A Stitch in Time

a_stitch_in_time__revealed_tmbThis dream imagery moves in the subtle realms of time and space. Jeane finds herself trying to manage what is occurring between different peoples, but finds that no one is really listening to her. This points to a split within her, between the masculine and feminine aspects that aren’t functioning together. As we wake up spiritually, we must begin to recognize everything, both from a feminine aspect of containment and a masculine element of fetching. When they can be brought together, healing can begin. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dream seems to take place, I think it’s in this country, but it’s before we were the United States. 

People live out in the country of course more primitively, and in alliance with Indian tribes sometimes. But there are all of these shifting alliances because there are people from other countries that may come and make an agreement with Indian tribes, and then they’re with them and against you, or you may just do something that offends them and the alliance is broken up and you can’t live together and work together like you did before. 

So, we’re at one of those times, and I can kind of sense that we’re coming up to like a holiday, and usually we would celebrate. The Indians live kind of like what I would call in an upper village and we’re down below more, and we’re all supposed to have a ceremony or celebration together.

But I can tell that the relationship is strained, and that this is going to create some differences because there are ways that we’ve become somewhat dependent on them, and what they know about how to live off the land and store things in ice caves, and they just know things that we don’t necessarily know yet.

And I’ve traveled to the upper village, the Indian village, and they greet me okay, but I can tell that the alliance is kind of coming to an end. And I feel like there are things I’m going to have to tell the white village I’m living in about things that they’re going to need to do, or compensate for, that they’ve been relying on Indians for. And I go back down to where I’m from and it’s still kind of celebrating – people are being unconscious about the change that’s coming.

And it’s like I do have a relationship, and he does something with the military, or the militia, my boyfriend. He’s been away and whatever he does he goes out in the water and it’s like they recover things. It’s almost like a little more like modern times where people go into the water and have weapons and stuff, and so he’s away a lot, hanging out with the guys that do that.

And he’s come back and I kind of don’t want him to continue doing that. I can see that he’s away a lot and he does things recovering things from the water, but because he’s back and it’s a holiday time, it’s like he’s actually doing something like gambling.

I guess they have something like an old-fashioned slot machine in this dream, and he’s put something into that slot machine and what has come out is this funnel, it’s all wooden actually, because it’s olden times, and some plastic animals and some discs of some kind, and then a bunch of silver dollars or 50-cent pieces, I’m not sure which.

But he’s over kind of getting some change to put more money in the slot machine, and I’m asking him, why doesn’t he just use what’s come out of the chute that he just won? And I don’t know whether he was unconscious about that and didn’t see the coins that came down, or if he just prefers to put fresh money in. I can’t quite figure it out.

So I’m scooping all of the money out, and then I’m taking, on the little table that’s part of the slot machine in this dream, because it’s all wooden, I’ve stacked up the animals, some of them on top of each other, but in a way where they sit kind of neatly in the little discs. And then I’ve pulled the coins out so that I’ve kind of cleared the space of the chute. 

Then it shifts again and I’ve kind of seen how everybody is acting like the alliance with the Indians is still okay, and I’m trying to kind of caution them that, no, there’s something wrong now, and they’re going to have to learn how to do some things more on their own that they rely on them for, whether it’s medicine, or how you live off the land, or whatever.

And then some foreigners come into the village and they act like they’re friends, but I know that they’re actually enemies now. I’ve actually gone into a room with one of them and suddenly they’re trying to infect me with these little, they’re almost like little ticks or something that bite you, and I can’t quite struggle to get away from him right away.

So I know some of those little animals have bitten me, so I run down to the stream away from them so I can kind of hide in the river and the river bank. And it’s almost like there’s another me there in the water, and she’s telling me that what I need to do for the bites, she shows me along the bank of the river that there are places where there’s rock, and then there are places where there’s almost like a rock that’s still moss, and then there’s a place where there’s some rock that’s still forming that’s somewhat soft, almost like a shell is soft, and that if you crumble this you can make a little paste that you put on the bites and it sucks out the poison.

And I said I probably got bites I don’t know about, and she’s saying, yeah, because there’s some on my back, so she’s going to help me with that. And that’s what I’m doing when I wake up.

John: This is a dream in which without directly engaging the two issues in a way that the masculine engages them as if there’s a whole other reality in some other place, you don’t point to this whole other place. You instead infer it as able to occur, and be referenced, as part of manifestation or creation.

In my dream, I infer it to be a whole other realm of the cosmos that is alive as well. You are indicating that it’s alive in creation per se, and you are looking no further. You’re working within the tools and the magic of creation. And what you’re working with this time, that’s different, is time and space. You’re working with it in a new way.

In my dream, I’m seeing how time and space are a functionality that has to do with a kind of motion and existence in manifestation.

In your dream, you’re seeing it as aspects, that the way the time works for you is you shift back, you can shift back to kind of a central overall vibe of something, like the vibe of the Indian tribes, and then you can evaluate that space as to whether something is changing, and then shift forward into another space.

You don’t necessarily layer that on itself, as if you’re bringing it down, and in, and through and from the cosmos. You instead see it as something that is quickened and awakened right here in creation. You’re able to find the magic of things for yourself that heal any affliction that you feel.

You’re able to tell when something is not quite in the right cadence and that a change is afoot. You’re able to notice different time frames in relationship to things. It’s as if time is more fluid for you. You’re describing scenarios in the shift that don’t quite make sense to an existence of yourself back in primordial time when there were the Indians and the first white men.

You seem to be portraying, however, as you’re working with this time and space, that there is something in these shifts that you’re doing that suggests or implies a responsibility, or recognition, in terms of something having a need to take another step, or to shift, or to sustain even or maintain something pristine.

Something is amiss, but within the levels inside of yourself there is like a voice or a guidance, because whatever it is that’s biting you, or affecting you, you seem to know how to zoom in or catch up with what is needed to work as a salve to heal all of that.

And so you have almost a different sequence of realities unfolding there, a sequence of something prehistoric where things are not going to continue to work out, that there is a shift coming. It’s almost as if, in a way, you’re describing an archetypal problem at its inception, in terms of a manifestation as you know it, that has some effect.

And then it’s almost as if you’re carrying all of that forward, as if all of that is imbedded in some sort of level, or layer, inside of yourself to then open in another moment of a shifted aspect of time, in another space even, to try to rectify or fix that. And you seem to have a way of connecting to what is necessary to do that.

In other words, there’s that which bothers you, and then there’s that which fixes something. And then that part there is something that is happening as if it should be noticed, but isn’t being noticed. That is the masculine aspect.

This other that we were talking about is the feminine recognition. But then the sight that comes through as the masculine aspect, that is something that is grasped in terms of the treasure that is brought through, the masculine aspect is continuing to act or function as if it’s just not quite hearing it, or getting it, and that somehow or another creates a certain degree of confusion.  

It actually causes a type of mood even, in terms of the feminine being confused about why that should be because it, to her, seems so obvious because a part of her spins things and works with things as they unfold in creation.

However, how can she be viable if there is this quality of the memo coming through that isn’t being recognized, that certain actions are done and yet no appropriate recognition is occurring? From the standpoint of the feminine overallness, that’s baffling to her that there can be something like that, but that is like a masculine element that seems to prevail for some reason.

This is a dream that’s working with time and space, but the shifting in the space doesn’t seem to be much of the issue. It’s the time aspect that’s an issue. Time works in and out of the levels and layers of the shifts, and as you have these various images, you’re able to recognize that you are not taking it all properly into account. You’re not utilizing everything that’s there for you to somehow just naturally know.

And that has something to do with the fact that once a motion is established what happens is you have an essence where everything is in a oneness, and then you have a motion that is established, and in the establishing of the motion you have kind of what is a little bit like a linear part in that you can shift, and you can monitor, and you can see that inside of yourself – these various shifts.

I mean, you symbolically portray them as if you’re shifting at different levels. But in a nonlinear aspect of yourself, almost within the warbles of it like a type of depth perception within the shifted images themselves, is like a type of catching up with the idiosyncrasies and specifics of all recorded history, of everything that is recorded that you’re meant to have at your disposal – in terms of you being a Wholeness that is all that there is.

And it’s that part that isn’t hearing all that it needs to hear, that needs to hear more. The feminine part of your nature is readily equipped to be able to find, to fumble upon, to catch up with and grasp the shifted changes that fix things, and assuage things, that can heal things in creation. 

But in order to carry it all the way through into a state where there’s a total letting go so that you fall into a true emptiness or nothingness, you need to have and I’m calling it a type of depth perception because the shifted linear layers you follow almost as if you can image that inside of yourself.

But within and without all of that is information, is specifics, which is the masculine quality, and that somehow or another is not coming through. It’s there and even in your Wholeness in creation you’re noting that there is some of that that is not being taken properly into account. If you start adding all of that, almost as if it’s a depth perception that gets added to the shifted layers, that is when you start to find yourself waking up so to speak in this whole other area of yourself that is outside of time and space, which is that interval where the in-breath turns to the out-breath. That’s your true home.

But you can’t quite get there as long as there are features or aspects of things that are still eluding your recognition or acceptance. In your particular case, it’s like, why is it that this isn’t being seen, recognized, or taken in, and factored in, or worked in to your process?

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