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human_ascension-250x227Culture and history have put many heavy layers of veiling upon a simple truth: we are all human beings. And, as human beings, we are part of a single tribe, and are all born into the same physical design. As we develop, we can begin to reconnect to that sameness because we can let go of the surface differences and remember that we have all been created for the same reasons – and as part of the same purpose. No matter what else, this will always be true, and can provide the deepest bond of all between us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then it felt like I had a dream in which, initially, what I remember of it is it’s like I’m having dinner with people that I know at a house. And then it feels like I travel, and one of the members of that family, a man, is going to meet us at the other house.

It seems like there’s a little trouble with the traveling from one to the other and, on my way to the house, I must be a man at that moment because I run into a woman, who has a son who’s maybe about ten and, in talking, I suddenly realize that I was the father of the son. And she realizes it, too.

So then we’re going to travel on to the second home where everyone will be coming together: she’ll be there, the son will be there, I’ll be there, and then the uncle or person from the previous dinner is going to be there, along with a group of other people. So we’re all going to meet there. That’s, I think, the end of the dream.

John: So, what you’re describing is kind of like what’s called a caravan of souls. And then on the various paths that exist out there are the tariqas, in which there are similitudes that open up. One has described this way of knowing each other as something that is kind of done by the smell, which is a higher octave of smell, apparently, because there’s probably something to that.

And that what you’re describing is you have accessed a level of awareness, vibrationally speaking that is, that is making and bringing unto itself that which it has a commonality with. And so what this dream is doing is giving you all kinds of interesting information in terms of how it is, and why it is, people associate in the ways that they do. In other words, you’ve got some people that go around and have a particular way of carrying themselves, and that’s just kind of how it is.

And, in your dream, what you did was you, in your awareness, where you put together the sound quality from your first dream in which you’re accessing levels with inside of yourself that way, you are expanding the recognition of a kind of creativity that exists in terms of a similitude opening up awareness that has grown. And it’s shown as growing by more and more kind of awakening.

In other words, you’re not the father of some woman’s son, literally speaking, yet you are connected in terms of a quality of energetic that has come to your attention, or has come unveiled, which you had denied and now no longer deny, which means you have let go of something in order for that to be so.

And so you’re portraying it in kind of a linear way of saying it, but on a higher self way of saying it this is a quality of knowingness. When you put the first dream together with the second dream, it’s a quality of knowingness that has opened up for you in manifestation through sound. Isn’t that interesting?

In the past the attention has always been dwelling upon the idea that there’s information found in light and that, even though I know and could know but never had gone there before, with the idea that there is a flip side that is also there, in terms of information available through qualities of sound, vibratory sound, I didn’t really address that because it’s easier to look at things, for me, in where my wheelhouse is at, which is an aspect of bringing an energy down and through that is in essence an aspect of sight, or light.

And, of course, I hadn’t pondered the fact that you have a certain kind of receptivity to being able to facilitate that, and even understand it, in some aspect of your subjective nature. And that the reason you’re able to understand that has a lot to do with a certain quality of similitude found in common sound that you may not be able to hear, or denote, as being like that because it is something that can go beyond the loudness of your senses. It’s subtler than the loudness of your senses.

And thus it has helped me to understand why it is that I suddenly found that I can go somewhere in sound and that there’s more than the sound, just like that was introduced as a first technique. And then these other techniques that was teaching people to pay attention to in terms of how you generate thoughts, and let go of thoughts, and stuff like that, is actually working with a quality and principle now of that sound, in a different octave, that is more like light again because thoughts are like light. It’s just that they’re misaligned, and when they become perfectly aligned then those thoughts create, they manifest.

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chal28Here is a series of dreams that show how the process of multiple dreams, in the course of one night, can work – even if you only remember fragments. The first glimpse implies activity, and when we are too active, or too personally involved in life in the outer, we become disconnected from our inner guidance. The second glimpse shows that inability to connect, to commit, in the form of an engagement ring. And, finally, the dream comes out and shows the attempt to block a transition, one inner aspect of the dreamer resisting another inner aspect from being able to merge. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, what I remember of my dreams is I think in most of the dreams I was male.

The first dream, which is kind of vague to me, I think I worked in a television studio, in some kind of an action role, as a man. I don’t really remember that dream clearly.

And following that was a dream in which it felt like a woman I was engaged with was trying to get to where I was and there was a barrier between us. And so when she got up to where the barrier was, there was a little slot, kind of a see-through slot, in the wall where you could put something that identified yourself in. And I think she put our engagement ring in there.

And that was all I really remembered of the second dream.

John: The first dream is an imbalanced dream, in that you’re in an action role which is the opposite of the second dream. And the second dream has to do with you becoming committed to something because you had an engagement ring.

That has to do… it’s not a complete image, but the image, if projected all the way through, would have to do with, like I said, a type of commitment, which is actually a form of surrender. And the surrender is in terms of reaching a space inside of yourself in which you lose the way that you’re holding, or conducting, yourself outwardly.

In other words, you lose yourself to a something more, something greater. And the reason why I say it’s opposite the first image glimpse is that is an energetic that is being interjected into the equation that holds you back. The other is a letting go; it stops the doingness of something.

In other words, the feminine, in an overall sense, is a container that can take and handle the overall affairs of the world, that is able to absorb and take all of that in as a cadence. And you’re thrown off from doing that, you’re out of balance from doing that, and you’re scoping around from doing that. You’re having the image of that, but your first dream has you active, when that is a subjective way of being. And your second dream has you studying to figure out how to get back on track. What was your third dream?

Jeane: In the next dream I’m still a man, and wherever I’m working I want to change from the department I’m in to go work in a department where I’ll be like a spy or… yeah, I think it’s like a spy, it’s that kind of a department.

And there’s a man there that will try to block my getting there, so I’ve gone over to the department on my own to let them know my qualifications because I’m pretty sure that he’s written a letter that will try to block my getting that transfer. And when I get there, I get a packet that shows that, you know, they’ve got all my information, and I think it’s a packet like they’ve given me because they’re accepting the transfer. And yet I still have to go and see if I can find and block the letter that the other guy was going to send, or maybe it’s even included in my packet because they don’t care.

But I’m happy with being able to get a transfer to that department where I can be more active.

John: So again it’s not a smooth cadenced dream because there’s a sense of a transition that has to be made, or a shift. And, at the same time, there are things going on to keep it from happening, or to attempt to block it.

Dreams tend to have, if you look at a dream really closely, the dream has both a positive unfoldment, and a negative unfoldment. And even under a positive unfoldment there is stretching out from something that had been holding you back. And that there’s a way of looking at that, in the negative sense, in order to keep even a positive dream in perspective. There’s an anchor to it, behind it.

But your dreams are accentuating the fact that there is something going on that’s holding you back. You’re not able to catch up with how it is that you’re meant to be in the second dream. In the third dream, the sense of something trying to block you from being able to transfer, or transition, is fairly loud. It’s not just hidden and dormant. It’s a loud concern in the dream.

And, in the first dream, you’re carrying on going in an active sense that keeps you blurred. And if you mix that blurred active sense with the quality of trying to find a laid back rhythm of yourself that contrasts.

So, the sequence of the way you were dreaming is, you took and you set a context that was off right at the beginning on the first dream. And then, in the second dream, you proceeded to indicate that this was a struggle, that you had a struggle. Well, you would if you had all of this doing activity in the way. And, in the third dream, it’s like you have forces inside of yourself that are fighting you from being able to make a shift.

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Hani Amir

It’s not a common understanding but, as humans, we are able to connect to higher energies and give them access into this world through us. No other creature can do that, which might tell us something about our design and purpose. And what can move through us can be far more potent than anything we could do on our own. But for this process to take place, we can’t be filled with the noise of our ego – we have to put our intentions on the whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the dream that I had yesterday afternoon, I see myself as a woman who’s affected by environmental conditions. And I don’t seem to have at my ready disposal my usual acuity to the place in terms of being able to do something.

I have it in my nature, but it’s just not right there at the moment. And because it’s in my nature, it’s been brought to me. I brought it to my support, but because it’s in my nature, it has to go wherever I go. If I can just gain access to this again, this is what it takes to be effective. So I stare at my condition from a couple different angles in the dream.

In the next image, in order to try to make this breakthrough, I come to the conclusion that I just need a little propulsion in getting my energy up to speed. So it’s as if there’s another aspect of myself I need to overcome, or another woman, and that I’m hanging back.

So two people, one on one side and one on the other, grab me and then throw me forward, so that the force of my nature propels and hits this other woman to make the difference, as if it’s okay to be jarred awake like that. I must be careful to not get over established in the exterior, over established by doing this.

This dream is also an answer to a deliriousness I’m contending with because I am tired. I am seeking to establish what I think is necessary to do what is important in my duty or something. That’s my gut feeling.

And the meaning that I wrote is, what I’m doing in life appears to have problems in that I’m not able to ground in a way that makes a difference.

I’m propelled into the scenario or into the outer. Maybe this is how it is done if I am in another place of seeing and not doing. Or can it mean, which is another possible meaning, spirit is willing, the body is still off. It is the spirit energy that is the answer. This seems to correspond to my meditation dream.

So, it does seem to indicate that what is able to bring to bear in this situation may be helpful for others, but as far as who we are and how we are, doesn’t do anything for us because this is not where we belong. We’re not a part of that. We throw ourselves into the situation only to find out that that isn’t so. And in your particular case, you have something deeper that needs to awaken.

This is a tough dream, isn’t it? What it seems to also say on a deeper level, however, is that, at least this is how I’m looking at it on another level, is that one actually has to maintain an emptiness in their being in order to be effective in terms of making a difference in life.

It’s as if it seems to require something more. And so it’s like a mystery to be sorted out. Your dream and my two dreams here kind of put us in a trick box almost.

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