Catching Up

Carl Jung - Red Book
Carl Jung – Red Book

When we speak about letting go in a spiritual journey, it is a type of surrender – which can be scary in any scenario – but here can mean letting go of our tight grip on things and putting our trust and faith into something higher, something universal. But what comes with that surrender is also a great healing, because it is one of our greatest stresses and heartaches to be separated from our creator. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: While we were waiting to do this I looked up the key words because it’s best to start with how the subject matter is looked at in Jungian psychology. And the animus is the masculine component within the feminine personality, and so then the opposite is true where the anima would be the feminine component within the masculine personality.

What we were talking about earlier had to do with a quality of a shadow dynamic in which the pain that the masculine feels deep, deep inside of themselves, if you don’t access that pain, and generally to be able to access that pain you have to get beyond your reactionariness and such like that, if you can access that pain you can bring something then into life that fits and flows with life.

It has a sensation of being a little bit like air movement – it flushes right through – or otherwise if you can’t quite touch that inner depth pain that you have, then you come across as dull and dense. You just don’t have the aliveness, the quickened aliveness.

I noted this last night in that initially I had this dream that when I woke up from meditation I was so groggy that I couldn’t, it would’ve been painful almost to try to write it up. It was so awkward it was like a part of me hadn’t come back enough, grounded enough, where I was still in that space but then the ordeal of having to try to write it up. So I needed to settle back and so I thought well, I’ll just lay back.

And so I laid back on a couch in the meditation room and a couple hours later I came out of it and I didn’t have anything. And typically I can still feel maybe the whiff of something, you know, and I kept looking and trying to get it because sometimes you can work at it energetically and bring it back, maybe not the dream back but the vibration.

You know, it doesn’t work as well without the symbolism of the dream, but sometimes you can do that. I couldn’t even do that, but I was able to denote this little echo of a pain. And so when I went to bed then and was laying there in bed, I got the experience, was shown that the problem has to do with air movement. That’s what it was telling me.

Now that’s my way of trying to denote that I have to bring something from this crack, this inner pain, and bring it through. And in the sleep dream that followed, I was shown that I know how to work with the raw energy of things, I can pacify animalistic dense nature. And that I seem to be able to also know how to understand the bigger picture, you know, in terms of the import of something.

That is something that is at one point but now, at this point, in order for something to come through and touch life again, inner into outer being the center schematic, I have to go way back to the recesses to where that pain is at in order to do it. And if I go way back to the recesses of that pain and bring that all the way forward, then it can present out into life. And if I can’t, then I’m dull and I’m dense and I’m swallowed by the greater outer. I don’t have that sensation exploding as a waking up and coming through.

You know, as Leonard Cohen says, it’s through a crack that a little light comes through. And I normally don’t even see that crack or that pain because I’m normally caught in the denser aspect of things. My attention is more on, for example, the out-breath, you know, and the momentum and activity of things around me, and trying to sort myself out in relationship to that.

I hadn’t gotten to the point of realizing that to really get to the heart level I have to bring something through as an answer to that pain. And so that’s what my sleep dream showed me was that I’m at that point now where I have to be a greater teacher to myself, meaning not a temporary teacher that’s working with the denser outer nuances of things so much anymore. That part has been done.

In other words, I know how to take raw energy and things that are all askew and be able to play with that, maybe even breathe it in, so to speak, as an in-breath now and be still with that, and help that be still. But can I really take care of a wound that sits at a pain level, at a deep, deep, deep depth of the heart, which wasn’t noticeable, as noticeable, or something that I could contend with in anything other than a delirium before because I had my raw nature in the way?

This, I noticed, was a masculine way of catching up with something at this new stage of things, and that masculine catching up of things results when you’re able to bring the pain forward, when you bring it forward so that something comes out of that into life it comes out as a fullness on the in-breath which is the feminine breath.

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A Vibrational Disaster

305Yes, there are many religions and many paths to a connected, developed life. But one of the points John is making here is that each one of them is merely the starting point for the journey, it is not the whole path. Clinging too tenaciously to the specifics of any path is besides the point. These are living essences that are being wooed, and it is only our process – our thoughts and actions – that can connect to them, not our narrow-mindedness.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now in my dream a couple of nights ago I was looking at was that I had to bring whatever there is of the inner into the outer. I had to be a facilitator to that – because that’s the only direction that there is.

The inner comes into the outer. The outer never goes into the inner. The outer is a reflection of something that has been stimulated because of the inner, and then that reflection changes. But the reflection can’t become something that it isn’t. It can only infer to the vibration that has touched the essence.

And so where the problem exists, where the mistakes are made, is where let’s say you have a tariqa and in the tariqa you have the presence of a teacher, and in the presence of the vibration of the teacher and whatnot there’s a clarity, and there is a closeness, and there is a connection and it goes for millennia, and so when things go from this loci to an inner loci, there it finds itself but is it finding itself complete? Or is it finding itself still carrying some sort of reservation, suppressed personal?

A good example that was used by Arny Mindell. Now Arny Mindell was one of Carl Jung’s protégé students and Arny Mindell of course went off on his tangents, too, but to begin with he understood something before he got into his tangent which had to do with dreambody. And where he messed up a little bit was he burned people with too much light; he did not know how to equate this. He basically felt that they had to somehow or another bear it.

And he likened it to the process that Carl Jung had established and what people went through in which they had to delve into certain depths of themselves to shake something lose that wasn’t awakened for most people, and then when that’s awakened then you had something that you could communicate with.

The problem is then when you have that something that you could communicate with, do you have the depth of an understanding and a sight to know how to do that without hurting them or without putting them through something that they’re not grown up enough or capable enough to handle or carry?

So when he used to do his dreambody thing, most people that I noticed that he did that with were worse off later because they did not know how to assimilate what got jarred. But he recognized that there was an importance to the challenging of one’s self, but he also recognized it a little differently than his brother.

His brother was a person that chose the aesthetic path, and so his brother went to India or someplace where there were caves, and he would go into a cave and he’d spend a year in there. He would go into deep meditation and he’d have just enough provisions and whatnot so that he did not have to relate to the outer world.

And he would have tremendous experiences where he would get into a depth of light and clarity and such that, under those conditions, under that set scenario, he would be phenomenal. But Arny Mindell’s joke was, when he came out of the cave if he ran into his ex-wife it could go poof just like that. All the issues of whatever it was that was incomplete would just completely destroy this tremendous, wonderful experience that he had harbored for a whole year, and worked so hard to get closer to for a whole year in the isolation.

Well, similarly speaking that is an underlying subtle problem on the inner level. You know, if you were to go and you were to look at the inner planes of things you will find that there is a tremendous degree of consciousness in this corridor, and this corridor, and this corridor, and this corridor but it’s been refined, it’s been tightened, it’s been streamlined, and it does not necessarily take into account as much fullness as it needs to take into account.

Now in terms of taking in this fullness, you had to be able to be in a city, in a city of all kinds of people, and you had to work with the animals, too, which means the lower-self vibrations. You had to take and work with all of that, too.

As a process, to contend with the problems that exist a higher level of the physical existence that we’re in, is to be able to take into account everything that is going on around us, to take it into account in a way in which you have the full exposure – where you’re not streamlining to a particular note or something, like in the cave kind of thing, but not able to handle ordinary things.

This is how I’m coming to see things are vibrationally, and it’s also how I am coming to recognize and see that the path to connecting to something on an inner level and bringing it into life is a path which cannot happen if you take and try to make it only in such and so a way. You have to take everything into account to do it.

Now the thing that is most baffling about this is the fix to the innerness is not a going to the innerness, in terms of an abandonship in the outerness. The fix to the innerness is to work in the subtle ways in which everything is in the outer, taking everything into account, the lower-self vibrations, taking them totally into account, and knowing how to somehow or another relate to them in a subtle way.

Now we’re playing with the inner into the outer, not the outer which is all reflective, which deals with lower-self natures and whatnot, which is the 99.9% of what is going on in life, we’re playing with this inner coming into the outer. We’re playing with the quality of burning things, as opposed to going into stupidity which is the direction of outer towards inner.

And so when you’re playing in that motif, you know, it’s a whole different ballgame in which you’re figuring out how it is that you can communicate and that you can relate to others so that they get something.

Now to do that, there’s a very fine line here. The fine line is that when you’re in their presence it can be interesting, exciting, it can be speeded up, it can be wonderful – but it won’t be sustainable if they don’t catch up with the fact that you and they are connected in a oneness.

But if, after everything that happens, there’s still the belief that you have to thread your way around in some fashion, that you yourself are somehow or another uniquely separate, if you still carry that motif then, within that, you are going to be shutting certain things out. You’re going to be defining yourself in a particular way that is a design in which you see yourself. And when you see yourself in this particular design, you’re going to see yourself as different from someone else. And the more you see yourself as different from other things, the more you then start going more and more and more into the outer, and the personal, as opposed to the intertwining.

Now if you can communicate with a person from the standpoint in which this one thing that is going on does not get lost, and this one thing being that you and they are one and the same, that are interconnected and intertwined, if that can always be held there as a cherished mannerism, then what comes across is a facilitation whereby you don’t worry about having to run from the fire, you don’t worry about being burned because you come into a wholeness and the wholeness is what it’s about.

But otherwise if a person gets speeded up and then has to step and fall back to their own ways, they have been burned. And when they have been burned they automatically slow down, and they automatically shut things off and they fall back to latent defense characteristics and mannerisms that they’re familiar with.

Now nobody wants to do that, but that’s just what happens. And the problem with spiritual paths is they too get caught in the same kind of mind/issue problem in that they tend to look at what is unfolding, what is coming into life, or what is happening in life, they tend to look at it in terms of trying to streamline, or to tighten the clarity or something, instead of realizing that everything is part of it. There is no good, bad, or ugly. There is no evil.

All of those ideas take and shut off a depth that’s there as well. That which is evil, or deemed evil or bad or however you want to characterize it, is just because you are looking at it in an outer motif way. You’re not looking at it from what is there underneath trying to sort and come through, that is pure and true, that’s very touching, that is intertwined, that is connected.

And so if you throw off something that is deemed to be evil or out of sorts with what is meant to be, in your idea of what’s meant to be, you then have defined the limits, or have set up the parameters we’ll call them, in a spiritual path way, of how to be.

It doesn’t work that way. It has been working that way for a long, long time but, little by little, the tariqas following the tariqas and the tariqas each doing their own particular thing, and each having their own clarity within a certain octave of the light, they all have bifurcations now in place that that needs to drop because every one of these little bifurcations is a vibrational disaster in terms of the wholeness of the light.

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Connecting to Wisdom

planet-As we saw in yesterday’s dream (see The Inner House), what unfolds on the unconscious level of dreams is a guide for what can happen in our waking, outer life. Here we find ourselves, born away from home on this planet, seemingly without a road map. Yet when we  begin to look closely, we can see that everything we need has been supplied – even the intelligence to have a “knowing” about something that was unknown before. Great wisdom is within us – it awaits our arrival with infinite patience. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then it feels like there’s a scene where I’m in the garage, tinkering with some contraption trying to get it to work or whatever, and that there’s a carload of young guys that come by. They kind of have a bluish energy to them. Blue and white, maybe. 

And it feels like I invite them to a party, and they kind of go off laughing. And I have a feeling they won’t come to the party because I have a sense that they’re actually priests, but I know that they were happy to be invited. They were glad they were invited, but I don’t know that they’ll come. 

Then there’s the scenario, which I think I’m in the house, and I’m talking to several people and they’re relating a story about an older woman, who to me looks like Mrs. T, who on the day she died was being driven somewhere and had said certain things that everyone else thought was delusional.

And I’m looking at this scene. It’s like I can see her in the car and whatever she’s saying I could hear in the dream, although I couldn’t pull it out, and I’m saying, no, she was actually having a vision – they just didn’t understand what she was saying.

John: That’s true of these boys in the car, too, although it’s not a vision per se, it’s a reflection of what that vision is all about, in that they are in a process and a flow in an unbalanced way because they’re just moving this way and that way about. 

They’re not housed, so to speak. They’re outward, but they carry an attention upon both blue and white energy. White energy is an energy of completion, of pristine-ness. As you say, they’re like priests. 

And blue energy is an energy of an awakening through a certain understanding, or clarity, or insight, or even wisdom. The higher element of blue has a connection to wisdom, because it’s in the higher chakra. It’s the fifth, it’s just above the heart. 

The higher element of blue has an element that awakens – and there are two components to that. One is where used in a way that is kept dense in the outer leads to an understanding of things. Used in a way that is part of a higher consciousness that has a wisdom in terms of kind of knowing what is right and what isn’t right about a situation. 

So what you’ve done is you’ve created a flux. You haven’t brought the flux together. The guys that are there in their way have not figured out how to come into the house. And so the quality of the vision is that this has to happen, and how is what you see, and what is in your energetic field, how is this going to happen, or how is this to be? 

And that’s where the Mrs. T dream comes in. It’s no different than a vision kind of thing of Carl Jung seeing himself sitting in meditation under a banyan tree, knowing that some aspect of himself is caught in both places. And Mrs. T’s vision would, in its way, bring all of that together, would see how that is meant to come together. 

Now, it basically is all there inside of you. You have these inflections that are cycling. How do you bring it together? That’s the issue. See how that was? That’s an awkward little dream. 

Jeane: Uh huh, it was.

John: The schematic apparently is, if one was to take an underlying theme of what is being dreamt by the both of us, one would say that the theme has to do with something that is to unfold, that is intended to unfold, that is intended to come into cognition.

And the theme tends to also, by the very fact that the theme has to do with a conduct, or an action, or a mannerism that is sitting latent, that has to be caught up with, that rises like a phoenix from the ashes into a type of way of being in the outer. 

The theme seems to invoke that apparently we have work to do or, in the outer, we don’t just go into a silence or an emptiness. We have to catch up with that silence and that emptiness, but because we’re in the outer, we also are here for a kind of purpose that has to be done in relationship to the whole.

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