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R0471-5There are many magical things that can happen on a spiritual journey, and the enhancements can be great, and that is because when any higher energetic deals with a lower energetic (a human in this example), it will, by definition, bring greater intelligence, healing, and well being. And so being connected to higher things can bring a grace and protection to our lives. But what is higher can only come to us when we provide a safe ecology for them. And that begins with realizing that this life is not about us, but about us being a part of something greater, and that, then, is genuinely manifested by our thoughts and intentions. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, then I have a dream, in which apparently I’m being challenged or questioned in terms of how it is that I’m able, and what I need to hear to be able, to work with others in an open way.

And so, in this dream, I see myself as sitting at a desk that faces out to a larger area. And there are other people that are around this desk, that I work with. And, at my disposal, I have resources like a dictionary and stuff where I can relate back to whatever it is that I might need to be able to do this job.

And I’ve gotten to a point where there is a colleague that’s at another desk, who I’m supposed to be working more closely with, who’s actually kind of a superior to me, but somehow or another, I’ve created so much commotion where I’m at that a dispute has kind of risen up between myself and this colleague.

And because of something having swept up in relationship to me, I’m of the opinion that if there are changes going to happen it’s going to infect him, not necessarily me. But what happens is, I get moved from my desk that faces out in the open, that has the access to the materials around me and such, and I get moved to a desk that faces a wall. And then all of a sudden, I’m handed a bunch of cards, like you hand out in terms of who you are, or whatever, and the cards have H.R. Horton on them. So I assume that somehow or another I’m working for a division in this company, now, called H.R. Horton.

But the next thing you know, I’m taking a test, or answering questions, that seem to have something to do with this role that I now have. And these questions, they’re questions that can take, with various degrees, of how to look at color samples, or mixing components together. Something that I haven’t any knowledge of whatsoever.

And even some of the terms that are used I’m unfamiliar with, so I’m baffled at how to answer these questions. I mean, I’m given a couple of choices, but, any of the options – they’re all the same. I have no idea what I’m doing.

So what is going on is I have gone outside of a protective shelter, in which I was under a kind of semblance, soul semblance, and I’m now having to experience what it’s like to have a connection get lost. And what caused this, in this dream, is that, and of course there was a prior dream that fit in with this now, where I tried to do something that created instead a confusion, and I had a sense of what was viable, and real, and a way to do it. I could see it inside. But when I tried to then bring it across in relationship to another in the outer, it didn’t work.

And there was a trust in me, and so I violated this trust. Because the mistake I made is I thought it would flow, simply because I had seen it within, and reviewed it within myself. But in the outer, I couldn’t make it happen. And this created a protraction, that was like a violation, and there was no way, in terms of what I was seeing and what I was suggesting, even, that could break through to this inner barrier because I couldn’t bring it through enough to have the clarity that was needed.

And when I realized it was too late, that even though it may have appeared at a glance that the other person accepted and recognized when I said that this wasn’t right, still a damage or a wound had been done. In other words, in terms of the issue, I tried to point out to this other person what I was doing didn’t work, and just wasn’t right. In other words, I went along with the focus, thinking it would pop through, and it didn’t because I was out of alignment.

As from the meditation dream, I had lost my barriers. I wasn’t able to bring it through. I pressed on instead of stopping, and, as a result, it couldn’t work because I couldn’t bring it through, the effect was unacceptable and damaging.

So I guess what one could say is that because I still vacillate like this, number one, not to take for granted anything, because there is a lot of grace or something that pulls something into an intertwined capacity together that makes this work. And when it’s not there, there’s going to be a problem. And two, to be very careful and pay a lot more attention to the little nuances of things, in other words, the little subtle stuff as was pointed out, I didn’t seem to know the little variances between the tinctures of things. And three, to recognize that you cannot be isolated from what is important, or the team in this case in the dream, and to realize that the intertwining is always like being put through a test – to work through things. When you get a chance to look at it, and see it this way, you realize you have a long ways to go to knowing where in the dickens you’re at.

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unconscious-bias0We’re rarely fully aware how our attitudes and mannerisms limit our life and our experiences. And on a spiritual path this idea points to an even greater understanding of what it means to be in service to something higher, because life may urge us in certain directions so that we gain the experience that makes us truly useful to the universe. If we say no to such urgings, i.e., we won’t leave the job that eats up all of or time for one that pays less but offers us growth in other ways, we won’t find our flow within the greater unfolding. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I had two dreams that kind of mingled together. And in one dream, it feels like I’m observing a man who has two servants that come from different traditions. In one tradition they dress like they do in Niger, where they’re like the turban and the dark blue robes and a camel. The other servant has a tradition where he has a beard.

Because he has these two servants, but he’s now living here where things are modern, he decides to have a contest. Whereas before he divided up what each one does based on their tradition, now he’s going to kind of see whether they can do new things that he throws at them and who can do them fast, or how fast they can get them done. And so, he’s trying that as an experiment to see how to get things done – and initially they do start doing things.

John: What you’re discovering and what you’re observing through this dream is that anything that you hold onto defines how it is that you can be. You are taking two particular approaches, or characteristics, or traits and you’re seeing that each trait has its way in terms of what works in the outer world, in life, for it.

Somehow, deep down inside of yourself, you must know or understand the principle that a true servant knows how to let go of absolutely everything, and doesn’t carry any kind of mannerism or motif through which they filter their approach to life.

You look at the one servant that has a particular attire that comes from the tradition of understanding servanthood as an elevated state of regality. You look at what his mannerism or approach can accomplish, that perhaps the other cannot accomplish. You also know that there are limitations in terms of having such an attire.

And you look at the other, who has a tradition maybe of a kind of a humbleness, but it too has some characteristic in terms of how it perceives or sees itself, or carries itself. But it’s slightly different from the other. And thus, you’re sitting and deep down you’re actually trying to come from the depth of being totally resigned and having let go of everything. You know, knowing that that enables a service to be more greatly enhanced.

And so, you’re proving this to yourself by way of noticing how when each thing that is still being held onto, you’re noticing how it can affect the speed and the flow upon which something, when presented to you, is able to happen. It slows things down. You don’t have the speed that’s needed when you don’t have and aren’t in touch with the natural flow.

So the person with the beard has his issues that hold him back. The person with the attire has the manner in which he has to carry himself that holds him back. And you’re trying to run an experiment for the benefit of these two sides of yourself that you still embody or carry, to prove, by way of watching and even seeing this for yourself, that to the degree to which you are inhibiting yourself, and don’t need to. That there is so much more that can happen if you dropped even all of that.

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Anton Rodionov

The world is a relentless seductress to whom we are always vulnerable to succumbing to her charms. That is the reality of our journey. Anything, anytime can pull us back into the ego-focused personal view of our life, which causes us to disconnect from our higher guidance. And our only real defense is the vigilance of being consciously aware of what we are doing and why we are doing it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, the next dream, this time in my sleep, I’m sleeping now and I’m watching myself and feeling a vibration in my sleep as I’m sleeping. And I notice that I am able to monitor commodities and what they’re doing in the world, with my inner psyche, as I sleep.

It’s like I’m frozen in the sensation of doing this and, I guess, unless this had happened I wouldn’t have noticed in this effect of the sensation that it is overwhelming my sensibilities. It’s a sensibility that can connect in a different way other than just doing this, which is kind of personal.

And this is brought to my attention when the following occurs. A person just suddenly slides… just like you’re in a ground floor motel and it has a sliding door that opens to the outside, and a person from the outside suddenly enters my hotel room, sliding this glass door open, and I wake up. I can clearly see them. In fact, I’m looking at them to such a degree that if I was an artist I could draw what they looked like. That’s how much I looked at her.

I couldn’t shake the trance I was in because I was still inside myself kind of monitoring an inanimate object kind of thing, and because I’m in such a stupor and am caught up in this trance of being in this whole other level, or mannerism, that I am easily… this person just walks over and chloroforms me back to sleep.

And the person was a woman, the thief was a woman. And she paused for a second to see if I was going to be able to put a worthy resistance and somehow she just could see that I was still in my deviated stupor and not really able to properly defend myself.

The meaning is, is I am unable to be responsive to the need because I am caught up in a deviated focus of attention. In other words, that’s like a trauma when you’re like that, just like when you’re caught up in the outer to such a degree that you don’t catch what’s going on in the inner. This is kind of the same thing.

If I were interconnected with the inner heartfelt vibration in life, instead of the psyche misuse, I would have been able to be responsive to the situation and intrusion. I would have been able to react instead of being caught in the veil I was in that kept me lethargically asleep.

This dream reflects my illusory out of place orientation with the following symbolism. The sliding glass door is an illusory veil between two planes of existence. The woman who puts me back to sleep before I can come out of the trance, realizes that I am powerless when in this deviated stupor. Plus the woman is in charge of manifestation, so that’s why it’s not a guy – because they’re part of matter.

The purpose for this dream is to cause me to realize the energetic harm I am doing to myself when I abuse this inner connection to monetary illusory outer conditions. Instead, I should take the inner connection I have to all of life and use this awareness to awaken my heart further, a heart which, of course, touches everything in life, and so it rejoices in the expansion even. It doesn’t like being contracted, yet we do that. We do the most unnatural thing to ourself.

So, the deviation I am in is putting me into a trance that reflects into the outer as a stifled and lost in a frozen consciousness bewilderment.

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