Coming Alive

Like the Big Bang, everything new that comes into life is like an explosion, because where there was once nothing, suddenly there is something, and space has been pushed back to accommodate it. It may not appear as a literal explosion, yet anything new arising will cause reverberations into life for all of time to come. The question then becomes, is this something we nurture and feed? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: But if you thought that was bizarre, this is really bizarre. This is the sleep dream. The first part of it, that I don’t say much about, that this shifts into it as a component then vision reflection is that I can’t get components to come together. And just as I’m about ready to give up, something more happens. And that’s this vision kind of dream. 

In this dream, I’m stepping back from a hen that is bringing some chicks into life. There’s something wrong with the scenario. What is going on will either explode, or it will work out. I don’t know which, but it looks like it’s ready to explode, so I step back. 

The hen of one of the chicks, first of all I didn’t even see the chick yet, so it’s like whether it’s the egg ready to explode, or whatever it is, but it seems like the hen is going to explode. And then I blink, and then the result is something has happened that hasn’t killed the chick. 

And this was only with one of them, the other seemed to be okay. And, to my surprise, I see two healthy chicks running around under the care of the mother hen – who is managing things with ease. 

Someone says, maybe she should be given more chicks to raise. My comment is, let’s see how this goes for now because it just came out of what could have exploded. And then all of a sudden something anew is there.

A coming alive process has a tenuousness about it. I do not know what to expect. Whether it’s a rebirth that has a naturalness about it, that is a delight to see – I just don’t know. But what I end up seeing is it looks like it has it, it looks good. And it may even be more than what one could have imagined. Time will tell. 

So what is going on is a transformation is needed in order to shift the current focus of things. That is what the meditation dream portrays. And the sleep dream brings this effect into a more natural free flow, and aliveness, that is such a pleasure to see that I can’t help but wonder if this is the beginning to much more.

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A Shift in Speed

magnetic-energyIf only the world would come to understand this: with great power comes great responsibility. Of course we rarely see it these days, but today we are speaking of the power of the inner worlds. As we develop, we gain access to higher energies, and that makes more  possible for us. But there is always a transition time with something new, during which unintended things can happen. That’s why it helps to be consciously aware of what is happening on an inner level. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I have this really peculiar dream, and in the dream I have some young pullet chickens. Do you know what a pullet chicken is? And amidst all of these pullets, which must have been 8, 9, 10 of them, however many, quite a few anyway, is a full grown, live hen that’s terrorizing them.

And this hen has been placed in the midst of them. It’s doing more than terrorizing them. Those pullets are scared to death of this thing because the older bird has a tendency to go catatonic, and strike out, and if it hits the pullets it will kill them. And it is trying to kill them, so the pullets are all trying to hide because they’re no match for this hen: every blow it throws is a death blow that, if it hits the pullet, it will kill the pullet. It aims right for their head. It has just got that nature.

The older bird can do this with such speed that even as I’m standing there watching, I’m unable to guide this or to try to work with it to tone it down. The reason is because it can kill the pullets faster than I can react. It can kill them faster than I can see. Because it’s able to strike faster than I can react, this creates a problem. If I do not step in and stop it immediately it will kill several pullets before I’m able to move, to respond.

Now, I know that there is something about this bird that is doing this; it carries an energetic, a speed, which is important, but it’s not transitioning very well with it, and so it is running out of control. Meaning that if the hen is able to strike out faster than I’m able to keep up, then there will be a disaster. However, if the speed of this bird can be kept on an edge, and it doesn’t kill pullets, then I’m able to capture this speed on a camera. I’m able to denote in image after image after image what is important behind all of this mannerism that this bird has.

And what I will see is a breakthrough that is possible, to be able to see that in the conduct of something in the outer, see it in an inner capacity way. I have to speed up to see that. In other words, it’s an amazing beauty to be able to see that, but you run into this level that if you hang out for that, then it’s liable to be killing the birds and by the time you then react you’ve got a real problem.

So to capture an image that is faster than the naked eye is able to see, to capture that image, this image behind he action, what I have to do is I have to leave this hen amidst the pullets and trust it doesn’t kill them.

Of course if I gauge wrong it’s going to kill them. So, what does one do? To get the picture of what you can’t see with the naked eye you risk that this hen in its speed won’t kill the pullets who are defenseless against it.

So the meaning is, my higher conscious inner self, if awakened too quickly, would be a danger to itself and others. It needs to awaken, but in a merged trust with the soul of life. In that way, images of incredible beauty inflect from within into life. In other words, when it has that naturalness, and you’re on that level – you can’t see it in a denser sense – and so if you’re a beast or out of control in terms of your incredibleness and what happens is you get developed to a point, you reach a point where hopefully you have the compassion and the mannerism to carry that, or otherwise you’re a wrecking machine.

The inner inflection is a light that is faster than the naked eye can see. Captured on film it portrays a beauty beyond the outer. This subtle essence touches invisibly everything in the environment. A trust that is able to let go of the qualms as needed, because if there are personal limitations that are still there, mannerisms, whatever, irreparable harm is likely.

And this is seen in the dream in which the hen can strike out and kill the pullets, and there is the striking out then that can happen before anything can react – because you’re going faster in terms of this inner awakening – and you can find yourself then reacting to things as they’re occurring and breaking down in the outer, as opposed to being able to see the beauty of the process.

So if I react out of fear, to ward off the danger, the beauty behind this essence of speed in life gets covered over. So therein lies the paradox: how do you have the one without the danger of the other?

The deeper meaning is the speed of the masculine energy needs to merge into the essence of life with a heartfulness that inflects the beauty of the inner. If the spirit energy is out of control, a person then is unable to be trusted. When they’re speeded up like that they can’t be trusted if the energy’s out of control – and the damage you can do on an outer level, etheric or however you would call it, would be shocking. The reason why I use the word etheric is that it does it on an outer level so fast that you can’t perceive, you can’t gauge, you can’t stop it. It’s a shift of this speed, it’s just on another level. And that which is caught in this darkness of itself, which is a slower means, can’t respond.

So what I am saying is that with its speed that comes out of an inner realization comes a responsibility and trust that has to be there simultaneously or the unfoldment will destroy instead of invisibly heal and redeem.

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