distinction between inner and outer, meaning that there is nothing in between, and the distinction was not some sort of steady seeking in a matter of degree way, like a journey, but an abrupt shattering of the veil. The veil was completely shattered, not experienced as a matter of some sort of ever increasing degree. This stunned and shocked my sensibilities. I hadn’t expected this. I just didn’t know, or wasn’t going around realizing, that the distinction is so black-and-white.

So why was this important? It is important to know the difference as being black-and-white as a shattering of a veil between the two, you might say, planes of inner and outer, and all of the levels that that might be, as opposed to a gray zone approach where one is lost in the abiding, as if there is a distinguishable in between, which introduces a touchy feeliness into the equation.

You don’t sneak up on consciousness. You let go of a distraction, in an abrupt black-and-white switch; just drop it. That’s why the practices of stopping your mind and all of that stuff are to get you to realize that it’s just a switch, it just boom. You’re either there, or you’re not. The gray zone area is where spiritual illusions and self-deception abide. We make all that up. This is what we do to ourselves in our quandary.

In other words, you flicker back and forth. You short out, because you can’t make the compromised gray zone work – because it doesn’t really exist. It’s a spiritual illusion of one’s nature because awareness isn’t something that’s approximate. In other words, the awareness of both places, there’s no approximation between the two. It’s one, or the other, and everything else is noise, spiritual illusionary noise, that we make up and cause that to be like a journey. The mind tries to make the distinction, and, in doing so, causes the flickering sensation that’s the spiritual illusion.

When the mind and senses stop pretending, in a this and that way, the gray zone will fall away. There is either physical existence, or light, i.e., black-and-white. To say that there is an unfoldment process, in which we awaken, to aspire to an ever unfolding higher self, is a head game. When you take the head game out, there is just the breath. The gray zone demeanor we delusionally self-impose veils us from experiencing the black-and-white consciously, or the breath consciously.

The mystic can experience the in-breath plane of light, and the out-breath’s gravitational ghost energy planes of existence, the back and forth of the breath is not a complex science. The illusion of there being a mind sense orientation is what makes this seem so, because the mind sense orientation is correlated to the planes of physical existence.

So when it is said that everything must go to shift from black to white, as a way of saying it, this means that the mind sense orientation, suited for physical existence only, must stop. A human being cannot take the mind senses into the light. Or, to put it another way, the mind senses veil us from a conscious in-breath.

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The Illusion of Matter

pic-fractal-9A spiritual journey can be looked at in this way: we move our center of attention from our lower self, i.e., our physical focus, with eating, procreation, and life maintenance, to our higher self, where we begin to access the connections, knowings, and enhancements that are energetically available to us. It is an incremental process that begins with the desire to fulfill the design and promise of our human incarnation. We can see how everything in the natural world has a role to play in the life of the planet; it can be no different for the human, except we also have a role within the unfolding of the universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My dream dealt with the sensation of deprivation. And this is the condition in which you deem that something you feel to be important is missing.

If a monitor would have been attached to me, what it would have revealed would have been reflectively significant. The feeling that I was not receiving what I dreamed to be important resulted in a mannerism to some sensation, thus I made it seem real. I shortened my breath. In doing this, I deprived myself of the usual oxygen to the system. This created the dream sensation of being deprived. I could report this dream and its condition as a parallel reflection of that which is going on in my environment, and that also has an effect upon me externally.

In this way, a human being is a creature of his outer reflective reality. A human being mirrors this condition, in other words, reflects this condition. Actually you mirror the truth outside of this, but you reflect the condition, a condition that he created when the outer unfoldment swept up his consciousness. In the same vernacular, a human being is able to reach the depths of their beingness to exude, or access, an energetic higher-self knowingness. This is the mirror, unto the outer environment, in which the inner flow’s focus and attention is attentive to the inner spirit energy flow.

In other words, this again removes you from the densities of the senses in terms of objects. This occurs when an inner depth of beingness, called the higher-self plane, accesses the awakened inner state and is no longer under the dense outer clutches of the collective outer consciousness. In other words, the object is to get outside of a state in which the spirit energy is trapped in matter and asleep. And when it’s like that, that’s when you see the objects in matter and stuff that’s trapped. You see that instead.

What I am describing infers a process in which a human being that is inextricably intertwined with the environment is so much more when the higher self awakens. Until then, there is mayhem, and stress, and outer bewilderment – both actual and imagined. The human being cannot experience the hidden inner essence while in this state. The reflective amnesia is simulated and the breath is the witness.

In other words, you get short and then you could deprive yourself of oxygen. In other words, it’s not all there. The spirit energy is choked off. Similarly, when a human being believes everything is wonderful, in their outer life, they reflect this to be so with the breath. Often times this isn’t the case and, if the human being had been unconscious, they would know that by coming in touch with the awakened spirit energy of the universal soul.

When things are given to a person, for example, where things seem to work out, where the teacher smiles because things are given to them, that’s this condition in which you don’t even have the echo of what is wrong and, therefore, you can be in this unconscious state in which it appears to work out.

The point I am making is that a human being is a creature of his conscious and unconscious environment, and it can change when the inner spirit energy is awakened simultaneously upon the inner into outer level. To be awakened is to awaken the higher self and be a force of nature capable, as the crown of creation, to change the story. This isn’t possible if the person is caught up in the magnetic densities of the collective outer.

A human being has to become empty in order to access the inner essence and its innocent nothingness. This is not easy to do because of the magnetic gravity effect that predominates over creation. This density effect causes a collective atmosphere to predominate. The magnetic gravity is what causes matter to constellate and duality to appear to exist. Nothing would exist in creation, i.e. planet Earth, if there was no atmosphere, a direct result of gravity. The empty space is a universe in which the prevailing space is limitless and experienced as a nothingness.

This empty space is alive, and we are that, except in manifestation where we are under the spell and in the clutches of the illusion of matter – a condition caused when gravity predominates. Matter is a density in which the spirit energy is unconsciously imbedded, thereby causing reflective appearances to predominate outwardly.

To live in this state is to only be conscious of the lower self and not have direct access. I mean, it’s not only because you always have some degree of higher self, but it’s primarily conscious of the lower self,  and thereby lacking the access to the essence of one’s being, i.e. the higher self. So that’s the first dream.

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Writing on the Wall

universeIn spiritual work, we always come across the idea of awakening, which implies that we are in a sleeping state.  Awakening in this sense is to begin to see the truth beyond the veils of our daily distractions and personal involvements. And when we do begin that process we see the truth is actually everywhere: in nature, in the movement of the stars, in the physical laws that determine the unfolding that we can be witness to and participant in. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, the dream, and I had this other dream of course that was just as profound and really loud, and both dreams have the same theme to them in terms of their being an inner awareness that was obvious to me, and should be obvious to others but isn’t.

And that that’s the dilemma that I find myself, in that it’s easy for me to start to see how something is so alive and aware and conscious. I mean, I actually can see these things to such a degree that I’m in a state of shock and stupor that it is not obvious and apparent to others. And so I go through this first dream, and then I see how this first dream is triggered by things that are going on in my outer environment.

And, of course, this is a dream that helps me to see how I can even tell or have a sense of how things are meant to unfold, or break down, that I see this inside. And I’m inclined to think that others should be able to grasp this readily as well. I’m not inclined to think that I have some sort of inside edge as to a sense of why something is unfolding the way that it is. I’m not inclined to think that. I’m inclined to think that if I see it everybody should see it, everybody does see it. That there’s something the matter with them, that they’re just not playing according to common sense, or they’re in a stupor or something, that they’re idiots, that they’re fools, that they’re dense, that they’re dumb.

And so even in the dream when I’m writing up the scenario I’m trying to think of a way, because it’s so darn obvious, how to bluntly jar them out of it. Because if I tell them straightaway in as clear of words as possible there is something about the mannerisms and nuances that they are going through, in terms of how they have to contend, each person has to contend with their own personal prerogative issues, it keeps them from being able to hear the vibrational note that in it has the answer of what is taking place. And even though I can go to that note, and pull that out for myself, doesn’t mean that it’s as easy as I think. This dream tends to show that.

In this dream I know that people have been deceived into thinking that they have insurance and protection from a contamination that we all must contend with. These days everyone erroneously believes that this is a thinking of the past, in other words, that we don’t have to contend with this sort of thing anymore. In other words that no one has to put up with anymore because I know that this disorder in the flow of life is still at work contaminating the unfoldment of consciousness.

I feel obligated and committed to having to wake everyone up to this other fact or mannerism that is going on. In other words, everyone is comfortable in how they are situated – as if everything is copasetic, as if everything is covered, as if everything is taken care of, much like they have an insurance and protection or something no matter how things look so that they don’t even see how it really looks. And I know that that isn’t the case.

But the literal dream was, I am able to perceive the issue by placing my hand on the top of my head and running my fingers through my hair until I have isolated a sticky substance that is there. In other words, it’s in my head. It’s just like there’s a piece of gum or something up there. I can feel something and all of a sudden I’ve got it all gobulated together and I can pull that out just like that, just pull it straight out, simple as can be.

In other words, I can get my fingers around it and pull it out if I want it. But I choose not to and I choose to leave it there for now. The reason is because I believe it is more important to use myself as an example of how we are all affected. Because I know if I were to simply pull it out and then I would just say this, where’s the proof, where’s the evidence. I just extracted it, so what? It worked for me, but how about everybody else? In other words, there wouldn’t be any evidence to prove the existence of such a thing that I can be talking about.

As a consequence I know it’s going to be hard enough as it is using myself as the example, and I certainly would be really far estranged if I took and I dealt with it and then came back and tried to tell somebody after the fact. They have to be more literally connected.

So to bring people out of their trance, even when I have the hard evidence right at my fingertips, what I have to do, and what this image is doing is it goes to show how lost and confused nearly everyone is these days when something so completely obvious as a fact has to be pointed out to them in order for them to be able to comprehend it. I can’t just tell them because they’re not going to get it. What this means is it’s a sad testament to the sorry state of unconsciousness that permeates throughout all of life.

And the meaning is everyone is so caught up in deviations and misalignments that they have forgotten how it is to function consciously. Even when the situation is so obvious that it no longer is possible to describe it any clearer I am finding that, even then, the average person has gotten to the point that they are no longer able to think or comprehend ordinary English or read the writing on the wall.

By that I mean, when something is handwritten upon the wall this is a slogan or a saying in which the implication is that it is so obvious that there should be no need to say anymore. Yet even then, very few are capable of stepping back from whatever it is that’s preoccupying their limited attention and catching up with the common sense.

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