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journey in a dreamEven in this day and age, the image of being chased by a prince through his castle in a dream seems to have a romance to it. Yet that is how the dreamer is managing a situation that is overwhelming to her on an inner level. And things only get worse when she succeeds in getting away. Yet what is happening is an escape from the higher back into the lower, because the higher is always challenging to the status quo. Ultimately, the dreamer knows she needs to go back. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, which takes place mostly at night, I’ve gone into a building that’s almost like a small castle. And at first I’m observing the people there. There’s like a man that’s like a prince that seems to be in charge. There’s a woman that he’s with at some points, and I seem to be looking through the rooms.

But when he spots me, he wants to be with me. So then I’m trying to keep away from him. I don’t want him to recognize me, like at first he doesn’t recognize me, but then he seems to be in pursuit of me. And so I’m trying to stay ahead of him and, in that trying to stay ahead of him, at one point I even jump and things change to color for a moment and I’m on the back of some kind of horse that seems to be able to fly.

And then I get out of the castle, because he’s grabbed me at one point, but I’ve gotten away. He did touch me though. I would try to disguise myself so he wouldn’t recognize it was me, but now I’m running.

I go out of the castle at night, and I’ve gone down because the castle seems like it’s more up, and I’ve come across this unusual building, and I go into this building again and I go up in the building. And this building is almost like a building where they manufacture parts of people, like there might be little babies, or there might just be a foot, or there might be just a sock, not a main piece of clothing. It wasn’t even a person.

On different levels it’s like they’ve kind of taken things apart as opposed to putting them together and, of course, you have the sense that if they catch you they’d do the same, they just take you apart, or use parts of you.

Then I’m kind of running from the people in the building, and they think they’ve got me at one point, but I seem to slide down and go right through this glass window into a room and through another glass window – without harming myself – and I get out of the building.

But somewhere in this whole process I was touched by something, and it feels like there’s something changing in me now where I’m turning into gold, but it’s a process that takes a certain amount of time. There’s even some little being near me that talks to me a little bit about what’s happening, but over this process I’m turning into gold. The only thing that I notice about this process is that it seems to make me want to go back and be with the prince more.

John: What this dream is about is, it is using both expansive and contractive qualities, because those are the only two things going on, and it’s using those as an energy that vies more or less for your consciousness, which means it’s vying for your heart.

You use the theme that repeats over and over again of it being kind of a physical thing like one of the four doors, they create a delusional quality. You use the one over and over again because it seems to be the one that, as you overcome, you get close to the understanding of a wholeness, I mean the four doors are like the prostitute archetype, the drunkard, the [thief], and the gambler.

Now each of those… whatever and however you experience those four doors, which are like archetypal energies in one’s nature, when they have a hold of you they’re like that, and they dictate images and mannerisms in which your attention has to take and filter its flow in life. And the difference that you’re doing now however, is you’re taking that energy… I don’t know why they call it the prostitute energy because I mean they all have this, in a sense, they all take and create their delusions except maybe this one works within the realm of the quality of the vibration that’s in the magnetic connectivity realm. They all connect you to some illusion though, too, so it’s hard to say it that way too but the thing that you’re doing different is you’re looking at it in terms of both an expanse and a contraction. You’re looking at the polarities.

And so you’re realizing that when something is trying to get a hold of you, and that’s an illusion that you have when you’re high up, in other words, when you raise your energy and you have the sense of a type of freedom, like higher up in the castle or something, have a sense of freedom. In that sense of freedom your imagination, the way your thoughts will run in terms of fantasy and whatnot, is you seek to curry favor of something. In other words, you’ll manufacture a prince in shining armor attraction, or something like that, that draws your attention when you’re feeling a lot of lightness and energy.

And then when you get into the density of things, and so that effect is actually a dense effect,  that pulls you from a proper flying and lightness when you’re in the castle up above. And then when you go down below and something is trying to grab you, it’s hitting you in a dense way. And to the degree to which you free yourself from that it’s like busting it into a million pieces. It’s chopping things up. That’s like them trying to expand. In other words, no one likes feeling contracted, so they fight to try to get out of the contraction, and yet you’re caught in the vibe of something that’s contracting, so when you expand then things get broken into a whole bunch of pieces.

So you’re dealing with the expansive and the contractive. The object of where you’re going with this thrashing that comes to an end in terms of doing that, is you learn that neither direction, neither one of those things that you put into the heart, into yourself, will take you anywhere, and you will eventually make a shift. And the shift is that instead of putting the energetic into a quality of an imaginative heart-like nature, where you have to struggle to get away from something to trying to get a hold of you, and then you’re fighting to free yourself of that contraction and, you know, that busts you into a million pieces again.

The significant thing about this is that what you’re doing is tearing away an attention that could have been, and is meant to be, the life force on the soul. And when the life force is on the soul then you so to speak lose yourself, and then you have a presence in all things. When the life force is on the soul you actually are connected in a way that you take something with you, as the expression goes.

Well what do you take with you? In other words, you’re connected. You’ve brought the levels together, so to speak. You’ve gotten rid of the other illusion delusion that keeps you from recognizing your greater wholeness, and that you’re intertwined with everything. And when you have it on the levels of the soul, then you actually do not die. You have a means of connecting. You connect to the vibrational parts of yourself, whether you’re beyond time and space. Whether you’re in this body or not, you can connect that way to everything.

That’s an amazing kind of aliveness to have. Now it’s generally spoken of from the standpoint that there are the spiritual elders and there’s this, that, and the other that you can be like a foot soldier to that, and you can catch up to that, and you can hear something and know something. No, you can do all of this yourself, and that’s what you’re meant to do when you take and put the life force energy into the soul, as opposed to into the heart.

Into the heart you’re going to have the vying around, and you’re going to have those four primary archetypal, or four door, natures to have to contend with going back and forth between one and the other. And, of course, in most instances each person has one usually that is louder and more predominant that is still a byproduct of having the delusional trance, the illusional trance yet, having the identification then, or duality, as the consequence of that that’s standing in the way.

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ur-absIn this dream image we see a coach who is training the dreamer, and we also see the dreamer being asked to coach someone else. In the world of our dreams, because we are all the characters that populate the dream images, this shows how the unconscious tries to awaken and incorporate aspects of our inner lives that are at different levels of development and different levels of hiddenness. A spiritual journey must incorporate the whole of us, with no parts left behind. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in the second dream it feels like I’m in high school, but at night I go out and I train with a coach, and I’m training in a particular way. And he has other people that help him, like there’s this one bus driver that kind of is in a bus or some kind of a vehicle that’s parked near a curb at night, and it’s a tall curb, and I go down and I lay down below the curb and there’s some structure they’re teaching me how to climb around, or get out of or, you know, develop a certain strength from dealing with.

And so he has other people at certain areas around town at night that are helping me with this training that I’m going through, and something that I’m building up from doing the training. But then at some point he wants me to help train this high school kid also, or train others, and the problem is the high school kid is pursuing me and kind of trying to dominate, or chase me, as opposed to be focused on what the purpose of our training is.

So this creates a dilemma for me because, on the one hand, the coach wants me to be training him, and on the other hand it’s like you’re training somebody who’s pursing you in a way you don’t want to be pursued. And so it’s really frustrating for me, in that way, because I feel a little caught in this dilemma and it interferes at times with the training, or what I feel that I can do.

I even go back at some point in this dream and I’m examining the prior dream, and I’m looking at the white cap but I’m also looking at like I feel like they got stuck in that dream in terms of what they were able to do. In this dream, whatever I’m able to do, or not able to do, gets represented by a black cap that at least has a certain vitality. And it’s again an animal of some kind that is kind of like wooly and you wear it on your head, but it’s black this time instead of white.

And I do feel like it goes a little further in terms of being able to accomplish its mission in the world, but it really feels like I’m looking at both and not satisfied with either.

John: So, in this dream, the outer world, the world in which your senses and the world in which you have to cope in as best you can, that is the external world, that is the collective, is represented by the high school.

And then the teaching that is awakening at night, on the inner level, on a higher-self level, on a level that is awakening in some small aspect, is causing you, is enabling you, to make a transformative step away from the day-to-day.

In other words, that is causing something to find motion and clarity from the usual collective. Well, the problem, or the issue, is, like I said at the very end of your last dream, that transformation is not where it is really at. In other words, it’s not like making a better widget, or making a better person.

You have to hit an absoluteness of clarity of beingness, that is an emptiness, that isn’t affected by conditions of closed heart, or conditions of not being able to experience through you the greater expansiveness of all of the various levels that you are meant to have access to, which tends to be ignored by many teachers the understanding that there is this, in the gut, Hara center of your nature, which needles away at you so that even though you had created a bit of transformation in terms of what was going on in terms of this night class or whatever that you were taking, in order for that to be meaningful, in other words to get to something that was more than just a temporal transformation and then you would fall back based upon the pent-up Hara center of your nature, you have to go back, and you have to contend with the loudness inside of yourself that creates the confusion and creates the blur, which is in the outer, which is in the day-to-day.

And in going back to that, you go back to a particular loudness, or characteristic, or quality that you need to get beyond – and that is represented by this one particular student that you’re directed to bring across. And that one student represents a Hara-center quality that is repressed, and has a fluctuating dynamic, that keeps you from going to more than just a temporal transformative energetic vibration. It keeps you from reaching the wholeness.

And so you’re meant to deal with that. And so, in dealing with that, you are finding that this particular thing, this particular Hara quality, that’s repressed, suppressed, unconscious in your nature, is casting out images in which it is in some sense pursuing you or, in other words, the confusion that you have, in terms of being able to incorporate an emptiness that goes to this area as well, in the physical, is that there is this quality within – on the physical repressed level, or the Hara center – that’s in the gut, that carries and holds onto things that have been pent up and stored there over lifetimes. You’re having to break the spellbinding illusion of that because it’s effect upon you has created a defensive blur in which you see it, instead of something that can be absorbed and redeemed, you see it as something that in terms of trying to contend with it, it is stirring up your well being. It is pursuing you instead of being properly accessed and absorbed.

So, the difference between this dream and the first dream, is that in this dream you are trying to do it in a feminine way, thus the black hat. In the first dream you were trying to do it in a masculine way, the white hat.

In the first dream you were trying to come across with an effect with the diplomat that caused a bringing together of things, a closeness of things, plus dealing with peculiarities that are pent up in the Hara center of things. You were trying to address that in a direct way, that had to do, then, with opening up things so that the whole embassy effect, or the overallness, was there in its emptiness as well so that you would have a completeness in these three areas, we’ll call them, of wholeness.

In the second dream you were using the principle of the feminine energy to try to contend, to try to be surrendered, to dealing with something that is affecting your nature of being. In other words, it’s like you have had these insights, epiphanies, inflections inside of yourself to what a greater closeness is supposed to kind of be like, theoretically speaking, when it’s blurred by a Hara center, so that it is conditional to the Hara center. And you’re not going to have the greater transcendent quality that is offered in the teaching, in the connection that you’re having, within, at night, on the various levels – unless you are able to take all of this into the outer.

And the outer, in this particular case, is the high school, which is the school of where the real teaching is yet to be done in terms of the Hara center that has to either lived out, which will take forever, and isn’t the way to get to a transformation that leads to an absolute state of being. You’re not able to make it whole, or make it constant, or make it real unless you take and contend with that.

And so, in your dream, you were dealing with an aspect of something that had a particular definitional mannerism to it that is an illusion that you keep purporting as a kind of spell that you place upon yourself, that is the echo coming out of this unconscious state that is there having developed over millennia of time, and it is represented by the energetic and vibration of this student that is in the outer, basically, this thought seed or quality that is you in a physical sense, that as long as that continues the duality continues, because this will keep coming up to blur the potentiality.

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0be2Today we have a dream image which brings together many elements that are part of our long history of fairy tale stories, comic books, and movie plots: we have magic and sorcery, a powerful amulet, gangsters, a chase scene, a missing daughter, even a big mansion. And it’s all about one thing: connecting to the true power inside. If we look at the world today we can see that everyone chases money and power outside of themselves, which is today’s version of sorcery. But there are no shortcuts to our true power, because if we could attain it without the work required, we couldn’t be trusted to use it in a proper way. That’s why it’s called a “development” journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night, so I just remember part of a dream from this morning.

And in this dream, I’m a man who’s maybe affiliated with gangsters, and I also have a daughter somewhere. And I almost feel like, at one point, she was locked up in the second floor of this mansion building – but I’m not sure about that.

And what happens is that the head gangster is trying to take over the city and, to do that, he needs to harness certain types of power, and he’s doing it with a certain type of power. Now I have an amulet around my neck. It’s kind of hidden under my shirt. It looks like pewter or silver with kind of a violet ray in the middle of it that, when it’s actually activated, that ray comes out and has a lot of power and can activate other powers like it.

The gangsters, they know that I have this power. They want to align it with their powers to take over the city, so they mean to capture me. They don’t realize it’s right around my neck initially, but it feels like just when I want to get away from them, some people come into the building that do know that it’s there. But I use it in a way to activate some power to get away from them, or trick them around some money or something, sort of distract them with money and the power.

I manage to get away. I get out in the street, but now you never know the people that are chasing you, who’s good or who’s bad. I actually resort to flying a little and I go by this mansion, maybe because it was where one of us was held prisoner before, I have the feeling they won’t think to look for us if I go there, but I’m not sure.

I’m looking for maybe a room that they’re not as aware of to hide in in that mansion, if I decide to go in it, because they’re chasing me and it’s like I want to keep this power away from them at the same time I want to find my daughter before leaving there. And that’s when I woke up.

John: So, the three components of your dream is that there is something of a preciousness that’s hidden, that’s reflected as a depth inside of yourself – in terms of it being like your daughter that you have to find.

Then there’s this object, that is hidden, that is part of you. It’s the catalyst. It’s around your neck; that triggers something. And then there is this force that is trying to take that object.

Well, the thing is, you have to solve this Rubik’s Cube that involves this object, and your daughter, and that force. You have to solve all of that simultaneously. And the problem that you had, that’s keeping you from recognizing how to do that is that you’re conducting yourself in some way that is not acknowledging, recognizing, and adhering to that which needs to wake up, to be recognized, to be seen for what it is. And that’s the daughter that’s inside.

So, instead, this thing that you wear around your neck is like a sorcerer’s stone. It’s like you’re trying to function, but not going into what it truly is that you’re all about, which is this place in which that true power, that sweeps through all of your being and goes into everything that exists. If you were to go and access that, then this other that is haunting you to try to figure out how to function in some limited perceptual way, in an external sense, goes poof.

But otherwise if you don’t find that inside of yourself and it is sitting there percolating, then you’re going to suffer because you’re going to be haunted by your senses and mind going through this, that, or the other as you try to thread and maintain some sense that you’re holding onto, which is an in-betweenness, rather than an innerness. And you will suffer, then, the consequences.

And it’s good that it works that way, because the flip side of that is you could use this amulet power and do horrible things with it, instead of taking it and utilizing it as the true inner power inside of yourself, or the hidden daughter of your being, that you’re supposed to catch up with, that’s connected, that’s intertwined with, that is this pearl of great price.

But the reflection that’s in between, that is being vied for instead, that your mind is involved and your senses are involved in, that works within a reflective of the outer that sits there nerdling along, refusing to give in to this quality that is hearkening from within.

The condition that you’re in, because you at least have some sense that you’re not going to use this amulet in a sorcerer way, is that you’re going to sit there trying to protect and hold onto that which is precious because you have a sense of that something at a deeper depth inside, but you’re not able to quite adhere to it, and open it up, and locate it, and live it, so you then suffer instead. You’re haunted by this preying upon you.

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