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diverged-road-1Sometimes a shift can be gradual, other times things need to be pulled apart before they can be put back together – and healed in the process. For us as individuals, and for us as a species, we have reached the latter phase. There is very little in the outer world that supports a meaningful life journey, so we must reform ourselves in spite of that situation. In doing so, there is a healing as we align to what we are meant to do, and be, and we also make a path for others to find, and follow, should they choose. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so there’s a lot in here to sort out, and so now I start sorting it out.

In my dream I’m realizing that it is nearly impossible to stop what I am doing, to turn around, to go back down the steps I have come up, and climbed with great effort, thinking it was important but it’s not important. Yet, in the dream, I’m being directed to do just that, to catch up with that which got lost. In other words, to turn around and go backwards, not keep trying to go forwards.

And then the meditation dream continues, in that the vehicle we all drive must receive what is called a death certification. Moke is the last to receive that stamp. He drives it to the spot, which is an area over some red soil, where he then has to get the car approved. And you’re supposed to stay in the car and get it approved, and then you move on.

But I also realize, as the vehicle is approved, that there’s something else that has to happen, or it’ll never happen. And so I pull Moke from the car and race him to the hospital to see Joe before he goes. In other words, it’s something where if he doesn’t see Joe at this instant, he’ll never see him again. So this may be breaking protocol, but it is the only way this intertwining can happen because Joe is to be wheeled away. He will only be able to see Joe for an instant, for a split second. Better for an instant, to complete a needed relational, inter-connective intertwinement, than never at all.

So I wasn’t sure if this was going to ever be possible, but it worked out. I had to break from standard protocol by pushing the envelope a bit, and when Moke comes back to move the vehicle he will get chewed out – but that will be okay. He was able to make the necessary connective bonding that intertwined the bloodline flow as needed.

And the meaning is that the first part of the dream, in which the first shall be last, and the last shall be first, has progressed, and also a continuation of that which is meek shall inherit the Earth, that which is in a state of power and control should be meaningless in such an unfoldment.

That, then, in this dream is tweaked, in which the connection and alignment of that which has been torn asunder, and shattered, over time, from coming together, which is kind of like what you had, the police and the charitable. This being able to be so completes an intended linkage, as ordained, deep within, like a bloodline connection so that in life there is a needed relational awakening made possible for all of manifestation.

Or, to put it another way, what happened as being an irreparable wound is healed, and the benefits to the overall, that would have been left suffering from that wound, and stayed in an unintended consequence, have come together.

Now there’s still more. In the final image, of the initial meditation dream, I go across the street to a very rich person who’s in a wheelchair. I apologize for not being able to get with him sooner, in a timely and conducive way, and assure him that in the fullness of time that which is needed to be will come together.

I say to him, “I know that it looks impossible at this time, based upon the fact that I slighted you,” and of course I made him mad, “but the imbalance that angered you had to occur like this and, in the near future, this will all be understandable.”

Meaning: I am making the necessary connection for an inner into outer flow and meant-to-be transitional shift. To begin with, there had to be some havoc to create an accentuation important to the process – in a flip side sort of way. Had I got lost in a woundology, that was on the apparent horizon, if you didn’t look closely, the final linkage would not have been possible.

And then there’s a very, very final image. And in the very final image, a baby is in a hospital bed – and it isn’t as all alone as everyone was expecting. First of all, they were excited to see the baby. I mean that was a big step. And, in seeing the baby, they suddenly to their shock and surprise noticed another baby in the next bed. No one expected that.

Meaning: This is an image that fulfilled an unexpected that no one saw, or anticipated, as possible. See, all this pulls together. That’s why the intertwining is something you can never, never realize just to what degree it can all come together; something so, so, so, so big in such a peculiar playground that we live in.

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TUNINGINNEW1When a person watches a sporting event for a sport that they don’t understand, all the subtleties and nuances of the game are lost on them. Meanwhile, the avid fans see everything and know that even the slightest movement can change everything. Well, in terms of the world’s of energy, we are like the ignorant fan: it’s all happening right in front of us, but we can’t see it. And when we can’t experience it, we really can’t be involved in it. And the universe wants us to be involved in what It is doing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’m having trouble right now because my dreams are a lot clearer when I’m in them than when I’m waking up, and they’re a little hard to pull out. I know in the dream that I was wearing strands of something around my neck, that hung down, almost like a strand that had little round beads on it. But they represented a connection to maybe a computer, or something, so that I could read, or locate, or understand certain things because of what I was wearing around my neck.

And, on the basis of this, I seem to seek out this couple that had a new baby, and I took their baby and went up into a bunk bed and was just holding the baby. But I recognized they were new parents and they couldn’t tolerate that for very long, so I had to return the baby to them probably a little sooner than I wanted to.

Then I left there, I went to a railroad car. It’s like I walked onto a train and went and sat for a few minutes, I think, in a car, two or three cars down into the train. And then I left that scene.

And I seem to understand, it was almost like I was mining for something, but it had to do with information, and that had to do with what I was wearing around my neck. But that was about all I remembered was it was like impressions of it, rather than a story that I could pull together.

John: It’s almost like these are prayer beads, and that there’s a particular kind of vibration, or tuning in, that’s involved here, whereby like for example in the first image that comes up where you’re required to do something that has to do with bringing something together, in terms of a quality of the whole. In other words, where there’s a baby that needs to be reconnected to the parents.

So, it had to do with you being able to recognize something about a baby that was important, and these beads that you wore had tuned you into the ability to be able to see, or grasp, something. In other words, it tuned you into something like a vibration, and so with that vibration you were able to invibe an energetic into life.

You were able to take the baby, for example, and set a note in play, and then return it back to the parents. So it’s like saying that you were capable of fixing something that could then flow or unfold in life, in keeping with the way it needed to awaken, or be.

The beads have a significance in that, point blank, these beads, from the way you’re perceiving them, have to do with tuning you into a quality whereby you can have a sense of what needs to take place, even though this may not be something that is recognized, acknowledged, or there yet, in terms of the ordinary outer appearances as they currently exist.

So it’s almost like something more than the prayer beads even, because prayer beads are to help one hold onto a focus and an energetic. You’re doing something more than just holding onto a focus and an energetic. You are actually transmitting, but your transmitting in a very specific way. You have an effect upon an aspect that is young, or is coming into life, that is being shaped, and you have an effect upon that as it finds itself in a scenario that, for all intents and purposes, will appear to be commonplace, but the effect that you can have upon that coming into being, the way that you can set this note off, discover the depth of this note, sets in motion something that unfolds in spite of the scenario of the outer.

It is said that a realized person, or a Sufi, affects three generations going forward, and three generations going backwards. And so what you initially described was the working with something that is unfolding like a generation of something in front of you, so that it can unfold in a way, or come into its beingness in a way, that’s designed to be. And that to affect that you just had to exude a kind of presence that had to do with something in terms of the way you wore something, or carried something, or was connected to something that you could radiate, and that this would have its effect in spite of outer appearances.

And now you’re taking and looking at how this works, in an exuding, that has to do with the process of a flow, or unfoldment. This isn’t something that just works going forward, it works going backwards, too, or as it’s said, blesses generations behind you as well as generations in front of you because there is no such thing as actual a type of time and space, there is a kind of misalignment that exists in terms of one’s energetic cosmos makeup, and that as you change the qualities of something that are impacting the present, that has to do with something that is limited in the chemistry of life in the near past. In other words, it’s like what is limited in terms of one’s near past?

Well, one of the things that’s limited is what you go through, that causes reactions and such in your nature, affects the synapses. The synapse is affected based upon an absorption of denseness or mannerisms, reactivities, in the molecular makeup of your nature. So as you take and you become more solidified, more together with yourself, then you affect things going backwards as well as forwards, which means that, let’s say your cellular makeup is designed more for a denser kind of nature, and that denser nature has to change.

And the way you are in the present does not work for that denser nature, so then that denser nature is changing the karmic in the blood, so to speak, characteristics that are defining, in terms of creating archetypal aspects to how you relate and react, is having to let go, and to the degree to which that is something that has gotten a bit sealed, based upon the fact that it takes a long, long time for the cells to change, or to alter, you know, so that they can take on more light, that to the degree to which you’re doing something that’s in the present, that still might have an echo of the past to haunt you, you’re aura of nature now can extend, can protrude out both forward and backwards, can touch something going forward, and thus affect the way something is set or needs to be quickened. And you can affect something that is in the near past of your synapses, and affect that as well so that it no longer has its direct deleterious effect upon your nature.

And thus, the result is, in other words the memo of this dreaming, is to point out that, okay, we’re going to start with something that symbolically speaking represents a quality, a quality of a wholeness, of a beingness, and what that quality of that wholeness and what that beingness means we’re going to let you know about that. The beads are a recognition of having caught up with and able to sustain a particular state, in a particular way, in a particular solidification, in a particular setness.

And when it’s able to be still like that, and do that, then it can touch things and shape things going forward, and it can affect things going backwards.

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parablesA young life in a dream, whether at any age of childhood or still in the womb, can be a representation of an emerging energetic in the dreamer’s life. And like any form of life that is too young to fend for itself, it needs the attention and care of an elder to help it grow bigger and stronger – until it can manage by itself. That is very much the nature, too, of spiritual connections we make as we proceed: we need to be protective when they are new and fragile so they can become a part of our life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the second dream, it’s like I’m a woman who seems to help care for some teenagers, but I’m also kind of an observer. And I notice that one of the teenage boys has gotten a girl pregnant, and it feels like it was a very casual contact and she’s really too young when she’s had the baby.

So I’m observing them to see what’s going to happen, and then I realize that she realizes she really is not ready to take care of the baby. And so then I’m curious about whether he, because he’s a little more mature, and maybe now he’s met another girl that’s more mature, if they’ll take in the baby or if they’ve given the up for adoption. And the question really isn’t answered for me. It’s just the question that I have.

John: So the nature of the dreaming, the nature of the theme last night, was first one direction and then 180-degrees in the opposite direction.

So the first direction you’re in is, you find yourself kind of oppressed in a way because of you not being able to fully accept yourself as being in a completeness and essence in which there is nothing going on, that there isn’t something held off to one side for the benefit of another, or some sort of peculiar dance like that. It is all one and the same.

In the second dream, what happens is it’s all provided, but it’s provided in such abundance, and before some sort of fullness is possible in terms of knowing how to care for what is provided; when it is like that, you can’t deal with it, either.

So it’s as if, you know, your dream is actually using a context in which there is a gap, or a distance, that’s having to aspire and reach to something that is like a longing, and if longing was all there was to the issue, in other words, if longing was all there was that could carry you to a particular point, that being in the out-breath, the interval of the out-breath, then home and where you would need to go would be to the interval of the in-breath.

But at the level of the in-breath, everything is provided to you. And it is in this direction, when everything is provided to you, is something that you can’t accept either. First it’s something you can’t reach, and then it’s something that you can’t accept. What a horrible condition.

In the physical you’re inclined to think that there is something that has to be attained, whether you like it or not, you have to attain it. And, of course, attaining of that is one particular thing that’s at the essence of all that there is, and that you get to that and it is who you are. You are that oneness.

But what if, instead of you having to struggle to get to the oneness, what if it was all provided? What if everything that there is, as the lap of luxury of what life is about, in other words, creation has this means of life and that you are at the epicenter to which everything is at your disposal? You can’t accept it either, because that isn’t how it works either.

In other words, there’s nothing there that can make this… there’s no Rubik’s Cube combination that works. That’s why you have the idea in Christian mysticism that a person doesn’t want the joy of love because they don’t know how to handle that, because that’s a realization that all the treasures of the world get you nowhere as well, even if they’re there at your ready disposal.

And neither does the illusion of the pain of love gets you there either. These are modalities. So, indirectly, the theme of the dreaming is to be able to flip it one way, and flip it the other way, and realize that you have to let go of both.

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