Complete Flow

emfm0To be born on this planet is to be born into the continuum of life here. It’s worth wondering: have we been here before, or is this our first opportunity? And if we have been here before, what does that say about us? It’s easy to feel judgmental towards others when we don’t understand their story, but a person who is on their first life can’t be expected to be as savvy as someone who has been here many times. And someone who has been here many times may come in with great skills that make them popular and wealthy. The point is, if we understand what is going on, we will act differently, and live our life differently. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I’ve taken and adopted the principle of labeling my meditation dream, giving it a name. So the label I called this, I called it preexistence of the first experiment. And, what I mean by that is, it’s kind of like what started the whole process of life off, is what I’m looking at. And then once that’s kicked off you no longer really have your first experiment anymore because it continues to continue. It evolves and evolves, but it started off maybe as something fairly benign, and then it builds upon itself.

So, in the meditation, at first there was a stillness where nothing existed, and out of the stillness came a single thought that’s like a vibration. Now whether you wanted to call it a thought, or call it a vibration, because maybe it was a vibration first before you came to realize it was a thought, but in any event it really was a thought. And manifestation was created to embody, reflectively, the thought, or vibration. Man was created to be the vehicle capable of taking the thought vibration, concretized reflectively as manifestation, basically matter, and reestablish an intertwined connectiveness to the stillness.

In other words, this was like stretching a rubber band where a thought vibration came out of a stillness, and then there could be the noodling about, so to speak, of that, and yet at the same time the recognition of the stillness, in other words, to be able to connect to that.

But, what ended up happening is, out of this experiment a process was born. The unfoldment process is steadily evolving. I guess you could say about it is that you can keep reporting more and more, later, as dreams and visions of the thought vibration from the stillness portray the ever evolving storyline.

So that’s what I was looking at. So, in my dream, I’m at a university and I’m like 20 years older than everybody else at this university. But even though it’s like that, and they’re going through life probably with an intentionality, that’s why people go to a university, I’m there as a being in which there really isn’t a purpose per se behind what I am doing.

And the nature of a university is for you to come to know things, you can get oriented or whatever to which you then go through life, you then get keyed to an unfoldment process in life. But I don’t have an unfoldment process in life because I’m at a different phase. I’m just there at the university just out of curiosity – and in a letting-go state. I’m not there to make something later happen.

And whenever you go to a university, and especially this university, and this university is a university of life, and in life everything is seen somewhere, wherever I go is filmed, and that film is available for all to see – meaning all of life – to see. Those at the university, and those who aren’t at the university. It’s available to anyone. It’s almost as if that’s part of the expression of the university is to take in things as if it’s all scientific.

So I tend to forget about that the cameras are there, and, in one episode that is filmed, I’m telling a person that I am not here as part of a process which involves having to learn to get up to speed, or whatever, to do something. I have already done what I need to do. And what surprises me is, these are interesting students in that they don’t seem to notice that sort of thing. I notice this about myself, but they don’t notice it. They accept things as they are. Usually you have a stigma between old and young, and all the concepts that have to do with an unfoldment.

And then, on another occasion, I say to a young student there that they have years and years in front of them to unfold, as a process. There’s a process that they catch up with that’s important, that’s what this university is all about, and then from that they will have 20 years or so of unfoldment. One can’t say what that is going to be, yet, because they’re in the shaping and then in the making. In other words, you have to be seen, which again is just another story in which I am portraying the distinction, as if they’re not noticing, as if they need to notice, that I have been there and done that in relationship to outer life, but they haven’t, and shouldn’t be deprived of that, should recognize that as something that is yet to come

And what ends up happening is this person, in response, reminds me that everything is being filmed. I comment that I forgot about that, I didn’t realize that. And then the person leaves the room, and there’s something awkward, energetically imbalanced, because it was me that was continuing to point out, or to recognize, that there’s different aspects of how something interconnects and intertwines, and so I’m left picking things up in this room before I can go to wherever else I go to in the university, another room or something. And it’s only after they leave that I realize that something got hurt, and what is hurt is I am projecting that there is still something to do.

In other words, even though for myself I keep saying there’s nothing to do, I’m still projecting as if there is still something to do for aspects of things that are going on in life. And I have no right to do that because, even though it might be something that is understandable, in a sense, with an old soul or something, who knows in terms of what’s an old soul and what’s a young soul? And just because I might see myself as different, that doesn’t mean that they are limited. They may be going through whatever they’re going through, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a process that has to unfold in some sort of pattern or whatever. They may be further along than one could even imagine, and here I am putting something down.

What is missing in this dream is the principle that outside of our concept of time, deep down, everything is intertwined. So, in other words, you could go back to the conceptualization of something in the beginning, like I had done in the meditation dream, but what’s important is everything is the complete flow. You can’t bifurcate even that way. It could be interesting for points of discussion, however.

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