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Adam-and-Eve-twinsFinding true energetic balance in oneself is a key to being able to access and hold the greater depths, or spaces, within. In this dream, Jeane’s resistance to a full acceptance of her inner masculine sets up a violent confrontation. Yet it’s not really a nightmare, but it does reveal what is preventing Jeane on her journey to Wholeness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember of my first dream is, it felt like it takes place out on the hillside. It’s almost like people, they’re not really staying in their homes. They’re staying out here.

There’s supposed to be some kind of supervision when there are couples, but it almost feels like in the couples, they’re a danger to each other in a way, or actually within the couple – like the man might be a danger to the woman. And there are people that are supposed to make sure that they keep things safe.

I’m more of an observer in this, I think. It’s almost like you feel like some of the men are trying to kill the women, their wives actually. And so they’ve been somewhat separated. But on the hillside, people have to sometimes come together to help each other, and I’m kind of observing this.

Well, in all of this coming together, suddenly one man stabs the woman to death, but actually says that she fell on the knife, or something like that, like it was an accident; he didn’t mean it to happen, and he kind of gets away with it.

I’m kind of trying to argue the other side, like I don’t trust this, so I’m trying to keep everybody under observation or something, in all of this running around that goes on.

That’s about all I really remember from that dream. I’m upset that anyone even believed him, but they seemed to. It’s like he could get away with it.

John: What you are describing is a very odd way of describing it, but you’re looking at an overall condition, and the overall condition you look at is a setting that is like on a slippery slope, in which the traits that you carry have a crack or a break in them. They’re not held together consistently, and the crack or the break that they have in them creates a problem in terms of holding something together.

In other words, there’s wounding that happens when the masculine energy actually violates the feminine energy of overallness. And it’s hard to keep the overallness together, because it’s on the slippery slope. And you’re just looking at a particular set setting on the slippery slope, and there’s all of this stuff going on that is failing to hold a stableness and that there is kind of an attitude you have in that you feel that what is taking place, the result of it, is not being properly held accountable. It is getting away with it.

What you’re basically describing is a set condition upon which you carry yourself, in which there is this confused gap that isn’t able to sustain itself with a focus.

The way we were dreaming last night, I was looking at how I carry a particular characteristic in terms of how I go about doing things. I carry this particular characteristic or trait in my nature. Left to my own devices I actually shut down to a certain degree with this particular trait. I’m not as open as often times people are when I meet them. I hold a certain rigidity and I often judge myself in terms of this rigidity because I have to then come out of this rigidity in order to relate to them.

This set quality upon which one carries themselves is kind of something that one takes on in terms of being part of, and in, a dense world. It’s the trait that you develop when you learn to chop wood and carry water, so to speak, or get grounded and rooted in life.

So what you’re doing is, you’re seeing where, in the overallness that you’re carrying, in terms of yourself, you have this area in which you leak energy, in which you do not hold that characteristic and that trait and, therefore, you don’t hold your full presence like you could be holding your full presence.

This dream is explaining to you, or showing you, how it is that you dissipate energy, in terms of attitude, or reactivity, or anger, or frustration. It’s interesting, as I hear this dream, what I find interesting about it is you have to carry a real expansive nature because you are meant to be more of a container, and you’re meant to be more subjective in terms of how you’re able to appreciate, feel, and see things. Your seeing being subjective, not objective,

And yet this dream is telling you that your subjective clarity is somewhat biased because there is a component of yourself, the blackboard side of yourself that is rooted in life with the subjective clarity to things, that the degree to which you are able to, in your overallness, take into account what is going on, is biased or affected to a certain degree, by a mannerism that you still carry toward what is going on that isn’t properly and completely linked yet, in terms of your masculine and feminine side.

And that what you’re doing to keep this from coming together, is you’re still holding out some sort of judgment in terms of what is fair or unfair, or appropriate or inappropriate, in terms of how something should be mediated, meaning that what you see, you feel that the standards aren’t right in terms of what the masculine can get away with.

And this bothers you, and because this bothers you, this will then affect your sense of a natural knowingness because it will act as a filter to keep you from getting the information more purely from your subjective side of yourself.

See how that worked? That’s quite a quality catching up with how you carry yourself, so that you can take and know things. And when you carry something that’s a little misaligned, it keeps you from being able to get complete and proper unbiased readout – in your overallness.


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Yesterday, Jeane’s dream showed an inner duel between holding onto personal mannerisms, or letting go to her higher self. Today, the images show her taking a harder stance within, refusing to allow her old ways of being to prevent her on her spiritual journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this next dream, it’s almost like I was trying to go over the other dream (see Personal Mannerisms) to pull it out because it was hard to describe the dynamic. And then I drifted into this image, where it feels like I’m getting ready to depart from somewhere, with people who feel like they’re family.

Someone comes into the room so I go away from them into the next room, which is the living room. And there’s a young woman who has been planning on going with us, and I have to tell her she can’t come with us, and not only can’t she come, but if she tries to come with us, first we’ll rebuff her, or we’ll direct something against her. But then it’ll get to a point where we would have to shoot her, or she’d have to shoot us.

I’m just being really clear that she can’t come with us.

John: What you’re doing is, you took the first dream, where you carried a particular mannerism, and you were required to feel that mannerism and identify with what it’s like to have to maintain this particular motif for your own self image, and idea of comfortability.

Taking that to the next step, you recognize that that’s a type of putrefaction, to have to be that way. And so now you’ve turned this upon yourself and you’re saying, and recognizing, that this is standing in the way of you becoming more. And that quality can’t be there for you to go into this greater spaciousness, which doesn’t have some subtle definition factored into the equation.

And so it’s like your higher self is saying to you now that you’re going to have to be shot. In other words, this part can’t go. It’s not allowed into this particular space. It’s kind of got a double entendre meaning, it’s like your first dream had a reverb in it too.

The dreams last night all had reverbs in them, meaning there was a part that you yo-yoed back and forth with, and back and forth with, and equivocated with, and equivocated with, as if you still needed to hold this set mannerism or pattern.

In the first dream, it’s one way, and the second dream is kind of like the reverb, double entendre. What does it mean to be shot, or to be killed, or something like that happening? In other words, there’s one way of trying to look at it from the standpoint okay, it can’t appreciate this greater overallness if you try to take this other, and if you try to come with it, then you’re not allowed of course, which is like a type of being denied or shot.

The double entendre is, of course, to let go of that. To lose that is like a type of dying, or being shot, as well, because you’re no longer maintaining an appearance, or a persona, that you have always maintained as a projection that you’re comfortable with in terms of going forward. Well, you can’t be comfortable with this. You can’t rely upon this anymore, and so that has to die, or be shot, killed, or however that is to occur.

Jeane: After that I did have a dream that I just didn’t pull out. The impression that I remember of it is almost like if you had aliens partying. I just can’t remember enough of it. It was murky.

John: All you’re trying to do in that last dream is, in the way you use aliens from before, is to try to recognize this whole other space that you would be, if you didn’t have that other in the way, which like a shift, making a huge shift in your being, and that’s still a little bit foreign to you.

It’s conceptual that you can recognize the significance, but it’s foreign in terms of actually being able to be there and live it.

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