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33adIf we remember enough of our dreams, we will realize that many times nothing goes right, things become entangled, and then something will chase us. But in those situations there is often help and guidance; in the dream today that guidance shows up in the form of a dog. But this is also true of our waking life: the universe is always trying to offer us help and guidance. It can be less obvious – something said by a stranger, or a detour in the road – but it is there for us, particularly when we are struggling toward something greater than ourselves, because the universe is built to support that. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had a dream and it felt like I’m with a friend, and I also have a dog. It’s kind of a long, low-to-the-ground dog, you know, kind of like a small Bassett hound or something. And we’re being pursued, so we’re kind of on the run a lot.

And I go into this town, and there’s a lady in the village that seems like willing to hide us, so we go into her house. She wants to hide us in a room where we have to go up these thin stairs and then squeeze through some little bars, and barely can make it with the dog, and into a little room in the house that’s rarely used.

So we go there, manage to squeeze in there and look around, and the thing is I know it’s only for a certain time limit because their son, who’s away, will probably be coming home, and he would see us and then maybe more people would find out about us. But then we need to leave even sooner than that because at one point I look out the window and I see that there’s some neighbor ladies that can see in the window, and see that we’re there, so we need to kind of keep on the move. And it feels like we can’t even leave by going down and into the street; it feels like we have to kind of leave by going out over the rooftops.

For a while in that dream it just feels like I’m still on the move and being chased, and then finally we come to this little village. There’s at least two other people with me. I don’t know if the dog is still with me, or not. And as we come into this village we’re always staying about a day ahead of whoever’s chasing us, but I see a platform, and there’s a foreign looking guy and his friends, and I guess he’s something like a fortune teller, or someone who has a certain sight, so we go over and we sit down around him. It’s like we want to get some more information, and it feels like not only can he give us information, but he also knows about the people chasing us, that he can read the situation because I think the person chasing us is even from his village, or he knows him really well.

And some people try to convince us that maybe it’s coincidence that this person is just traveling the same way we’re traveling so we think he’s chasing us, but I know that’s not true. They’re actually chasing us. And then it feels like the dream just shifts.

John: So it seems like the situation you’re placed in is one of having to be in the outer sorting something out. And whatever it is that you have to contend with, or sort out, or come to grips with, or grasp in the outer is something that’s a bit overwhelming to your perception, or bewildering.

In other words, what you’re dealing with is something that you haven’t gotten beyond. It’s like a type of karma because there’s the constant sense of a chase scene.

Now the thing that you have, during all of this happening, is you had the dog. And so the dog is the helper or the friend. It’s kind of like if you didn’t have that, symbolically speaking, these forces could be too much for you. But this is where you get the help, or this is where you get the friend. And when it’s not needed anymore, when you go to this village where it’s not needed anymore, it’s not needed anymore because you’re able to now access the information, the help, and the guidance on your own. In other words, that’s where you meet something that is able to give you information about the situation that’s propounded upon your nature.

So your dream is centered primarily in the outer. In other words, to begin with everyone has to go through things in the outer in order to finally come to a recognition and realization of something more that’s possible – that isn’t just outwardly oriented, which is a reflection, which a person doesn’t realize. Initially they don’t realize the degree to which that is an inner flow. They just contend with it as an outer mannerism, and think of it only as an outer mannerism. They don’t realize that there is an inner design behind every outer mannerism. And if you’re just plopped into life, you then go through all kinds of bewilderment as a consequence of that.

But this isn’t a dense dream. This is a dream in which you’re intended to have to do this, and you’re protected in terms of having to go through this process. In other words, there’s a masculine way of doing the path towards consciousness, and then there’s a feminine way. And in the feminine way they are creation, and so you have all of these little things that pick and poke at you, but when you are on a path in which you have the protection and the guidance, it works out differently. You don’t develop the stigmas, and traumas, and catastrophes that cause one to keep taking steps backwards until they’re duped out, and completely lost, and have no way of understanding how to cope.

But in your particular case you have the dog, and the dog is like something that’s like a friend, or a protective force, for you. And then, when you don’t need the dog, then you have an aspect of the masculine, which is a type of sight, that really knows that what’s going on in terms of all of this is for a greater purpose, that recognizes more what it is truly all about from somewhere else, in other words, not just from the sense of how something is without, recognizes how it is in terms of a greater meaningfulness.

So you’re looking at one half; your looking at the part that has to rise up. In other words, it’s in manifestation and has to rise up energetically, in other words, come more to handing back and, in the doing of that, connects with what is going on, Is awoken to that in terms of what is going on because of the help that is provided, the friend, the dog, or ultimately, the aspect of the masculine that knows more about whatever it is that’s afflicting or confounding you.

It’s an outer that you’re contending with and you have guidance in that. And, yes, it can be bewildering and such, and confusing, but you’re intended to make headway through that. And even though you might not see that as what is going on, because it seems like wherever you go and however you do this is constantly haunting you. It’s not haunting you in a tearing down way. You are transcending it by the fact that it is something that you’re directly facing. You have to directly face this sort of thing before something more can actually open up because it actually is a step that stands before you receive all that is given. It’s kind of like part of the price of admission phase, and then all of a sudden everything opens up.

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imag324esIn a chase dream, who is the pursuer and who is the pursued? The simple answer is: you are. Because we are all of the characters in our dreams. But what’s interesting is that a chase dream shows us how one part of the inner life is resisting making a connection with another part of the inner life. But that connection wants to be made for the good of the whole. In this image, the pursuit is in a mine dug into a mountain, so it is happening at a great depth inside, where letting go of fundamental defense mechanisms can be a scary thing. Yet the unconscious is saying: trust us, it’s okay. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I remember my earliest dream, it felt like I was almost inside a mountain. Do you remember how when you see those movies when people are traveling around in carts inside mountains, like using the old miner’s carts? It almost felt like that.

There was a young man, or older boy, with me, and I had him on one of those carts, but maybe a little lower cart, and other things piled in the cart with him. And it felt like that was one of the ways that I was, in a sense, helping him get away longer, in a game, or last longer if we were being chased.

I had a feeling like something was happening where eventually everyone would be caught, but whatever I was doing with having him sit like lower in that cart with some things piled around him would maybe let him last longer in the game. That’s about the only impression I had of that dream.

John: So the typical image is, you scale a mountain in order to overcome it. You don’t go to the point where you’re overwhelmed, or immersed. Or at least that’s the question: can you do it that way?

Because the theme of the dreaming has to do with a quality of the vibration being such that you need to recognize and understand it as saying “no.” In other words, images and vibrations that tell you that something isn’t meant to be done that way, or isn’t meant to be done at this time that way, in other words, because it can change.

But you don’t eliminate something of a karmic flow that’s off by trying to do something that’s not intended. That only causes you to become more veiled, and it causes you to lose the acuity of your listening center. In other words, it’s like this: you have in the higher self, or the inner of the inner, you have light. And then in the outer and outer, or the smaller than smaller, you have sound and in the sound there is information – just like in the light there is information. But in the sound it works towards giving you guidance. From that you can come to know what is to be, or isn’t to be, in the smaller of small of which you don’t have a full recognition connectively because your senses are limited to a type of perception that is inclined to keep you viewing things as being in a multiplicity and, as such, then you have to learn how to, or think you have to learn how to, navigate within that, as opposed to accepting it as an aliveness, and a oneness, and a wholeness that permeates all of your being.

Now since the theme of the dreaming had to do with knowing how to recognize when something is not meant to be so, I’m wondering if your image of being inside a mine, or a mountain rather, if being inside is an overindulgence, or is something in which you are on a tangent and have gotten to a point where you aren’t able to recognize how something is able to be sorted out because of the overindulgence.

Now ordinarily, all things being the same when you have a dream in which you go into the depths of something it’s like going into the depths of yourself in order to work on the karma, or the waywardness, of one’s nature. Ordinarily you do that, you go into the depths like that in order to burn off the dross of karma, in order to come to grips with how it is that you are, or to see yourself more fully, to recognize within all of that is the greater wholeness of your being that you have not met before.

So you go into the depths of yourself to gain an access to this other. So the question I would have is, and the only way that you can know whether this is true or not is whether when you were inside the mountain, if the vibration of being inside of the mountain had the sense of a constriction that kept you from free flowing in a way that you needed to free flow? In other words, a mountain symbolically in and of itself represents an obstacle, so you’re inside the obstacle, maybe to up close and personal to the obstacle to be able to untangle it. Maybe you need to recognize, maybe by going into the mountain, like you’re doing, maybe you’re acting like the obstacle somehow or another is real – as opposed to it just being a defense mechanism or a quirk in the overallness vibration of your makeup. I don’t know. You’d have to denote that.

If it’s a sense of pursuit, then it is a type of defense mechanism. It’s a type of refusing to yield and let go, because when you let go you can become empty, and when you become empty you can have an access to something more that can flow through you. So if you have the sense that it has this whole other context that’s pressured against you, and you’re fighting that, then what you’re doing is you are not allowing yourself to be in a space of letting go. Like an example is, if you’re meditating and in the meditation your thoughts run, and then you try to stop your thoughts to meditate and the thoughts keep running, you’re being pursued, that’s like a pursuing. And it’s a defense mechanism and good luck going anywhere. If you’re haunted like that. And is this that kind of a haunting?

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leileWe can see in the world that things that have been suppressed are rising to the surface – and when they do, they must be dealt with in some way. So it is in our dreams, where the suppression of something can arise as the image of a war zone, or of being hunted. And yet there is a way out of the war zone, and that is seen as the image of taking responsibility for two young women. And the hunters and the hunted, and the person taking responsibility and the young women, are all inners lives of one person, trying to make themselves whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my main dream I’m with at least one or two young women, and we seem to be in a country where a war has broken out. If it’s not a war, what it is is that there’s militia or soldiers that have guns that are around trying to hunt people, or scare them out, and I know that they would also hunt us.

And so I’m trying to get to the airport with my couple charges there, the young ladies I’m with. At one point I even go down into almost like what’s a bunker. It’s like a concrete “V” in the ground, and you go down and then you come up, and you’re under a little shelter, and we’re lying against the sides of the concrete.

And then I realize that there’s all these soldiers laying to my left and right, and they’re actually the opposition soldiers, or the people that would tend see us as the people they’re hunting, except because we’re all kind of lying on this concrete, and our back, and not facing towards each other, you know, they just don’t realize that I’m not one of them.

So I’m able to kind of crawl up over the lip of that and get away to the airport. And it feels like my charges get there with me, too, the young women that are with me.

When we get to the airport initially we’re in a separate room before you go out into the main area of the airport, and there’s a man that comes in, that also has some women that are with him, and he’s a famous author I know that lives in New York.

And he had come to the airport early, from what his ticket says, so I realize that when he tries to leave he’s probably going to be hassled by them because he just thinks this is like normal life going on, normal circumstances, it’s no problem, you just get your ticket changed. But I realize that there’s actually kind of a semi-war, or battle, going on out there, and it’s probably not going to be that simple; that he or whoever he’s with will be a little more vulnerable. But my main concern is that I just get my charges and myself into the airport and we get on our flight.

John: So what this dream is working with, and dealing with, is that it’s kind of like something that has a need of opening up, or coming into recognition, and it has to do with energetics that are repressed in some fashion.

And, initially, one takes in the limited, dense way that they live. One takes and establishes conditions, or a way of life, that pushes away the environmental conditions that you don’t design, or personally put your attention to. So that’s why there’s this pressure of something trying to come in, because you’re pushing it aside, meaning that you’re holding onto kind of a personal motif to the estrangement of that.

And then that evolves to where there are certain responsibilities and obligations that you’re required to put your attention upon, and when you put your attention upon that it’s as if that lightens up, or causes this other that had been more of a problem, that took up more of your attention, causes that to be repressed, or to dissipate a little, because your attention is upon something more, or of a greater overallness.

But just because it’s repressed doesn’t mean that it goes away. It just means that your indulgence changes, in which you’re not dealing with that in such a limited way because your scope of awareness is extended out to a greater responsibility and wholeness. But there still is that, and that then shows up as an imbalance that you see when you’re at the airport.

And to be at the airport means to be in a position to take off, to go somewhere, to take a major step. And at that airport, then, you see this person that’s in a state of disarray. This being a component, or part, of yourself, it had been a condition at the beginning that was trying to get your attention that was chasing after you or something that you repressed. You were able to take a step beyond that kind of repression by catching up with the responsibility that you had over an overall scenario but, as you did that, it was almost as if you set aside what had been the direct needling and condition of something terrorizing or, kind of in your psyche, creating a need to feel like you’re under assault.

That aspect goes away in that regard, but comes back in the image of something that isn’t quite known, or made right. And you have your charges, as you say, that you’re taking responsibility over, and can take and go ahead and deal with that, and can see this other part just as an estrangement condition that you could easily conclude is not associated with you, it’s just part of the environment. However, it is associated with you, and you have to take that in, as well.

So the dream has like a one, two, and three step process. It points out how, in the beginning of one’s unfoldment or process, you have to contend with conditions. And you’re contending with those conditions as you’re exercising your freedom of choice – in terms of what it is that you’re designing, or want to see happen.

And you’re generally doing this in relationship to a perspective that involves your personal self, and then you find relief from that when you realize that you have a bigger picture to contend with or, in other words, responsibilities that take in the greater wholeness.

But as you’re taking in this greater wholeness, it doesn’t mean that you are taking in this other that had been hounding you. I mean you’ve taken the pressure off, but you haven’t necessarily totally resolved it, which means you’ve subrogated that aspect, or repressed it, in some small way or fashion, as an aspect of opening up to your greater responsibility and wholeness.

And then, before you can really take off and be dynamic, you have to see this yet again. It all has to come back out. It’s in a different, shifted energetic state that is still part of you, and it needs to be taken into account in order for there to be a full picture.

It’s kind of a simple dream, wasn’t it? When you break it down.

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