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hqdefaul22tWith the world the way is, it’s hard to believe that we each have a special gift and purpose in this life. Yet we all have certain things we are passionate about, and certain capabilities, and a certain view and way of experiencing life that is valuable in its uniqueness. To understand how special we really are is to understand it from the perspective of the universe, which has created us to become a reflection of its possibility. Through us, it discovers itself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The alarm this morning somewhat startled me, so it feels like the dream just kind of popped out. But I remember that I was discussing with somebody, almost like an issue of discernment in a sense, about making decisions on which activities you engaged in – based on whether or not they either added to, or didn’t conflict with what your main job was.

It seems to me like there was some kind of discussion like that that had to do with a certain kind of discernment. It was like you could do something that didn’t have to be directly related to the job, but it had to not, in a sense, take something away from it.

But I don’t remember the rest of the images, or what the dream looked like unless it comes back.

John: Each person has a responsibility in terms of how they’re meant to unfold, in terms of how they’re supposed to approach life. And, of course, that’s a reflective approach.

And if you try to approach or do work with life in a way that isn’t in character with how it is, or who you are, because you don’t like the reflections or something, or whatever reason, then you’re not being in tune with how it is that you can be lined up and entwined with the inner.

Because the inner is designed to unfold for each person, each person is designed in a particular way so that the inner unfolds in that person in a particular way, too. And the way that you rapport with the outer in cohesion is a correspondence to how it is that you’re meant to unfold in terms of the innerness of your nature.

And so you don’t go and suddenly decide you’re going to completely change how it is that you’re approaching life because you don’t like something, or you get to a point where you recognize that it’s all kind of meaningless, and therefore you take on a new motif. That would be trying to do something spiritual, and it won’t work that way.

So in your dream you’re dreaming something like that. As to whether or not you should consider some other alternative because you were getting out of whack, or uneasy, with how something was unfolding. And it’s almost like you can get too smart for yourself. You can know better. You need to know better to work through the conditions and the scenario that you’re in. It’s not advantageous to take and act like things are greener on the other side of the fence in some other scenario, because you have to be yourself.

You have to be true to yourself. You have to go through what you have to go through, and each person is given their own lot. It’s something that they can figure out, and that they can deal with – and it’s just the way it is.

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droppedImage_1We often hear how lottery winners alienate their friends and ultimately are made miserable by their good fortune. In the dream world, gold is a symbol for energy, and a connection to great energetic power. But as we see in this image, it also comes with a warning: the bandits are always waiting. Connecting to higher energies should ultimately make us more human, and more understanding of others – it shouldn’t separate us from others. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream last night it feels like I’m on a pretty vast plain, and somewhere on this plain where there’s maybe some caverns or something, there’s been an accident and some gold got spilled, mostly gold chains or jewelry of some kind.

Now, if you go down and you find the gold, and you kind of wash it and you pass it through some kind of solution that coats it, then it’s yours. And so I’ve gotten a certain amount of gold this way. Now, someone’s trying to talk me into going back and getting a larger amount that they say is real easy to get because of how it spilled. So I go and I look and he’s right, it’s fairly easy to get.

But I already have some, and I look around and I see some robbers just sitting around that area. They’re not going to do the work of going and doing what you need to do to get the gold, but if you go down and just bring it up they’re going to get you. So I kind of tell the person I don’t think it’s worth it, you know, like the set up.

John: What you’re doing… well, first of all the theme of the dreaming had to do with taking and learning how one can access a certain particular way of seeing themselves that reaches over the top. Now, over the top means to take and go to a point that takes you outside of the natural connection to others.

In other words, the theme of the dreaming was such that a person was enabled to have an experience of what it’s like to be on extremes. Your extreme was realizing that you can play with the gold and that you have a means of finding it, you have a means of retrieving it, but when you do so, you’re doing this kind of in a way that leaves you extricated in terms of how it is that you carry yourself, or perceive yourself, in relationship to others. And that takes you outside of what is important in terms of having the human experience.

In other words, a person who’s here is meant to be able to be relatable to others, not have to be in a condition in which one is fearful of what they can do to you, or take from you, in some manner that affects you. And that sort of thing occurs, that sort of thing takes place, when you do something that puts you in a position in which you’re inclined to play with an energetic that has you seeing yourself as different, as able to be over the top in some capacity.

These traits are spiritual illusion; and you can have the spiritual illusion in life, or out of life. And you will suffer from these spiritual traits in relationship to being able to be grounded in terms of a real life experience that others have. Otherwise, you’ll have a tendency to be over the top.

The underlying theme of this dream is also something that one can take and have an insight about things, you know perception about things, but something is missing if you don’t have a type of heartfulness that’s essential to go along with it because, without that, that leaves you a bit aloof, which is said to be the condition, and is pondered to be the condition, of Solomon who was able to realize all of the wonders of life, but did he have that really in-depth experience that connected him to something beyond all of that, and also part of all of that. He could understand it, and talk about it, and relate to it like he did with the Psalms and stuff like that, but the pundits ponder as to whether or not he really had that true heartfelt quality.

And I know of another person who served a Raj yoga teacher and did a wonderful job, and the Raj yoga teacher joked around how maybe one should just buy him a white house and a white picket fence, the point being that he did wonderful things on behalf of the teacher, but what did he realize? He was in the presence of the teacher all the time, and his attention was consumed on those things, as opposed to realizing a deeper depth inside of himself that’s meant, and is there, and is possible.

So you cycled and circled around the dream in your way, and the fact that there were robbers and whatnot, the big hint of all of that was that you were doing something that went outside of the norm of simple, natural relatability.

The key is to be able to get to a depth to where you can completely connect to where someone else is coming from – not seeing it, but not being able to truly relate to it.

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John: I think it’s worth continuing the discussion from yesterday (see Full of Myself) because it’s such a fundamental and important topic. What we are delving into is the constant battle we face, as humans, to let go of our personal expectations – our vision of how things should be – and to see life as it really is, in all of its multifaceted outplay.

So to recap the dream images, the best way I can describe them is that I would see something that was easy to define, easy to look at, and then I would consider how those images left me feeling. The simple images may have allowed me to feel safe, in the sense that nothing was being challenged, yet at the same time they left me feeling stifled, never really knowing what was going on because they were too cut and dried.

Then I was also seeing images in which there were three, four, five – who knows how many – possibilities and combinations, and with those I couldn’t feel comfortable. I couldn’t dumb them down to fit my worldview.

And it was the more complex images that, when accepted by me, enabled me to take something into account in a greater way. They were all intertwined, and I understood that they had to be intertwined, rather than minimizing them in order for me to feel more comfortable with myself.

In being forced to accept the multiplicity of images, knowing that they all fit and had something to do with what was really going on, I saw myself developing an ability to see the greater truth that is always available to us. I had a sense of the past, the present, and the future – especially in terms of what was designed to unfold.

We human beings cannot easily sit by in situations that confront us with circumstances that seem overwhelming. We can’t help but try to control the situation, or make choices, in ways that soothe our sense of wellbeing; when we do that, we deny things (information) that we don’t understand.

When we feel that sense of being overwhelmed, or that feeling of discomfort, we have one of two choices: we can either get away from it because it’s too chaotic to assimilate, or we can somehow allow ourselves to go with it and, in the process, gain access to a greater dimensionality.

Take, for example, our move to Las Vegas. It would be very easy to dismiss this city just because of its reputation and all that comes with it. Yet to do so would be to reject what is the underlying cause that has given this space in the desert an energy that is known worldwide.

The simple view would be to think that gambling and casinos are what give Las Vegas its energy – its pizzazz. But it’s really the fundamental energy of this place that allows it to happen. It’s unlikely that this city could have succeeded, in such a way, anywhere else.

So to dismiss it outright is to cut us off from the underlying energy that gives it life. A more complex view would say that there’s something more deeply significant going on here that draws people from around the world.

Examining these dreams has helped me to understand what it means to be more inclusive. In the simple dream images I felt some security, and dismissing Las Vegas as a place to live because of a simple view of it would have the same effect – I’d be closing myself off to the greater possibilities that brought us here in the first place.

So when we “bottom line” things that we encounter in life, we likely gain a fleeting sense of security – we risk less. In taking into account the multiplicity of life, we may feel momentarily confused, but in that scrambled condition we can develop the sight to perceive, and take in, and understand things that aren’t possible when we’re functioning only according to our own personal judgments and biases.

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