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Exploration And DiscoveryThis dream beautifully illustrates the nature of a development journey. John is standing in the midst of an ocean (to start), as we are all born into the wholeness of the universe. And there is abundance that he can access (the fish), but he can’t just grab it. The universe and its higher connections are there, but not for the casual taking. Yet we can access all of it, when we are in the right alignment of space in our selves – energetically. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in this dream, I find myself standing in the ocean and then I suddenly think, I wonder if there are fish nearby? I mean there are waves going up and down and whatnot; you don’t see any fish, so it’s just a thought.

I no sooner than have the thought then it’s kind of like the tides coming in so I’m going to have to exercise on this thought pretty quickly to see what I make out of it. And I think I had the thought just before the tide started to come in, and just before the tide started to come in I had taken a kind of a makeshift thing that I somehow found that has a haphazard hook that’s not really capable of catching anything, but you throw it out there, it might be enough if there’s something out there – you could feel the fish hit it if there are any fish.

And when I do that I can feel that there’s something out there because I can feel the effect striking the pretend hook. It’s at that point in time that, just when I find something, now the tide’s coming in. And so I’m going to have to start backtracking in the waters, and does that mean that the fish will get swept in with the tide? I mean who knows?

So I take off what I have on as a bright colored jacket and, holding onto one end of it, I throw it out into the water seeing if this bright object will attract the fish. What I suddenly notice is that the fish seem to gather, and they seem to be hitting the jacket, and the thought even comes to my mind of jerking the jacket real quickly and any fish that are biting, or holding onto the jacket, at that moment can get flipped all the way to shore.

But I no more than ponder the idea, it’s as if the fish sense that there’s danger, too, because they pull back a little. And now, of course, I’m able to see a dark mass which are all of these fish, all kinds of them, so I just leave the jacket there because they’re somewhere within proximity of the jacket, and I cycle around, and I’m thinking that I can get around where this mass of fish are, reach down, there are so many of them, that I could just take my hands and just fling them up, and fling them up, and be knocking the fish to shore.

In other words, this is my idea of fishing because I don’t have a good fishing pole or anything. I’m not covered with the right accoutrements. But this idea doesn’t work out, either. But as I attempt to do this, I suddenly find, as if something shifted to change the image or illusion, that I’m dipping into a container with water in it and there are fish in there that I can touch, that I can reach.

But as I start to follow up on this idea of flipping them to shore, I suddenly realize I have no right to do this because this container with these fish in it, in other words no longer the big ocean, belongs to a woman. And in the matter of a split second I learn from this woman that the fish literally jumped into her container. And after I hear this, I also hear a voice from afar that says, “Let him have it,” which means let them have the fish or something. But when I hear that it could mean something else, too, I suppose. When I hear that it causes me to pause, draw back, and wake up.

So the meaning is I come to realize that the unseen consciousness is all around me. As I come to notice that, I tend to lose a more ambivalent composure and I instead realize – when I may not have realized it before – that I can draw the consciousness to me but, try as I might, I can’t indulge in it as I would like. My idea of doing or catching up with it doesn’t work. Yet in the right space, it literally jumps in to a feminine container of myself – but the masculine side can’t catch up with this. What I do to try and close the gap is overly presumptive and, thus, it doesn’t work that way, and I don’t have the permissive right to make that work like that.

When I suddenly realize what I am doing, I hear a voice that says “Let him have it,” so I stop. I have to stop, I’m almost in shock that something is watching, or seeing, or noticing or whatever, observant. And I didn’t realize that I was clutching at that which I have no right to claim.

The dream is portraying that I am in the midst of it all, you know of a consciousness and such, and that I am able to perceive it, in other words, look at it and notice that it’s there, but I’m unable to claim it. And, as shown in the first dream, when I don’t let go to the proper flow, and act out my own approach or ideas, I create repressed conditions that stifle the unfoldment. Isn’t that interesting?

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fly-fishingIn this Hemingway-esque description, John shares a dream about fishing in a stream. And the metaphor is an apt one, because when dealing with the energies we seek to connect with, what brings us closer is the subtle inner processes. A spiritual journey can’t be accomplished with grandiose displays of might or determination, or big pronouncements of our intentions. It can only be traveled on the subtle energetic lines of our inner processes, one moment to the next – and with consciousness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream it begins with me sitting by a stream-side contemplating what I need to do. And I’m contemplating it because, I’m not sure, based upon whatever it is that’s already happened. I’m not sure how to proceed.

All I know is that the situation needs to change, or the circumstances have changed, and I’m seeking to establish my orientation. I suddenly notice that I have a fishing pole in which the line has two hooks on it. In other words, you have a long fishing line and, normally, you have a hook at the end of the fishing line, but then there’s like another little leader line, leader hook coming down further back in the line.

You tend to use maybe two hooks like that that if you’re fishing in a lake or something, like ice fishing, but this is not the way you fish if you’re fishing a fast action stream. You don’t think like that, and that extra line gets in the road and could even tangle things.

So, because I’m by a stream and this is what I find myself as having, I’m kind of confused over how to use this because my understanding is I only need one hook. Also, there is my dad and whatever it is that he’s doing, moving about, talking on the phone, whatever he’s doing gives me the concern that his activities could disturb the fishing.

And my brother is there as well, and he kind of helps me out because he decides that he can use the extra hook and the line that I do not feel I need. Not only that, but because both hooks are baited this other line even has the bigger worm on it so that makes more sense for him. 

And I’m not concerned about the size of the worm on the hook. I just want to free things up so I can proceed because it’s not a question of size of the worm or anything like that that’s going to make the difference. Having a line with two hooks on it simply complicated things, and confused things, and created an imbalance. And that imbalance was what would have dictated if something couldn’t have been adjusted or changed.

I also feel that I can tell where the fishing holes are along the bank. I know how to go at this more simply. Everyone else, as evidenced by someone else that seems to have a fish, and my brother are casting the line out into the stream thinking that is the way to fish. But I’m not comfortable with that because I don’t have any feel for that kind of fishing. What I feel about that is that it is too hit-and-miss and inconsistent. That’s my impression.

My idea is that you can sneak up on the bank, drop the line into what you can tell is an interesting and wonderful little fishing hole, and if you’ve done this properly and haven’t scared the fish, because you’re really close to them that way, and they sense things, vibrations on the bank and everything else, if you’ve done this properly, subtly, you’re more apt to get immediate action.

So this is what I do and the approach works immediately. I don’t catch a big fish, but I get immediate action and I catch a smaller, pan-sized fish. But then all of a sudden my brother has a fish, too, and of course he’s showing it to me and it’s larger. And of course that’s why he’s fishing like he is because he wants to catch the bigger fish and, as far as I’m concerned, I would have expected that to happen with that style of fishing, knowing though that it’s more inconsistent and yet when it works you are apt to catch a more active and bigger fish.

My approach and my best hope is to catch the attention of a lazy lunker who is taking it easy in the hole, not engaged in looking for food, that takes the bait simply because I have made it too hard to resist. What happens is, is when you get close to something the bigger the fish the more easily it gets disturbed. The smaller fish are more sensitive, but kind of more impervious in another way, too, and so along the shoreline you can generally expect to find the smaller fish congregating in and out there.

Because they are pretty sensitive you can destroy that whole spot. I don’t know, I just have to find out so I prove that this is possible. I catch a smaller pan-sized fish right away, quick action.

My brother proves that the bigger fish can be caught in the deeper water. As he shows me his catch I just happen to look down and notice that I have another fish I caught. It is also a decent size, not quite as big as his but you don’t expect to catch a great big fish, but this is plenty big. It is along a shoreline what would be considered kind of a lunker.

When you fish along a shoreline there’s usually just one lunker per hole and, once you catch them, you often times disturb the hole because then the littler fish, if the big guy gets caught, can even move on and leave. But in this particular instance it’s a good hole and fish are coming in and out so there’s action there.

At least I have proven that to myself because I have two fish to his one. I have action. Or if I like the excitement of sneaking up and getting close to things again, I can locate another excellent hole near the bank that might have another lazy lunker hanging out there, or at least I’m settling for the more action I expect from the fish that congregate at a good fishing hole along the shoreline.

When fishing like this you have to quickly identify when the conditions change. In other words, sometimes just catching a small fish can freak out the others. It depends how you pull it out and whatnot. Sometimes you can do it so it’s not really that noticeable. The smaller fish aren’t as wary. But once you catch the lunker you might have shocked the whole spot, so when fishing this close the fish are more readily disturbed.

And the meaning is, is that I am finding an effect that is more varied and the potentiality more sensitive the closer you get to a situation. The imagination is simplified in that you are either right or wrong because I am utilizing an approach that, if it’s to work, is naturally more subtle.

If this approach works, I am finding that the range of possibilities is also magnified because you have more action. So what is going on is I am proving to myself that I am able to find greater satisfaction and able to better overcome nuances by going to a more subtle and discreet approach to myself.

I wouldn’t be inclined to do that if I get carried away on the result. In other words, size is not as important to me as consistency and steadiness. And what I find is that you can catch a lunker because that’s a potentiality even though you don’t think and require that, I mean you don’t lose track of that, but it’s not an imperative.

If you make it an imperative, then you’re getting into your imagination which would be adopting a “counting on it” an attitude. And also, as the dream indicates, to my surprise fishing more closely like this works out. I’m never sure because things can be overly sensitive, and things that are more sensitive can be more easily disturbed.

And when you’re able to be like this there’s no overreaching, and one’s sight, as a result of a closer connection, well, it comes together. So I had to try that to see if what I saw or felt or sensed was true because you just never really know. I mean, it’s a good guess, but maybe it’s not quite so for whatever reasons that you don’t necessarily properly grasp.

In other words, you could have been wrong, and I was prepared to be wrong. That would have been okay, but it was nice to find out otherwise.

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spiritual-wealthAfter his vision from earlier in the night (see An Insatiable Need) John had these images as a follow up. While they don’t quite show all the answers, they offer different angles on the same territory – as dreams often do as we work things out, drawing the wealth of our insights and knowings from our unconscious, to our semi-conscious, to our consciousness. It is easy to see how to struggle in the outer life to gain more possessions. That same struggle on the inner is not as obvious, yet the rewards are much greater. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Then when I came to bed I figured well, I didn’t know what would happen but in my sleep I was confounded with this energy trying to suddenly come alive with its activity and such, and I had image, after image, after image of things in which this energy was bounding out of control. It was almost like something was unleashed. 

I could have stopped and woken up and written that up, but it was like I didn’t know what the answer to that was. Of course if I’d have stopped and written it up, bringing it into the outer, maybe it would have imaged itself to where I’d have gotten it.

But some part of me kept saying that there is more to this, there’s more to this, there’s more to this. And so I didn’t do that. And finally I had this image in which it kind of portrayed what is kind of going on. 

In this image, I’m like a boy, 12, 13 years old or something, and I’m with my father. And he walks into this warehouse area where this guy signals to get our attention. The guy first of all gives a hard look at me and kind of needs me to pass on by a little bit because he really needs to get the attention of my dad.

And what he wants my dad to do is he has this scenario where he has to go up and down a river, or a waterway of some sort, and it’s part of how he feeds animals, horses or whatever – a type of power, I guess, if it was horses. And that’s his role, and he has to do that.

And if he has to do that, he wants to maximize that activity. So he would like my dad to build him something that just goes up and down the river as he’s going up and down the river, this goes with it with no effort. And from this is spread out in a way, hooks hang down so that he can be catching fish as he is doing this.

Not that he puts any focus into doing it. If he has to go up and down the river anyway, it might as well be accomplishing this purpose as well. And so as a kid I’m sitting here pondering: this seems kind of strange in a way, because what’s going to hook the fish? There’s no fisherman at the other end of the line. He’s just doing this kind of casual. Then I realized: consciousness tends to get itself on the hook – so I guess that would work.

And so because the theme of the dreaming had to do with a quality in which there is an inner awareness that is one thing, and an outer aspect of that which is another, in manifestation. And the inner is like a consciousness like a fish, and the outer is like an aspect of gold, something that has man striving for, not knowing that what they’re really striving for is something that in a deeper level is this wealth from within. 

That means, then, that the fishhooks hanging down catching fish, he is like, because he is required to be a particular way in the world in terms of working with feeding, or enhancing, something as he goes up and down the courses and waterways of life, that he is also enhancing that by keeping the potentialities open with these fishhooks hanging down.

And the corresponding way of saying what he is doing, using an outer context way of saying it, is this whole action is creating multiple streams of income. In other words, you view the consciousness of the inner, and then the flip side of that is a gold, or a wealth, in the outer, and the fishhooks hanging down there are catching things that are just jumping on the hook, so to speak, because he’s not really fishing, per se, he’s not putting his attention to that. He’s creating multiple streams of income. 

And so what are those multiple streams of income about? None of that is revealed in this dream. It is about something, just like the image was about something, the vision image, in which there is this inner and outer capacity connectivity of the expanse that it wakens, that you come aware of, that seems not to be counterbalanced. It seems to just be evolving.

And you don’t notice that, and you don’t experience the degree of that, and you don’t realize that you’re counterbalancing that because you haven’t calmed yourself, or emptied yourself yet, to be able to have that kind of linkage and understanding. 

In other words, you have to get to one to get to the other. And then from that other, then you come to recognize, or realize, or somehow denote where the heart plays an even greater role, which is the “something else” that I couldn’t describe in the vision.

And so then this gets put into action in the dream that shows this image, the boat and the waterways of life that are enhancing or feeding something in life but, at the same time, there is the awareness, and the awakening, and the linkage, and the connection that is catching up with something in that very process at that time.

So then there is one other little minuet that tries to tell you what – even though it’s not revealed in the dream thus far, nor is it revealed in this image – what it is that one is catching up with, it points out, though, that it is something hidden that is important.

Because in this image, it starts off with the three of us and we’re walking down in an area, and then it’s kind of like there’s a storage area to the left, and then there’s something else to the right. 

Now, I stop at that intersection. I’m with another guy and a woman. We don’t need all three of us to walk over to retrieve what is in the storage locker. I know that, so I stop there. And this guy can go get it, and we’ll wait for him to come back. Because then we go up to the right.

And right where I’m standing I can see both the storage locker place, and I can see this other place off to the right that we need to go to next. So there’s no reason to wear ourselves out – me walking with the woman to the storage. I mean, we’re not adding anything to the equation. 

This part of myself can take and go and retrieve that hidden treasure and bring it back. And then the feminine part of my nature that’s able to ground and make it come through into life, that aspect of a clarity can then stay and flow over to this other place once that has been retrieved, whatever is needed, out of storage in order to then go to this other place to open something up there from having gotten something out of storage. 

So basically what this is saying is that what one is doing in the outer, and in the mannerisms in which they are coming across and are seen as having this, that, or the other nature about themselves, is important – but they don’t know what that is. 

I mean, I don’t know what is going to be retrieved from storage. All I know is that whatever that is has something to do with this over here that we’re going to next, but that image stops right there. I don’t know what is going to be gotten out of storage, nor do I have the foggiest idea what it is over here on the right. 

I think we need to go there next; I’m not even certain of that. I’ll know better when that thing is brought back from storage.

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