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We speak of higher states often, and there are many who aim toward Nirvana, utopia, or enlightenment. Yet, sometimes, a state of equilibrium would be an excellent achievement. Life comes at us more quickly every day, or seems to, and it means our systems are always commandeering energy to sort out what we are dealing with in an effort to rebalance everything. And new challenges often require new solutions, which means it may take us longer than usual to work through. It can help if, in these moments, we remember to trust our systems – they are doing the work – and not to always put the burden on our brains to figure it out. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I neither meditated nor slept well last night. And it felt like my dreams felt really chaotic, and it’s almost like the last dream I had just epitomizes it because it feels like, in the dream, it’s like I wake up to an alarm. And it’s dark out, and I can hear people rushing about, but I can’t really see what’s going on. That’s just what last night felt like to me.

John: Well, you’re kind of describing a sense of maze of things, in which, in the maze of things you haven’t yet sorted yourself out. And that creates a kind of surrounding delirium

It was kind of the effect, so to speak, on an initial level of what took place yesterday. I found myself noting it to be kind of Leila, meaning that it was a play with an effect that had a bit of a contrivance to it. But it was enough for each person to find, and see, for themselves. 

The only hint of that was when Dean said that the idea of feeling tends to be something that’s oriented in a personal context way. And that the idea of witnessing that that had to be something in order for it to have a flow amidst everything, from out of the chaos, that had to be something that connected to a deeper inner depth that you didn’t witness it in its simplistic outer, you witnessed in its deeper inner depth in terms of what is really going on, pre the fact. 

And so it belied the fact that it was anything of any consequence really going on, in the outer, other than the letting go of the way a person overly feels things. And that the witnessing, it was the integral action and a witnessing that goes to something more in terms of the greater overallness that comes from within.

The effect you were left with, which was the effect that most people were left with, was they haven’t sorted that out yet. It was something that defied the logic of how they saw the path working; defied the logic. And so that hasn’t yet shifted. 

And there’s a whole bunch of that sort of thing going on, in which the currency of things is being put into question. The theme of the program has been that when you compare, so to speak, two sides, and you speak of it as East and West, then in the West there has been a sort of soberness that has added something, but has been rejected by the East.

And then in the East there has been something that has gotten too social or something, and, like Lemuria, fell apart, because it lacked its quality of individuality that was able to hold on to something above the midst of things. 

So what your dream was, you hadn’t sorted any of this out yet, you were just looking at this as a kind of chaotic maze. And that’s how most spiritual paths are viewed by the pragmatist, who is looking from the outside in, and it has to be viewed more from a top down approach.

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gilbert-garcin-surrealism-in-black-and-white-5Perhaps you’ve noticed it, in these recent days, that things that once seemed so important now are showing us how shallow they actually are. The veils of things rise slowly in our consciousness, in a way that we never actually see them happen – and we don’t even know they are there. Yet when these veils fall away, even briefly, we have a chance to see them in proper perspective. And, when we do, we begin to remember what is really important in life. The question is, how quickly do we then forget? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my last dream, it felt like I had gone into the office of somebody. She had us actually sit on a thing that was halfway on the floor, and she was like redoing my fingernails and something else.

But right before that she’d been doing something that was really kind of sabotaging or, I was almost like trying to get away from her, but I needed her to redo the nails. But the fingernail polish wasn’t coming off right. And she’s kind of scattered and somebody else comes in because she’s running late, and then she has to run into the other room and let her boss out. And so I’m just trying to sit and actually get quiet because I seem to have to let it finish.

At another point I go over to a case in the room, I’m looking at things that are in that case, which have interesting designs on them. And I tell her about some glass jewelry people are making now that’s very hardened glass, but it’s kind of intricate. And then I just sit down and feel like maybe if I just sit down and be real quiet, she’ll be able to finish what she’s doing because I have to get the polish changed.

But before that it felt like she was aggressive in some way, before I had gone into that room, and I’d been trying to stay away from her.

John: So the theme of the dreaming last night had to do with being able to take and access other levels of oneself, but only by first coming to grips with the way that we create a cause-and-effect orientation that gets in the way.

And so, the thing that’s notable about the initial vibration of things, in other words, you have an intent where you have to change a certain demeanor in terms of yourself. And the atmosphere that you find yourself having to do it in is revved up, or it’s aggressive, as you call it. And there is something that’s out of sync, or too chaotic, for this to happen as it needs to happen. And so, you have no choice, as far as you can see, but to try to take that which is chaotic and bring it to a stillness.

Now the part of the breath where the chaotic, and the revved up, and all of that is at, is on the in-breath. And the problem that exists is that, at this particular point of orientation, what is lacking is timing. So you have this on the in-breath, as a spaciality. Like I said, the theme of the dreaming had to do with being able to access other levels of oneself. And these are levels that are outside of time and space.

So you’re starting in something which is dense from the standpoint that it’s located on an aspect of the in-breath that needs to let go in some way to become more still. You need to be more still in order for something that you know needs to happen, to happen.

So, the person that’s doing your nails represents time. And so you know that everything can be okay if the timing comes together with the spaciousness, but for the timing to come together with the spaciousness, when you’re in a spaciousness that’s revved up, or chaotic, or the scenario seems aggressive, and where it’s all abstractive distractive – and you know that you have to stop that. You have to let go of that demeanor, which means you have to put it into a stillness. So that from a stillness, then, it can be in a mode that is ready to be touched by timing.

So when the timing is right – and the timing can’t be right if you’re spinning out – when the timing is right, which means when you get into a stillness so that you can wait for the timing to hit, the time is the out-breath. The in-breath is the spaciality; that’s space. So when the timing is right, then they come together, you find yourself in an orientation, now, in which, first of all what you’ve done is you’ve broken the bonds of a certain aspected demeanor that’s limited because of a discombobulation in terms of the breath. When you break the demeanor that keeps you in manifestation, and the denseness in manifestation, and you’re in a time and space outside of time and space, because time and space exists as something in manifestation.

Your dream doesn’t go there, but that is what happens next is now you’re in the orientation, or you’re in the stillness inside of yourself. In other words, you’ve pulled everything into a greater stillness, and it’s said that at interval where the in-breath turns the out-breath, from that traveling in God you can come to know the other levels that exist.

So you go beyond that, and you go to a point where you are able to experience the overall essence of all that there is. And because of the timing coming together with things, you can experience this with a knowingness.

In your dream you just knew it somehow, naturally, and that was that in this chaos of a spaciousness, you had to stop, and you had to find the stillness, because until you did that, till you quit the doing, or the spiraling, or this revving up, or the identification of something being aggressive or whatever you want to call it, until you brought things into a stillness, something couldn’t happen. And that which needed to happen was the timing, to come into cohesion with an aspect of yourself, that you had let go of, that is in the in-breath, the spaciousness.

The importance of doing this was way more than just breaking the limitations of the journeying of the in-breath and out-breath that go back and forth. Not just to break that as a reflective means that can keep you going in a circle and never getting free, but to drop into, and be shifted into, the spaciality in a way so that what’s in that spaciality, which is the great emptiness, the great nothingness, the great, great stillness, the essence of everything that exists, so that that can come out. And the importance of timing is essential, because none of it can happen without the aspect of the timing coming together.

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homingpigeonHow would you feel if the homing pigeon you raised never came home? As humans, we have been designed for a greater purpose than the cultural-focused world around us offers. Deep down, we all know this, but it is the highest aspect of our freedom of choice to be able to deny the spiritual urge we feel, and to continue to live a life focused on the personal. Yet, do we ever consider the pain this causes the universe? Humans are of the highest pedigree in organic life, yet from us the universe gets the least response. It can only cause a great sadness at higher levels. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then in the sleep dream, I am shown, and told, that in order to be effective I need to be in the heat of the action. Or, to put it in words as a meaning, contrast is important. There is something about outer contrast and projections that heightens the importance of stillness, and the significance of the primordial condition.

And this next one is a funny little dream. So, in this dream, there is an old woman I am taking care of who lives with me, or, in other words, she’s been taken out of an old folks’ home, somehow or another I’ve done that. And I have this apartment, and it’s like on the third floor, it’s like three flights of stairs that you have to go up to get up there.

And, of course, she’s an old person. When she looks out the window and sees the other people walking around in the street, that are from her old folks’ home, in a way she’d like to go down there but she can’t because of the steps and stuff like that.

So I ask her if she wants to go down there, but at the same time know that it is too much effort for her to go from here to there – or at least that’s the perception. You know, that’s the barrier that one puts in there, kind of an aloof barrier, right? And out of the blue she indicates she wants something more. She indicates she wants a glass of whiskey. I know she doesn’t ordinarily drink, so this comes up as a surprise to me. Isn’t that a funny dream?

So the meaning is something is missing in a person’s psyche to life if we live in the outer, removed from the conditions of those around us. To be like that is to be out of touch with life. Isolation leads to separation, abandonment, and aloneness. We are creatures meant to experience the heat and burden of the times; capable of experiencing the heat and burden of the times.

And also meant to experience the stillness at the same time, but not exclusively; it’s not this versus that. We are also here as a mirror to the essence of our being, in a caring way, and with an essential connectivity. We are intertwined in spite of untenable outer conditions. Accordingly, what appears, from our limited perspective, to be wayward, is actually a reflection of our isolation and separation from a greater wholeness.

And then, in the last one, I’m looking at the principle of the great transformation, which has to do with relating to an outer that is always in chaos: the great push. So, within that, there is a great push. It’s like a voice that’s talking about a great push that’s needed. The great push I’m hearing inside has to do with finding the stillness within the chaos – without isolating, or insulating one’s self from the chaos. it’s got to be done right in the midst of the whole shebang.

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