Absentee State

How often do we experience something that is upsetting to us, and then, at another time, experience the same circumstance, but, the second time, we don’t let it bother us? It can be felt in varying degrees in many situations. Sometimes we’ve learned and aren’t bothered anymore. Sometimes we’re just better rested, or less stressed, so it doesn’t get to us. We become more an observer of what is happening, rather than being entangled in the emotions of the events. These reactions may be mostly automatic, but this is another aspect that we can increase our conscious awareness about. When we do, we can stay neutral even in complex, emotional situations, which is better for us and anyone involved. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The sleep dream got really interesting because it threw it into a whole other curve of putting me into an absentee state from everything.

In other words, in this dream, I am introduced to be a person who has no idea of what is happening, and, thus, I am not biased by what is taking place in front of me because I have not noticed, or have anything to do with, what is happening. 

This is an interesting position to be in. I’m introduced this way, I keep my mouth shut, but, technically, as a witness, I am seeing the distinction to being able to be totally let go and free, because then I see that I’m not defined in some capacity or another, and am able to move about and appreciate the overallness by not being caught up and having to go around this way, or that, with some posture or another. 

Thus, what I see, and how I am able to come across, has a freedom that is able to open up to the in-breath. Otherwise, you’re just caught in the out-breath of things that are definitional. 

And the significance is, this is a dream about being able to let go of inhibitions and prejudgments, and, in doing so, in other words, this is a higher octave of the meditation dream in terms of using it. In other words, the meditation dream was the thrashing around. And the octave of being able to function in a world that has all this stuff going on, and able to let go of the types of inhibitions that one could possibly take on this way or that, or prejudgments that one could have this way or that, is the ability to accept the world as is.

To be able to do that enables a person to access a greater depth and freedom within, and to do so without having to go at this in some sort of confined, or defined, or oriented way to some sort of out-breath demeanor that biases the perceptions. 

So that’s the significance, and what is going on is I am describing the means of being able to witness and take in a larger perspective in life – than ordinarily possible – because I am not caught up in the situation before me, beforehand. 

Deeper meaning is, the key to experiencing the expansiveness of an in-breath is to be not lost in some out-breath abstraction. I am in the outer, but that doesn’t mean I have to submit to outer identifications for my reality. To be able to let go of such abstractions is to have an inner connectedness and overall spaciality that definitions preclude.

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