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07c4The nature of a duality, our planet for example – two genders, on and off, hot and cold, up and down, wet and dry – is that it can only go back and forth, switching from one position or state to the other. That works fine for cyclical things like seasons, but humans are more than just cyclical, we’re here to make progress. So each of us can be the third thing amidst all the dualities. We can see that two political parties create an endless tug of war over the same ground. Progress is made, and development is made, when we introduce something new into the duality, elevating it and moving it forward. That’s one reason why the triangle is a sacred symbol. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’ll give you glimpses of dreams and a little bit of a theme. In one glimpse, it’s almost like I’m hitting something, almost like a tube, a cardboard tube or something like that, and out pops maybe a miniature kid, or person. You know, like you have to jar it, you have to jar the tube. A little kid, I mean a tiny kid, you know, like a miniature kid or two.

And there’s another scene where I’m in some kind of a factory and I’m trying to get to where you put the cardboard box… break them down and put them away. And they haul them away on a cart.

And then I’m trying to go to other areas in the factory and find my way around yet. Those are the dreams that I don’t remember that much of; then they led into a dream…

John: Those two dreams are kind of like how I dream. In other words, it’s like you’re having to shake something through, like you’re jarring a tube, and out of the tube pops a baby.

It’s like there’s an intangible side of yourself; you have a sense of it. It’s not a side of yourself that gets caught up in the outer dynamic of the expansive and contractiveness of things. And so typically it’s dormant, or typically it’s out of sight rather, and therefore, yeah, it could be dormant.

It’s as if the frustration, or the way that you have to jar things, the way you have to go through things where you have to be compelled to have to feel the pressure of this, and the conditions of that, and the dilemma of this, and the awkwardness of that, there is something about that that if you’re able to stop and let go you can hear, and find the peace of something.

And the peace of something that can come through all of the frou-hah of the dynamic of manifestation, that which comes through, the baby represents the peace. It’s the peace of things. And peace is not possible if you don’t have a mixing effect that’s going on where something like that has to come in as a relief.

I see it in my dreams as a third variable, that the expansive and contractive, the outer conditions are always going at it, and at what point in time can you let go of that? And the whole indulgence and fascination of it for this other?

You see it as something that emerges, that is just there, and that there is a frustration when you know it needs to be clearer. In other words, the feminine can feel in her nature something that embodies what is important as a wholeness, the divine feature inside of her, or however, and waits even, or can get contangled in a scenario. It will do things, anything, though, to cause it to kind of awaken or shift through. So you have this in the banging on the tube, and out pops a baby – and what was the other one?

Jeane: There was cardboard that had to be broken down and put away somewhere. People hauled them off.

John: Yeah, yeah. So, you have to take the energetic of that as a quality of doingness, and hear the silence behind that. In other words, you’ve got this in front of you, like you say cardboard, basically something that’s just a… it’s just a mixing pot of things, it’s just a raw energy of things, and you have to work through that to find that shifted element in which there’s a letting go and a peace.

In other words to where it doesn’t keep you all contangled, to which it, so to speak, sorts itself out. Now you don’t describe it in as much detail. You just describe it as an overall sensation, but the detail of it is to contend with that cardboard you have to use the only two tools that exist in a dense manifestation: you have to look at it in an expansive way, and a contractive way, and then somehow or another there’s that third variable that comes in, and is the relief. Because otherwise you can get all indulged and overwhelmed.

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