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WavyEvery so often we experience a moment where we haven’t done something yet, but we can still see the outcome – as if it is a foregone conclusion. This is the sense of being in the flow. When it happens to us we may not know why, or how, it happened, but it feels like something else was in charge and we were just following along. On our spiritual journey, this is the type of flow that we can experience and align ourselves with, so that we are not fighting the unfolding of events, but rather riding along with them as they unfold. When we become conscious of this, we can begin to be with this flow more and more often. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream I am looking, from within, at an awareness that does not exist from the perspective of the outer. The reason it is like this is because, as I become more conscious, the barrier between inner and outer becomes less and less. It becomes less and less. I’m aware of it, but I haven’t pulled it into the outer. Yet I’m aware that it is affecting the outer, which is a big step. It’s more than just saying the inner and the outer come together. It’s a big step; I’m actually having a sense of the effect.

So, in my dream, I’m looking at a time when I will catch up with the deeper inner knowingness that exists in my deep sleep. The sense I have, of something to come, is from this inner plane that is outside of a kind of time and space orientation that is what you deal with in the outer.

So what is interesting, in my dream, is I found that I know about what is going on now, that somehow deep inside I know what is going on now, but when I see it from deep inside I’m not appalled. But when I see it in the outer, I might be. So I am able to accept what I see, and be okay when I open my eyes, because the inner and outer make sense in terms of what I perceive as unfolding.

What I’m saying is, I had a dream in which I took in an inner unfoldment awareness that, to some greater and greater degree, makes sense for me when I open my eyes. In other words, the degree to which I’m catching up with this innerness. I saw myself at a point, from an inner awareness coming into the outer, that I could work with the innerness.

I’m able to do this because I know what is to be, on a vibrational level, and thus go into such a vibration with a greater and greater inner into outer ease. Or, in other words, I should say bring the vibration from the inner into the outer. Basically they’re one and the same because everything is vibration, even though it appears dense as a time and space kind of appearance or mannerism.

So this is becoming a knowingness that is attuned to a play within, as if I am in a football game and am able to design the last play to accommodate the vibration. In other words, that image was, it’s like the end of the game. Everything is kind of hopeless. You have one play, just like if you’re watching a football game and the ball’s kicked off, and there’s six seconds left, and the game’s basically over; what can you do in six seconds when you catch the ball? And what you can do is you don’t try to run it back, you save the six seconds, and you have one play. And so you have one play and you’ve got to go the length of the field.

How do you go the length of the field? You have to have a certain vibration, that you can get into, that can will it to be – that can just make that happen. And so I’m looking and seeing how that vibration can be.

I’m designing and sensing the vibration that can make all of that Hail-Maryism possible. Isn’t that interesting? That’s what actually separates a good player from… you have two good players, but that’s the intangible. They can be equally good, but some can just will something in.

So anyway that’s what this image is: how you do this. Or, to put it another way, from a vibrational knowingness of the within, I am able to accommodate how I am in the outer from there to here, or however you’d say that.

So I’m not sure if the meaning makes much sense because I was in such a groggy space with this meditation dream. The inner and the outer are vibrationally intertwined, and I am able to see how this is, and let the unfoldment flow. When I am reactive, and distraught, it’s because I am not in conjunction with the unfoldment.

What I am finding to be interesting is the flow may be better accommodated, timing wise, if I access the inner into outer, and adjust accordingly. I may sense it, but can I do it?Or am I always to some degree on the fritz? If a violation of the process exists, my heart will suffer because I am not functioning in conjunction to the unfoldment process of the whole.

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401When a fly gets caught in a spider web, the spider doesn’t necessarily know that it has caught a meal, it just registers that something about the “natural state” of the whole of the web has been affected – and so it goes out to investigate and bring its world, its web, back to its best state. It should be the same for us, because we have that kind of sensitivity to energies around us, yet we have, as a general rule, shut ourselves off from registering the subtle changes around us. When we finally do notice, we have a huge issue to deal with rather than a small problem. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: And in the second dream, which seems to me like it repeats a couple times, too, I’ve gone to another planet with some other people, some guys. And on the other planet the guys get into kind of like a battle with the people there, over something that they’re trying to maybe take possession of, or be in charge of, or something like that.

And what I would say is that maybe the battle takes place in a limited area where the guys are kind of going up and down in one area, and the battle seems to happen just in this limited space.

And I finally go in, probably about the second time I’m dreaming this, and I kind of suddenly stop them all, and have this lecture with the guys, because I’ve gone out in a sense, in another energy way, onto the planet – and I’ve looked at the structure there. And I’ve seen that the houses are very nice houses, but they’re identical, and there might be some houses and then there’s vast plains, and there’s little huts or something.

And I realize it’s a very agricultural society, and maybe even a little nomadic, but they don’t even have schools there. And the guys that I’m with have come and they’ve been trying to battle over something there that, in a sense, is part of a hierarchy that doesn’t even exist there.

And so I’m lecturing them about that all of a sudden, or bawling them out about it, because it’s almost like they’ve introduced some concept about something they’re fighting over that’s like almost even a concept that doesn’t even exist on that planet. That planet just flows in a certain way, and it’s different.

So I’m kind of telling them they can’t do that. I’ve made them stop fighting, and they can’t do that there because I realize it’s something that doesn’t even really exist there. So that was that dream.

John: So what’s happened is that the dream that had you being able to go back and forth and this and that and the other, to understand something that you took to be like the Middle East, or in other words, another part of the overallness of life.

In this second dream you tune into that better, and you’re able to realize that what it is that you’re able to see that’s in these places and whatnot is something that it’s part of a flow, it is unfolding as a flow, it lies before you as what is going on – but it doesn’t properly or fully take into account all of the vibrations of life that it needs to take in, before this conflictual thing, whatever it might be, it needs to realize something of a greater balance is possible as an aspect.

In other words, you going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, you have come to understand a kind of cadence about life. And so when there is this conflict and whatnot you know that it is something that’s a disorder in the wholeness, and you’re able to more or less say, you know, this just shouldn’t be because there is this overallness.

Differences need to exist for catalytic purposes, but this other has gotten to a point where there isn’t the catalytic purpose, there’s just the all out pell mell which takes one outside of the hint and the recognition of the consciousness that’s all pervasive.

So you’re trying to cause them to realize, and you’re trying to cause a part of yourself, you’re saying to a part of yourself that everything is just a quiet stillness with some depth therein, that awakens for you so that you can travel about at your leisure. You don’t necessarily have to do anything. It’s just that you can just be fortunate to coexist – meaning that you are taking in an overall dynamic that sees a bigger picture, from having gone back and forth as much as you have, to know that the kind of friction or awkwardness that you see doesn’t belong, doesn’t need to be there, isn’t part of the wholeness that you’ve caught up with, and grasped, and maintained in kind of a concentrated containment way.

So that’s interesting that your dream quality has you taking on a bigger dimension. First of all surprised that you could be thrown into this idea of having to travel like this, that is a bit of a surprise to you, only to find out that the dimension that lies therein, that you take on, has to be pulled together in relationship to a greater whole. You’re seeing these aspects within the whole, in other words, that you now are threading, so to speak, you know pointing out that they can’t be this way, or can’t be that way.

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834 c

Alessandra Fontana

This dream analysis is an excellent example of how to think about the images in our dreams, because too often we take the images literally and then they don’t seem to make any sense. But here the images show that they are portraying the nature of something, not the actual thing. So a muskrat shows an alertness, an ice cream bar talks about something that is frozen, and out of the frozen ice cream is a bug that can bite, but the bug persona manifests because of the dreamer’s resistance, or attitude, to the changes that will awaken. If there was no resistance, the bug could have appeared as a wrapped present instead. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The only thing I remember about one of the dreams is that there was a muskrat in it, and the muskrat stood up on its hind legs and looked up, over like a cabinet or something. And that kind of shocked me, because I thought it was going to be a person and it was a muskrat. That was all I remembered from the earlier dreams.

Then the later dreams, because I seemed to just still be processing stuff about changes going on in life, but in the next dream I’m in some kind of a gathering, a party, something like that, and Ellen is there and he makes some comment that it’s like he wants us to break up.

It’s almost like he makes a comment like you and I should break up or, you know, you should be with someone else or something that kind of shocks me, but you don’t really pay attention to him. You just keep focused and there’s someplace we have to get, and that’s kind of more what you’re focused on, and I’m still trying to process that.

And I leave the party and I’m going over to a place that almost looks like an old fashioned castle-type building, and outside there there’s a man I used to know that’s pretty talented that’s singing and playing the guitar and being filmed. I haven’t seen him for a long time, so I’m kind of interested, but I’m in a hurry. I go by there. I cross the street. I go up to where everybody is gathering in this building.

I can look out the window and see him, but I seem to be like trying to meet people in the building, or getting together with this gathering. And sometime in the process of this gathering, this man who may have even been in a position of authority or something, he has like an ice cream bar and it had a bug in it. And when it releases this bug this bug flies around, and when it bites somebody it makes them pretty crazy or sick or something.

And he has sent a box of those bars with one of the bugs in it home with us. You take off your shirt so that the bug bites you instead of bites me, because I think the bug was supposed to bite me, but you take off your shirt so the bug will bite you. And I think I finally capture and kill the bug, but I’m not sure what to do.

And then Sharon comes to visit and she gets into the freezer and she gets out the candy bars, and there’s three ice cream bars left, but I mention that there might be bugs in them, and if we eat them we have to have a way of killing the bugs.

All of the dreams were kind of like that. They were just a little crazy.

John: Well, what’s going on is everything is in the process of shifting, and the tone of the shift was actually exemplified as a startling alertness, or awakening, or a paying attention to when the muskrat… just think of how that is with the muskrat. They have a part of themselves that is super alert, observing the changes that’s happening around them in their environment. They stick their head up, they look around, but then they duck down.

They immediately duck down because they short out. In other words, they’re hypersensitive to notice those changes, but they’re not prepared to handle too big of a shift. And so they can’t help but poke their head up to see something that’s changing, but at the same time, they then react and duck down and go back into hiding.

So that’s the energetic that tweaks the whole process of what you were dreaming, and then what you were dreaming were all kinds of things that had to do with shifts that are happening that are affecting your demeanor. So it starts off as if you’re having to denote that something could change in the way that you function, relationship-wise, in the outer, and so that is done in order to tweak the reaction. And the reaction is there to show how one conducts themselves when something changes, or shifts.

In other words, go all the way back to the muskrat that sticks its head up, sticks its head up out of an alertness, out of a sharpness, out of a quickness to denote something is afoot. But then it ducks back down because it’s not prepared to handle any change in its environment. And it goes back into its muskrat hole or whatever it might be, but it can’t help itself. It periodically has to peek.

The key here is: can it accept the changes that are happening? The key is, on an energetic level, can one accept the changes that are happening? And the changes that are happening are periodic, and the changes that are happening are something that you have to learn to flow with. If you don’t flow with it you get grumpy, or uptight about it, or fight the issue, whatever the issues might be that are coming down in life.

And so your whole dreaming is going from one sequence to another sequence of things that have to do with the changes that are happening, that are meant to happen, because things have been pent up or frozen for too long. And so you go to something that has a bug that can bite – and are you open to that? And you only have to contend with this bug if you’re around something that’s frozen, an ice cream bar. And somehow or another there’s something about the ice cream bar in which there is a fly or a bug that can fly around and can bite you – and if it bites you it causes a problem.

And so you want to stay unconscious to that, and so you pass that off to something else, in other words, you push that away from yourself, or it becomes something that I have to contend with. But then, of course, you’re still aware of it, you did see it like the muskrat that stuck its head up and did see something changing in its environment.

So when the issue comes up again, this time it’s Sharon going into the ice cream bars, in the freezer, and you have to warn her about there is this potential bug that can fly around, that can do some sort of change, or shift, or alter your frame of reference if you’re not careful.

This is the schematic of the dreaming. The schematic of the dreaming is that there is a shift. There’s a bunch of shifted things that are taking place, and that one has to be at ease with whatever it is that changes in the transitory outer. In other words, the outer can no longer have the appearance and the setness that one is accustomed to seeing it as having, because that is something that we have factored in as part of our mental design, that continues to keep a setness in life, of which that setness is something that no longer is fluid enough in terms of how a beingness needs to be.

So your dream is indicating that something has to come out of a condition that is frozen, or there has to be a greater fluidity in terms of the overall. That’s when the peeking around is aware that there are things that can break through and affect your consciousness, or change the reality that you are used to keeping yourself trapped into.

In other words, in your case, you’re using the frozen ice cream bars to denote that there is an unconsciousness, and yet somehow in the unconsciousness if that was to come out, if something was to arise from a suppressed state like that, that it would affect the way it is that you’re able to conduct yourself. It could bite you. It can alter your reality.

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