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Jeane: In this scenario I’ve gone outside in an older, walled city and there’s a funeral precession going by. The people are carrying the body on a platform and it’s covered by a shroud. 

I can tell that it’s a young girl of about 9 years old who’s died. I’m wondering where the parents are. Then I see the parents, who are fairly young, being carried in a large boat, and there are other people in the boat, too.

The parents sit at the very back, the father on one side wrapped up in his grief, and the mother on the other side. She throws herself down on the bench in her grief and, when she does that, her dress comes up so she’s exposed. I’m wishing someone would cover her up a bit because she seems so exposed in her grief.

John: What’s going on in this dream is the imbalance you’ve become aware of is coming across as a type of grief. It’s similar to the shame you felt in the earlier part of the dream (see Thick as a Brick), but grief is the lower octave. Longing is the higher octave.

The longing leads to the death, not the grief of the death, but the longing leads through whatever death there is, or separation there is, within. The grief doesn’t go through it. The grief leaves you and causes you to experience something that’s more than you’re able and willing to accept.

Thus the grief can lead back to a further delusion, or veiling, or separation. But the longing – in the face of something that has changed or died or is no longer meant to be – is an echo deep, deep inside that carries you all the way back to the very first aspect, right from the very beginning.

In other words the beginning and the end are one and the same. Your beginning image saw you heading to a home where you knew your mother was and you had a full sense of this. Then you got deviated and in that deviation you took on guilt and shame. Well, since that needs to change, that’s where the teacher comes in to change it, so that you can now follow the note of yourself all the way back.

In this part of the dream, instead of this being called shame, it’s seen as grief; some part of you has died. This is totally preoccupying you, but on a higher octave you should know that the way you’re meant to feel that separation and distance is with the longing that will help you awaken to the echoed vibration that will see you through again.

This is more information, in terms of how one shifts in one’s ability or responsibility to be able to hear and hold a particular vibratory note. You have a sense of that in the second part of the dream (see The Teacher Inside) where you look to hear the quality of the masculine coming through that holds the note.

This grief thing is very, very interesting. It’s a sadness that you are taking on a little bit. It’s needing to find a connection with the earth or something in order to put you back in touch with what you know as a state, or point in time, that’s meant to be. And yet there’s a disturbance.

Your sense of what you’re drawn to in the outer redeems all of that, and puts you in touch with something that rises up – that’s what it does, it rises up. It’s like a light touching light. It’s a type of longing. Longing does that.

Wow. Very complicated dream.

What you’re doing is you’re describing the schematic, a flow chart for how to Travel In God. Because what you’re doing is you’re laying out the blueprint for how it works. It shows that you don’t hold the same principles of things against you, when you’re in this deeper part of yourself.

When you’re shifted in this part of you, you don’t hold onto the grief – it’s counterproductive. Shame, again, isn’t natural. These are conditions that impact the ability to Travel In God. You don’t really wrestle with the grief or the guilt when you’re Traveling Towards God. You don’t know where that fits in.

But when you’re trying to Travel In God, all of that now has to be taken into account.

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This is Part II of an analysis that began with the dream (Kiss, Chase, Earthquake), and the first look at what is unfolding through the imagery (I’ve Got Rhythm).

John: So we can see that you are dealing with these aspects from both sides of yourself – from the masculine and the feminine. You kiss the boy and then you kiss the girl. It’s an element of Kundalini energy opening up and it needs to be balanced. It’s almost like something is happening at the level of blueprint, from which it can then unfold into a greater part of you. What you’re describing is something at a formative level.

In earlier dreams we’ve seen you being able to embody what needed to be embodied. From the feminine aspect, you were able to function as a container for things that attempted to implement changes in you, changes at the design level.

Perhaps what this dream is pointing to is the need to have greater acuity in how those design changes need to be, because now we see you going to a deeper level so you can learn to have greater discrimination in what’s important and what you are affected by.

It’s as if you’re being held responsible or accountable. The feminine brings about the design changes in life. You’re being held accountable for having gotten a bit off track in terms of how clearly you’re able, or supposed to be able, to embody and know that.

So you’re back working with the two parts of yourself, masculine and feminine, and trying to bring them back together in an improved way. It’s like you are tinkering with the machine: things at the end of the process aren’t coming out quite right, so you go back earlier in the process and make a few adjustments. Then when things come out at the end, it’s a better product.

Maybe this way you’ll see what has been kept hidden and protected and be able to bring it out the way it’s meant to be brought out. It’s been kept safe and secure from whatever is going on in you because this is at a secret depth inside that nothing can touch. As you connect back and begin to bring it out in the open, then you’ll find out whether you are opening it up with clarity or with deviation.

In other words, the whole purpose of a dream like this is to enable you to see the proportions – the inner proportions of yourself at play.

In earlier dreams you have been shown a huge dimension – the big picture, but also how you were not quite there in terms of how that dimension needs to be brought through into the outer. Now, it’s as if you’re chopping wood and carrying water; you’re wrestling with whatever the realities are of handling it, from the inner through its journey to the outer.

You’ve gone from examining the overall, to looking at the in-between where problems are introduced (psychologies), which can cause a loss in translation. It’s pointing out that you have a pattern, or a habit, of losing information along the way (as seen in the chaotic imagery at the end of the dream).

At the same time, you previously didn’t have the ability to do the inner yo-yoing to help you sense it and to sort it out. Well, that’s what your practice of meditation might be giving you – a greater ability to sort things so that they don’t affect your ability to hold the note.

So the underlying theme here is about having to be who you are meant to be. You need to see the big picture, yes, but you also need to manage the stuff in-between. So you are starting to recognize, in terms of yourself, how it is that you’re meant to be, and recognizing that requires you to reach deeper inside and make adjustments at a design level.

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