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1500There is a lot of discussion of things “awakening,” but what awakens? Well, firstly it is new energy that had been dormant or inaccessible. That new energy then activates parts of our system that, perhaps, weren’t fully functioning before. That can be a big shift internally, and we might experience it as a state of imbalance until our systems find a new equilibrium. But it is a necessary part of the process. This dream shows how that process happens through an image that moves back and forth and up and down. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well the problem I’m having with my dreams from last night is that it was about an energy that was going back and forth, and it was almost like going back and forth in not just two but maybe four dimensions.

The initial dream it seems to be going back and forth out on a prairie-type area, where I go back and forth to a ranch where people are doing something cooperatively. And, in that sense, there are animals that come back and forth between one group and another and how that’s managed. And then there’s also me going back and forth between both groups and where I am.

And when I go back once, what’s changed is they’ve brought in these, they’re like bulls or they’re even cows that have horns, too, and they can be rather ferocious. I forget what they’re using them for, but they needed them for something. And the first time I went there when they had these animals now, because they’re rather ferocious and you can’t get too close to them, I had climbed up on this huge rock and then I could look down in the pasture where the cows and the bulls were.

But then the animals actually climbed up on the rock, too. It was a huge rock, so they could get up there and someone else was giving me instructions because you couldn’t get too close to them, so they were telling me like where I could be on the rock that was maybe safe. And then I get down from the rock, and leave the animals there, and come back down across the fence.

I also know there was something going back and forth in the exchange that was going on out in the prairie with people that shared things that involved the colors red and blue.

And then it seemed to shift more into the city, which was kind of a horizontal shift, and in the city it was like I was in an auditorium and some of the people were facing forward and listening to some jazz or complicated music that was being performed on a stage, and some of us were behind them facing another direction and listening to another music – but you would still be aware of what the others were doing.

And so a lot of the dream was hard to pull out because it was all this kind of shifting back and forth in these wispy ways like that, and trying to keep track of it.

John: The theme of the dreaming is to take as a baseline the inner energetic that’s coming through, and holding onto that, having a relationship that is attuned to that so that it effectuates what one goes through in their day-to-day and in their outer.

So the way you had that in your dream is you saw it as the raw energy of the masculine, that’s the bulls and such that are in the field, and you were able to like be on a rock and look down at all of that. But that is put into motion in that all of the animals can come up on the rock, too, and thus you have a different, you have a change, you have a shift in terms of that raw energy now has to be not just as a raw energy, but has to be something that is then part of an overall cadence and flow in life.

Now, in the dream, what makes it difficult is these energies seem to have two different dynamics to them. One seems to pull in one way and, as it pulls in one way, it tends to veil the other in terms of the rawness that you see that’s a deeper inner depth. It’s a type of inner depth for you because it is something that comes down and through as a raw energy loudness.

Or you could view it in the opposite if you want, and that it is just something raw in life that is core and basic, that you need to take in and accept and have that around you. Whichever way you view it is okay, as is shown in the second dream, in which you have these two different dynamic energies that each stand on their own – but do come together and connect.

You’re actually dreaming the incorporation, the three phases of kind of this old energy that’s coming in anew. The first phase has to do with being able to grasp the recognition of value from the inner where something more, even though you live in an 80% outward world, to be able to discern the difference so that you recognize that it’s an inner into outer flow or, in your case, being able to put the animals that come to the rock along with the bulls and such that stay down below and be okay with that.

In the second part of the dream, you pull the two, as if they’re in two different zones, together. That is the quality of the Buddhist equanimity of the new energy in which the two forces work hand in hand.

So you had the first part of the new energy, and then you had the second part. The third part that you didn’t have is the part where the identification of something that’s anew is so loud that, instead of it being like an echo of inner coming into outer and you’re mired by the outer condition of things and hard to hold onto things, and in the dream struggle to be able to visualize and hold onto it because of the influence of something in the outer that is always changing, in terms of your perspective of your senses and your mind coming to fore, in the end it gets so that the inner is so loud that the outer is like a black dot.

In other words, it’s like black bull, young man, old man, white bull but with a black tip at the end of its tail. That’s an Oxnard picture. The significance is that the lightness is like 80-90%, all of the inner coming across, and the catalyst is this little black fleck that still remains – and that creates the motion. If it wasn’t for that black fleck, and us being in this loci, you wouldn’t have the eyes and the ears of something. You wouldn’t have the motion. This sets in place the motion. This is the new energy in the third phase. You were dreaming it in the first and second phase.

It’s the inner and the outer, and the red and blue, red is your dense raw energy color, and blue is a cohesion of a higher light, of a perspective kind of light. In other words, it’s the higher octave of a mental light. In other words, it’s a spiritual light, but it is still limited. It still has to go to the third use, the third octave. It’s interesting how you dreamt that.

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