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Jeane: In the next image, I’m trying to get to my car. I’ve walked up to the local grade school, and I can see that my car is parked on the other side of the playground.

As I walk toward the car, I suddenly hit my head against a fence. I realize that, for some reason, there is a glass fence surrounding the school that I couldn’t see. I run right into it.

I realize that I’m going to have to walk around the block to get to my car because there is no shortcut across the playground.

John: Can you repeat that? (Jeane repeats the dream.)

Each of us has our own way of being that’s rooted in the environment that is before us – because we’re in creation. That means we have the realities of where we are born, whether we are male or female, and the aspects of our circumstances that we have to manage as we go through life.

All that is before us, so to speak. And it could be said that represents the playground we act within. Your car, on the other hand, represents the you-of-you – it is you as a thing in motion and traveling through this existence. It is your real home. The image of your dream shows you trying to navigate, or cross through, the playground of your life to reach the inner you.

That’s a great description of the spiritual journey, and the challenge of being on a spiritual path. Because this outer life shouldn’t be something that prevents us from reaching our inner self, but rather we should be in our inner self as we experience the playground of life.

So even though we must be participant in the goings on of life, we shouldn’t get too caught up in the drama of it. Because if we experience it as drama – meaning we take it too personally – then it tends to throw us off course. When we are thrown off course, we can visualize that as being pulled out of our “car”; we are no longer based in our inner self, but entangled in an outward identity.

The more we are entangled in an outward identity, the more the truth of the universe becomes veiled to us – the more we are sleepwalking through life, rather than being awake and conscious. What prevents us can seem like invisible forces (a glass fence) that keep these two realities separate.

What happens is that when we come to develop a bit of spiritual understanding, we begin to realize that it isn’t the external playground that is causing all the disturbances in our life, but it is our reaction to, and personal involvement in, what is occurring outside of ourselves.

We experience those disturbances as stress, anxiety, and fear, and we attribute them to the external events, but it’s closer to the truth to say that those disturbances arise because we are getting further and further away from our inner selves (the car).

The result is that we are no longer able to simply proceed, in a natural way, because we have surrounded ourselves with glass fences. Then our energy is spent in trying to figure out how to circumvent those barriers to our inner selves and, as the dream shows, we find that there are no shortcuts back.

However, the dream is trying to show you that this feeling of having to go the long way around isn’t natural. You are meant to be able to go straight toward the car – you can see it and recognize it, but it’s just out of reach.

So we are meant to transcend the playground of this life; in other words, glide over whatever barriers may arise. When we are centered in our inner selves, we are in the flow of things.

The images signify that you have become more aware that the outer is an abstraction to how you truly are on the inner. We (you) should be able to incorporate both places simultaneously, and be able to deal with all that occurs in the flow of the outer, without creating veils, or resistance, to our ability to catch up with the real car of ourself.

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This is Part II of an analysis that began with the dream (Kiss, Chase, Earthquake), and the first look at what is unfolding through the imagery (I’ve Got Rhythm).

John: So we can see that you are dealing with these aspects from both sides of yourself – from the masculine and the feminine. You kiss the boy and then you kiss the girl. It’s an element of Kundalini energy opening up and it needs to be balanced. It’s almost like something is happening at the level of blueprint, from which it can then unfold into a greater part of you. What you’re describing is something at a formative level.

In earlier dreams we’ve seen you being able to embody what needed to be embodied. From the feminine aspect, you were able to function as a container for things that attempted to implement changes in you, changes at the design level.

Perhaps what this dream is pointing to is the need to have greater acuity in how those design changes need to be, because now we see you going to a deeper level so you can learn to have greater discrimination in what’s important and what you are affected by.

It’s as if you’re being held responsible or accountable. The feminine brings about the design changes in life. You’re being held accountable for having gotten a bit off track in terms of how clearly you’re able, or supposed to be able, to embody and know that.

So you’re back working with the two parts of yourself, masculine and feminine, and trying to bring them back together in an improved way. It’s like you are tinkering with the machine: things at the end of the process aren’t coming out quite right, so you go back earlier in the process and make a few adjustments. Then when things come out at the end, it’s a better product.

Maybe this way you’ll see what has been kept hidden and protected and be able to bring it out the way it’s meant to be brought out. It’s been kept safe and secure from whatever is going on in you because this is at a secret depth inside that nothing can touch. As you connect back and begin to bring it out in the open, then you’ll find out whether you are opening it up with clarity or with deviation.

In other words, the whole purpose of a dream like this is to enable you to see the proportions – the inner proportions of yourself at play.

In earlier dreams you have been shown a huge dimension – the big picture, but also how you were not quite there in terms of how that dimension needs to be brought through into the outer. Now, it’s as if you’re chopping wood and carrying water; you’re wrestling with whatever the realities are of handling it, from the inner through its journey to the outer.

You’ve gone from examining the overall, to looking at the in-between where problems are introduced (psychologies), which can cause a loss in translation. It’s pointing out that you have a pattern, or a habit, of losing information along the way (as seen in the chaotic imagery at the end of the dream).

At the same time, you previously didn’t have the ability to do the inner yo-yoing to help you sense it and to sort it out. Well, that’s what your practice of meditation might be giving you – a greater ability to sort things so that they don’t affect your ability to hold the note.

So the underlying theme here is about having to be who you are meant to be. You need to see the big picture, yes, but you also need to manage the stuff in-between. So you are starting to recognize, in terms of yourself, how it is that you’re meant to be, and recognizing that requires you to reach deeper inside and make adjustments at a design level.

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John: In this image there is a car that I own, but it is under the care of a woman. She does it on my behalf, but when I come to the car it’s always in relationship to her.

What I’m trying to say is that access to the car requires both of us; this is a balance or combination that the car itself relates to in terms of automatically unlocking and being responsive.

There is a part of me that feels defensive or resentful about it being like that, but I have resigned myself to the situation. In fact I am able to completely let go of that resentment and just accept that there is a vibration and a power involved that is so much greater that I am. This occurs suddenly when a friend of this woman appears, and she is clad in special attire – very striking, almost like feminine warrior attire. This friend comes over near the car and it is clear that she has access to all cars of this type; she was empowered with this trust by the factory.

So this warrior/woman is able to come over and she has what seems to be a magnetic linkage. All she has to do is touch the car, or stand on the running board, and there is a particular vibration that she carries as a part of her being that causes the car to automatically unlock itself for her.

So before, unlocking the car required two of us, and now this woman comes along and she embodies that capability, and trust, as part of a vibration. That is the moment I lose my defensiveness and surrender immediately, and I am okay with that. It doesn’t bother me at all because I can experience her power and presence when she touches the car. It causes a tingle or something energetic to travel through the vehicle. She seems to have an alignment, a kind of aliveness magnetically, that is apparent as soon as she gets near the car. It resonates in a way that makes me feel that everything is all right.

The meaning I take from this dream is that I am being shown an image of consciousness affecting matter, and I am allowed to feel the aliveness of that as it permeates the object. It is a state of being so quiet that I am attuned to the whole, as an aspect of my being.

Whenever you have a dream about a vehicle, that vehicle is you. Being able to handle or respond to this vehicle that is me, and being able to have its qualities and mysteries open and readily accessible to me, involves not just the linear aspect of things (a masculine nature), but also involves something more subtle, a type of feminine energy, that is astir in me but still needs to embed itself more deeply as an aspect of my wholeness.

So the vehicle represents me, and yet in the beginning even I cannot access the vehicle without my feminine aspect present. Then I am shown that the vehicle maker has entrusted the access of the car to this higher feminine energetic who, just by her presence, can unlock everything about the car.

I cannot begin to describe what the feeling of that quality was like, as it touched and instantly permeated the vehicle (me) and the vehicle took on an incredible aliveness. It was like getting a big hint of what that could actually be like as a quality, felt deeply in the heart. Consciousness being able to affect matter seems to defy logic, but then it’s not such a big leap when you actually feel such a vibration resonate. For a split second I had the experience: she stepped on the running board and the entire vehicle came alive in a conscious way.

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