Between Substance and Essence

beadshop2A small sensation from Jeane leads John to the enormous territory of the relationship between matter and energy, or substance and essence. So the question that wants to be asked by every human born in this planet is: how do I, as a physical being, reconnect to the essence that I originate from? And that is the true journey of a life here, that is all we are supposed to wrestle with all the days of our lives. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Last night when you came to bed from meditation I actually woke up enough like I realized that kind of like when we kind of curled into each other that what happened is I was overheated like I get at night and you were cold from sitting and meditating so it felt like you cooled me down and I warmed you up.

John: So what you’re describing is actually a way of talking about something in terms of the other side and this side, in that you had a symbolic inference of what occurs when masculine and feminine come together or, instead of using the word masculine you use the word light, instead of using the word feminine you use the word matter.

And so matter, when it’s compressed and is in a state that was trying to break free of its compression, tends to be affected, tends to heat up, especially when it is matter that is being quickened. And the light, as it comes down tends to… well, what is happening is you’re having a correlation, something is happening right at the interval of where the two come together.

Now, most people think that this comes together by way of the two existing simultaneously in some fashion. In other words, they merge in some fashion where you have the plane of light and matter or, in other words, because matter has been formed out of sound, which is an aspect of light. So, right at this interval that’s in-between is where the information is at.

You can’t catch up with it if you go straight, completely, totally into the light because it’s more than you can grasp, just like how can a drop of water hit an ocean and know itself in the ocean anymore? It’s in the essence. Or another way of saying it, how can the individual soul know the world’s soul when it goes into that wholeness? Or, in other words, how is it possible when you have an experience of light while you are sitting in matter?

Well, the answer to that is it’s not possible. I am describing something that is lunatical except there is that interval. And it’s the interval in the doorway. It’s the interval at the moment of death. That’s why in Hindu religion it is said that at the moment of death is like a sting of 1,000 scorpions.

In other words, that’s just a split second when you’re kind of in the interval between going from matter, and the potential of something in this dense realm, and that of the other side of light, of essence, in which you only know something for a split second, which is in-between. It’s like in the doorway, or right at that crossover, or moment, and that’s when you access the information in a way that you get it.

But just like this side is, in a way, amnesic to the inner but knows that there’s something more, when you go totally into the inner you’re amnesic to this side because there’s no information you’re able to grasp when you’re just pure essence. And so the place that you need to be at is the doorway. That’s what it means to be a soldier of the two worlds.

You’re at the soldier of the two worlds in that particular razor-thread moment or, another way of saying it is, that when light comes down and hits the plane of manifestation it sets off a spark. That spark that it sets off is a light bulb moment. It’s a type of knowingness. It’s a type of sensing something. This has information in it. You can’t grasp the information from the shadows and the illusions that you push around in the outer, nor can you acquire it by sitting beyond all of this in the light. You acquire right at that in-between point.

Now maybe it’s possible that I’m wrong on this and am only describing something in relationship to a type of station in which you reach a point in which this is how you access the guidance or sense of knowingness, and that when you are able to access that sense of knowingness by being in both places, a soldier between the two worlds, then maybe you’ve speeded up enough that you can go into the essence and still, somehow or another, hold something together.

One has to ponder that and wonder about that as an additional or potential future potentiality because the ability to discern – is it always in this kind of doorway? There’s a teacher who describes the journey of the soul as being something that comes from a domain in which there is no sense of anything and as it comes into this plane of existence, the soul in the body, in its path it passes by other souls that are leaving this plane and, in that split second, as they’re leaving they let go of things that they can’t take to the other side as a type of unfinished business. A soul coming in at that split second, it’s like you can pick those sort of qualities and traits up and that becomes an imbedded karma to the soul, as if that’s how the thought of God works, in terms of the soul coming into creation.

It’s a cute way of describing it. For it to work that way draws again the significance and the importance of that in-betweenness, that split second in which there’s neither existence or nonexistence, in which the type of nothingness that exists is a nothingness that has an awareness when you’re in both places – but you’re in neither, actually. Because if you become the drop of water that goes into the ocean, what is there to report?

How do you get the memo? And if you’re the drop of water that is in manifestation, then you clamor for something that you haven’t figured out how to catch up with, but just know that it exists somewhere as some sort of deep inner sense that goes beyond the senses and your mind.

Well, the state that takes you beyond bewilderment is this state of nothingness that lies in-between. And so when you had the sensation experience of something kind of interesting in that as you existed as matter that is attempting to quicken or something, that, in other words, isn’t just matter sitting completely in a density but has something that is quickened from having gotten closer to, we’ll call it, the warbling doorway, you’re heated up. And when there’s a light that is coming down, and it is coming into matter or creation, there is a spark that causes all of it to go into a kind of semblance.

In other words, if you take the statements that man wants union and God wants separation, and if you take the idea that there is something about the soul that is then in existence as being an octave of the whole, a spark from the whole, I mean you can even describe it as a thought of God, none of that exists if you’re totally in essence again, at least I don’t know how to see it.

And you’re not able to know, you don’t get the memo, if you’re just simply in the domain of creation. But you do have a sense, for a split second, at that interval that you warble back and forth with. So if you aspire to something spiritual, so to speak, to go outside of all of this, you go into a place in which you lose all sense of self – just like the drop of water into the ocean.

So what I am doing in the meditation is I’m going into this doorway and, somehow or another after a period of time letting go of enough of the flicker of the density of things, I’m able to, for a split second, have an experience that lies in-between the essence and substance. The dilemma I have is I become very strange and peculiar because I do see something, I do know something, I become dangerous to myself because I don’t really know what I know – and yet I know.

In some fashion aspect of myself, I touch something. Even though, as described in Hinduism, it’s like the sting of 1,000 scorpions interval because to a person who hasn’t developed an acuity in terms of how the language of the soul works, between essence and substance, the in-betweenness, that is the soldier between both, that is where something is actually seeable and hearable.

I don’t know if it’s possible otherwise, because in the plane of creation it’s just reflections that you always get twisted and distorted and never know what is really going on. And in the plane of essence it is just all that there is, and so how can you determine anything in and of that, yet at that interval there is something that bridges both sides.

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