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A fundamental question to ask about our dream images is: are the events taking place inside a home or building, or are they taking place in the external world of public places and buildings? This can be a first clue to understanding what is at play. In the case of this dream, the images take place in, or about, interior spaces. And from that interior space, the dreamer is able to sense a vibration that may point to a dramatic change ahead. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well my dream kind of had two parts. In the first part it’s always night, and I’m in this long little house that seems to have one room linked to another. And I’m in there with a number of people.

In the beginning, the woman that owns the house is there but she has left and, as I go from room to room, we seem to have different discussions and occasionally people come that want to come in the house and some of them we don’t let in because maybe they’re trying to take advantage of a relationship with someone they have in the house.

I remember one time I’ve gone into is kind of a narrow room, and across from me is Harry, and when we’re in that room when the others are talking I feel a vibration. And they don’t feel it at once, so I kind of ask everyone to be quiet so I can listen again. And with my feet I can tell it’s a kind of vibration you have right before an earthquake, so I tell everyone they need to move to another room because this room has glass all around it. Even though it’s night, I can tell it’s even got a glass door, so if there’s an earthquake you don’t want to be in a room with glass all around you.

So I tell them we need to move to another room, which we do. Now a big earthquake doesn’t hit, but I had just felt the vibrations and I didn’t know if it would, so I wanted people to move from what didn’t feel right.

And then, like I said, at various points someone may come and try to come in and there was someone that had a relationship where I felt like he was trying to take advantage of something so I didn’t want to let him in.

And so it would be things like that. People would leave, and you knew they were going to come back, but at this point we shut the door. And then I’m exploring the house more. And then the dream shifts to the outside.

John: It makes sense the dream would shift to the outside because this dream is all geared to an inside, and yet you’ve already indicated from an inside what can be possible from the outside.

In other words, the theme of the dreaming last night was, what is there about a higher side of ourself that is possible, that we can catch up with, that we’re not able to catch up with if we don’t properly take into account the way of a beingness.

Your dream provides you the access to something so much more by taking and having to contend with the qualities and parts of yourself in such a way so that you function as a container to take all of that in. You know it’s almost easier, in your case, to stay amnesic by just going up to a particular point.

So the first part of your dream covered what it’s like to have this inner sense that you had, and so in this inner sense you have developed, you’re able to develop, in other words, your approach is different. You’re actually working with a quality of the masculine more so, in this dream, than your general way of dreaming, in that, as part of the overall responsibility that you have to take on, you also have to include within the environment this greater whole, all these row houses, whatever you want to call it, all get connected together.

And by getting connected together, you get all of this little inflection of a piece here and a piece there, and a piece here and a piece there, and in being able to handle this inflection, where the masculine aspect comes into account is, now you suddenly have a sense of knowing about something. Only for the feminine, the knowing is better accentuated as a vision. You’re able to have a sense of what’s going to be taking place in the future, and that’s because you have allowed yourself to take in the inflections, and allowed every inflection to be brought back inside of yourself as a stimulating aliveness that intertwines throughout everything.

It’s hard to describe quite how this works, other than to say that the tendency in a nature of a doingness is to have a defined container with parameters. But if you can take away the parameters, and take on a greater whole, even though it can seem a little awkward and isn’t as casually done as a defined way of being, that you can defend and protect. When you then take on these whole other greater parts of yourself as an overallness, you come to a point in which in doing so, in order for that to happen, you have to account for the inflections of like a spirit energy that ebbs and flows through all of that, instead of it just being dormant and nonconscious, just in other words part of matter. You now how to take it into account in a greater overall capacity.

And when you’re able to do that you kind of throw yourself to the threshold of a sense, you know, where you can see the little undulations because everything affects everything. You throw yourself into a sense where in a very, very subtle way you can tell what is anew, that is moving about, that touches everything including all of these little aspects. And you’re able to part the waves of that somehow or another, part the sea, so to speak, and have a visionary effect of what’s coming.

You sense it only because you have been able to take into account more of the greater overallness of things. When you had taken into account all of the parts of yourself in the greater overallness way, then when something would happen it could catch you by surprise because it would only be in a very narrow puddle of yourself, a very narrow container aspect of yourself.

But then when something is coming and it’s hitting the cosmos of your beingness, and it has a little slightly changed undulation to it, and you can see it in all of the composite qualities of your beingness, you could see it in every corridor and every row house, or however you wanted to say that. That’s when you know that a change agent of the inner is at hand – otherwise you’re just a victim to the changes of the collective.

And it’s like a collective around you, but it’s no longer a collective when you take it in as all part of yourself. And so this ability to suddenly know something more is kind of almost a masculine quality, but it’s also more than that, it’s coming from somewhere outside of your ability to necessarily explain why it is that you suddenly know. But the ability to discern it has to do with the sense of a very slight change, or difference, in the vibrational way that something is touched, is affected, and you can tell that.

So you tell that on the inside, and when you tell that on the inside, you can sense what’s on an inner level afoot. And now you’re taking it to the outside.

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