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Quite often, John’s dreams will echo the themes of Jeane’s dreams from the same night (and vice versa). Yesterday, through Jeane’s dreams, the issues that need to be overcome in connecting to the flow are revealed from the feminine perspective (see Designing from the Interior). Here we see the aspect of “designing,” or being integrated with a flow from inner into outer, from the masculine perspective. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It’s an interesting theme. It’s amazing. I had a hard time getting this dream because… you know, getting the theme of the dreaming, because it was a very, very simple subject matter that one’s ignoring. One should see this straightaway, but I apparently have not been noticing it straightaway and, as a consequence, can have dreams that go around and around and as long as you keep missing this one little key point, you just go in circles.

I know that I was in kind of a nice, deep state in my meditation and when I came out of that I had a dream, but then it went poof and I couldn’t remember anything. And then when I came to bed, suddenly as I’m starting to dream, the way I dream reflects back on something that occurred when I came out of the meditation.

In the meditation dream all that I remember about it is that there is something about the way that I’m wrapping myself, how I’m attiring myself, that is shutting my perceptions down. And so what is going on is the net effect is keeping me out of touch with how I need to feel in a more composed way. In other words, I’m overly constrained with my being.

In the sleep I drive out to an area where there’s a fairgrounds. In other words, it’s kind of at the end of a road where you and I have driven and all of a sudden the highway ends and the fairgrounds is there and there’s a dirt road that suddenly goes through the fairgrounds. And this dirt road meanders up and over a hill and continues to go in the direction that we need to go.

And you say, “That is the way we need to go.” And I remember from long, long ago that we took this road once upon a time – I barely remember this – and it got us there, but it took forever. It was a big mistake – this is not the way to travel. It’s a lot longer than it appears. From that experience I know that there has to be a better way to get to where we need to go.

The meaning of this is that there is a gap between my natural feminine knowingness, and its instincts, and my sight. In other words, there’s a cohesion break where they’re not working together like they should.

From my meditation dream I learned that the way I’m indulging is limiting the scope of my natural sight, and so when the sight is inhibited, what follows is also off because the feminine needs the clarity and vibrancy of the masculine sight to maintain her bearings in life. If this part of myself is repressed, I make decisions that drag the unfoldment process out. I am meant and need to be in touch with a more expedient sense of awareness and flow.

The deeper meaning is to know that I have a problem with my seeing and instinctual insight, the instinctual insight being a feminine area, is brought to my attention so that I can see that I have to pull this together. I’m realizing that I’ve gotten disjointed and, when like this, I am carrying myself off, way off, away from this natural connection and design flow. The design is in the flow. And there is a natural flow when the masculine and feminine work together as a Oneness.

Then I have this long dream that kind of like shows how the biggest problem that I have that breaks this flow up over and over and over again, and in a sense that’s what your third dream did. Your third dream was showing you what you do that breaks your connection.

In other words, you can get into the place and, of course, you’ve already seen yourself that in that place it does more than shape, but it knows how to change and move energies around and fix things without having to address the complexity of a scenario because that only creates conflict and doesn’t get anything done.

You can change it by just finessing the energy into a greater opening up, which in this dream in which the theme of last night what’s being pointed out is this is what’s known as the design flow. And you indicated that what you have as a limitation to all of this is that there’s a certain imbalance in terms of a distrust of the masculine in terms of what it sees. It’s spying on you or it somehow or another is violating you in this space of an instinctual flow. That was your way of reporting what the greatest issue is yet for you to be able to function in a design flow way.

And in my dream I report my greatest problem or issue and the way it starts off is I go over to where you’re at and I tell you about what we need to do for tomorrow and D is with me and D and I had already discussed about how we needed to get together and that there were four other people that needed to be invited.

And this is not something you would know because the most that you’d have guessed is it would be D and myself and you, but then there are these four others that D has explained to me why it’s important that they be there.

As I go over there you are all speeded up so I’m not able to get a word in edgewise to say what needs to be said and so eventually D starts to walk away and I realize that the connective flow isn’t happening.

In other words, we’re not getting what needs to be done put into a sequence or flow or a cohesion, and thus a problem remains. My idea of how to communicate under the situation – I don’t know how to do it any other way other than to blow up.

I stop what is happening and say, “You need to hear this. Tomorrow there are four other guests who will be at the dinner.” And as this is communicated D starts to walk away because he senses that anything else that I’m about to say is completely a waste of time. This is not productive.

In fact, it tears something down because I blow up and I say that, “Today was a disaster. There was no flow. Everything’s disjointed. We can’t be like that.” Of course, D walks away because again it has nothing to do with the flow and doesn’t like the way I am when he realizes that what needed to be said was done, it’s time to move on.

So when I get reactive I notice that in my reactivity I was even shorting out, in other words, the connective flow and communication was because it created a shock to things was shorting out, which means that the scenario is suddenly destructive.

I walk away and in my blindsidedness state, as I go outside, I find myself not paying attention and I’m stepping and walking on newly sprouted and recently planted grass. You can’t do that to new grass. You have to stay off of it so it can get rooted.

The meaning is the theme is about shaping and designing the outer by being in a connective flow. I fail to do that when I get reactive and short out the connection that is needed. This is an indulgence and defense mechanism that wounds the flow and keeps what is fresh and new from maturing.

But then I realize that I was not supposed to just leave it at that. I’m supposed to also report how this affects the macro. In a macro context this kind of behavior is what creates war and the breakdown of society. Power is to never be misused in this way, and of course this is a masculine issue. And I realize this through little glimpses of images where I saw horses, which represent or symbolize power, and then after seeing the horses then I saw the headlines – “War” – and then I got it.

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John: In the next dream, I’m crossing a bridge and, just as I reach the other side, I see a small commotion and two people are sitting there pondering what has happened. There are some figures of authority milling about, but the people of interest seem to be the older, hippie-type couple who are offering their opinions.

Then I realize that some of the vertical support columns from the bridge have broken loose. It seems at one point they were affixed to the building on the other side of the bridge for extra support. That extra support appears to have helped avoid what could have been a disaster; someone could have plunged off the edge and been hurt.

These two people are evaluating the situation, trying to decipher the old signage that was attached to these columns. They are trying to figure out what the letters “PAT” stand for.

I offer the word “patent” as a possibility, but they say “No, no it was more like PALT or PLAT.” I want them to show me exactly where they’re looking, but instead I end up looking at another sign that seems to date back to the Sixties. I don’t remember what it said, but it created a joke in a cynical way.

During this exchange, I begin to think that I recognize the woman from somewhere; I know she’s from Montana. My sense is that she views Montana as a place that won’t be much affected by the coming changes.

I ask her where she’s from and she says, “Bridgette, near Millet.”  I ask her if that’s south of Dillon. She says, “Yes, by about 80 miles.” I’ve taken the position that I know Montana really well, but I now have to admit that I don’t know much about that part of the state.

What can I learn from this dream imagery? Basically, I’m looking at what it takes to be independently strong in the face of diversity. Wherever I look today I see everything being affected by one dilemma or another. Yet there still is the sense that hope can be found within the turmoil, even though it’s isolated.

This insight comes in an odd way – this woman is not something that I expect. Her husband seems a little cynical, and yet she seems to feel that she has security that’s based upon her isolation or separation (in Montana). I don’t know what to make of that.

As I’m pondering this I see another image of me riding into a herd of cattle, like a cattle drive, and I’m riding into it against the flow. In other words, the cattle hands are pushing this herd along and I’m causing a disruption because I’m riding right into the face of it.

This confuses things and I realize that I’m disrupting what is deemed to be standard practice. This causes me to take another look at the importance of the cattle drive in relationship to me; by going against the flow I’m causing the raw energy to have to adjust.

The dream with the bridge – with the extra support from a building on the other side – having its structural integrity compromised causes me to realize that, little by little, things everywhere are being compromised. And what’s being compromised is the effect of the inner life upon the outer life. That effect, which is proper to the way of human existence, is becoming less and less.

Everything I look at, with a few exceptions, is showing the effects of losing structural integrity, and that’s because real structural integrity comes from the inside out.

In the cattle image, I am seen to be going against this trend or pattern in the herd mentality of the culture. I’m trying to deepen my inner life and let it radiate into the outer world. That’s what a spiritual path is about – allowing the god connection within us to bloom and shine through. In these changing times, when our structural integrity has to come from within – because outer structures are falling apart – it’s more important that ever to have a strong inner foundation.

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