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Jeane: In this dream something happens that forces a whole community or group of people to have to move. Whether it’s a natural disaster (it’s some area like California), I don’t know. I do know that there’s an ocean not far away – I sense sand dunes or some kind of different geology there.

Some of the group stays behind while at least three of us go on ahead. We’ve gone ahead and I know that there are a series of things that can happen. In one image that I remember, I had to go into someone’s trailer.

I don’t know if it was for shelter or food or I just wanted to go there as I had a feeling I was being pursued. It’s my intention to pass through the trailer without disturbing anyone. But because the trailer is shaped like a “T,” I can’t go in one door and out the opposite side.

I end up running into a woman, with her little girl, in the kitchen, and the woman’s a little startled. I’ve disturbed them so I have to explain why I’m there, and then they seem okay.

I know there are other scenes where I’m in other homes and one image of being out by some sand dunes. Other people think the dunes are stable, but I don’t think so. And then I have this sense that when we get somewhere that seems better, I feel like I have to go back to get the others. And they don’t want to come.

I’m not sure if I even go back to get the others, or if they’re going to want to come with me, but I still feel like that is what I have to do.

John: That’s pretty interesting and pretty specific. Basically what the images start out saying, energetically, is that something has happened and you can’t go back. You’ve seen something and, whether you like it or not, you’re in trouble now and you have to go forward.

Now, as you go forward, you’re still not necessarily free from the past. So you have your bad moment; in other words, you have your reservations. Those reservations are reflected in you trying to go into the trailer as a way of catching your breath. It’s like a time-out.

So you are trying to catch your breath, and that’s shown by not wanting to run into anybody. But you do, and when you run into them, what you’re running into is actually you in a state of shock to your inner self.

But it’s a good state of shock – it’s an emerging state of shock, as represented by the little girl. So as you go forward, you still have the connection to the past and so you recognize that you have to go back and forth.

Said another way, at the very beginning you had no choice, you saw too much. You recognized something, and things couldn’t stay the way they’d been. You can’t rationalize or justify that. But you do have a tie, or a connection, to all of that, even though something more has been revealed. So you make a progression, and you have your reservations where you stop and look around a bit, yet you still feel the pull of your obligations.

In a way, you’re describing the cycle of the breath: the in-breath and the out-breath. One minute you’re going forward, and the next minute you’re going back. And you were propelled by the clarity that you had to move forward. That was one minute. The next minute you had to share that clarity (going back for the others).

It portrays the process, and shows that you have not been caught trying to protect your own treasures. You are taking nothing with you, but you do want to go back to help. If you had been drawn back by your own needs or things, that would imply self-interest, and support for separateness and duality, which requires one to be competitive and isolated in relationship to others. Your dream doesn’t have that dynamic, so that’s a good base for what wants to emerge.

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John: I am out at night, walking, and I stop in front of a retail shop. It is late at night and the lights are still on. Everyone has gone home from the shops on this street, but the shop owner of this store is still inside.

As I pause to glance in, I notice that the shopkeeper, without turning out the lights, is going into a crawlspace just big enough for him to fit. This takes him through a wall into a dark corridor that leads to an exit. The shopkeeper can reach into this hole and pull out this grate or square thing. When he pulls this out, it opens the hole up more, just enough so that he can crawl through. I just happen to glance in as he is disappearing that way. I know he is leaving.

I’m intrigued by this activity and suddenly find myself inside the shop looking around. I don’t know quite how I did it, but I have gained entry into the locked shop. I can see the hole where the grate has been pulled back over it so that it looks like just a small hole, maybe a foot wide.

I know that the owner exited that way and I’m wondering why he would choose to go that way when he has a perfectly good front door. There doesn’t seem to be any reason to sneak about.

So I walk up as though I’m going to crawl through the hole. I reach in and get a hold on the grate and in one big pull I jerk it out. As I start to crawl in, I suddenly hear a voice from inside. He’s still in there! I thought I’d given him sufficient time to leave.

He asks, “What are you doing?” I realize “Oh, my god!” So I quickly pull the grate closed and I take off out the front door. And I’m thinking that even though it’s pitch dark and it might take him a little while to stumble back outside, that would place him maybe 100 feet behind me if he’s giving chase.

I take off running. I have to run a considerable distance before I can get to a section of buildings where I can hide. Just before I reach the buildings I glance around. He should be behind me by now but I do not see a thing. Then I duck behind the buildings.

Now I have this heebie-jeebies vibe going on. I didn’t feel like I was in the wrong for my curiosity, but now I’ve been suddenly confronted by some weird energy that is after me. I take off running again but I should have been able to just simply unplug as soon as I got around the buildings. Because it (he has become an “it”) did not see me escape, it doesn’t know if I went left, right, or forward.

Yet in my imagination – which is now taking me into the spiritual part of myself in an effort to trigger some new information – I do know that if I can hold onto an energetic level it can cause synchronicity and meaningful coincidences to happen. So I’m feeling that I should just be settling back and letting that energetic help me.

Well I have ascribed this dark power to the energy that is chasing me and in my dream I don’t realize how ridiculous that is. The next thing I know I’m up on rooftops, jumping from one roof to the next. I realize I’m being a little bit reckless and that I’ve got to start concentrating on what I’m doing because I could slip. I’m not in my sanest mind at that moment; I could get hurt very easily way up on these roofs.

So I drop down a level or two from roof to roof, figuring out some shortcuts that keep me moving along. All of a sudden I come to an edge. It’s the end. I can’t get off the roof any longer.

This is when I pause and I glance back inside of myself, and finally realize this is ridiculous. I’m acting as if this dark force knows where I am and can follow me. I am just making this whole thing up, and I just need to let go of that. It has no affect on me whatsoever.

When I do that I realize that I can backtrack the way I came to get off the roof. It’s not like I’m going to run into the pursuer, because he obviously has no idea where I’ve gone. When I realized that, all my fear was gone.

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John: The imagery in your dream (Not So Itsy-Bitsy) about the spider that grows larger and larger shows an aspect of the imagination that can create a situation where a person can psych himself or herself out. Say for example you go to a doctor’s office and get upset by what the doctor doesn’t say. What the doctor says doesn’t satisfy on some level, so the imagination keeps working and all sorts of scenarios can pop up. So this dream shows this kind of exaggeration, to the point of creating that heebie-jeebie quality. It shows how a notion can get into one’s head and become greatly exaggerated.

Imagination is a good quality if it doesn’t run rampant, because it’s actually necessary to be able to bring insightfulness from deeper inside into cognition. This kind of active imagination quality seems to be intangible, but actually has tangibility in terms of the listening center of the heart, enabling one to have a sense of things from the other side. But when it sits there kind of percolating, so that one’s condition in the outer is one aspect, and then there is a flicker from inside that isn’t fully realized, it creates an in-between zone where you can be affected by things that haven’t completely awakened. I have seen it occurring in you in stages and by degrees. And I guess that it might occur in the outer world in stages and degrees as well.

Typically a person approaches life from a basic understanding, but if they’re able to get outside of that and realize that there’s something more going on, it can destabilize them a bit and their imagination can run. It’s an illusory thing, and if you have a certain insight along with a certain kind of imagination, fantastic ideas can arise as possibilities if the listening center of the heart isn’t able to keep it aligned. In other words, it is like the seeing center is going slightly askew – it’s almost like a type of delirium.

Often, the outer world can seem too much and a person may resort to alcohol or drugs as a buffer. They can go off into this delirium state and get lost there, being unable to find their way back. This happens to a lot of people who go askew. It can happen in terms of becoming too sensitive as well, where one loses a certain rootedness. Our view of the reality around us can be a kind of grounding; it can help if one begins to perceive another reality that one is not ready for.

The whole thing of the vivid imagination is interesting because it causes you to look at something like this in order to stay sober or keep yourself focused. I see in you sometimes a type of hyper vigilance when something is stirred in you – you watch it with great focus and attention. That vigilance is also what can set off the whole traumatic weirdness, too, of a giant spider. If you let the vibration go on like that, you can actually create an altered reality.

So in your dream you did that to an extreme, so that you could then get a sense of… well, that’s why they say that a person needs a spiritual teacher because there are things on the other side that are experiences and sensations that one can go through that throw one off balance. Typically, they are all in the imagination.

It’s an integral part of letting go of one thing in order to be able to grasp something new that’s part of a much greater realm or dimension. It’s easy to take a particular vibration, give it a spin that has some weirdness connected to it, and turn it to something else that, for all intents and purposes, can appear to be very literally dramatic and traumatic.

You show a capability for doing that. It can actually be interpreted as kind of funny, but it’s also kind of interesting. To the degree that you do something like that, the initial jest is something that one can look at and chuckle – it lightens something up. But when it gets carried to an extreme it can actually become a torment to you.

So your dream, as I see it, gave you a dose of it, and when that happens it can keep one from greater bizarreness because it reminds one to stay focused and clear-eyed about things.

To continue this discussion, see Keeping Rooted.

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