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There are few things as mundane as socks, so when your dream offers you a magical portal that only delivers socks, socks, and more socks it can seem pretty disappointing. But we have to sift our way through the mundane to find what is valuable – it isn’t always going to just appear before us, we have to work for it. Eventually, as in this dream, a gold ring is discovered hidden in a sock, and it offers an even greater release from the mundane. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember my last dream clearly. And, in this dream, I’ve gone into a room, and in the room is a bed. And right next to the bed is a cupboard that you reach into – it has a couple layers of shelves. And then there seems to be a hole in the top of the cupboard that goes somewhere else, into a room where, apparently, there’s things that belong to me. 

Because if I pound on the cupboard once, then some socks fall down through that hole, and I pick up the socks and I put them on the bed. And maybe one or two garments fall through at some point, as well. 

And I feel like I’m working against some deadline. And I’m looking for something that I know is evidence. I also feel like if anyone comes in and interrupts me, then maybe I won’t get through this. And, of course, every time I pound on that hole, what falls through is more socks, different kinds and colors of socks, and I’m taking them and I’m organizing them on the bed because I’m realizing I have way too many socks. And they’re all different colors and patterns and I’m going to have to do something with them – but at the same time I know there’s something else that I’m looking for, but every time I reach up and pound on the hole once what falls through is more socks.

And I can feel like someone’s coming, so there’s an urgency because I need to finish this. And I know I’m looking for something. So as I’m getting near what I guess what must have to be the end, because lord knows there’s enough socks piled up by now, one sock falls through and I feel like it has something hard in it. It’s concealing something. But I have to pound again to make sure I’ve got everything out.

And then after I’ve put everything in their proper piles, then I take the sock that has something in it and I open it up, and it feels like someone I know comes into the room right then, and what it is is a little ring box. And I open it up and I take out this ring, and it’s a gold mesh ring, almost looks like an earring, it’s curved in a spiral. And inside it is carved out of gold this face and something else. 

And the other person that’s come into the room comes over with me and we’re staring at this, trying to figure out what it represents. And I realize what it represents, finally, is apparently at some point in the past year there had been a murder, and I know that this is some evidence in that murder that will identify. It will do one of two things. It either identifies who committed the murder, then if I’m looking at it in a certain way I know it’s one of the two women involved. Or it’s telling me that one of the two women involved in that has actually switched identities. I’m not sure which it is the ring is telling me, but I know it’s one of those two things that this ring, in that way, will prove something about what happened there.

John: So the theme of the dreaming involves the accessing, inside of oneself, of the stillness that permeates everything that there is. That’s the over the top aspect of where things are going. 

And, in your dream, what you’re doing is noting that you have a particular channel that’s kind of opened up, in which you’re able to function in a myriad of ways in terms of a type of partial access, an access that enables you to go through things. And it appears to be a type of going through things in which it isn’t all veiled, totally veiled – like it can be for most people – but it isn’t the overall total stillness itself, either. It’s just a glimpse, within, that you have an access or connection to, and you have it from some sort of inner aspect of your beingness, your bedroom, the quality that depicts a letting go into something more. 

The thing about it is getting this access to open up more, because it seems like you’re realizing that you have a demeanor, a quality, that you have perfected, that’s to the point where something much much more. In other words, it’s a wonderful access that enables you to function well in life because you have this magical quality, or whatever, that can do and reach like this. However, something is insufficient about it because that same old, same old has come to a point where something much, much more needs to open up. In other words, something about what you’re doing is keeping that something more from opening up. 

And so it’s like you’re kind of raising the issue that enough is enough, and that this needs to break out more. And veiled in the journey, the stepping, the walking, and the socks are an aspect somewhere on the in-breath connection towards the stillness, to a point where it actually touches the stillness to some small degree, veiled in that, or within one of the socks, is the deeper depth. And it’s portrayed as a ring. 

The way that you look at the ring, however, is you get information in terms of what you’re doing to your heart, or self, to cause you to remain veiled from an access, and a connection, that opens up more than just that of a certain kind of really limited, rooted, sock-like way that currently prevails. 

The sensation that comes from this ring is meant to be twofold, but is still veiled. In other words, the ring, in its ideal, would represent kind of like having made the journey, having taken and suddenly gone, okay, enough is enough, and, poof, all of a sudden it all drops and you’re in the stillness. The ring would represent that in its ideal.

However the ring, for you, represents where there is still some mystery or conundrum that is in need of being sorted out, in which something has gotten hurt, or injured, and you’re wrestling with what it is that that can be, or is still possibly; the answer, or the resolution. And that is an aspect, then, that is a projection, and a holding onto, that keeps the overall stillness from just naturally being there. 

Because enough is enough in terms of a certain quality that you’re able to peek behind the door, or pull something through, or whatever. Enough is enough of that, is what you’re pretty much saying, and it’s time to break out of that completely. The ring certainly agrees that enough is enough, but it’s veiled because you have this other motif yet, that still is holding on to your attention. And that holding on has a particular vibration to it, and that vibration is reflected back to you, on a sensation level, based upon those conclusions that you drew, which slam, or punish, and shut down the wholeness of the heart.

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9186929Yesterday Jeane had an image of an innocent girl (see The Essence of the Experience), and today John has his own image of a young baby – though this one is wiser than its years. Though we assume the youngest among us are the least knowledgeable, in many ways they still have their connections to the universe because they haven’t fully acclimated to the culture of life here. In this imagery, we can think that our relationship to the wholeness is something we lose unless we prevent it – or reconnect to it – consciously. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I’ve come home and I’m standing off to one side, and first there’s a kind of a baby that’s laying a little bit on the bed, and then all of a sudden it’s on the edge corner of the bed, which is a bad place to place a baby because it could roll over and fall off.

And sure enough the baby does that, and tumbles off the bed. And mom picks him up, and it’s almost like what looked like a baby suddenly has bright eyes and talks. And he seems to understand a lot, but yet he still looks like a little baby. He’s not very old, so I’m surprised; he even has opinions about things!

He comments about how dad is acting in a certain way and saying certain things that he finds humorous, because dad’s inferring that he’s going to have to be put on welfare and he finds that humorous as an absurdity.

And then after that, because I have come back to this place from somewhere else, he has never seen me before, nor have I seen him. He then asks, “Who are you?” and I say, “I am your older brother.” He says, “Are you the oldest brother?” I say, “Yes.”

And in this dream I seem to be about 40 years old and there’s no mention of another brother. I try to think of another one but can’t recall one.

The meaning of this dream is: I’m intertwined and connected more magnetically than I know. There is no real presence of time, just the veils and illusions of being distant and separate.

To not know this, is to be in a distant state of poverty. To break the barrier I need to go beyond the appearances and take in the energy of how I can be in a more complete state, which is in everyone I see. To do that there needs to be a realized union of one being as an energetic.

To not notice this is to sustain an unconsciousness that has veiled appearance purposes. When one holds onto an unconscious mannerism, that is when the frustration sets in. And this is a frustration in which – it’s actually a feminine frustration, because the feminine can sense that there has to be so much more, and is seeking so much more, and is trying to twine and connect to so much more.

In that state, the natural knowingness then falls away. And the natural knowingness is the masculine’s side of things. And so you have this gap, that is a kind of amnesia, and as an amnesia, it’s a veiling. But as the masculine sight comes back out, like a type of touching, something rises up as if always present – so then you break the separation like that.

So what we’re describing is, we’re just describing energy now, basically, and this is how energy works. In science, they’ve discovered this with airwave frequencies: everything always is in a state of a type of sound, because it’s sound that created everything. And so then you could take and you can streamline that as frequencies, and in those frequencies you can have a general sound and then that general sound can have a multiplicity of uses, but it’s kind of broad.

Then you can streamline that again to where it can be a very specific frequency for a very specific transmission note, very limited in terms of its use again. And therefore when you streamline it like that it transmits at a faster rate; it can become a type of higher frequency instead of in a general frequency.

So you have, in a sense, heightened it, or so it appears, but at the same time you’ve limited it because it cannot function in the outer with the same degree and propensity that it could before.

And then you could take what you’ve accomplished there and say, ahh, this is really important stuff, this is data, this is information. So then you could streamline it yet again, almost into a packet of light, and microwave it back into a central terminal to which it can then be distributed more succinctly.

The way science is unfolding is almost the same that exists in terms of the human being. The human being is created out of a general sound, spoken into existence. And then the human being takes and, instead of staying in the essence of the overall, the human being starts streamlining, and streamlining, and streamlining.

And you have people that have all of these different idiosyncrasies and traits that they have found to be important, and they see themselves as more acute as a consequence of having developed this kind of sight and understanding, and they see someone else who doesn’t have that as being out of it.

Little do they know, that if you were to go back beyond all of that there is a central vibration, that hasn’t been streamlined, that takes all of it in. But how do you see something like that? How do you proceed from something like that?

So it’s easier to take the frequency, break it from analog to digital to microwave to all of that sort of stuff, thinking that you have a handle on something, but the handle that you’ve established has let go of something in terms of the overall. That’s the consequence.

And so in my dream that is what I have done as well. I have taken and lost the recognition. I have used an element where I took something and streamlined it out, and pretended that there was time and age and everything like that, and lost the whole connection of myself, and the baby that was in a state of another kind of essence, laughing about everything.

And when it jokes about the father putting it on welfare, it’s a pun upon how I am. I’m actually on a kind of welfare when I adopt a streamline mannerism upon which I approach life – as opposed to being able to hold onto the general overall essence that is both conscious and unconscious simultaneously. That is everything.

But we think we have to be this, and we think we have to be that, and therefore every step we take takes us away, further and further and further away. That’s why we think we need motion, we have to move about, we have to do this, we have to do that, and stillness is where it’s all at.

That’s why one can actually experience things inside, not necessarily the love principle even, but you just will naturally experience something inside if you can sit totally still to the point where everything lets go and stops. You will experience something that way. It’s because everything is orbiting out trying to find a piece of the piece, an inner thread, instead of sustaining itself and holding itself to the Whole.

So the dreams we had last night more or less took and threw, in you, a couple of fairly strange, almost ghoulish-like images that actually had the flip side to them for you to recognize that you created that ghoulish image – because you streamlined something to be like this, through a type of inflection.

And yet at the same time, because you didn’t totally buy into what you streamlined, the darn thing gets up and walks around. That’s magic. When put in that context you almost begin to wonder if magic isn’t a misuse of the overall energy, because in the overall energy you wouldn’t have that going on either. You’d have both conscious and unconscious and you’d sit simultaneous in that, much like the Yogi sitting under a banyan tree and then the other part of itself acting itself out in the outer – and yet the two are intertwined.

What is going on there? Nothing is really going on. The two states make up the whole, the whole of Creation and Creator. Time and space disappear in that. You could just as well say that the Yogi sitting under the banyan tree meditating is like this baby child sitting in the essence of something, not yet sophisticated, in your case to even know how to ride a bike.

And yet you in your sophistication can do all these things in the outer, and you’re working with the components of the outer, a density of the outer that reflects the industrial nature of one’s self, which is copper. And you’ve developed quite a scientific skill, but have you gone anywhere?

That’s why a mockery is almost made, by certain spiritual teachers, of the progress that we’ve made because that tends to take us away from the Wholeness, or the overall, and tends to create very specific things that we latch onto.

This kind of dreaming is an awkward kind of dreaming because it stretches the realm. It walks very close to the realm of sanity and insanity, because try convincing somebody that it exists like this and they will definitely think that you’ve cracked up.

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Jeane: In this next dream it seems like I’m at the department store that my folks had when I was young. I’m an adult and I’m with a group of people who are mingling together, or visiting, in the store. I know we’re not really working.

It’s around Halloween time. I’m going to leave with another person in a few minutes and then come back in my Halloween costume. I’ll be wearing black paint or a mask around my eyes, and then a full veil will cover me like a chador.

That’s my costume, but I’m taking the time to explain to someone what I’ll look like when I return because I don’t want to unsettle anyone with my dramatically changed appearance. Even though I realize that a Halloween costume is meant to surprise people, I’m trying to make sure that no one is overly shocked.

John: That’s an amazing illustration of the dichotomy that one faces when the spiritual aspect tries to relate to something that’s set in its nature, or that’s in the physical realms and has to obey the laws of the physical.

So you’re feeling that you’re connected to something that’s more expansive (the higher self), and you know that there tends to be a gap that exists between what you’re hearing inside and responding to, and what most other people hear and respond to.

In terms of trying to bring a balance to this situation, in a way that allows you to be yourself, you’re trying to reconcile what you can channel through you from the higher into the lower, i.e., channel it through and manifest it in the physical realms.

In the dream, by explaining your costume (which is an outfit with religious associations), you’re trying to make that effect or result something that’s recognized by others. You are recognized in your “normal” costume, but there’s something else to you, and you don’t want to be strictly identified, or pigeonholed, in relationship to either state. It’s like you have a self-consciousness at the spiritual level.

Instead of being able to flow freely, without inhibitions, in terms of your force-of-nature quality, you’re attempting to streamline that in such a way that it comes across in a form that can be accepted. At the same time as it’s accepted, what others see you as in physical form, shouldn’t be automatically associated with this being all there is about you.

So in wanting to be accepted, you also want all that there is about you to come across, or come through, in terms of what you sense, and feel, and the breadth of your wholeness. You have the idea that no single aspect of your expression is the be-all, end-all of who you are, and you want others to realize that. If they can, you’ll feel that this will result in them giving you the latitude to become still more than what’s perceivable by them (in a physical way).

The problem is, you’re also trying to take the limited faculties of the physical (sight, sound, etc) and, in a sense, asking them to let go to the fact that there’s something much greater than what’s easily perceivable. If you can somehow get that to happen, simply because you say it’s so, then it will be let go and all will be well.

Unfortunately, everything around us has it’s outer, physical characteristic. It’s like the root system that holds the energetic portrayal. Yet in a spiritual endeavor, you can’t truly connect to the higher while still maintaining a strong grip on physical. The physical experience can’t be your first premise – it’s a secondary aspect to the inner you.

So the physical manifestation, that is a human being, is always going to be, to some degree, projecting an outer characteristic. Somehow or another we all have to find this common medium between the two – between the energy and the matter – by which things grow, shift, and change. That’s what living in the physical and having the connection to the inner, higher self, is all about.

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