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AsWithinSoWithoutHere, Jeane continues her dream from yesterday (see Back to Essentials). It’s interesting to note that the imagery has literally shifted from inside an office building, to being outside on a bus. This speaks of the human process of bringing energetics through into life – a process of the inner manifesting in the outer. Processing energy in this way is part of the human design, and part of our role and responsibility in creation.

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Jeane: Now it feels like, as I am trying to suddenly work out in my mind how to accommodate these people, because there are so many of them, it feels like we’ve shifted to where we’re on a bus. 

And there’s one gal outside the bus yet, and when she starts to walk up the street, there are some kind of rough-and-tumble people on the street, so it’s like I kind of get her to come back on the bus because the action out there was a little rough. 

And then it just seems like there’s a shift as I’m finally working out how I can maybe give a little bit of time to each person, even though it seems impossible because more people keep coming. But I do seem to feel like I’m starting to sort it out, but then it’s like there’s a shift and it feels like I’m walking across a field with you or someone that’s like a combination of you.

I’m walking across a field with them at night, and they need to go on ahead because I still have some more people to see. And I go on up to a house, but I realize the dilemma I have is that we’re walking together and they’re going to go on up to this cabin, or house or something, which is across this field like a football field.

But I suddenly realize we both came in the same car, or we’re both there without our cars, so that we have to meet up and get back together because we can’t just one of us leave and then the other leave, because we have to go find the vehicle or something like that.

And so he’s going to have to wait at the house until I finish the work, and I know he kind of goes up to this A-frame, and it’s night, and I’m not even sure it’s our house he’s going to go wait at. It does seem to be someplace he can go in, but then I have to try to find him again at night, after the work is finished. I barely remember that part.

John: Well, this other part is a little different than what I was expecting in that what you’re doing in the last part of the dream is you’re measuring the capacity, the capability and capacity of yourself, to take someplace within and go into the outer with it.

In other words, bring it through. And you go out onto the bus, but it’s still kind of almost an interim bus. It is a bus. It is in the outer. You have taken it out, but as far as going out and walking down and around the street, that can be a bit rugged.

And so you still have your carefulness that you have to do in terms of taking something that is enmeshed and hidden inside of you and taking it into the outer, living it, so to speak, in the outer capacity.

The rest of the dream continues in terms of trying to get you to realize that because you’re still going through the motions of trying to figure out how to bring it into the outer, that it’s easy to see this to be separate over there, and that to be a bit separate over there, and still have that kind of distinction mannerism in your nature.

And the dream is trying to say there is no distinction mannerism in your nature. Everything comes together. It all drives in the same car. It all loses the car, and it all finds the car, so to speak. It all is in this together.

And that you don’t go making distinctions with parts of yourself. When you bring it through you bring it all the way through. You don’t say, okay, this over here doesn’t get the smattering in that over there.

You don’t have any conditions. It either all comes through, and it’s not all coming through is what this part is portraying. And then so you have a bit of a bewilderment in that because you had the directness and the loudness of the other part that kind of came through, but now the carrying it across into the outer is still your Rubik’s Cube. I mean, you still have those peculiarities to sort out.

That’s a pretty interesting dream. You have to establish the overall space because that’s what’s important, it’s the dynamic from which you then are able to function and work and extend and reach out and come down into life – inner into outer.

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Jeane: This dream has me wandering around The Strip in Las Vegas looking at what’s going on, deciding on what to show or what not to show someone else. I’m evaluating all the different options, and I remember one thing I considered a “two,” and another I considered a “six,” and something else I thought was a little too sleazy to include.

I”m just trying to figure out what’s appropriate to do with this other person.

John: When you try to figure out what to show someone, you’re also figuring out what’s unique and distinct in their nature that might benefit from what they’re being shown. If you can perceive that uniqueness, then you’re a step closer because there’s an intertwining between you and them.

In the dream, both people are representations of different aspects within you, so that points to you also being a step closer to seeing what’s needed to further intertwine with a greater aspect of yourself.

By contrast, if you show another person only things that you find interesting from your perspective, i.e., you aren’t attentive to how somethings needs to unfold for them, then there’s a kind of disconnection that comes up. That disconnection causes a dullness, or a blur rather than a clarity, in both aspects (you and them).

When there is a blur or a dullness caused because of a situation like this, what you’re supposed to be able to notice – in terms of yourself – is that some part of you is meant to come awake to the fact that something greater is possible, but that it isn’t quite happening. You develop a gap in the linkage, or in the connection, where instead of an energetic lift, the relationship between the two parts (or two people) becomes an energetic drain.

This imagery is something of a precursor to the idea: “How do you, in a certain sense, take responsibility over someone else, without taking on an even greater responsibility over yourself?” If you can take on that responsibility, then what can open up in you is an ability to see what the other person sees. You can see things from their perspective. But if you can’t, no matter how hard you try to show them something, it won’t come across, i.e., something greater can’t open up for the whole.

It’s an interesting dilemma, and one that’s associated with a person who holds themselves out as a spiritual teacher. A teacher has to have a focus and intent, a need really, to connect to the bigger picture. And in order to connect to the bigger picture, the teacher has to realize that things are so infinite, and God is so infinite in how He has hidden Himself in the manifestation of Creation, that they can’t disregard any inflection that lies in front of them.

That’s one of the reasons it’s stated in the Bible “Honor thy father and thy mother.” If we tend to reject or repudiate some aspect of our father or mother, we’re actually rejecting some deep family trait or characteristic inside us. We’re refusing to acknowledge an aspect of us that, for the sake of wholeness, can’t be suppressed.

Therefore, such an attitude or mannerism perpetuates a problem within, even at the level of the blood, that can carry on and on. Well, the same is true when working with others. The connection may not be as deep as with family, but humans have a common birthright that we’re meant to share – we can embrace a greater, shared perspective.

For example, our teacher has described how he really only cares about a few things, one of them being his family. When he says that, he’s really including all of his students as part of that family. And he has to give up (like a mother of things), all that he can possibly give up inside himself to try to see the something there (within the family) that can awaken and is meant to emerge. In doing so, he supports that emergence and growth.

So he’s seeing beyond the little variances and nuances of daily life and, as he does that, he facilitates the awakening of the whole. The teacher does it for a larger group, perhaps thousands. Your image shows you attempting to do something similar within yourself.

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John: In the next dream there is a plaque, or an award, that’s given out for the deed-of-the-day. On this day, the award is being given to me.

I know that I’m the person chosen for the award, but I pretend otherwise because the janitor also has the same name as I do. I joke that he’s the one entitled to the plaque for having cleaned out his mop bucket.

The significant aspect of this dream is that I know that the award is given to me. I believe that this image is a response to what happened in the previous dream, where I had the recognition of two ways to participate in the whole that acknowledges my responsibility as a human being – in relation to the world around me and to Creation itself (see Invisible Man).

I mean, I actually felt that I saw something smiling – that I had “gotten it” in some way. So the first dream was important in that it provided me with an understanding in terms of how one can relate to life, to Creation. It can be done in two ways: the imminent (projection through the self to the outer), and the transcendent (higher self to higher self).

Both offer an energetic hint that creates a shift in relation to the whole as an invisible effect, with the transcendent being the more profound of the two. In others words, we may not know exactly the effect we’re imparting, and what is around us (people and other living things) may not consciously be aware of it happening.

Humans are designed to participate and interact at these deeper levels. When we, as an individual, are able to hold or maintain these inner states, we can create a shift in which others have to make an adjustment or catch up with the recognition of it. This is the subtle evolution of life. When we ignore this level of interaction, we, as individuals and as a species, make ourselves vulnerable to a much louder effect – as a wake-up call – such as the havoc created by Mother Nature as she evolves.

In the next dream a presumption is made that if a lot of flowers are added to a bath, i.e., the essence of things is infused into it, that no one could deny that it’s a wonderful bath.

In this image, a man climbs into the bath while I observe his level of appreciation. He immediately gets back out, to the consternation of all of those who went to the trouble to make it an exquisite experience.  

The essence bath is too over-the-top for his tastes. The man mumbles as he leaves because he’s aware of the effort made, saying, “Whom do you think won and whom do you think lost on that one?”

It wasn’t simple enough for him. He wants everything to be simple, in the sense of: “Let’s not get carried away.”

The meaning here is, to touch the essence of our being in a way that’s truly meaningful, simple works best. Flooding the situation with too much essence might sound good to those in a position of greater knowing, i.e., more connected to their higher self, but it’s generally lost on most people because they require simplicity in order to get “It.” Too much essence will trigger their defense mechanisms and psychological patterns, so the essence won’t penetrate through the veils they have put before themselves.

The way this applies to the first dream is that we have to relate on the level of Creation, in the sense of connecting to the wholeness of life, in order to directly affect others. We can’t just flood people with the energy of it and think they’re going to get it.

What this is saying is that we must connect to the higher self, but we can’t just exist in that transcendent state. We must bring the higher self into the lower aspects of life – infuse our daily goings-on with the essences of Creation. That’s how we touch life by our very act of living.

The human is the crown of Creation, but there’s an aspect of the human experience that has to play the role of the foot soldier for God. It’s a surrender of our personal self in service to the whole.

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