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imag09iuesWe may imagine our moment of spiritual awakening as being a profound event that changes everything, but it doesn’t really work that way. We may have an epiphany, and understand something for the first time, but we don’t awaken all at once. And some parts of our inner lives need to be nurtured along, particularly if they liked the status quo of our life before our spiritual awakening – which some parts of us do, which leads to inner resistance. Yet our dreams can help us sort out these aspects, giving us a glimpse into what parts of us are slowing our progress. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So my very earliest dream I lost, but then I have a longer dream that has about three parts to it.

In the first part of the dream I’m in a house, with another woman, and I seem to be in a relationship with her, which is almost like a surprise to me. And the house is a house that a childhood friend of mine lived in, and her family, and I remember at some point in the dream I’m explaining that to someone.

And this other woman and I are going to remodel the house so that we can live there, and so she’s gone somewhere for a few minutes and I’m in the living room in a chair. I’ve done something that’s made a mess on the floor, so I’m realizing that even though we’re going to take up the carpet that I want to take some time to wipe it off, or clean it, because we’ll probably cut up some pieces of this carpet which is kind of a blend of gray with a little pink and something else in it, and swirls. It’s actually a pretty carpet, but I want to cut up some parts of it. We’ll probably use it in one of the bedrooms as we remodel.

Meanwhile at some point I realize that I have work starting that day. Where I work had just moved from where we used to be to a new little cluster of buildings. I’m working there as a counselor, and it’s like I’m just blowing it off. I’m not going in on time like I should. I don’t go in until about three in the afternoon, and I had been by there the day before and I didn’t see that I had any appointments, but I also don’t bother to call in, but now when I go in I see that for some reason between the day before and now that actually there had been about four people scheduled for me and so I missed seeing all of them. And I feel kind of badly about that. Now when I arrive there there’s no one to see.

So it feels like I’m apologizing or something for that, and I’m looking around trying to get used to the new setting. And a guy who’s one of the receptionists, you know, kind of explains to me that they have scheduled for me to run a group, not that day, but in the next day or two. I don’t know where anything’s even done in this new building, so then he’s explaining to me that the groups are actually being run in this little like stone building right across the way from where we are. I can look out the door and see it, and that building will be for all groups.

Then before you know it it’s time to go home and I leave and walk out the door with him, and about three or four other people, and I pause for a minute and look back at the door from where we come and realize that they just put an address on it. They didn’t put a sign indicating that it’s a place where people come for counseling, because they’re trying to keep a certain discretion about it when people look from the street and can see the building or they wouldn’t know that people were going there for counseling.

Then I continue out the door and down the street with this guy, and there’s a kid along and maybe two other people, maybe three. As we go down and along rather than just go home I realize that we come to this place that’s more a little on the edge of a plain, or an outdoor area, and then I realize that the rest of them are actually leaving right now to go to wilderness camp, or a survival camp, whatever you call them.

And the kid particularly is a little nervous about that, so we’re kind of standing there and I’m encouraging them on their way to the camp, and we get so far and there’s this ledge and then when they step down from the ledge it feels like there’s something that almost looks just like a plastic zip bag that you’d zip around clothes that’s got like, you know, white cloth around the zipper and the rest is all clear plastic. And the first two people kind of step into that, and zip it up, and it becomes like a little vehicle and it carries them the rest of the way to where the survival camp will be.

Then the next two people do that, and then I realize that there’s this kid there with me and that he’s nervous about going so I step into one of these little pods with him to take him to the camp. And that’s the end of the dream.

John: The dream has three parts, actually you could say it’s three dreams run together. Usually, if I were dreaming it, it would be three dreams run together. And then you understand one, then you understand two, then you understand the third, and then what you have is a full picture then of what is unfolding.

In the first part you are in a place in which there is a greater inner being of your nature that redesigns, or remodels, or in other words takes what is here and works with that in terms of the effect that you have upon this loci. You just do this. I mean you don’t know why it is that you do this. You just do this.

This is what in a general, overall, larger sense of yourself this is what you’re doing. You’re not really caught up in this place. You are reflective as a beingness to something somehow somewhere else, and your effect, then, or the result unfolds in terms of this place is almost as if you would say that this higher quality self that peeks through you, that can come through you, that can live through you, goes ahead and completes a design. Which is the nature of how we are.

We’re born with a connection that is amnesic, that is deep within, and to the degree that our focus and attention heralds to that, even though it doesn’t hold or own that, perhaps it’s still too foreign because we’re caught in the way that the loci that we’re in, which is the outer plane loci of physical existence, the focus or mannerism of attention that we have, or we adhere to some recognized or acknowledged state of heartfulness, is doing its redesigning as best it can. And that is the polishing that is taking place, that brings a person back to who it is that they really are.

This may be, in other words, the overall story that is taking place. And then in the second dream, in the specifics of that story, you’re having to, as part of the play or the act that you take into this sort of existence, to dance with, your act is that of being like a kind of counselor, which is like a kind of teacher, but you are working with things that need some hints and such towards catching up with what it is and how it is that these parts of yourself need to be quickened or awakened a little bit.

So you’re doing this in order to try to awaken a demeanor that is important towards an unfoldment that you can eventually catch up with. In other words, in the first overall motif the way you are and how you are is important to the overall equation, in terms of how something is to be designed. In the second part, you have to take and you have to contend with the parts of yourself that are in need of awakening, or being counseled, or realigned, redirected so that you can start to come to grips with what it is that is your general overall motif, and equation of self, in this plane of existence.

And, in the third part of the dream, you have more or less understood that this whole thing is a dream that is drawn out for the edification of pulling together all of the features and facets and parts of yourself into an intertwined way. And when you know that it’s like that, then you no longer are separate and so indulgent, and you can be in a pod, so to speak, and just be part of the hanging out, or the ride that is going on.

But when you don’t know that, when you still have the amnesic parts of yourself that still are astray, then you have to have the counseling aspect that’s in-between to try to get that out of its deviated motif – because as long as it’s in its deviated motif it’s going to be conducting itself in this loci in a way in which it is pretending that this loci is real, and not know the difference. It will be acting as if that is real, and be delusional as a consequence of it.

But even though you may be delusional as a consequence, and having to act in this loci in your waywardness, your focus and attention is in the right place in terms of there being something inside of you that’s astir, that is waking up, and that which is astir that is waking up, as you are conducting yourself as best you can, there is a redesigning, or reformulating, a reawakening that touches the whole, that causes the whole to change that you are in.

Even though that may be something that you don’t understand or have much sense towards, you just do it. I mean that’s just the story of a human being in existence, each of us being however it is that we need to be based upon where we’re at.

However, from the counseling aspect of yourself that has awoken, that then enables you to then in the very third aspect of yourself, you’re able to now hang out, to get in the pod of things, and just travel along, to be carried along, to not have to go through all of the emotion and commotion of emotion and all of that other stuff that everyone else does as they are still trying to sort things out.

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John: Our recent dreams have been indicating how something is meant to unfold in life. This next dream involves the image of a house and, in general, a house represents the wholeness. But there are certain parts of a house, like a porch, which can represent a kind of in-between state – it’s neither in nor out. So when looking at an image of a house with a porch, the question arises: “How does that part work in relationship to the whole?”

This dream also indicates that we need to be very, very careful in terms of any position we’re inclined to take about events or aspects in life, because we don’t have the full picture (and never will). Each of us, personally, is already affected by many things in the outer, and the degree to which we’re affected by such external things is the degree to which we’re distracted from a proper, inner listening center that can help us navigate our way through life in connection to the whole.

In this dream I step outside an older house onto a dilapidated porch. The porch door doesn’t close quite right. This is an old place.

You (Jeane) are standing there doing something, trying to get my attention. Instead of listening to you, I’m distracted by the setting. I’m noticing that the porch has bugs all over it. They’re not quite in the house yet, but they’re all over the porch and my attention goes into trying to clear out the bugs.

I can shoo some of them away, but others are almost invisible to me. I have to use my imagination a bit to kind of help guide them off the porch.

Of course, during this process I’m not able to hear what you’re trying to communicate because I’m distracted by this side issue.

So this dream is showing me that, until I can free my consciousness of all distractions (all the bugs), my perspective and understanding of the overall (the house) will be limited. The fact that I’m dealing with anything, in any regard, which affects my overall perspective, makes it impossible to follow the guidance from within (Jeane, in this dream image), or from creation, that’s there and trying to reach and direct me.

This image basically describes our predicament as humans. We are in a physical body, experiencing a physical life, yet we are designed to be connected with, and respond to, the universal energies that caused us to be. The only way we can “hear” that connection is to quiet the noise inside, and that noise is generally caused by our reactive psychologies, ingrained patterns, biases, and our view that we are somehow separate from everything else in creation.

How many of us can maintain the state of being at the point, where we recognize that we’re connected to everything and that we have to take everything into account? How many of us can be in the flow in a way that serves the betterment of the whole?

Again, it’s difficult because we have been trained by our culture to view life with a personalized awareness, i.e., what I experience happens to “me.” It may happen, but it’s not personal, and since we can’t know the full picture, it’s hard to truly understand why things happen through our partial view.

The feminine principle is the container and is capable of holding the overallness of life. The masculine principle touches down in the overall in a specific way, energizing possibilities. These principles work together in both genders and, when in balance, allow the holding and the doing potential of each of us.

At the same time, we’ve got to honor freedom of choice within the overall. That means that we are free to find our own way back to God, and so is everyone else. We are all free to choose to be included in the unfolding wholeness. We are also free to choose to exclude ourselves from the unfolding of creation. And we do exclude ourselves when we choose our personal, separated view over an integrated sense of Oneness.

This is why we see teachers being very, very careful in terms of interceding in the direction a student is taking. Teachers can only create hints, by the way they carry themselves, to cause a student to make a closer examination of the position they’ve taken and, hopefully, the student can hear that. If the student is too loud in themselves with their personal distractions (bugs) they won’t catch the hint. And bugs can compromise the integrity of the house (the overall life).

So the spiritual teacher can’t come right out and establish a “Ten Commandments” about things, because that hurts the natural flow of creation, it hurts the overallness, and denies the higher principles and higher consciousness from coming down and shaping things for each person.

Of course on one level of development, we do need to establish parameters, as in the case of a child growing up (see my dream with the courthouse conduct, Unfolding Naturally), or when you have new people coming in that don’t know what they’re doing. It can make sense that they be protected from their own folly. Yet in doing so, we also set in motion events that weaken, rather than strengthen, because the opportunity to learn from the School of Hard Knocks, i.e., each in our own way, is softened. The whole process of life is meant to shape us always into something richer and fuller.

Thus my criticism of anything I see in life that tries to regulate or order something. In terms of trying to create change in the world, it would be nice if we could all work with a type of consciousness where everyone pulled together, because we’d all reached a certain maturity in ourselves. But it’s not really meant to work that way. It’s meant to work in a natural flux, which is why we all operate at different speeds and are all at different points on our path back to God.

We need the wisdom of the elders who have trod the path, and we need the raw energies of those new to the journey in order to properly shape the evolution of the whole. A teacher, whether an external person or an inner guidance, has to honor our freedom of choice, and so can only help to facilitate an awakening. If we take the hint, it’s the awakening that brings about the change in us, and the world.

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John: In this next dream there is a woman who is having an effect upon a particular place, and that effect comes from an inner quality of her being. Something about the place seems to accommodate her nature. She is soothed by it, yet at the same time unable to consciously live in it.

Said another way, she lives an aspect of it on the surface, but she doesn’t live it at the greater depth that is possible.

In my sleep I find myself pondering this situation. I’m wondering why this quality is only coming into view indirectly – subtly visible but still behind the surface? This subtle essence is making itself known from time to time as a quality of peacefulness that the space holds. 

When I picture this inner quality, as I pause, I see it as being one step behind. And, for the most part, out of the equation. In other words, it’s there but not fully alive or awakened. 

The meaning here is that there’s a change that needs to be noted and appreciated by me, as a way of being. I need to acknowledge it and take it into my psyche in an experiential way. Maybe that’s all it needs – to be recognized and acknowledged.

In this next dream I see myself come into a courtyard area. The building that it’s a part of is bigger than a normal house, and this courtyard is connected to it. I’ve come from an inner area into an outer area, and I have an idea of what it is that I’ve come to do, but I’m not able to hold onto what that is, to sustain it. 

It seems that my senses are caught by a fragrance that emanates from inside the ancient building, into the courtyard. I note it, but I’m not taking it in. There’s something about the way the fragrance affects me; I go off to one side and fall asleep. 

I lose track of what had been an inner acuity (the fragrance) when inside the building (which is part of me), and relapse into amnesia, then fall asleep. In other words, I’m unable to bring this essence from the inner (building) into the outer (shown as the courtyard) with consciousness.

I see myself in the far corner of the courtyard, totally checked out and unable to know and experience this essence because I’ve gone to sleep. 

Of course, this is yet another dream that portrays how I’m easily led astray, even after having been on the right track. This shows how I lose track of where I am in life. What is added to this idea is the potential to maintain a sense of whether something is right or not in terms of how it needs to be. To do that, I need to be able to hear it in the empty space. Or, not fall asleep from the fragrance.

So what has been an ancient setness in the inner, leads to a quality that has awakened. This quality has awakened to a point where it can sense whether something is the next right step to take or not – as a knowingness.

I’ve always wondered about that potential because I feel it inside me – of getting to a point where I just naturally know what’s going to happen and it can keep me from making mistakes. Not that I know precisely what’s going to happen, but I can feel intuitively whether it’s the right thing or not.

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