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ncopt3oxThere’s a whole school of thought that speaks of living in the moment, which is another way of saying, going with the energetic flow. But what is often not talked about in these discussions is that achieving these states requires making an energetic connection to what is unfolding. And that connection comes from letting go of what separates us from it (our ego-based world view), while also opening our heart to embrace the all of it. This dream points us in that direction. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I have a little kind of almost like side aspect of the dream, where it’s like I have to go to the airport. And it suddenly seems like I’m given an assignment of two books that I’m supposed to read.

Now one of the books I think I was given before. These are little books that are almost like six inches by a half-inch thick. They’re not very big. I think this little book I’ve been given before, and I hadn’t read and I’ve put away, but I only have a certain amount of time and I’m looking through shelves that I have and I can’t find it – and I have to get to the airport.

So then somebody puts a book in my hand and it has a different cover, but I think it’s the same book, but I’m not positive, but I feel like it’s the book I’ll have to take because I have to be catching a plane.

John: So, what you’re doing is you’re showing how the condition of something like this gets. It gets so that it’s so busy that it has no time for anything because it’s racing as if, in the taking off, that it’s going to get somewhere. And it’s actually in that process, because without the heart and its expanse, it is actually trying to stay focused in accordance with a streamlined nature, or book so to speak, or veil, filter. Filter might be the better word.

In other words, everything you’re doing has to do with the filter. And the book itself, and what that portrays, is the filter. And so you’re bringing in kind of the contrast, or the contractive part, which is always there as the filter. And you always will have this condition, and you’ll always be confronted with this as a dilemma, when you try to expand, because what I saw in my dream is that both are going on simultaneously.

And you cannot shake that if you’re in a human body. You’re going through both expansive and contractive. You’re going through the inner inflections that are based upon outer orientation of mind, sense, and ego, and you can attempt to scale it first one way as something that opens up expansively, or you can try to pull it into a lilt, that filter, which is contractive. And neither will work, because in order for them to work you have to get outside of the schematic of how you are. And the schematic in which you are is limited because you only adhere to a certain level of heartfulness and it is only conditional… that heartfulness is conditional up to a point before you hit something that shocks you, or rips your state of attention.

What you’ve done is you’ve gone off and you started to spiral in this masculine expansive quality only to find that you have to have the rootedness, the contractive state. You have to catch up with that, and that’s the book as you call it, an orientation or a filter. And so that’s the degree to which you’ve probed this thing, yet at the same time what isn’t loud like it needs to be is the principle of the heart or the principle of love that takes and puts the two yo-yo aspects, the expansive and the contractive, the struggle between inner and outer, of which inner isn’t truly quite possible because you can’t see the pure light.

And so what happens is that in which you are oriented and designed, you can’t properly grasp or understand unless you orient to the heart. And you can have a slight degree of it, but that puts you in a state of turmoil when you have a slight degree of it, because you find yourself still in the outer, still whenever you’re doing something doing it in terms of the mechanisms and mannerisms of the outer, and you don’t have the guidance of an all-effusive heart to win the day.

In other words, what you were doing was depicting yourself in a particular spatiality in which you weren’t addressing or stressing the loudness of the heart. You were instead confronting the conditions of the situation. And the conditions of any situation, without the heart being all effusive, is always going to be a yo-yo situation.

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Phillip Colla

It is easy to think that what we want is the most important thing at any given moment. But it’s worth realizing that every other living thing is also seeking its optimum fulfillment every day. Humans, though, with their freedom of choice, can become energetic shepherds of what is happening around them, if they let go to their personal view of life and begin to act on behalf of the universal unfolding. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The mediation dream evolved into the following realization. This started out where it involved a person named Billy Burns who is a super nice guy that, for whatever reasons, couldn’t oppose anything. And so anything that he would work on, everyone else had the advantage. And so it was like, why even live? In fact, in life, he died early, because he had no strength to persevere with a momentum of his own, to fight anything.

An example was given to portray this. I have him on my football team, and it’s like my football team. And then there’s this other person, who overpowers in life in every way that he approaches life, and he has the other team.

After the game is over, in which, of course, the other team totally dominated us, I joke with this guy, that’s used to prevailing with everything that he wants, over how everything they did just ran right over us. It’s his perspective that that’s the way it’s supposed to work. This is what he expected. That’s how he sees life. So he’s actually kind of being humble when he indicates that there were five or six plays out of this whole game where we stopped them somehow and, of course, I realize that it was either by a fluke or because they miscued on the play, or some other reason, because they were so dominant in every position. But he gave us that. We could have that. Those five or six plays that didn’t work for them was our credit. But by and large, everything else is a complete catastrophe.

Well, that was an example, but there was something to that. That was given to us. There was no opposition. He was humble about that. He didn’t fight us on that, because he got what he wanted, and that’s the way it was.

I recognize that there’s a deep understanding. That’s why I want Billy on my team because he surrendered to this sort of thing and it happens and he doesn’t go and get beat up on himself and get all agitated as if it should be different. Because I knew that he knew how to work with his limitation. No one else saw how this was a valuable asset, but he did. As he let everyone succeed in an unopposed way with what they wanted. He took what didn’t interest any of them, that was left over, whatever it might be.

This approach achieved a steady, almost imperceptible advancement in life. Accomplishments came by way of acceptance. Behind the acceptance was a graciousness that unfolded naturally. This was a win/win situation, designed with the gracious wisdom and insight to always go along with the flow. And all opposition, which is a distraction, which killed the natural flow, was ignored or let go of.

To unfold as a divine flow under this consciousness, of being totally vulnerable, turned out to be kind of exhilarating. If anything was opposed that someone else wanted, in the end, you would get stripped or weighed down, and thus failed, from the natural flow.

The energetic vibration that arose from this awareness of being in a natural flow where everything that was a thought process that wanted this or wanted that, and it all was able to happen, and you facilitated the flow as a consequence of all of that, where everything got what it wanted, led to a kind of joy.

The freedom to see what was given by life as a natural process filled you with an exhilaration. The letting go and surrender enhanced the environment around you. And, as a result, you suddenly see yourself naturally intwined, as everything prospers, as it desires or needs, as the natural flow unfolds in its rhythmic fluidity.

Back to your dream, you take out the bearded approach, which is going to have a certain approach that works. And when it works in its way, it accomplishes things that, you know, and that’s why it got developed. It has a lot of power in that approach. But it has limitations, too, because it had its own setness.

And then the guy from Niger, what a state of identity. You can see him in that. Man, that is impressive, but at the same time, what does that get in the way of? And yet in terms of everything that approaches or is done in relationship to that impressiveness, it’s going to excel. But you can get confused by that. And then you could think that it’s okay to be a little like this, or it’s okay to excel like that, when what’s really needed is to let go of it all.

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dreamingWhat we see happening in the outer world can affect our dreams, and the message to us is the same: trust in the flow of life, rather than trying to control it. In fact, it seems the best way to be stable in an ever-changing environment is find that stability on an inner level. Then we can take it with us everywhere, and have it in any situation. To try to control external outcomes is a path to anger, frustration, and disappointment – all energetic states that disconnect us from the flow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Because I’m probing out to gain a grasp of this, it has to be pointed out to me the foibles of such a thing, and that’s what the next dream does. It’s like 180-degrees from the big, big picture, and goes back to the here and now process of where I’m at and why it is that a human being can never ever, ever gain a kind of control over something like this.

In my sleep I see myself as confident that I can do good on a multiple choice test, which has to do with what is to unfold in manifestation. I feel this way based upon my understanding of the flow that is accessible from the inner and, as a result, I feel that I should be able to recognize the consequences more so than others. But what follows in this dream proves that that’s not necessarily so.

The dream is suggesting that I am still quite veiled by the reflective mannerisms of things in the outer, plus, in the near term, just how the inner is to unfold, the variables out there are so, so much, is designed to be out of my scope, in other words my capacities can’t handle that. That would be the mental capacities in this case and gaining an edge that way.

Because I’m developing more of an inner flow relatability, my problem has to do with the grounding needed in the outer in order to be effective. The outer is an area that I will always be struggling in. In other words, you have the inner and then yet still there’s the outer which is the counter flip side of the coin

So, in the dream, there is an average person that takes the test and passes it. It is a multiple choice test that is composed of ten questions, and then there are four choices that you choose from. So now it is my turn. And he just passes it; he doesn’t do any great shakes with the thing, and I’m confident I should knock it out of the park, or do a whole lot better.

And I take and I answer the first question, and I’m allowed to see how I did on that first question. And I got it wrong, right off the bat, and I’m shocked. Even though someone says it isn’t fair, I now seek to get a handle on the next four questions by looking ahead – but I can’t seem to retain the questions and the answer simultaneously as I glance at the answers. In other words, I have to go step by step, and I can clearly see what the answer’s going to be on the fourth or fifth question, but I can’t hold onto it because I haven’t caught up to that question yet, because it isn’t in the natural flow for me yet.

What I notice is I am unable to retain then, in this way, and I can sense, because I am now trying to get a handle, or a scope, or not be embarrassed by the fact that, for whatever particular reasons, I’m not able to depict what is going to happen next right here and now, even though I can have a scope of the inner. I get the sense that the way the questions are designed is I am caught up in a hit-and-miss capacity, and I’m unable to ground the knowingness.

I can’t translate this across when I even see the answer to the fourth or fifth question. I can’t translate it across until it’s there, so it just falls away from me. I’m unable to retain that information. And so I’m seeing that I’m not connected to my inner knowingness on a deep enough level to maintain the natural flow; in other words, a natural flow that I would like to say is something that one can take and dribble out beyond the present, and know this and this and that and that and that. It just doesn’t quite work that way.

I am shown this dream to point out that a human being never ever really knows what is going on. I know that keeping to the natural is where it is meaningful, and that my attempt to peel and reveal what I sense is unfolding is not how I am able to best proceed. I need to stick to my inner sense of things and be natural with that in terms of my actions – and the inner will be there, the inner will will be there.

I do not have to know in advance because this is inclined to cause me to go astray with myself. It is also the problem in the outer these days. Everyone’s trying to have a handle on it, and that keeps the duality going as one person is trying to offset another. In the process that everyone thinks that they can handle about things and therefore able to finesse short-term reactions and bring something in to a knowability that way. It doesn’t work that way. It can appear to work that way, but generally they’re big shifts that knock the dickens out of it and what has to happen remains to be seen.

I had this dream to settle myself down to stay in a natural flow and not let the up and down outer cycle of things sweep me away from this inner center.

What’s happening is there’s a huge number of steps in the outer that are being taken to try to finesse things in order to shape the image of things that has to do with the election, that has to do with the problems that are existing with the economies of the world slowing down, that has to do with man’s idea of how to try to keep and maintain some sort of stability that is on a little bit of a tilt. And the problem is, all of these things that man does are not going to work.

But in the short run, it can have and create the appearance of tremendous results, as if this is really, really effective, but it’s an illusory effectiveness because you can’t change what is intended to unfold. And one can feel what is intended to unfold, but how you’re able to take that in a day-to-day basis and translate that, and work with that, in the outer, you just don’t see the really big picture in terms of how that needs to be finessed into how all of this inner unfoldment needs to come through.

And the best I can do to understand this is that, in terms of the stuff that goes backwards and takes a step back and deals with more putrification and problems, is that it actually has a kind of compassion to it in that it allows a human being to kind of catch up with it. In other words, rather than be in a state of total confusion, they’re able to gain a sense that everything is busted. They’re able to come and see that, as opposed to getting hit in such a way that they just get angry, and they get bitter, and they shut themselves off even more. The whole goal has a compassion there to try to bring a person forward, and this is all happening from an inner level because from an outer level we’re still running around trying to control the outcome.

So, our nature of dreaming these days seems to be directly correlated to what is going on in the outer, and we’re getting bounced around in our dreams in relationship to still trying to… having a sense in the innerness of how something is coming, but having the predicament in the outer sense of still trying to struggle in some capacity and not stay attuned to a kind of inner caring or compassion that we can access.

It’s kind of like a statement that I think that’s in the Bible, that talks about the naturalness that a person needs to have. They need to have a kind of understanding: they’re a little bit like the lily in the field. What takes care of it? How does it get by? It doesn’t seem to be doing anything to fend for itself.

And so what we’re seeing is all this fending for itself in the outer, and attempts to gain some sort of advantage, or way, or angle on things – and none of that is going to be happening, or working. And every attempt to maximize some sort of little edge has a putrification quality that is running into a brick wall. And one has to be more like, however you would say this, the sense of the naturalness of the lily of the field. And, of course, one is not, and that’s why you have dreams and reactions and mannerisms now that are directly correlated to the state of things in the outer.

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