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WorldVEver have one of those days? Of course, we may have them all the time, where we lose something we need, we miss a connection, something that was supposed to happen, didn’t. We can have those nights, too, where our dreams feel the same way. And in both instances, perhaps, what we are being shown is that we are energetically ungrounded, and out of balance, which makes us vulnerable to being affected by other energies at play. Spiritual development helps us strengthen this aspect of ourselves, so we are less affected by randomness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only really remember my dreams last night is it felt like I kept having the same dream, in that it was outdoors, in kind of hilly country, it was usually sunny. And it was like I and some other people were pursuing someone. We’re trying to catch them and bring them back for something they’d done. But it felt like it just kept repeating, but I never could quite get a hold of it.

John: There’s a whole sensation of trying to catch up with something, from a depth within, that is kind of the running schematic, and it’s kind of a prime directive, too, in that deep down we’re kind of compelled to having to realize a greater part of ourself.

And that realizing a greater part of ourself, a part that takes us outside of our time and space limitations, that is kept in place by the trance of senses and mind, to catch up with that greater part of ourself is to go to the all-pervasive soul in our nature.

Well, it’s pretty hard to do because everything around us is causing our attention to go this way and that way – and yet there is that echo. And so what you’re doing is, is you’re reverbing and reverbing, as if trying to come to the grips of this echo that you feel affecting you.

That’s very similar to my second dream, which also has a quality of floundering about. In this dream, I’m inside. I’ve traveled to and am inside a multi-story building, that’s huge. And there’s several floor levels. I don’t know how many, but each floor I know is huge. And that it’s a maze just to go in any given floor.

And it’s kind of a glorified hospital, although there seems to be other things going on, like businesses and merchants in this place, too, but each floor has a central nursing station. That’s how one knows it’s kind of a glorified hospital. There’s just people everywhere that can grab your attention and cause you to be distracted, or to get confused, and get lost.

So I have come to this building and am up on the second floor, I seem to know that there’s a person I need to find that’s on this second floor. And I’ve come with a friend, but we get separated on the second floor. And in my moving about on the second floor, trying to find the person who I’ve come here to visit, I also set down a bag that I was carrying. Fortunately, I can recollect where I set that bag down, because I left it at the nursing station.

Even though somehow, deep deep down, I have a sense that the person I’m looking for is on the second floor, and that my friend is somewhere wandering around on the second floor, too, I end up going to the third floor. And when I go to the third floor, it’s like I’m even more spaced out. And I get really enamored at looking at all of the myriad of things going on on the third floor.

And at some point I even leave my notebook behind, my dream notebook, which is important to me that I apparently was carrying, too. And it’s almost like I’m so amnesic that I have no idea where I might have left it, except that it was somewhere on this floor. And it all kind of starts to gel, my predicament, when, in my wandering about, I come to the nursing station on the third floor. It’s then that I realize, oh my goodness, I need to get out of this enamored condition that I’m in, and I also need to find my notebook. And I need to get back to where I need to be looking, retrieve my bag and such.

I know I should take steps that go between nursing stations, but instead I wander off as if something will pop in, or something will help me, or I’ll accidentally get a inkling as to where I set my notebook down. When, all of a sudden, actually by complete total surprise, fate would have it that I see the notebook – and it’s laying on the floor. So I go over to pick up the notebook and, as I pick it up, this guy grabs at it and he says: this is mine. And he claims he knows it’s his because it has the three rings, spiral binding, or whatever it was that he portrayed.

I look at the notebook, and the notebook has all that scratching out and scribbling that I do. And, on this particular page where it’s open, there’s more scribbling and complete blanking out than there is anything written. And so I look down and I can read my writing. So I know it’s my notebook.

So to free myself, again, of how I need to proceed, he’s got the notebook, I’ve got the notebook, and so I need to go. I can’t be just sitting there tugging away. So I bend over and I bite him on the wrist to get him to let go.

So now with my notebook in hand, I now know that I go back to the nursing station on the second floor, probably ask at the nursing station rather just continuing to keep wandering around, probably will find the person I’m looking for – they’re on the second floor. Probably somewhere in that vicinity or area on the second floor I’ll also probably run into my friend. And there at the nursing station I conveniently laid my bag down – I can retrieve that, too. That’s when I wake up.

So this is the same dream that you had, so to speak, in that there was this reverbing around to try to zoom in on something or another that is meant to be, that is trying to come out, is trying to make itself known. You don’t even have a very good guess at what that is, but you’re haunted by it nevertheless. That’s how your dream is.

And in my dream, my inclination is to keep going up where it gets less clear and less clear. And I keep losing more and more of myself. But what I’m losing is important, too. And what I need is more grounded on the second floor, which is another image in which something isn’t quite grounded as it needs to be.

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pulled-in-all-directions-megan-bell-honigmanOur dream today echoes much of the reality of daily life, i.e., in it Jeane feels pulled in all directions at a chaotic family gathering. Is this just a reflection of the pressures of holiday time? Not really. The symbolism behind the images points out that, as we develop on our spiritual journey, we have to take on more and more of the natural Wholeness of things. Until we are able to embrace this Wholeness, within, we will feel the tug of aspects of our identity that aren’t quite ready to let go.

(At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: One dream I’m at my dad’s house, and there are a lot of people there. The people in the house, it’s almost like they’re trying to get a meal together. My niece is there, a lot of different people.

I seem to be sleeping out in the yard, near the hillside, and maybe one of my nephews is sleeping out there too, or great nephews, it’s someone younger, in the same area but not in the same bed.

I remember at one point I leave the house. I’m trying to get the food together and I’ve gone out and I’ve gotten some food, but I’m a little worried that I’ve got cookies but they don’t have nuts in them or something. But I’ve taken that food in and then I’ve gone out to check on my bed.

Well, for some reason a bunch of twigs have fallen on my bed, and there’s a little hole in the hillside next to my bed where it’s almost like a little, I don’t know, something about the size of a doghouse, except it’s just dug out of the hillside.

I look at that because I want to make sure there are no snakes in there. Then I push some of the twigs off my bed – that looks a little suspicious, too. There are all these twigs and leaves on my bed, but I don’t seem to knock them off the bed, I just move them around a little to make sure they’re okay, because there are covers under that, so I don’t seem to be bothered by that.

Then I go back in the house because I’m still checking on whether people have food. I mean, it’s just really crowded with people. Then I’m going to go downtown and that’s kind of like a shift in the dream.

John: So the purpose of the dream, the energetic purpose of the dream, is that as you’re watching yourself dream this, you notice that your attention is going this direction and that direction, as you’re having to cook something, or you’re having to do this, and you’re having to relate to a lot of people.

In other words, some part of this dream, with all of the activity of you having to move around in it and deal with all the people that are there, and all of that, some aspect of that rubbed an energetic off on you that left you overwhelmed. An image of your bed was a way of coming back and trying to go back into a consecration of the energy so that it isn’t all over the place.

The purpose of dreaming something like this was to get you to recognize and identify that, as you take on a greater beingness as part of a Whole of yourself in life, you have the challenge of figuring out how to do that without losing boundary control, if you know you’re taking and dealing with a big party and all these people and whatnot.

At some particular point, if you felt the vibration of that, it kind of estranged you from how you would like to feel yourself, and it can create even a type of frustration; you know that you’re not necessarily being true to how you need to be. In that frustration you can go and, in terms of trying to redirect it, it’s like the twigs, and a cave or something on your bed?

You’re trying to find some sort of order. Twigs actually can represent how something is every which way, but the fact that it is on your bed and whatnot, it’s like you’re pulling it back together so that it doesn’t leave you, like in the main part of the dream, having all of these people milling around and you’re having to do this, that, or the other in terms of a responsibility and obligation amongst all these people. If you look at yourself, it rubs off on you.

In other words, something gets taken away from how it is that you’re able to be. You lose a concreteness inside you. And the other image is trying to go back, noticing that things or twigs or everything is destroying and whatnot, and trying to pull it back together into a focus.

Only the difference in a dream like that for you, versus a dream like that for me, is you have to accommodate it in relationship to a greater Whole that you’re able to connect and tie into.

In other words, all of it has to be absorbed as an overall cadence that’s in your world. When you can do that, is when you can actually then start to have a meaningful effect in terms of touching things, because that’s when you will have developed a greater Wholeness to it all.

The dream isn’t going there necessarily showing you that you do that sort of thing. The dream at this particular point is getting you to realize and identify how it is that you’re being affected by your environment, and that you need to exercise a kind of discipline and take yourself out of that in order to be true to yourself.


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