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Jeane: This dream starts out in what seems like an old European city that I think I’ve dreamed about before.

I’m entering a small boutique-clothing store. The owner, who greets me, is also the designer. A model is wearing the designer’s beautiful knit tops and short fur coats.

A woman friend of mine is there as well, and she is trying on one of the fur coats. It probably costs more than she wants to pay, but she’s trying it on because it’s quite lovely. I’m looking at one of the knit tops – it’s all hand-woven – but it’s also out of my price range. We’re just admiring them.

As we leave, I remember another store that usually has clothing that I like (I’ve dreamed about shopping in this store before), but when we get there the area the store is in has gotten much larger than I remember.

As we enter the store, an alarm is sounding. The alarm seems to be indicating that they’re having a fire sale. As I look at the various dressing rooms I realize that I don’t see much clothing. All that’s left are some bathing suits that are hung up for people to try on, but there’s really no time to do that because the fire alarm makes everyone feel like we have to keep moving.

I do recall a third store where I could always find something to wear, so we travel deeper into the building. This time we’re on the basement level, which is unfamiliar to me.

Then I realize that if we actually want to shop, we have to go up a level. I see a stairwell that we can walk up – it’s next to an elevator. I don’t feel like I can take the elevator because somehow I’m now carrying a small lounge chair.

The lounge chair is small and round, but the elevator is still too small. I feel I should carry it up, so I have it turned upside down and balanced on my head to go up the stairs. This really isn’t a concern for me.

I look at my friend, who’s ahead of me, and I wonder if she’s too tired for the stairs; are they going to be hard on her?

Then the dream shifts to an image of a designer vase that I’ve picked up. It’s made of glass and is a bit more rectangular than most vases, and it’s wavy. This glass vase has a beautiful shape. 

I’m just enthralled with it – the wavy form and the interesting shape.

John: What you’re doing is you’re balancing things out in the overall. You have created a distinction between two items, or two issues. You are comparing the energetic vibration between something represented by the knit top and something else represented by the fur coat. You’re comparing the intensities (the prices).

What you are trying to accomplish is a balanced relationship between these two energetic intensities. Your feeling in the dream is that you’re not sure which one you really want; it’s probably not the jacket, and nothing is really decided about the designer top. It’s as if you have to learn to normalize the two energies.

It’s not necessarily the case that it’s an either/or situation. It’s likely that they are being contrasted for purposes of inner reflection. And you accomplish that reflection by going up and down the stairs with the designer chair, i.e., with the designer quality inside of you.

At a certain point in the reflection process (after a few different stores), you become capable of moving up and down (the stairs) with it. Then you’re able to make a selection of something that really sparkles, and has a certain splendor of light to it, which appears in the form of the unusual glass vase.

So with this image of the vase, you’ve gone beyond having to determine the relationship between the two items of clothing, in the sense of you having to “take on” something new. You’ve gone beyond that as an issue, and stepped more deeply into the design of the overall. In doing so, you can make your selection on something that has the most light.

So by traversing the levels inside of you, the item of clothing, which is more about the specifics of something, has transformed into a designer glass. The designer glass is closer, in its nature, to the light of the overall.

See The Intangibles for part two of this discussion.

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John: The next dream has more specific imagery and is tied in with the first dream (see Breaking Through).

This time I’m traveling somewhere with two other men. I’m not sure where we’re going. 

One of the other men has a presence about him – he just seems to know where things are going and I feel I can trust that. The other man is more impulsive. He gets impatient and pushes to keep moving forward.

I’m the third part of this trio. I like the pace of the first man, who creates an allowance that exists energetically. With him, everything seems to proceed smoothly, and there is time to catch up with one’s self.

But just when I reach a state where I almost get something, that’s when the other man gets impulsive, pushing for a shift, urging us to go forward. That unsettles me, throwing me off from my normal way of being present in the flow.

The first man is influenced by the urging of the impulsive man, yet he purposely tries to slow things down to give me a chance to catch up with what’s unfolding. 

For example, when we pause in the journey I would read a portion of a book, about heroines (the feminine), and there’s time provided for me to do this. But just when I’m nearly through with a particular chapter, the second man – almost as if he can sense that I’m nearly ready – begins to push for us to move forward, before I can fully digest what I’ve taken in. I really only need a tiny bit more time, but that’s when he pushes harder that we need to move on.

So I feel this pressure, as if I’m the third wheel in the flow, because I am not quite keeping up with what I’m trying to grasp. I’m getting information, but then I’m getting scattered by the disturbance of the impulsive man.

I’m under the impression that, if I’m able to pause and catch up with this matter, then I will know where we are going and what we are trying to do. The way things are going, I’m continually left feeling I’m still a little in the dark. 

It doesn’t work this way on the higher, more vibrant energetic level. This dream is describing the flow of things, and the feeling is one of being pushed and pulled a bit. All three men are aspects of me, and aspects that are trying to guide me. One part is connected and in the flow. A second part needs a pause to catch up, or consider where I’m going. The third man sees that the pause is causing me to become distracted and wants me to push onward – to stay on track.

It is my pausing that carries me back but, in this particular case, this pause has a double effect – as shown in the first dream (see Breaking Through) – in that it can carry me back to an imbalance of feeling. When I pause in the flow, I teeter between falling back into old patterns (the easy, familiar way), and being urged to keep pushing onward into new territory and growth.

That moment of pause is basically me letting go of the energetic I’m connected with, which can guide me to a greater state of knowing. It’s that energetic note that I want to resonate with. When I let go of that note, I fall into lower-self considerations, patterns, and idiosyncrasies that derail me from my journey.

At one point in the dream, as I’m reading the next chapter and the second guide is urging us onward, I come across a word I’ve never seen before. The word is “unpatented” woman. I ask the primary guide, “What is this?” He says, “It’s a woman who reaches the point where she can no longer say “No.” 

This has me dumbfounded, wondering what that means because I’m not reading some sort of soap opera drama, like a romance novel. It’s not like that at all.

So, how does this fit? I know that it’s about some other revelation, which we will explore tomorrow.

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Jeane: In this dream something happens that forces a whole community or group of people to have to move. Whether it’s a natural disaster (it’s some area like California), I don’t know. I do know that there’s an ocean not far away – I sense sand dunes or some kind of different geology there.

Some of the group stays behind while at least three of us go on ahead. We’ve gone ahead and I know that there are a series of things that can happen. In one image that I remember, I had to go into someone’s trailer.

I don’t know if it was for shelter or food or I just wanted to go there as I had a feeling I was being pursued. It’s my intention to pass through the trailer without disturbing anyone. But because the trailer is shaped like a “T,” I can’t go in one door and out the opposite side.

I end up running into a woman, with her little girl, in the kitchen, and the woman’s a little startled. I’ve disturbed them so I have to explain why I’m there, and then they seem okay.

I know there are other scenes where I’m in other homes and one image of being out by some sand dunes. Other people think the dunes are stable, but I don’t think so. And then I have this sense that when we get somewhere that seems better, I feel like I have to go back to get the others. And they don’t want to come.

I’m not sure if I even go back to get the others, or if they’re going to want to come with me, but I still feel like that is what I have to do.

John: That’s pretty interesting and pretty specific. Basically what the images start out saying, energetically, is that something has happened and you can’t go back. You’ve seen something and, whether you like it or not, you’re in trouble now and you have to go forward.

Now, as you go forward, you’re still not necessarily free from the past. So you have your bad moment; in other words, you have your reservations. Those reservations are reflected in you trying to go into the trailer as a way of catching your breath. It’s like a time-out.

So you are trying to catch your breath, and that’s shown by not wanting to run into anybody. But you do, and when you run into them, what you’re running into is actually you in a state of shock to your inner self.

But it’s a good state of shock – it’s an emerging state of shock, as represented by the little girl. So as you go forward, you still have the connection to the past and so you recognize that you have to go back and forth.

Said another way, at the very beginning you had no choice, you saw too much. You recognized something, and things couldn’t stay the way they’d been. You can’t rationalize or justify that. But you do have a tie, or a connection, to all of that, even though something more has been revealed. So you make a progression, and you have your reservations where you stop and look around a bit, yet you still feel the pull of your obligations.

In a way, you’re describing the cycle of the breath: the in-breath and the out-breath. One minute you’re going forward, and the next minute you’re going back. And you were propelled by the clarity that you had to move forward. That was one minute. The next minute you had to share that clarity (going back for the others).

It portrays the process, and shows that you have not been caught trying to protect your own treasures. You are taking nothing with you, but you do want to go back to help. If you had been drawn back by your own needs or things, that would imply self-interest, and support for separateness and duality, which requires one to be competitive and isolated in relationship to others. Your dream doesn’t have that dynamic, so that’s a good base for what wants to emerge.

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