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How would the universe know if something is ready for an upgrade? One way to think about an upgrade is that something has been given a new permission, such as the human developing consciousness, or walking upright. Yet because safety is so important to the greater unfolding, the universe has ways to test things to see if they are ready. As we develop our higher systems, it’s important that we can be trusted with new intelligence and capability. This is why it often seems things are hardest right before we make a breakthrough. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my dream, initially it starts out and it feels like I go to a cave somewhere in the East. And I’m doing a chant in that cave, and it’s probably something like a Sufi chant, just a phrase. 

And then I travel to the West and I do something that sounds like just a brief Taoist chant. And I’m going back and forth and doing that. And it feels like sometimes there’s somebody else, like a man, in the cave. When I’m in the West, it’s actually a man from the East. And I don’t know who the man is when I’m in the cave in the East. 

So I go back and forth doing that. And so each day I have to kind of go first to the East and then to the West and then do this one chant – and then I go to work. I seem to be working in a hospital, but, at the point at which I’m working in the hospital, I find out that I have some illness that I have to go see the nurse for that’s going to require they put some kind of like a picc line in my arm and then they’re going to put a medicine in that that they inject. And then I have to find someone each day who changes that. 

And, at first, I’m apprehensive about that because I think it’s gonna either hurt or make me sick. But the first day goes well. And, meanwhile, at the beginning of each day, I’m still going back between these two caves, almost, and then I’m going to work. 

On the second day it feels like I have to travel to another office and somebody comes and changes things in my line. And the third day it feels like somebody actually comes to the office where I am and changes the line. 

And by now I’m realizing that it doesn’t seem to make me sick or cause me any pain. And it feels like I’m beginning to find some people that are coming to where I am to change that line every day during that time I’m going to have to keep it in my arm and inject something in there. 

So I’m figuring out how to work that in, it doesn’t seem to be having any of the side effects I was concerned about. So then I go back to the sensation of going between these two caves and the two chants which seem to be running into each other by now.

John: So you’re doing the same thing, except for you it’s described as a quality of accessing something by way of chanting or causing… I mean, you’re using it as a chanting image. But what you’re doing is you’re causing yourself to recognize something of a depth about yourself, and bringing it from East or West, or West to East. 

In other words, it’s something that incarnates. And so, to start off with it, you think that you’re doing this sort of thing, for whatever reasons you’re chanting, however, what you’re actually doing is you’re getting to a point where you allow something to be given to you. 

In other words, to begin with maybe you start off and you make efforts to try to awaken, or to cause something to open up. But, before it’s over with, it actually is something that comes to you, that accesses to you. 

One of the themes of the dreaming, and one of the questions I had was, is a certain quality of something that’s able to shape and change and effectuate things in the world, is that something that’s born, or is it made? It goes along with the line, in Sufi thinking, that you’re kind of like tested and things happen. And then when it proves that you aren’t going to take and misuse an energetic, then something can be given to you. But, otherwise, it’s not given to you. 

And then there’s a saying where he tests his students through fire and this, that, and the other, and they never go wrong. Which means what is taking place is, things are occurring in this way, and in that way. And where they end up is always in a position where they don’t misuse the energy. 

And so what is happening in your particular case is, first you take and you reach out towards something and it appears that that’s the direction that you go. And then you come to lose whether you’re in the East or in the West, or, gosh, what in the heck and the Dickens and whatnot. And the next thing you know, it is something that is invoked into you, or through you. Instead of you reaching for it, it comes to you.

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Lightning-HeatIn culture and society very few things are as they seem, and you never know what the truth of a situation is. But when we deal with the universe it is the opposite, because things in the universe happen if and when certain criteria is met – and never before it is met. A bolt of lightning, for example, is not a lightning bolt until circumstances have reached the point where the discharge has to happen, by the laws of physics. On our journey, elevations are made when we are fit for them, and not before, because it is our fitness that triggers them. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream I’m looking at the issue of peaceful enjoyment as an aspect of consciousness. In the image, I have taken a vehicle to a place where I am able to park it, but to get it there I had to cross a lot of disputed territory. Upon reaching this point the vehicle is safe, at least temporarily safe, having gotten there by overcoming a gap in between. But the question is: have I really gotten anywhere?

Only under kind of ideal circumstances is there peace. Because something has transpired, yet it took a lot of effort and whatnot, it was kind of compelled or forced over and through on a journey area, and the beginning and the end might be one thing, but the in-between that was something that didn’t flow.

And then there’s a card game, and in the card game there is also something then where situations can come up which will disrupt the position I am in. So, even in this scenario, what I have achieved is questionable, and the meaningfulness is tested.

Why is it tested? In other words, it’s tested because maybe there wasn’t a true letting go in the middle of things, and yet there was a glorification in the result. And then when you looked at the middle and let your perception perceive in kind of a personal way that way, then there would be a shakiness, or imbalance, in terms of a rift in the whole.

But the meaning, as I looked at it, was I am unable to take credit for having reached anywhere in particular because the whole awakening is tenuous. In other words, everything in life may be a potentiality, but nothing is for granted in a physical world. You have to really let go in terms of going through something in which everything is stacked against you.

So I’ve reached a point that is meaningful only when everything is calm and in a restful condition. In other words, if you stir something up shit will happen. So I have to be truly able to let go of everything. I mean that’s how you’re able to operate invisibly, and quietly, and discreetly without creating obstacles in terms of a density when there is an imbalance on the earthly level.

If that is not possible – to just properly, fully let go – what I have reached as a state will be readily and constantly questioned. I’m being shown that there is an importance of being at peace in whatever environment I am in, so at peace in such an environment that that environment can be readily enhanced. And done so at ease. In other words, if something can happen and you can truly let go so that there is no question that limits what is able to take place in this emptiness, then you can go out and gather herbs that grow in the area prolifically, you know all along the path, and are readily available.

Meaning: In the physical existence the moments in which there is a peace is initially temporary. The presence that exists is conditional. It takes time to make the unfoldment process whole. Personal identifications interfere with what is destined to be. Only when a true letting go, so there is access to the inner flow from within, is the unfoldment blessed.

In other words, you can’t be in a state that has the personal prerogative, or take credit, or anything. Otherwise, it is conditioned at best, and subject to disruption, when the inner flow and personal predilections are at a crossroads to each other – showing again the importance of getting completely out of the way which is an aspect of letting go.

There is a time, however, which doesn’t necessarily make sense to a person’s limited perceptions, and outer identification, when inner destiny and a person’s inner relationship can come together. When that happens magic abounds in manifestation. And, of course, when you have something like that you have a deeper meaning: that each of us is the heart of the world, where we truly let go to our greater beingness. How we are created is designed to fit in, at those points in time, to an inner prescribed potentiality.

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