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Lueam-fastWell, that escalated quickly. Yesterday we had a dream that involved a loving touch between the dreamer and a woman (see Ongoing Process), and in the very next dream, which is a continuation of the thread of the dreaming, it is a woman who shoots our dreamer. But the shooter is both a crime boss and a teacher, so there is more than meets the eye. And, even after the shooting, both sides try to offer kindness and consideration to the other. Just like in outer life, things between our inner lives can get messy before they find mutual ground and connection.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in this next dream, I’ve gone into an older building in a city and, somewhere in the building, there’s a woman who’s a crime boss, and she also looks like a combination of my Hawaiian teacher and a Native American teacher I knew. She’s like a small, older lady.

And, for some reason, when we come down from one of the upper floors, closer to the ground floor, in this old building, she shoots me. She shoots me with a pistol. She must shoot me three or four times, but very small bullets – but I am wounded.

And then I can tell she feels a little bad. I think she even gives me a phone so I can call an ambulance, or the police, whoever I need to call. She’s such a crime boss that she’s kind of immune to anybody who tries to touch her. But rather than leave right away, first she starts telling me that when I’m out of the hospital and I’m feeling better I haven’t been eating right, so I need to come out to her ranch, or farm, and get better food.

And then she turns around and she starts cleaning up the bathroom. And meanwhile I’m very careful to dial the police that I know will come and just bring an ambulance, rather than police that will come in the building to just try to have a shootout with her. It’s kind of an ironic little dream.

John: It’s a continuation in which everything that I said before could be said yet, because it’s still a continuation of the quality of scoping about in terms of an overall capacity, in terms of an atmosphere, in which you take note, and are always attentive to being aware of, when there is some little shift or capacity change that one has to take into account in order to maintain a general sense of well being.

It’s kind of like being consciously on guard so that something out of the blue doesn’t hit in such a way as to knock one off cadence to some great degree, or another, that throws one backwards, or has one having to sort out, or go beyond, a quality of a bewilderment.

In other words, there is a pace, and there is a manner, and there’s an unfoldment that is in keeping with a general overall well being. It’s almost as if you’re able to take the temperature, and the barometer, of yourself, as you are unfolding in the way that you’re just placed into life.

The interesting thing to denote is to ponder why it is that one would be reviewing or looking at something like this in this general context way, because I dreamt the same thing, but looked at this thing from a standpoint of seeing, trying to see, and trying to decipher, and denote, the idiosyncrasies that make the difference, or that cause the change, or sustain the consciousness, or however you put it.

I denoted that it was almost as if, because things seem to be copacetic, things seem to be okay in an overall way, that a person takes a step back because they’re accustomed to knowing that whenever it’s like that there’s always usually something more. In other words, a person is accustomed to having to struggle with things, and so when one isn’t struggling with things they’re looking around wondering when, and where, and how, and what might be that can throw them back into that context again, almost as if one is surprised to not have to be affected by something or another.

It’s kind of an aspect, or nature, of the process, and you’re looking at this thing almost unaware that it could change, but at the same time trying to sustain and maintain it as being in a particular mannerism that is fluid.

It’s hard to say it’s like a dream, you know. It’s kind of like you’re doing an introspection of yourself, or something, in an overall way. It’s kind of like you’re trying to follow the energy lines of an overallness or something. It’s like trying to hold a spatiality, or something. It’s not like it’s really a dream in that sense because it doesn’t really tell a good storyline because there’s so much of a reviewing theme, a taking into account theme, that predominates.

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Yesterday, Jeane’s dream showed an inner duel between holding onto personal mannerisms, or letting go to her higher self. Today, the images show her taking a harder stance within, refusing to allow her old ways of being to prevent her on her spiritual journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this next dream, it’s almost like I was trying to go over the other dream (see Personal Mannerisms) to pull it out because it was hard to describe the dynamic. And then I drifted into this image, where it feels like I’m getting ready to depart from somewhere, with people who feel like they’re family.

Someone comes into the room so I go away from them into the next room, which is the living room. And there’s a young woman who has been planning on going with us, and I have to tell her she can’t come with us, and not only can’t she come, but if she tries to come with us, first we’ll rebuff her, or we’ll direct something against her. But then it’ll get to a point where we would have to shoot her, or she’d have to shoot us.

I’m just being really clear that she can’t come with us.

John: What you’re doing is, you took the first dream, where you carried a particular mannerism, and you were required to feel that mannerism and identify with what it’s like to have to maintain this particular motif for your own self image, and idea of comfortability.

Taking that to the next step, you recognize that that’s a type of putrefaction, to have to be that way. And so now you’ve turned this upon yourself and you’re saying, and recognizing, that this is standing in the way of you becoming more. And that quality can’t be there for you to go into this greater spaciousness, which doesn’t have some subtle definition factored into the equation.

And so it’s like your higher self is saying to you now that you’re going to have to be shot. In other words, this part can’t go. It’s not allowed into this particular space. It’s kind of got a double entendre meaning, it’s like your first dream had a reverb in it too.

The dreams last night all had reverbs in them, meaning there was a part that you yo-yoed back and forth with, and back and forth with, and equivocated with, and equivocated with, as if you still needed to hold this set mannerism or pattern.

In the first dream, it’s one way, and the second dream is kind of like the reverb, double entendre. What does it mean to be shot, or to be killed, or something like that happening? In other words, there’s one way of trying to look at it from the standpoint okay, it can’t appreciate this greater overallness if you try to take this other, and if you try to come with it, then you’re not allowed of course, which is like a type of being denied or shot.

The double entendre is, of course, to let go of that. To lose that is like a type of dying, or being shot, as well, because you’re no longer maintaining an appearance, or a persona, that you have always maintained as a projection that you’re comfortable with in terms of going forward. Well, you can’t be comfortable with this. You can’t rely upon this anymore, and so that has to die, or be shot, killed, or however that is to occur.

Jeane: After that I did have a dream that I just didn’t pull out. The impression that I remember of it is almost like if you had aliens partying. I just can’t remember enough of it. It was murky.

John: All you’re trying to do in that last dream is, in the way you use aliens from before, is to try to recognize this whole other space that you would be, if you didn’t have that other in the way, which like a shift, making a huge shift in your being, and that’s still a little bit foreign to you.

It’s conceptual that you can recognize the significance, but it’s foreign in terms of actually being able to be there and live it.

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