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Jeane: So, I didn’t dream most of last night, and then I had a dream just before I woke up.

In this dream I was playing somewhere near a house. It looked a lot like my maternal grandmother’s house. I don’t know what I did, but there is a guy in the woods, a young man, who I realize is hunting me. He is looking for me, so I run away.

At first I try to go into my grandmother’s house. Thinking he will figure out I’m there, I run over to a neighbor’s house. I know they have an attic that people can’t really see. Their kids actually climb around toys going up the stairs, so it looks like you couldn’t even make your way up there.

So I go up to that attic room. I’m there for a while and then the scene shifts: it seems there is a little black cat, or someone is like a cat, and the tip of the cat’s tail has been torn off. I’ve taken some black thread and sewn it back on.

I didn’t do a very good job, however, so the tail comes off again. Now, the man who was chasing me has taken the place of the cat with the broken tail – it seems like it’s no longer the cat that has the tail. He’s going to have to let me sew the tail back on him – that’s what his role is right now.

I have a little trepidation about this because I need to sew it on better than before. I think I know how to do it so it will look okay and stay on this time, but at the same time I’m really concerned that when I sew through part of the tail it’s going to hurt and the man might not sit still for that.

I feel anxious about this and I’m just getting to the point where I get the man to sit still. I’m going to sew the tip of the tail onto the rest of the tail, and I think that’s when I wake up.

John: That’s a pretty deep dream. And I think it’s trying to take into account how you’re intertwined with, and affected by, different things. You start off with someone trying to find, or catch, you and you go inside someone else’s house to hide, and where you hide there is a black cat who has lost its tail – is that right?

Jeane: Yes.

John: Which turns out to actually be…

See, I knew in this dream that wherever you were going to hide, there was going to be something in the hiding place that was going to reveal your location. I could tell that this dream was about a type of intertwining.

In other words, the dream starts off as if everything is separate: you, the man, the house, and the cat. The feeling is that there is something you need to avoid (the man), so you go, first of all, into your grandparent’s house and then your neighbor’s house. So, you’re going into places that you feel are familiar and where you feel you have a connection.

But all of that is separate from whatever it is that’s trying to perturb you, or affect you, in some way. What you find there is this black cat, which to begin with you might identify as something that’s an inconvenience, but that’s there nonetheless.

You don’t make the quick association that this is what you’re trying to get away from (represented, again, by the man). You don’t see the linkage of this cat to whatever it is that’s coming after you. That could be because it’s a black cat and a cat has a feminine quality of precociousness to it.

In other words, that which is coming after you is not necessarily as bad as it seems. You’ve been connected to it, or linked to it, in some fashion.

Tomorrow we will delve deeper into the inner workings of this dream.

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Jeane: This dream felt light and amusing, but I don’t remember all of it.

In this dream there is a project that needs to be completed. A group of us are in a theater, looking at images on a large screen. It feels like we’re working on a very big project.

We are talking to the people in charge; a female co-worker and I are two of the people involved. She and I are commenting to the managers that we can get a lot of work done. We feel we can get more done than our male co-workers. My friend does pop into the conversation to say “You have to remember that we are old cats.

I say, “That’s right, she gets up early in the morning so she has that covered, and I stay up late at night so I have got that covered. But you do have to remember that we are old cats.”

John: If you think about the energetic of a cat, a cat feels its world acutely. If it doesn’t feel comfortable with the energy of a room or a person, it can disappear or seem aloof. It’s not like a dog that comes up and loves to be petted by almost anyone. A cat has its own mannerisms; it listens to its own dialogue.

This dream, in terms of the “old cat” energy, is showing you a dialogue that you are supposed to be able to listen to, in yourself, on an ongoing basis. It incorporates an energetic that’s like the one we see in a cat, where they get things done, or do whatever it is they need to do, with maximum efficiency.

It’s like they use the fewest possible movements to get somewhere. That is the efficiency of working with a vibration, as opposed to trying to make something happen from brute effort, i.e., in the face of resistance.

So your dream is playing with you – one part of you is getting up really early, and one part of you is staying up really late. The combination of the two creates an efficiency that allows you to get more done than someone who is younger. The imagery also shows the feminine aspect being more efficient than the masculine in this kind of effort – the big project.

There is a sense of humor in this imagery, but the hint is that you can catch up with this vibration inside, and it will enable you get even more done – to flow more efficiently with the world.

I wouldn’t necessarily have associated this with the energetic nature of a cat, yet a cat does have this disposition where it carefully screens its environment – they’re very good at reading a situation. Once they read and understand a situation, they are able to use the least effort to navigate what needs to be done next.

So that is a connection that you have and that can serve you well if you listen to it. The idea is for you to see and recognize that mechanism inside. It’s not a question of age, it’s more about being connected into the flow of things.

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