Getting Involved

This series of dreams brings up a fundamental truth in spiritual or religious work: that we, as a human life, must be involved and a contributor to the universal process. Belief is a starting point, yet it is only our actions and intentions – when they are aligned to cosmic principles, not man-made concepts – that make us a co-creator of the universe. And we are designed to be just that, ultimately. But, as they say, there is no free ride. Creation is always doing its part, but how often, or consistently, are we? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The first dream I didn’t pull out as well, but it seemed like it started out with there’s this like milky-colored type substance and it’s almost like I’m pulling something out of it by putting a word together. 

That’s about the most I can tell you. And it was very feminine in nature, whatever I was doing.

John: The pulling something out might have been feminine, in other words, something arising.

Jeane: It was horizontal.

John: Yeah, it’s horizontal. Vertical is not feminine, but then the pulling of something out is horizontal, which is feminine, but the something that caused something to be quickened so that you could pull something out, was masculine.

It’s important because this is a big conception that’s getting in the road. What’s getting in the road is that a person sits back and waits for something to happen, thinking that this is a process where you wait. The idea is that it takes a while to make a soul pregnant or something, and so you wait. And if you wait, you wait forever, because this is also a path of service and you have to be involved and the greater teacher is the outer. 

In other words, every teacher will say that, and so you have to put yourself into the equation of things in order for something to happen. It’s just like Carl Jung in his dream where he saw this yogi sitting under a banyan tree whose face was him, and then he realized that if this yogi woke up he would no longer be in existence, or be alive, or however you would put that. 

In other words, we live in a dreamer/dreamed state, and the inner quality that is quiet, that’s the yogi in the meditation is the dreamer. And all change and everything comes from within, and the dreamer dreams, and the dreamed plays it out. 

Now, if in the dream state you do not keep yourself in the equation of things, because you’re waiting for something to happen, then you are living in a state of conceptualization. You are expecting something to happen out of the blue. 

What happens out of the blue? Blue is a color that’s associated with conceptualization. In other words, it’s a higher-self color associated with conceptualization. When you reach a certain realization that there are parts of yourself that you don’t like, then you don’t know what to make out that – you’re in a state of bewilderment – so you wait for something to happen out of the blue.

But you have to put yourself into an activation, and then you realize what it is that is meant to be. It happens in that kind of chemistry. It’s alchemy. This is a form of alchemy

Jeane: So that dream proceeds to something I just vaguely remember, but the gist of it seemed to be that I was part of people that were being gathered together to serve in the military, and I’m trying to keep a secret.

So it’s like I’m trying to kind of almost hide in the midst of these other people in the military, thinking I won’t have the secret maybe because I’m feminine, or of how I’m dressed maybe they won’t search me and find whatever it is I’m trying to hide.

But that’s all I remember.

John: It’s similar to that other little minuet in that you have something inside that is the aliveness of your being, yet at the same time you’re required to get into the mix of things in life that is complicated, like military service or something.

And yet at the same time you have your attention placed upon, you have something that is secret, that is hidden. Now, you are thinking in the dream of course that it is hidden upon you, but not necessarily, could be hidden within you. 

And you don’t trust yourself with being able to be in the service, along with the secret, and yet that is what you’re required to be and required to do. In other words, that’s how things work. We have moved into alchemy. 

Jeane: Then I have a dream where I’m with you and another person, and we’ve climbed to the top of some kind of structure. By that I mean it’s almost like these steps have been carved in white marble or something like that, marble or something chalky even, and we’re way up at the top. When you look down it can almost make you dizzy. 

And there really aren’t many handrails or anything. And then you can climb down so far and then you get to steps that are easier to go down. Well, you guys have taken off ahead of me and you seem to have made it down. I’m hesitant, because I don’t care too much for heights.

And I notice that if I go on the other side of this little wall that, yeah, there are these tricky steps that go down partway, but then it looks like there’s a trolly or something down there that one can ride in and goes to a wall and through and on down. So I think maybe I’ll try that. 

You guys have already gone down the other side. So I get partway down and I get to where the trolly is but I see that it’s something that doesn’t really work – I can’t take it. So then I turn around to go back up. 

There are really no railings. It’s kind of hard to do and then when I do start to grab something that I could use to help myself get back up it pulls away from the wall. So it’s looking very precarious, but in spite of that I seem to kind of get back up the steps.

But now I kind of have to get it together to kind of have the courage to go down the steps you guys went down.

John: What I can’t tell for sure is if you actually were doing the right idea. 

In other words, something has to come all the way down, that is true, and you were reluctant to come all the way down, but at the same time your perception of what was coming all the way down is fairly linear. It was coming straight down the steps. It involved one boom, boom, boom. 

And what you were looking to do was a process that was more spread out, in other words, a capability of riding, taking a ride on something, being carried. Ahhh, actually you were finding out that it doesn’t work that way – and that is correct. 

You have to keep coming down, and you have to keep coming down, and you have to come down into life and there’s no such thing as being able to go off and think that something can carry you along, that as you come down you awaken to what you awaken to one step at a time.

And the other was a conceptual approach that had a bit to do with the idea that there was something that could just carry you along into it all. That’s a conceptualization I think that exists on this path, that everyone’s thinking there’s something that’s going to carry them along.

And like I indicated at the very first image you pointed out, it is a process and that process involves an involvement. It’s not something that you hang back and expect it to happen out of the blue, because that’s a taking and there is something rude about that. 

There has to be a corresponding balance. And when you take one step at a time you come to meet and grips with things that are meant for you to understand. And, yes, that can appear linear, but then it does open up going through the depths of yourself because the chemistry of coming down is a feminine nature that’s expansive in a way that you wouldn’t ordinarily anticipate.  

And it’s that kind of expanse that enables you to aspire to that which is being purported to have to come down so that the two can connect, alchemy again. 

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Return to the Planet

Spaceship-brian-fiesFollowing the dream from yesterday’s post (see Call of Duty),  Jeane had this dream image of returning to the alien planet. Because she has everyone’s tickets for the journey, she can be seen as taking on the responsibility of what has awakened in her, yet it’s not without its obstacles. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then it feels like in the second dream, later in the morning, I’m trying to maybe get back to that planet from wherever I’ve been. And there are several of us that have to go, either I think two other people and myself, and then there’s a young person, I think a man, that’s helping us because we’re running to catch the plane or the transportation to the other planet.

And the people I’m with have gotten way ahead of me, but I realize I have the tickets, which are kind of strange looking, they must be about three feet long and only an inch wide. So I’ve got them all gathered in one hand, and I’m running down this hallway.

And I think this kid who is helping me, maybe had gotten the tickets for me, and then is running with me so we can catch up with the others. And I’m concerned that they’ll get there and they won’t realize they don’t have their tickets, or maybe they’ll get a little lost because we know the way better.

At the last minute it’s like I just run and jump and get on the back of the rocket ship, or whatever, that takes us there, or get inside it. Well, now I’m inside it, and I know the others are there somewhere. Now I have the dilemma of, did we remember our passports? It wasn’t like I was carrying anything, except then I see I have one of those little pods again, those little egg-shaped pods that you carry, that I seem to keep things in so I start opening it up.

It actually looks like a miniature ship inside. It’s kind of mechanical. Sure enough, stuffed in among the gears as I go scrambling through it is my passport, so I figure the others must have their passports, too. Now we just have to remember the way from the airport to wherever we go once we land.

John: Those dreams are easier to understand when you do an all feminine dream, because trying to understand it in the overallness is kind of difficult, because my mind tends to work and look at it in kind of a linear progressed way of looking at things. But you’re presenting a very linear progressed way of looking at things, and so it’s easier to understand.

The theme of course is this sense of following a responsibility, or a duty, in relationship to an understanding that’s awakened inside of you, and you’re having to confront various things that compromise it.

On the first dream, it was the idea of creating another way of rationalizing a self-gratification. In other words, it’s on another planet, so it’s okay. In the next dream, the tickets are like your orders, or your duty, and everything around the tickets and the composure of all of that has an anxiety to it.

So when you get speeded up, or anxious, you again betray the natural sense of being able to sit back and know, and feel, and carry, and recognize what is meant to be. So the key word again is veils, like one of the ways that you veil yourself from the bigger picture is like in the first dream, you veil yourself by creating a rationalization as to why something can exist because it’s about this over here, as opposed to something more direct.

And another rationalization that veils, although you wouldn’t call this word rationalization, you would call it an inability to hold the focus and attention or something, because there’s the anxiety that races out, and then that destroys the cadence, the presence, the auric nature of yourself, which can hear and catch up with and recognize what is needed in terms of tickets, and duty, or orders, or how it is that you’re meant to be in terms of the equation of things. If you get over anxious, then you abandon ship too.

The dream had the same subject in general. It just had within the dream two different ways in which you confine or constrict yourself in terms of hearing, and being with, that awakening, or that sense of greater knowingness.


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The Interval

Jeane’s dreams explore the territory of an inner space, which we can connect to, that offers guidance and knowings. So often we are too noisy in ourselves to connect to this deep reservoir. We have to let go of our patterns of reactivity with which we try to manage the outer world, and begin to listen to the inner voice that knows much more than we do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I think I remember my last two dreams best. In one of them I remember part of it because it was like several of us, and we seem like we’re older kids, are going out and playing in a swimming pool – but nobody’s watching.

This girl I know, and I, we tend to be doing these really high acrobatics, almost like off first or second stories or something, into the swimming pool; kind of learning how to jump down from great heights, or swimming down from great heights, or float down from great heights.

It’s like we can do some unusual things, and go into the water, but we only do them maybe when we’re around, when the kids are around, or one or two of us are around. I just remember that we were doing these unusual things around the water and so the water was important to us.

But then it’s like I’m going to have to move neighborhoods.

John: But you’re only doing those things when no one was watching you?

Jeane: No, maybe just when the other kids were around, not when adults or anybody else was around.

John: There’s an effect that is happening inside one’s self that has qualities, and characteristics, and mannerisms, in terms of its dexterity and what it’s about and what it can do, which isn’t something that is done collectively. It’s a dexterity, it’s a quality, it’s a trait that you can catch up with inside of you, but it doesn’t readily show or make itself apparent in the outer.

In other words, this is kind of an inner into outer thing, or something that exists from being able to hold a space inside one’s self, and the dreaming is about this space, this interval, qualities and characteristics of what becomes possible when one is able to stay and come from this interval of where the inner turns to the outer.

The consequences and result of what can happen there, is not readily apparent to others. And they have no cognition, or recognition, of it because it’s coming from somewhere that isn’t visible. You hold that space, and you act from that, and you take on a consequence that, as it occurs in life, it’s not necessarily understood, it’s not necessarily recognized, it can be somewhat apparent to you in terms of a recognition and realization in an after-the-fact manner.

But at the time that it happens it’s only amongst those that are of like nature, just like that which comes through from within can have a particular tremendous value in terms of its overallness and that that is now getting extended so it can now run its whole motif in an even longer consequence way, from within.

However, when it’s turned over to that which is in the outer, the effect gets blurred way, way down to something that’s pretty minuscule in terms of its effect and importance, in terms of changing or doing anything of any real consequence.

But the whole nighttime effect of the other, that goes beyond what you can put your finger on in terms of understanding, is likened to how the inner is able to function compared to how the outer is able to function in its much reduced capacity.

It’s like everything is from inner into outer and it really comes from that depths of the space, of the secret of secret spots, that is located where the in-breath turns to the out-breath, and then that which you can really look at and visualize and play with and try to make sense out of reflectively has this real minimal effect, and you don’t have much to do with that, very, very little to do with that.

Jeane: Then I think the dream shifts and it feels like I have to go with my family. They moved to another city. This city is on the water, so instead of just a swimming pool now I’m going to be moving to a place on the shore of what seems like a pretty big body of water.

I go to play with the other kids there, and there’s this wonderful water to dive into and play in, but they also have deep underwater sunken houses. One of the games, kind of almost like an initiation, they play is that maybe you’re supposed to swim into some of those houses and even go see what’s at the bottom of the stairway and stuff, but I feel like I’m probably going to be too claustrophobic or chicken to do that.

John: When you take and you’re going out and you’re playing with the other kids there’s not much meaning, there’s not much interest, other than probing the depths of yourself, which is like going to who you – are as a house underwater.

That’s kind of like the effect that you sort out in terms of how you are in the outer, and if you sort that out in the outer, that can slingshot you to catching up with who you are on the inner. And who you are in the outer is just a reflective thing – it’s not who you are on the inner. But by going to the depths inside of you, you’re able to pull down the recognition of where it really is coming from, as it’s streaming in from the inner.

Jeane: Then it feels like I’ve moved into a house with the dad in my dreams, because I’m a younger person, and I discover this house is haunted. And it’s haunted by a woman who sings. Sometimes if I peek around the corner I can see her floating up in the air and she’s like an opera singer.

There are other times when she comes around and there are certain things she wants. It’s almost like she wants me to dress a little more femininely. When I go out to the department store I find myself looking at this shelf with different kinds of bedroom slippers which are all kind of feminine and different colors.

But it’s a sale table so I’m having trouble finding something I really like. I’m wondering which ones even she would approve of, and there’s several scenes in the house where I kind of peek around a corner, or I find certain things happening, just because there is a ghost. And she likes to sing and she’s kind of feminine and it’s kind of interesting for me.

John: It’s showing that you have this connection on an inner level. What pulls this out is the recognition, as the teacher would describe, he can feel or get a sense of something. He does this through the heart, and the quality where the heart resonates a breakthrough. It’s like a tap on the head or something, so he’s able to see and help recognize and come from a knowingness inside of himself that way – and that incorporates a type of listening center.

What that means to you is, you have kind of an access to some sense that you have inside of you that is of a sensitivity nature. In other words, it’s not just that which goes on in the dense outer. And so the closest that you can come to realizing that, is that you can let go of a certain self image that you might have by being able to access this quality that you can feel as a sense inside of you.

And when you do that it supports pulling you together in terms of the inner connection. It knows how you are able to become and be more feminine in your nature. Actually, being more feminine in one’s nature is to actually be able to touch the beauty that lies within, that sparkles within, which is the spirit energy that is trapped within matter.

And of course rather than say it that way, you’re saying that you’re subtle senses are such that you’re able to recognize a listening center that some consider as haunting, but you I guess could call it like that because you create the image of that, but it’s really something that you know how to reach and that you can access that is helping giving you information. Just like a person can take and find a power animal in the shamanistic tradition, and that too can take and have some constructive purpose, up to some degree, in terms of working with earth energy.

And the ability to recognize something that is still floating around, that is opening up in terms of a spirit energy that is trapped, just like it is trapped in you in terms of within the matter of your being, and has within it an understanding and a sight that takes in what it is that you can have access to – if you allow yourself, or if something about your nature is such that you can come to pick this up.

It is kind of saying that you have that type of insight. You have the sensitivity to have that type of insight, and you’re doing it in what seems to be the smooth way. A lot of people when they have that sort of thing affecting them they’re not sure if they aren’t a little crazy as a consequence of it, because it doesn’t seem part of ordinary experience. But in your particular case you’re able to recognize that it’s okay and it can be a little haunting or something, but it is helping you to understand something. It is showing you something.

Another thing that can influence something like that is pondering the effect of archetypal influence upon one’s nature, and I guess you could say that this is akin to something like that in that the archetypal influences can either completely distort and control you, or they can become something that causes you to have a recognition in a subtler way.


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