Gate of Wonders

gateway-lAs humans, we may ponder the subtleties of life, but do we ponder why we can ponder the subtleties of life? To look at the universe is to understand that things unfold according to laws, with every cause leading to an effect. And because of this, it is unfolding toward something, or somewhere – perhaps some evolved state. Much of the grief in the world may, indeed, be caused by our disconnection from the utter beauty of things doing what they are meant to do. When things do what they are designed and meant to do, they find themselves in a sacred state. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I had three dreams. The first was a little bit less a dream than just kind of a scenario. And, in this scenario, my dad and I are going down, and I think that you or someone like you is along, too. And my dad has this idea that there’s this baseball team in town, and, as kind of like a lark, he’s going to go down and try out for it, because he has a sense that he and initially I think it’s me, but it ends up being you, can get on this team as kind of novelty batters, or something.

But where we go is we go right to a place where the ocean meets the shore. And that’s where you have the tryouts for the baseball team. In fact it’s almost like the batter’s standing on the land, and the pitcher and everybody must be out on the water. But I realize that I don’t really think either of you are going to get picked up by a Major League team.

John: So what you’re portraying is a quality of a letting go, in which the evolvement of things doesn’t have any kind of particular definition. Anything that has a particular definition is limited. I mean, it’s not a bad thing to now ponder that Tao thing that you read.

In other words, the limiting thing would be for me and your dad to be picked up by a Major League team because we’re actually doing something that’s noticeable, that has a particular consequence, or an effect, that can be utilized in some capacity, or taken in and steered in a kind of mental control in some fashion, or capacity.

But your dad and I, we just take the pitches that come, and we hit them out into infinity; they’re absorbed by the ocean, they don’t fall into a particular motif. So what you’re dream is saying to you is that the essence of yourself, in other words, as you sit as a being in manifestation, you are realizing that there’s nothing to be attained or accomplished, per se, that will fulfill you in manifestation.

So, you take in life in such a way whereby the input of things coming in – and the input of things coming in are kind of like something masculine in orientation – in other words, it’s because it’s the masculine that has to deal with the input of things, has to bring the stuff in, and you’re realizing that that masculine, those aspects of things, the value of those is not in terms of coming up with something that’s this or that – definitional – so that it meets and reaches some sort of recognition, recruited in some fashion, in some linear, definitional way.

You have come to know that the greater meaningfulness of things is that what comes in can get splayed, just like the definition of the word beingness in what you read, gets splayed into the overall wholeness of something that’s non-definitional.

So, what you’ve done is you’ve actually, in your dream, caught the meaning of beingness. And you’ve caught the meaning of nothingness. You should read that dream and put it on the tape.

Jeane: This is from a book called The Complete Works of Lao Tzu. It’s translated and elucidated by Hua-Ching Mi, and this is from the Tao Te Ching – but, again, it his elucidation or translation of it.

“Now the subtle reality of the universe cannot be described. That which can be described in words is merely a conception of the mind. Although names and descriptions have been applied to it, the subtle reality is beyond the description.

“One may use the word ‘nothingness’ to describe the origin of the universe, and ‘beingness’ to describe the mother of the myriad things. But nothing and beingness are merely conceptions. From the perspective of nothingness, one may perceive the expansion of the universe. From the perspective of beingness, one may distinguish individual things. Both are for the conceptual convenience of the mind.

“Although different concepts can be applied, nothingness and beingness, and other conceptual activity of the mind, all come from the same indescribable, subtle originalness. The Way is the unfoldment of such subtle reality. Having reached the subtlety of the universe, one may see the ultimate subtlety, the gate of all wonders.”

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In the Game

downloadSometimes it’s very settling to understand how to read the images in our dreams, because when a dream has terrorists trying to blow a place up, a young girl being found dead, and the game of baseball, it could be easily mistaken for stress or insanity and leave a person upset all day. Images such as these are called “loud” dreams because they intend to grab our attention, because of how important the message is to us, not as a way to scare us. Haven’t we ever raised our voice to make a point? So it is in our unconscious process, where we can be shown the status of our current struggle. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember one dream last night. In this dream, again I’m an adolescent girl. I’m with a group of other adolescent girls and boys, and we seem to be underground in kind of a cave-like area under a city, and we’re there because we seem be being tutored by a group of terrorists who are actually planning on bombing something at some point, we think. And, of course, unbeknownst to the terrorists, most or all of us are actually trying to figure out what their target is so that we can either stop it or report it.

Now one girl, she kind of sees on something kind of the side of a red sign, or a picture of a red sign, that’s like in a field or something, so that she’s beginning to put together the information and finding out what the target is.

And they take us one day to actually watch a baseball game, in a nice suburb where we can actually get there. We can get to a room kind of under the stands from our cave structure. And we can see the baseball game being played by a bunch of adolescents. And part of me figures out that that baseball field is probably the target that they’re going to blow up.

And a lot of doctors’ kids kind of are playing baseball there. It’s an upscale place, and then I go back in the cave structure and I find that this one girl that had figured out where the target was and was going to report everybody, I find her body hidden behind some rocks, in a cavern, dead. I know she figured it out, and they must’ve figured out she was going to report it.

So then I’m thinking that I have to figure out now how to get the information out, because I’m pretty sure where the target is, but I’m thinking, especially since she’s dead, maybe for me I’ll try it by one of the boys who’s a terrorist likes me, maybe I can get him to take me out on a date or something, you know, like I can get access to the outside so I can report it. Anyway, that’s all. Then I started waking up.

John: So the theme of the dreaming last night is gaining access to an unfoldment, from within, of what you are able or meant to catch up with in terms of a kind of inner Book of Life or destiny that’s already kind of laid out, or intertwined, within.

And the fact that they are like terrorists, and such, means that it still is this inner process that’s still something that is deemed or considered to be kind of foreign from you. In other words, you haven’t quite fully grasped what that’s meant to be about. And, of course, if you did, you probably then wouldn’t have to be going through the awakening process. You would then  probably be out of here – like the little girl that was found dead.

In other words, this is a domain in which there is a waking up process that occurs, and we have to sort all of that out in relationship to an amnesia and neuroses that we have, that veil this from being obvious. And so you’re going through the motions: things that need to happen for you to come to grips and grasp what is meant to be are occurring.

In other words, a baseball game is the outer portrayal of life. I mean baseball is considered the American pastime or something. I mean it has a very significant meaning in terms of its portrayed importance in terms of the American way, so you’re taken into the outer. You’re shown all of this; that’s why the outer is considered the greater teacher because, as you’re going through this however it is that you feel yourself, or however it is that you’re reacting about things that are happening around you, those reactions, those mannerisms, those kinds of reverberations that you go through, they all play out in the outer around you.

And, if you are awakened, you know what that is about, what the meaningfulness of that is. And so you have this whole process. I mean you are trying to catch up with some hidden inner depth of what’s meant to be, that you know is important to the overall life. You have your notions in the dream on how this can be done. You have certain mannerisms that you’ve adopted to try to do that.

One is you have this contrast inside of yourself between how it is that you see yourself and how that is, as an effect, that is attempting to do something, because you still see yourself as separate in some capacity, you see that then, as a terrorist, or a danger. In other words, you haven’t yet figured out how to accept all that there is as being you.

So you’re trying to sort that sort of thing out. That’s one aspect that we all go through, and we noodle around and adapt our way of functioning in relationship to an outer that has its seeming contrast. And then you have the approach inside yourself where you take and you throw yourself into the game. In other words, you kind of go along with what is done, what is unfolding, and you try to go along in two different ways.

The first way is kind of like accepting that this sort of thing has something to reveal, has its notion, and so you go into the game of life, which is the baseball game, and therein lies a great opportunity to come to grips with what is really real. Well, that’s kind of like coming into the physical body and having to go through and live a lifetime in this kind of an existence – that’s the game of life. We’re living it, and are we going to, in terms of living this game of life, come to understand what it is that’s really real.

And then there is kind of the side note where you will go along with pretending that you’re part of all of this that’s unfolding, that it is all kind of an act job, or an illusion. You’re willing to go along with that in order to see something behind it all, in which case now you’re acting like you can understand and figure this out from the standpoint of carrying a certain consciousness, or wit, or intelligence that’s unique and separate from the whole.

And so you go along with the whole, as you sit there and figure that by going along with the whole, and being observant, that you’re going to figure out what it is all about that way. At no point do you point out what would be kind of a fourth process, or step, in which you come to know yourself as just something that’s intertwined with everything that’s going on. And when you are able to fully embody and embrace that, then there is no mystery, there is no need to discover anything, and that’s when you kind of die before you die, which is one of the things that makes me ponder and wonder about the gal that is found… Where was she found, behind a what?

Jeane: It’s almost like in a cave-like area, into another cave.

John: Yeah, that’s where she found the hidden of the hidden. You know, it was all with inside of herself. And so the whole dance and whatnot kind of came to an end. When it comes to an end, she’s died before she died. In other words, it’s like a depiction of not having to maintain the hoopla anymore because she had gotten to where she needed to get. She had come to recognize.

Now that’s kind of a haphazard way of trying to portray something, because that’s just kind of a quiet rendition that happens off to one side. You don’t put a whole lot of significance in that. In fact, you act like it’s all the more important to try to find out something that she must have stumbled upon, that you still need to stumble upon, in your separate capacity of sorting things out.

Instead of realizing that, for her to have gotten it, means that all of this then lost its hoopla, its song and dance, and therefore it was game over. As opposed to still thinking that one has to untwine what is happening, as if it has a separate capacity, instead of it all being completely intertwined.

The theme of the dreaming has to do with playing with the Book of Life, and so what is there that you’re meant to catch up with? And so this is your storyline of how it is that you’re trying to catch up with what is meant to be caught up with, in terms of a consciousness, that is the all pervasive you.

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Cleaning and Balancing

Deep-Breath-Melanie-WeidnerThis interesting image begins at a baseball game where everything is colored magenta. Like a biased view, or a personal view, of life, we often can’t see the truth until we remove the “colors” of our personal perspective. The process of removing such filters, or veils, is part of the letting go needed to make deeper connections. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember some tidbits of dreams. In one dream it’s like I’m looking at this baseball game, and it feels like we all look miniaturized, and the color of everything is kind of like this magenta or deep pink color. I mean, even the sky, everything. 

Maybe there are some little steel colored things somewhere in there, but we’re playing this baseball game and I’m trying to figure out the rules – and I’m not really very good at it. 

I’m not sure exactly where I can stand, or what I can throw at and what I can’t throw at, and what I can’t throw at, not that I think I’m very good at it anyway. And then for a minute it feels like, because the ball went out of bounds, that I’m behind the baseball place and I pick up the ball and this time it actually looks like an actual baseball. 

I mean, it’s white instead of everything being that one color, because it had fallen into something and it does look like it maybe has a little hole in it, so I’m speaking to someone to see about whether I can pick it up, and throw it back in the game, but they feel like it has to be examined to make sure whether it’s okay now.

So that’s one dream.

John: So you’re doing this opposite what I’m doing. That’s interesting. In other words, the position you’re in has a particular definition to it. In other words, you’re part of a natural game that exists, that is controlled in a particular way.

In other words, it’s on a baseball field. It has a particular setting and, as a consequence, is colored with a mannerism of what it is like to be in this sort of world. And the focus in this world is all around what happens to what is called the baseball.

In other words, everything that’s in this world, that has the particular tone and manner and coloration, and what all that they’ve taken on, the catalytic forces of magenta, are all gathered there to see what transpires or happens with the baseball. The baseball in other words is the focus of attention.

Well, it’s like things get jerked, or something gets pulled out of the condition that it’s in. In other words, the baseball gets knocked out of the ballpark, which means it is taken out of the scenario in which everything is colored in some sort of transitional way.

In other words, it’s not white, it’s magenta. It’s still in process of evolution, so it gets jerked out of there, or knocked out of the park as the image would have it, and now the fact that that happened, that that broke the barrier that existed, that kept things under control, the baseball, again, this is the center of what was important, is now a true baseball. It’s now a white baseball and everything again, like it’s supposed to be.

Okay, so to identify what happened here on a breath level, that was an in-breath that took the baseball out of the ballpark, back to where it became a white baseball again, like it needed to be. But that still doesn’t mean that the situation in the baseball park, or in creation, has changed, although a certain twist was given to things by being able to go all the way back to the source of what was important, the in-breath.

And so the baseball is now being reexamined to see if they can work with it, because they have their magenta-colored glasses on, and yet this is a white baseball. Can they get it? And so, that then becomes the out-breath of coming back down into the stadium and whatnot again, and you go back and forth. And will this baseball that they’re looking at to see if it’s acceptable, to what degree will something have changed?

In other words, it’s not going to be treated in the same context that it was before, but now something has shifted and changed. The in-breath has taken something back to where it got polished, or went home, and got knocked out of the ballpark of limitations that it was in, in the collective, and now it comes back down, gets reexamined because it has to go back into the ballgame.

In other words, they don’t leave that ball out there, they have to bring it back in. Normally when you hit one out of the ballpark there’s no return, but in this particular case it returns, comes back down into the stadium, and as a white ball, and can they work with that?

To what degree does that get discolored again? So, this is the process, in-breath and out-breath, back and forth, as something gets balanced in terms of the overall. It’s an interesting dream. Do you see how deep that dream was?

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