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We are all guilty of getting in a mood and wallowing in it, or letting an emotion run through us for days – somehow feeling we are entitled to these detours. Sometimes we even like it. But, part of our journey is to remake ourselves in the image of the universe, and let our own life be reflective of universal processes. And what the universe would do would be to find balance again, which often means adding something to the mix from the opposite side of the extreme that is playing out – balancing emotion with reason, or elation with groundedness. It’s a useful pattern for us to develop in ourselves, consciously. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I wish I pulled this dream out better. I’m in a setting that feels like a school building. And we’re trying to do some kind of a shift, and a whole series of shifts, and it feels like with each shift maybe you can claim some property in the school. 

And so there’s a series of us, and there’s a whole line of shifts that we can make. But, it’s like, right now the energy around the shifts is what’s called a negative energy. So we have to time it right in order to make the shift and get something. And if one of those negatives turns to a positive, and then we try to shift, it can change the whole deal. 

So there’s actually an advantage in when it’s a negative as opposed to a positive. But it means that you have to wait and time it right, too, and then try to make all the deals so that the property comes together. And if you’re seeing the negative turn to a positive, then I think there’s something you can do to make it turn back to a negative, but it means you also have to wait, you can’t do it right away. 

So I’m trying to wait for the right sequence of moves so that we can get this property and not have these forces that are against us take it. That’s the best way I can describe the dream. 

John: What you’re describing energetically is that, from the overallness of yourself, there’s something that is making itself known, that, in order to catch up with it’s timing, you have to look at how the ebb and flow is, from within.

It’s like you’re looking at the seed thought of something coming into fruition. And there’s a positive aspect and a negative aspect. But what you’re looking at is the positive aspect is something that just will happen on its own, so to speak, that isn’t where you need to put your attention, you need to put your attention on what you consider the negative aspects, because the grasping and the understanding of that is what determines what can or can’t be. 

So it’s a dream about a quality of something needing to come into fruition, in terms of a wholeness of your nature, a quality of your being. And you’re looking at what it is that holds things in check, or makes the difference in terms of what can be – because it’s a timing thing, it’s an out-breath, it’s considered kind of a masculine way of catching up, and having a grasp, an in-depth grasp of what is going on within yourself

Now, I suppose you could say, as a scenario that yesterday you felt like you were a little out of sync, or functioning in a capacity in which things were coming out of you that weren’t in a balance, that you recognize, in terms of a balance and a flow that carries a kind of harmony through things. And that part of what was going on, that felt good to you, that had a breakthrough component to it, it was almost as if behind that was something that was over the top, or needed a better understanding, in terms of how it could be from a standpoint of timing. 

And you are experiencing this quality of something shifting and moving around inside of yourself as something that had a meaningfulness to it, but also it had to be done in a way that fit in terms of a sequence of unfoldment, or the timing. So you were doing this in an outer way yesterday, and so then you took this into the dream world, and you were looking at how to catch up with, or be at a schematic of reference inside of yourself that is conducive to an unfoldment that is coming through you, and that it needs to come through in a way that is able to be received without creating a disturbance that negates a quality behind it that is important.

And so you know that there’s something behind it that is important. And you note that when it comes out in an over the top gushing way that it can’t continue like that. It can’t continue like that because there’s something about it that isn’t quite conscious, properly conscious, and when you settle back you come to notice the flickering of the timing aspect – as if that is something that is important in terms of the transmittive whole.

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t182Timing is an important factor in life, and in dreams. We often may find that we feel ready for a change, and we’ll become impatient for that change to happen – even to the point where we might force things that shouldn’t be forced – just to speed things up. In such situations, if we’re paying attention, we might get a dream something like this one, where the dreamer has the desire to leave, but every direction she turns seems to point to her staying. That doesn’t mean forever, it may just be for the time being. Sometimes there’s still something left for us to learn, before the next phase begins. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I really just remember one dream that went on a long time. In this dream, I’m living in a house with other people and, at one point, I go to visit a boyfriend who has his own apartment that’s down the street and up some stairs, and spend the night with him.

Then I come back and I’m thinking about moving out of the house to live with him, but then I become aware that the lady that’s in charge of the house has also been with this boyfriend and thinks that she’s going to move in with him. Well, this is kind of a surprise to me, so now I can’t move in with him because obviously he has this other girlfriend, too.

At the same time what this has done is thrown the whole issue of who’s living in the house into a bit of chaos. Because she believes that she’s moving out of the house now, she begins showing me parts of the house I hadn’t seen. So she shows me all the rooms, including the inner room where she lives, as though I’m going to take over the house when she leaves.

But I realize though I had been planning on leaving myself, and although I won’t leave to go live with the boyfriend now, that I don’t really want to be taking over this house that she was renting out, or that someone else owned and she was in charge of. I’m not sure how it worked, actually.

Meanwhile there’s other people that rent there, so I’m looking at their rooms or at them, too. And then there’s a family with two young girls that seems to have moved in. And these girls are really mischievous and are kind of trying to cause some problems. And, at one point, I leave the inner room and I go open a door and the girls immediately like bow down on the floor as though they’re in a mosque or something, but I know that they’re really up to some kind of mischief so I tell the kids that actually I have secret cameras all around the house and I’ve been filming exactly what they do to show to their parents – so to not try to pull all these pranks.

And that seems to stop the pranks because I don’t seem to see the kids anymore in the dream. But now I’m trying to figure out what to do because I realize, you know, from leaving the house sometimes and visiting people and then coming back, I realize that if I stay in the house you have this whole house and yard and everything to run, and I had been planning on moving out and I wanted to simplify.

And I think the lady that had been running the house was thinking that if she moved out, I would just move in. But since that’s not going to happen, I have a feeling we may all have to be leaving the house because we’re having some discussions and it feels to me like no one really wants to take over running the house the way that she did. Most of us are trying to simplify. On the other hand, that may mean that we have no one to run the house and, as I look around, I’m not sure that it’s an easy situation out in the world anymore to just go rent a space that works either. So I’m trying to figure out what it is that will work. I think that’s when I wake up.

John: Your dream has one simple theme that runs through it, and that simple theme is to “hold the course.” In other words, there’s nothing to be found in terms of going out the place, or moving out or, in other words, trying to extend into the outer. There’s nothing to be gained by doing that.

That instead you’re being kind of told, shown, caused to feel, that in spite of all of the ideas about this, or that, that the catching up or revealing comes from taking and having an overall presence in the place where you’re at.

In other words, you already know a certain degree of what is going on within the place, and that you are realizing, by the way circumstances seem to be, that there’s more to the place than meets the eye. But in realizing that there is also an uneasiness, in terms of having to sort out all of the complexities within the place, and so you can get caught in that, and trying to figure out ways to pedal that or to spin it off even. Thinking that by spinning it off that will ameliorate the uneasiness that you feel – but it won’t.

In other words, the latent driving force of wanting to make a transition, or to move out, or to shift somewhere else, that vibration is just not being supported in that it’s a want, or an interest even, so to speak, but the position you find yourself in seems to require the need to stay the course – because there are more rooms there than you realize, and things aren’t done yet, things are still in the process of balancing out. And there’s still a revealing that needs to occur.

You can’t pretend to see what you don’t see. You can feel the imbalance, but you can take it another step, in terms of your presence there, so that somehow it can resonate. So it’s kind of a dream telling you you’re situated the way you’re situated, and have to contend with what you have to contend with and, in doing so, you’ll find whatever you find, if anything. That sounds kind of dull.

Jeane: It was.

John: But the other, which seems more glamorous, in other words, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence kind of thing, is…

Jeane: An illusion.

John: Yeah, it’s only going to get you more disoriented, because if you can’t handle where you’re at, how are you going to handle where this other is? You’ve got to have that base figured out first, and you haven’t fully owned your own space where you’re at yet.

And so it’s kind of a dream that I guess has a question behind it in terms of this, that, and the other and, as you look around, you don’t find any supporting evidence for making the transition. Your inner world does not give you any supporting evidence. It just shows you that there is still more to be revealed, and that you’re perspective about things is maybe right, and maybe wrong. I mean probably somewhat right, but you also carry a responsibility to everything that’s in this place and just because you can have an inkling about what’s going on doesn’t mean that that goes anywhere.

In other words, it does you no good to pretend, with the prankish side of yourself, that you see where it’s going and what it’s doing as if that’s going to cause something to change. It won’t change, especially not if you’re planning on leaving the house. And you’re pretending that you have an idea of what it’s about, while at the same time carrying in the back of your head this idea of being able to go somewhere else, eventually go somewhere else. In other words, you’re not accepting where you’re at, kind of having a dream that keeps going around and around to which, when you look at the facts, seems to suggest that you need to stay the course.

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labyrinth-13If we are trying to be impersonal on our journey – and we are, because it’s not service to something greater if we are taking it personally – we get derailed when something happens and we become personally involved. It can be anything – an emotional upheaval, or disappointment at a certain outcome – but it’s bound to happen because we are human after all. What’s important is that we realize that we have been swept off our path and onto a detour, and find our way back as quickly as possible. Not via suppression, but by finding in ourselves higher reasons for why we do what we do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the next dream I’m with a group that is traveling on foot through rugged country, and we stop at a cabin that is kind of a resting spot along the way.

And when we leave the place and we start going, I suddenly realize I have to turn back because I lost a key out of my pocket. So I go back to the cabin to retrieve it and, of course, the cabin’s been locked up supposedly when we left because we were just there visiting. It’s just something that’s part of the wayfarer journey along the way.

So I’m told where there is a key hidden outside the cabin that I will need to find to get back into the cabin, and then when I get back in the cabin where I need to go is to the bathroom, and there’s a drawer in the bathroom and I will find, first of all, on the counter inside a bunch of keys. And so one of those keys will open the drawer in the bathroom, and in that drawer is kind of a lost and found where you put things that are misplaced, or out of alignment, or can’t be found, will be the key that I need.

But when I come to the cabin the door is not fully closed; someone had forgotten to close it properly so it wasn’t a problem getting in. I didn’t have to try to find that key. So when I opened the drawer up inside the bathroom – and of course at this time others had come back, too, for one reason or another to this cabin. Most of the precession has continued to go on, though, but I finally get the drawer open and the others had to share this bathroom and whatnot held me up.

In the meantime I start indulging on food, making a bigger mess. When I finally get the drawer open, there’s no key inside. And then I quickly, in a split second, accept that and adjust as I realized it’s not the key to something that I need, so the key that I lost, because I wasn’t sure what key I lost, the key that I lost is not the key that I need for the car, and it’s a key that isn’t all that important. It opens a storage space I have that I can easily jimmy open. I don’t actually have to have a key to get it open. I can figure another way to get it open.

So what I’m looking at here is this is not really a loss that I can’t handle. Now the others that have come back for one reason or another they’re coming back creating confusion because they had to use the bathroom and all that kind of stuff and slowed me up, and of course I didn’t know what keys that were left on the counter there would actually fit the drawer and I had to ponder that a bit, but I got it right in the first guess when I finally got in there.

But all of this other going on created a little mayhem, so I’m kind of like the last one ready to leave to rejoin the group. I seem to even have food in my hand that I haven’t finished. The imperative is that we need to hurry back to the main group. No one wants to get too far behind because we might not be able to catch up or, in my case, get even further lost.

So I went back into the meditation dream. I had to take another look. And in this early meditation dream I had found within what I needed, and what I needed had to do with one specific feature, the issue was an alignment problem. So I’m currently letting go, thus eager to get back on the journey. So that’s how that fit with this. It was all part of a journey: letting go to get back on the journey, not making too much of something that you don’t need to. Or the meaning of the dream, a self-continuous process has been worked out and I am ready and able to continue on the journey.

And then in the next dream a woman who is convinced she can grow that which is not natural to the area and kind of has left me to look after things because she’s out of the area, she’s touring or out of town in some fashion in the dream, suddenly gets back to a person who she trusts, or is left behind here, and of course I’m looking after things, but then there’s somebody else that’s in charge of things, and she asks for a particular item to be sent to her that has to do with what I’m looking after that’s in the garden or whatever.

So the person comes to me and so what it is that I have to retrieve involves pulling in a bunch of line as if it’s in the water this time, although it did feel like a garden. And so if you got a fish or something out there on the line it can’t be more than 30, 40, 50 feet right? Well, I pull the line in and pull the line in and pretty soon all I have to show is this huge gob of line in my hand. It’s just all I can do to hold all of this line in one hand all wadded up. There’s nothing to show other than just all of this line.

And the person that comes to me to get what this is connected to wonders what to do. He’s thinking he can’t be sending all of this line, and I say, “Why not? This is actually what she seeks.”

And I feel that what she is seeking to do, given the climate conditions, if you look at it in the ordinary sense it just doesn’t make sense. In other words, this is an area where things can be brought together and put together here aren’t going to be easily done because the weather is just too inclement and hot and all of that. However, because she is able to tend and water this, she has got me doing that, in an environment that is harsh, perhaps it can work out for her. I am not ruling anything out in spite of appearances.

So what is happening, so to speak, is the dream is indicating that my involvement with a woman who isn’t here yet seeks to harvest what she had me nurture, and only able to get all line and no product as a baffling response. Even so, I do not believe it is all for naught – in spite of appearances in the outer. I just know she can’t harvest it in the other way.

What she seeks to maintain is not natural to this area because of the intense heat, but that’s okay because while she is away it can be taken and looked after and things could be made sure that they’re properly tended and nutrient and all of that. And so, as a consequence, because it evolves like this in kind of a state of absenteeism, I do not rule anything out as possible other than the idea she is going somewhere personally with this. Then I have to rule that out because the evidence doesn’t seem to bear that one out. Again talking about the invisible, the in-between.

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