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bbiumHumans are born far away from their creator. But that’s the point: we’re designed to respond to our design and, ultimately, find our way back home – over many lives. To do so we must access what is dormant in us and awaken it. That connection and intelligence will be our guide in how to proceed. In this way, everything we need to know and understand is already within us, waiting for us to unlock it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, I’m in a country where most of the houses are made out of adobe, but they also have several levels to them so you can run around on the roofs at night and things, too, getting up to a little bit of mischief.

But it felt like the authorities, and even the people that I was with, were looking for someone that they felt had caused some trouble. I realized that that someone was myself, but maybe in a male form.

And now I’m back in a little different form, so I’m kind of amused by the whole thing because it’s almost like they don’t actually recognize me because I just don’t look like I used to, and also I’ve changed so I’ve kind of mellowed out or something, so that on all levels I don’t look like the person that they think caused the mischief because of the changes.

And I realize that they’re still kind of stuck in the past in a way, in what they’re seeing, and what they’re reacting to, and that’s changed so they can’t see what is now.

Then at one point I decide to go home. I have a husband or boyfriend, or someone. It’s cold out, and when I go into the room there’s another bed in the room with a man in it, who’s reading or something, and I initially get into his bed, but on the far side from him, and the side that’s nearest, you know, my bed.

And I have something I’m arranging, it’s like I’ve gotten there because I’m just suddenly cold and I wasn’t ready to get into the empty bed yet because it would be cold, too. There’s something first that I’m arranging by my side. So, it feels like after I’ve gotten whatever I wanted to get arranged, then I get out from under the covers on the one bed and get into my bed. And then that whole dream shifts.

John: The dream repeats twice. It repeats the principle twice. The first time it’s something that you’re able to denote, in some sort of echo, or pattern, or mannerism that is latent inside of you, that lets you know that there is something that you have done, in another way, or in another form, that’s not visible, that is responsible for how something is in the outer.

So, that’s the first time it repeats. The second time it repeats is that something seems too far removed, in terms of the bed, that is your bed to get into, thus it is cold, or dormant, or removed. And that you have to get into something else that warms it up, or creates a transitionary sensation for you to be able to appreciate your own bed.

So these two things that are repeating are talking about something. What they’re talking about is that there is something that is hidden, dormant, not readily accessible, not graspable with the senses, yet knowable in some sort of inner essence way, that you are meant to access or reach and then, upon reaching it, you find that latent note that isn’t readily apparent, or visible, or in flow, or stroking you, or giving you a sensation of well being in the outer.

And you have to find that inside of yourself. If you make choices based upon what you perceive in the outer, you are guessing, and are working and functioning with the limited side, because it’s not all there readily apparent. And so you can’t use the mind to sort it out. You have to use some other faculty inside of yourself.

What your dream is about is the ability to denote what it feels like vibratorally when you are able to come with an inner accessed latent energy, that you derive from within, in order to bridge a barrier or a gap in the outer.

This is like a continuation. This is your dream image continuation of a theme, that’s been running the last couple of days, in which there is a need to come to know what is meant to be, based upon a vibratoriness of our being, that is able to denote latent energetics that may no longer be readily present in terms of our perceptions in the outer. And that we have to heal, sweep, remove the burdens, that are in a gap, in terms of the outer they’re in a gap, because something has gone extinct or been displaced, we have to come in with a quality of our overall beingness that has a piece of everything that ever was, and ever will be, because nothing ever changes really. It can fade, it can be veiled.

We have to come with that from within, and that is how we make the conscious transitional distinctions, in terms of how things are meant to be for us, as a person who is meant to catch up with all that there is, and all that there is is what makes us the Crown of Creation. Because in manifestation there is a confusion that exists. Often times that confusion is described as needing training or something, so that Mother Earth doesn’t react. And that it is the heart of the world, the divine principle hidden within the essence of the human being, that provides and brings back the imprint.

Now when it brings back this imprint, it’s so that ultimately things can shift and change in the outer again. Without this imprint brought back, nothing can shift, or change, in the outer.

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