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John: In the first dream I feel like I’m in a waiting area, where I see a father and his son hanging out. I seem to be there to play games, and the young son wants to play ping-pong. I’m there wondering if I can find a pool table.

In this peculiar dream, even though the father and son seem to be separate from me, it also seems that I’ve given a pool cue to the father as a gift, although I can’t remember anything more than that.

As I look around the room, I realize that in the area where I thought there was a pool table – I have the feeling of waiting around for them to finish so I could have a turn – there really isn’t one. I’m waiting for no reason.

When I realize this, I go down a hallway and look through a door and that’s when I see there’s a racket ball court. 

As I return, the son whines about wanting to leave because there isn’t a ping-pong table. I hope they will leave so I can move around and find the pool table and have the whole place to myself.

Before they leave, I suddenly realize it’s 4:30pm. My flight arrived at 3:30pm, and now it’s 4:30pm and I have to leave again on the plane at 6:00pm.

I haven’t eaten yet. I don’t have time to play pool. I only realize this after going to all the trouble of getting set up to go to a separate room where I could shoot pool for 25 cents an hour. I haven’t got time to do that. I have to leave.

Isn’t that interesting?  Strange dream.

This dream indicates that I’m not fully taking in what’s around me – all that’s there before me. As a result, I’m missing out on the full experience. Part of me wants to leave if I can’t do what I want to do. Another part of me realizes that, even though I’m able to visit this rest and reprieve area, I cannot hang out because I’m scheduled to go to a new place.

So, this is kind of the precursor imagery for going to the new place. The next dream tells about it.

A person is telling others that, this time, what’s being set up is on my terms, referring to me, and not subject to others as before. In other words, the time before was over – it was, perhaps, screwed up in some way – and now is a new time.

The person who is announcing this is the person who’s involved with what I’ll be doing later. This announcement had a wonderful feeling. It felt like everyone was put at ease; everything’s okay now.

Then, in another image I see myself going down an escalator, just willingly going down an escalator and when I look up I see, on a kind of a scaffold and walkway up above, my sister and her husband hanging out. 

He’s on a computer and she’s sitting there. Suddenly she points me out: there I am. I’m leaving and they’ve come to see me off to wherever it is that I’m going. They may not see me again for a long, long time. Out of respect and honor they have come to say goodbye and I wave at them as I go down the escalator out of sight.

What’s the sense of all this? These recent dreams (including The Lost City), have been showing that I’m struggling to take in the larger schematic of life. I’m moving around, but I’m not taking in the important information, which means I’m not really connected to the wholeness.

So these dreams are emphasizing the importance of being open and awakened, and therefore realizing what’s possible. So I’m being reminded before I continue my journey.

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John: For the last two days we’ve been talking about the concept of not being personally involved in life (see It’s Not Personal and We Are What We Radiate). If we dig more deeply into it, we could say that being personally involved in life interferes with the natural flow of things. It can affect our health and the people around us.

So the question always comes back to: “How can you not be personally involved in life?” There are reasons we do have an ego, but we cannot have the ego running the show. We are meant to give access, though our lives, to these inner connections, or higher connections.

That is part of our role, as humans, in the universe. When our ego views the world as being all about us – “How could this happen to me? – we cut the universe off from our higher connections. In turn, that prevents meaningful change from happening in our lives as well.

So last night, I was working with this concept, in the sense of being more aware of the energy I radiate and how it affects people and things around me. My hope was that if I stayed up late and worked everything through with the emails I had to send, then I would be done with it – I’d have some peace and go to sleep.

Interestingly, the work I did stayed with me energetically, and I was able to see this energy when I awoke; I could sense how it affected me physically.

Usually, during sleep, we absorb the energies we collect during the day, or process them out. And if you can absorb them, and still reflect the inner into the outer, then you are touching life in a way that opens up, enabling something from the other side to participate.

Last night I saw, for the first time, just how potent this energy could be. Like I said, I had hoped that I would get this work stuff behind me, but what happened was that I was churning with it, and it wasn’t absorbed by my sleep. It actually manifested as feeling physically sick in the morning.

It was as if it embedded itself into the matter of my nature. So the observation for me was that this proves that we affect our environment, and ourselves, directly by how we energetically feel.

Normally we are so dense and distracted that we don’t notice such things. When we are ego-based, our experience is slowed down (dense) to the point where we don’t really recognize when we are out of balance. Therefore, we don’t recognize the need to re-adjust.

Of course, if we are reacting emotionally, then we are throwing the balance off even farther. And if we stew on an issue, we actually begin to release an energetic into the air – we don’t have to say anything.

Saying it will intensify it, but just carrying something that is unkind or judgmental can actually be a toxin – it can poison a situation, or us. And, as result, the body can manifest changes to itself – on a cellular level – that are detrimental and unhealthy.

And so when I woke up I had the sense that what had stewed in me before bed was not properly dispelled. This experience is enough to show me that it’s not possible to hide anything on an energetic level – everything I do touches something else. It may be subtle, but the influence is carried into the world around me nonetheless.

This tells me that I’ve got to be more conscious of what I’m thinking about or processing emotionally. I need to choose to radiate things that are more meaningful. Otherwise I can be negatively impacting my body, my loved ones, and everything else I come in contact with in a careless and unconscious way. Ultimately, we pay a price for that.

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John: So we are exploring these two vibrations – the first vibration level of our physical existence, and the second level vibration through which our soul connects to creation – as it affects our experience of life (see Feeling the Vibes).

The soul knows that the energetic “nothingness” is a living thing, as real as the physical existence we experience through the first vibration. And this vibration operates at a level that is beyond the normal perception of our human faculties. The mystics call this nothingness “a world of light brighter than physical existence.”

This light is beyond what physical existence is able to bear directly, so it is veiled to us. The human being, created in God’s image, can connect to this quality through the soul. So the essence of this connection – and the knowing of it – is born and active in us through the soul.

This essence within cries out to be free from the limitations of the first vibration (the physical). We feel our disconnection from this essence as longing and a type of loneliness, which is meant to lead us on a path of letting go so that we can become, while still in our physical bodies, rejoined to the oneness of everything.

This path can be seen as a process of purification. The process of letting go of our attachment and focus on our physical density is a process of awakening to the higher self. When we do that, the first vibration finds that it can just disappear into the encompassment of the second vibration.

That is when we are able to fully experience what the higher self is all about. So what this aspect of my dream was showing me was that we have to develop both these vibrations in ourselves. Re-uniting the vibrations of the lower self and higher self while in this physical body is exactly the journey we are designed to make in our earthly lives.

What I find myself doing in my dreams, night after night, is that I am reaching for this higher self. Until the dense vibration of a physical existence is absorbed into the emptiness of the second vibration, the human soul is unable to go home and the human being therefore remains trapped in physical existence’s gravitational purgatory.

Well, what makes spiritual dream work so interesting is that at night, all our physical senses and brain are naturally powered down. The mind-ego barrier eases, and the soul, in that quiet, is able to experience this all-pervasive second vibration. So every night we have a chance to access this connection, and this intelligence, through our dreams.

Meditation can also take us to this realization, enabling us to quiet ourselves to a profoundly deep place that is beyond the confines of the first vibration. Our dreams emanate from this deeper place and they can show us levels of beingness that come through the soul – the second vibration – in a way that can be more recognizable to us.

Behind the images of our dreams are the interactions of our soul’s connection to creation. Whether we fully understand those interactions or not, they print themselves on our consciousness. To look at what is going on behind a dream is to get a glimpse of this essence, and its aliveness.

So our physical existence acts as a barrier; that’s why it is said that a human being must die before they die, to grasp such a knowing. Said another way, the mind, which is formed from the interplay of the senses with the four elements, must surrender to the love, i.e., the second vibration.

This love is experienced through the heart center. The mystery of creation is that the Creator has hidden himself in man. Man was created in God’s image, and a human being only can catch up with this infiniteness by surrendering the attachments of the lower self.

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