Coming Alive

Like the Big Bang, everything new that comes into life is like an explosion, because where there was once nothing, suddenly there is something, and space has been pushed back to accommodate it. It may not appear as a literal explosion, yet anything new arising will cause reverberations into life for all of time to come. The question then becomes, is this something we nurture and feed? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: But if you thought that was bizarre, this is really bizarre. This is the sleep dream. The first part of it, that I don’t say much about, that this shifts into it as a component then vision reflection is that I can’t get components to come together. And just as I’m about ready to give up, something more happens. And that’s this vision kind of dream. 

In this dream, I’m stepping back from a hen that is bringing some chicks into life. There’s something wrong with the scenario. What is going on will either explode, or it will work out. I don’t know which, but it looks like it’s ready to explode, so I step back. 

The hen of one of the chicks, first of all I didn’t even see the chick yet, so it’s like whether it’s the egg ready to explode, or whatever it is, but it seems like the hen is going to explode. And then I blink, and then the result is something has happened that hasn’t killed the chick. 

And this was only with one of them, the other seemed to be okay. And, to my surprise, I see two healthy chicks running around under the care of the mother hen – who is managing things with ease. 

Someone says, maybe she should be given more chicks to raise. My comment is, let’s see how this goes for now because it just came out of what could have exploded. And then all of a sudden something anew is there.

A coming alive process has a tenuousness about it. I do not know what to expect. Whether it’s a rebirth that has a naturalness about it, that is a delight to see – I just don’t know. But what I end up seeing is it looks like it has it, it looks good. And it may even be more than what one could have imagined. Time will tell. 

So what is going on is a transformation is needed in order to shift the current focus of things. That is what the meditation dream portrays. And the sleep dream brings this effect into a more natural free flow, and aliveness, that is such a pleasure to see that I can’t help but wonder if this is the beginning to much more.

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The Limitations of Motion

Spiral-Galaxies2In the physical realms, i.e., this universe, everything is more coarse and more limited that the energetic state that existed before the appearance of physical matter. And, eventually, all physical matter will return to the state of energy it came from (because all things return to the source of their arising). So, what is the point of this exercise we call life? Only in the physical realms can energies change their state. So, being in a physical body is a fantastic opportunity for us to process, enhance, and shift energies – on behalf of what created the universe in the first place. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dreams were hard for me to make any sense out of because they were hard to remember, and then they had a movement that was always going on in them and a lot of it just didn’t make sense.

I remember one time seeing a scene where I think I was seeing a woman, and I realized the woman was the Earth. And then, as she moved, I realized that there was a baby with her, a kind of big baby more like something six months old. And they seemed to be splitting apart a bit, well, like they were separating a bit, moving.

Because at first I thought it was all one thing like it was the Earth or something, or a woman laying on the Earth, and then there was this movement and I see that there’s this infant kind of separating from her.

And the rest of the dreaming, that I can’t recall that well, it felt like I was living with a group of people where the building we live in is almost more like a warehouse-type building, and it felt like we were just moving from scene to scene to scene, but I don’t remember it that well because the things that I would see in the scenes didn’t really make sense to me.

And so it’s like I couldn’t hold onto them, or pull them out, that well because they weren’t logical in some way, or they weren’t familiar in some way. I just couldn’t hold onto them. They’d like be there and they’d be gone.

John: What you’re doing is you are fighting the stillness. You’re adding movement to something in which there is no movement. In other words, when you see the essence of Maya, or Mother Earth, and then you formulate a movement such as something shifting or coming into being out of that, like a baby, you’re introducing a separation. You’re causing a motion.

And such motions exist when we are in an amnesic zone of separation. We perceive things as this happening over here, and that happening over there. You strip out the activity and you have nothing but stillness; and when you have nothing but stillness, then it becomes essence, which means that you’re intertwined with the essence of it all.

And so as you go about life, whatever it is, however it is, whether it’s an apartment building, or just how you’re perceiving the outward world to be, or manifestation, whenever you take it in as having a quality that has a way in its beingness of portraying idiosyncrasies, those idiosyncrasies exist because there is separation. They do not exist in a oneness. In a oneness everything is still.

So why is this important? Well, in order to be able to relate to everything as being yourself, you have to reduce it to the stillness. If you see things as moving around separately from yourself, if you see activity in a dream and that activity, whether it’s an activity that you embrace, or an activity that haunts you, it is still a separation. The deepest way of dreaming is to be able to see yourself as intertwined with the essence.

And when you’re intertwined with the essence, you need to be intertwined with the essence in all regards. Teachers, for example, will say that they work with students in which they have some sort of relationship, or connection, to that causes this kind of connection for life. Well, very interesting way of putting it, but the connection for life exists in everything, already. It’s not a question where you suddenly go and you make this distinction that when you take something on, or like in say a Chisti way of describing it a person takes hands or whatever, or becomes committed to a process, or a path, and that that’s a big decision because it’s for an eternity. Everything is for an eternity.

So, in your dream, when you had the motion of things where you had something being born out of the wholeness, as a kind of separation, and then you had a building in which what was happening? One scene after another, instead of being able to see it as the same scene in a stillness, or yourself able to touch all of that as yourself instead of scene after scene. There is no sorting out to be done. There’s only a mirroring, an absorbing, and a reflection that can exist when you’re truly able to embody what it is that you really are.

It’s like zooming out. You know, like the image that I had the other day where I zoomed out. Instead of being up close to something I zoomed out, and when I zoomed out I took in everything in the wholeness or the essence of all there is. But when I was zoomed in then I could only function in correlation, and in relationship, to a way of being that incorporated those parameters.

And so we annihilate things, thinking we’re making our life easier. We shut things out. We bicycle away from things that are too hard for us to contend with, or we think are too hard for us to contend with, that are negative, or so asleep that it shocks our conscious intelligence or something, when we do that it’s because we lack the spiritual power to be able to go right through that to the essence that exists behind everything that projects – which is a stillness that is us. And when we cannot do that, then we develop defense mechanisms, and contract, and go into nuances, and attitudes, and mannerisms. That’s why it is said that a teacher accepts everything.

So you really work with qualities or mirrors of yourself, and everything is that unless you have taken and put up defense mechanisms in regards to that. One of the more common things to do is to act as if you have things like evil, instead of ignorance. And so if you cast dispersions in some fashion, as if there is this peculiarity in life that is so far removed that there is absolutely no light, and that it represents evil, I’m not sure that that is correct. I think the way of saying it is, it’s a matter of degrees in terms of the ignorance, and the more spiritually awakened you are the more capable you are of being able to touch something at its essence. I think it’s all a matter of spiritual, inner degree.

So basically what your dream was doing is you were more or less having to experience the limitations of motion, because when you see that you have to move around and motate around as if you are in a discovering process, or in an awakening process, instead of awakened at a depth inside yourself already, as long as you see yourself still noodling around, doing whatever dance it is that you’re doing, as long as you see yourself as being like that, then you are yet in a state of self-perpetrated, projective separation.

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