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ima098gesss“Be the change you want to see in the world” was a popular bumper sticker at one time. But it was never really understood. We translate those words into some sort of “doing,” as in, “I’m going to save the whales!” But it actually is speaking of energy: we all radiate energy, perhaps of love and compassion, or perhaps of anger or stress. As we develop, we connect to higher energies and then can radiate those into our environment – and that allows others to be different because they get the transference of what we carry. That is what will bring about change, not more rules or new politicians. And nothing, but ourselves, can prevent us from making that type of difference in the world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My first dream is more of an impression. I know the colors in it were more like yellowish, and it felt like I was in a room with several people and I was waiting for my niece’s baby to be born. She was in the room also.

So that dream was kind of a going back and forth and just waiting for the baby to be born, or trying to help with the baby being born. And that was all I remembered of that first dream.

John: That just shows a kind of noisiness that’s still going on that, if set aside, would be something else. In other words, that’s a predilection yet of your nature in terms of how it’s affected by things in the environment. And what you have to do is learn to be at ease and still with that, or otherwise it’s loudness will hold onto a deeper focus, a deeper inner connection that sits behind all of that.

Jeane: The second dream I don’t remember the details as well either, but I do know the theme was that I was talking to somebody that had maybe gone to work at an agency where I used to work. It was a store of some kind, and the bosses there tend to discriminate against women.

You know, they were a little chauvinistic, not necessarily bad people just kind of chauvinistic. And it feels like I’m kind of counseling her about that, or telling her what the working conditions are there because I had left there – I’m working somewhere else now. And I’m talking to her about it, but I don’t remember the details of that dream. It wasn’t like a dream in which I was really upset about anything, it was more like I was just telling her how it is.

John: This is a dream in which there’s a shift that needs to occur, in that in the environment that you’re in you’re able to perceive, you know, imbalances, and characteristics, and traits that exist, that are naturally part of kind of the outer collective motif.

And the tendency is to report that, you know, is to divulge that. The inner dialogue that you have is that in pointing that out to others you’re somehow or another helping them. The bigger shift is to be able to hold a space in such a way so that others glean what it is that they need to glean, without having to be directed to seeing it in an outer way.

In other words, you can hold a space where you don’t have to necessarily say what’s going on, but by the way that you carry yourself others see that. They pick up on an imbalance in the outer. They may not understand it, or know the details, but when you are maintaining or holding a space that is free of the aspects that are in the outer, that they are able to glean that by, so to speak, being part of you.

They are pushed a bit away from you when you proceed to give them information and direction, in relationship to the outer conditions, because then that has them looking at the outer conditions instead of at a subtler, quieter energetic.

So this dream is meant to cause you to denote the difference that would exist if you were able to let go of having to try to explain, or make, what you think is a more kosher understanding, in terms of the outer, that you are in, and when you do that with regard to another you are also doing that with regard to yourself.

In other words, you are creating a rationalization, and it may not even be that big of a deal. It may be kind of a quieter rationalization, but it undermines your ability to be at ease. It’s very subtle, and it undermines someone else’s ability to be able to find an at ease in relationship to your presence. That actually was a deep dream. That’s pretty good.

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John: I guess I’ve come to realize that many people think that they’re on a spiritual path, and that that path only requires them to become conscious in a particular way. This elevated consciousness can enable a person to progress, or evolve, in terms of how they can be used by, or how they are plugged into, creation. And that sense of being used, or being plugged in, is actually an act of service the human can provide to the universe.

There is truth in this viewpoint, but it’s a very passive approach. It can take a long time to realize that spiritual development is a path that also requires a lot of personal responsibility; there’s a lot that has to be taken on by an individual

To begin with, we don’t know how to take anything on because we all come with our different mannerisms, and our limited attention, and ours ways of going about things. We’re all beset by these distractions to the point where it gets so loud in us that we essentially no longer hear much of the “other” – the inner, or higher, aspects of our lives.

We tend to “hear” only what we are focused on – work, family, worry, money, health – and typically, when push comes to shove, we defer to whatever is the loudest in us at any given moment. Yet deep down, we are meant to catch a linkage to something so much more.

But we can’t really catch that linkage until we can properly hear it, or become tuned to it. And that requires quieting the noise in us. We can begin to quiet the noise by acknowledging that we are part of something greater, which turns our perspective from the personal to the universal.

When we do that, the unimportant things that we tend to busy ourselves with begin to fall away, and our senses and higher faculties can do what they are designed to do, which is to hear and connect with the universal flow.

In doing what we, as humans, were designed to do, we begin to fulfill our responsibility, our destiny, and our service to the whole. We connect into the guidance of how to be. Until we get to this point, our life will always seem filled with busy work that will ultimately get us nowhere.

As time progresses, we come to realize that the things we busy ourselves with are really a prison of our own making. They keep us limited when we have a virtually unlimited capacity if we can only let go and allow it to be recognized.

In my first dream, I start off being required to look at the world in a new way. I’m standing on a spot on the globe and I have a golf club; I have the freedom to hit the golf ball to any area I want to see it go.

As most of the world is water, I just need to gauge the distance so that the ball goes across those expanses and lands on an island, or a continent, or at least on land somewhere. It’s like everything is a great big moat with the exception of certain areas.

Upon accepting these global conditions as they are, I don’t seem to mind that I’m dripping with sweat. In other words, my perspective has shifted, putting everything into a different context. In fact, even my sweaty condition makes sense for a change.

It’s as if I have to be this way to accept the game of life as it is played. There can’t be any definitions put on how to play at the playing field. Everyone is required to accept responsibility for how they choose to hit the ball. It’s none of my business how someone might choose to hit the ball, or what someone might choose to do. I realize that there are no limitations; any limitations are self- imposed.  

If someone thought that they could carry a distance of 600 yards over water to reach a patch of land, then they have the freedom to do that. Who am I to question? If someone felt they could only hit the ball 100 yards, that’s how far they would hit it – the limitation is self-imposed.

The feeling here is very matter of fact. What is possible is only dependent on a person’s conviction or belief. As a result, there is no room for indulgence of the emotions, or for self-doubt. Everyone is simply left to decide for themselves a fate and karma of their own making.

As a consequence, this approach has an exhilarating sense of freedom. Life that feels like a burden – heavy and with limitations – no longer makes sense as a belief system or attitude. And when one considers the things that once bothered them, they’ve all fallen away.

When we don’t create limitations, what’s possible takes on a much greater scope.

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