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you-are-almost-there-25-638 - EditedThere is no end to our spiritual journey – if we are lucky. But there is an important transition to aim for, and that is the shift from being dabblers in the spiritual realms to actually living our spirituality – in all we do. And it’s important to remember that it is not our fault that we have been born into a time and place that makes our journey particularly difficult. There is also no greater feeling of settlement, nor greater experience of the magical possibilities of life, than to become what we were designed to become. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now that’s all very esoteric and whatnot, and quite wordy; what are the dreams behind it? So I had a couple of dreams that point out something.

In my dream, I am seeing that I am proceeding all the way to the point where something is 90% done, but not finishing the process. For example, I am over at a house that is being cleaned up, and I am shown a place, like it stands out along maybe an outer board, or something, which everyone sees, that has spots on it that need to be cleaned up.

So I’m handed a can of cleaner and I spray it on the surface, but that’s all the farther I go. I don’t wipe up the spots that the cleaner would be dissolving; I just leave it at that. And then I leave, as if that is all the farther I need to go.

So I go back to a place, because this was something that one had as kind of a cabin somewhere, so I go back home from this place in the woods, and a person asks, “Who took care of the spots?” In other words, there was someone at this place, that had stayed behind, wants to know and was aware that there were these spots that had to be cleaned up, or taken care of, and the answer, which I hadn’t thought about this, but then all of a sudden it dawns on me: that had fallen upon me – if I had finished what I started. But it’s only at that moment that I realize, ah-ha, I had just sprayed the cleaner on there and left it at that – as if that was all that needed to be done.

And then on another occasion I take a person to a place where they have never been before. This person is surprised that this place exists, but deep down I know that they do not know the half of it. There’s a wilderness trail that extends from this place and goes into the woods, and that person and everyone would be surprised that back in the woods, kind of just kept there, is another property that has just been sitting dormant for a long time. In other words, nothing has been done with it.

And, of course, to see that in relationship to the other you realize, oh, okay, there’s a whole lot more going on than what meets the eye. So, you could say, if you take a person on an excursion that will invoke the question: what is going on in terms of the dormancy?

So the meaning is, I am describing a condition in which, on a revelational outer way of being, I am coming up to a point and then stopping. As far as everyone is able to determine, I appear to know better than that, as I am able to take an unfoldment process to the obvious. But then step back, just like what I described before, how that works.

Why? You know, in a way I could say, well, maybe I could venture an explanation, but the better way of saying it is something is just getting in the way and preventing me from seeing it, and following through. Actually, I see it in a way that can cause something to be known, but there is a living of it, or something, that is missing.

And, from the meditation dream, I am seeing that I am aware of the way things flicker in life, and can touch the flickering, but there is a final step in the process. That involves living this as an intertwined and interconnected self, not just knowing, and describing, as set forth in the meditation dream.

I know that to do this involves an inner process that has yet to come out, and, when this does, the stillness presence will effuse into the environment in a way that others are able to readily assimilate and come to know as their self. In other words, it doesn’t just skewer and scramble things up. It doesn’t just take things up to a particular point. It’s a step that takes something through, and it does it in a way so that what is revealed is a greater quality of one’s self. And, because everything is in a oneness, this greater quality of one’s self is revealed throughout the environment.

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waterlightningWe have learned not to put electrical things in bath tubs, or to swim during a lightning storm. And that’s because energy travels instantly through water, and we’re mostly water ourselves. So when we feel things and sense things, it travels through us in the same way. And we also have the mind and the awareness to understand the energies passing through us – or even being produced by us. That is what a development journey can put us in touch with – which puts us in touch with all the world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the last dream I’m a new employee, kind of on probation, that’s gone to work in this office. And the office is actually a simple, wooden room. So at one end the boss has a table near some windows, and maybe a small desk, or chairs at least where he sits, and file cabinets. And then in other areas of the room there’s some other desks, and maybe some tables where the other employees are, and there might be a little storage area, too.

And I’m also aware that the boss is a man who has a girlfriend, that I’m not sure the rest of the people there approve of yet. But I’m kind of on probation, and so when I go in there I’m doing what I can do, and it feels like the day goes well.

And then I find out the boss has become engaged, and the next morning everybody’s going to meet at a coffee shop. We’re kind of looking out the window. He’s trying to show me where it is because I can’t quite exactly see it, and they’re all going to meet for coffee and celebrate a little at 10:00 before they come to work.

What I start doing, then, is I become interested in cleaning the office, like I notice there’s dust and smudges on the table and I start cleaning that. And the guys have disappeared a little bit more and the boss’ fiance has come into the room, and she approves of what I’m doing, and she starts helping, and pretty soon we’re starting to just clean down the whole room – like I’m washing down the tables, and the walls, and it’s like I just want to get the whole room really clean.

John: So what is happening there is, if you take the words focus and attention and the focus and attention is directed towards anything, whatever it’s directed towards sucks you in, sucks you in to a kind of rapport, or doingness. And if you can let yourself go completely to the focus and attention as a doingness, that is outside of yourself but inside of yourself simultaneously, you can get away with it – or so it seems. Anyway that’s the delusional aspect, how the delusional aspect starts.

So, what you’re saying basically, putting it into an energetic note, you know, just taking every component of the dream, there’s a part of the dream that’s calling a state of attention, and in that state of attention there are other parts of the dream, in terms of what is taking place, because there’s the girlfriend, and then there’s this, and then there’s the going out and doing that, that grab your attention. And when your attention is grabbed, you’re inclined to think that there is something that is going on that needs something from you.

So then when you attempt to relate to what you feel is compelled, that is when you are inclined, through your senses, to come up with an orientation. And whatever that orientation is, it is always based upon a projection, because if you were truly somewhere else, meaning at the depths of an essence, none of that other would grab your focus and attention into thinking that you have to process your way along – because there is no process.

All of this sort of thing appears to be like this, and one appears to be going somewhere, in other words, the focus and attention and a cleaning and whatnot all is about working towards going somewhere, and it is going to always be experienced, in a sensation way, as if one is going somewhere, aspiring somewhere, when the recognition is still one of separation.

But when you see yourself, when you are a me that is the essence of everything, and that it is only you, and that there is no this, that, or the other, then you sit in a way in which everything around you seems to be an extension of yourself, that there isn’t anything to contend with, that there isn’t anything to denote in some sort of differentiated capacity, that there isn’t something to be resolved or to be fixed.

But we don’t seem to see that, we don’t seem to be able to denote that. We may hear it, and can hear it to be like that, but we don’t, with our sense orientation, don’t really quite get it, and as a consequence you’re going to have the images and the drama of things. And that gets played out, it goes in circles, and has its limitations and everything that’s perceivable like that is limited, and it doesn’t really matter what you really do when you’re perceiving like this. You never really can polish it because you’re polishing something that is bifurcated, and you never really can absorb it because you see it as distinct and separate – so how can you absorb something that’s not really the essence of yourself?

Yet on a very, very deep level, when we were sitting out there amidst the fountain and amidst of everything going this way and that way all around us, and nothing was going out of its way to break us out of sitting in the epicenter of an essence, in other words, we didn’t deviate, we held that wholeness, that intertwining, we were experiencing and everything around us was within the movie script of an intertwined beingness that emanates from us. In other words, all of those little parts that went around, everything that jumped around.

When you’re sitting like that, you’re effectuating a vibration in which, if you were to look at these other parts that are moving around, which are all you, you would find out that there was no room for them to be combative, to be frictional, to be agitated. All of that is soothed by this sort of essence. This is what heals, this is what changes the world even.

But had we been sitting there, and had we been sitting there in some sort of awkward, angry, perturbed way and went off into a trance, and still carried that kind of bizarreness in our nature, then around us would have been the bizarreness of ourself flickering about. But, instead, it was another kind of inflection of light – all being us. All being us.

It’s hard to see that, right? So in your dreaming you’re still raising that question. I mean this is a little bit hard to take in as a fell swoop, so you’re still raising the question, and you’re seeing what it’s like for there to be a wall, and you’re seeing what it’s like for there to be other activities to which you have to determine how it is that you plug in, in other words, what you’re willing to do in a buying-in, delusional way.

As you’re going inside all of this other stuff floating around is just absorbed, and through the essence of a oneness that is you, that is everything. And that’s how the world gets healed, that’s how it gets changed. But when it is all spiraling about, everything with its notionality, what predominates is mass confusion. And the wholeness, then, as a principle that takes everything into account, functions as an aliveness consciousness of the world soul, but it’s not something that we’re aware of because we’re not aware of ourselves being that world soul.

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dungeonCertain dream images really show how our unconscious is trying to communicate with us. And, if we remember that we are all the characters in our dreams, we can see the profoundness, in this example, of one person (character) being a free spirit, and the rest of the family being held against their will – with the added intensity that any attempt to rescue the family could set off an explosive. Yes, as we’ve noted, this life we live is a high stakes game, and many things vie for our attention. A human being must use its consciousness and freedom of choice to defend itself from being abducted by meaningless things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So this is another long dream, and in it I’m a young adolescent girl living in a small town. And it feels like when I first arrive in the town I’m at this train station-type complex where there’s a man that kind of fascinates me, that’s probably in his 20s. And because he kind of flows in a way where he has that kind of energy that you’ve talked about.

He goes into some shop and they let him earn some extra money by suddenly arranging some of the goods that have arrived, and then he also has something to do with some stuffed animal that looks like a little ostrich or something that intrigues me. So he’s kind of this free spirit, and I like that, you know, and I’m young enough to be impressed by that.

And then we go into town, and it must be a holiday, and I don’t see him right then. I’m going to my family house where we’re kind of gathering together gifts and things for the holiday. And then when we go further into town, it feels like there’s a man there that suddenly captured members of my family, and other people in town, and he’s taken them away and has them hidden somewhere. And you feel like he’s even going to blow them up.

I know at this point in the dream I kind of go through a dark tunnel. I seem to be in a room where I hear his plans for them, and he’s a very wealthy man but he’s kind of abusing people around him by capturing them. And some of us get freed, but nobody knows where certain of the people are, including I think some men in my family as well as other people.

And I had overheard, because I have been in this dark cave or something when he came by, the guy that captured everybody, I’d overheard that he was actually planning on locking them up in maybe an old jail that wasn’t used much. And then if people figured out where they were, and came to rescue them, it was booby trapped so it would blow up.

I haven’t told anybody this just yet because again I’m kind of young and I’m not sure other people listen to me. I’ve gone home, and the house is just a mess. It’s like people have unwrapped things, and they’ve left papers and things that are okay all mixed up on the floor with garbage, and dishes that are dirty. So I’m going around the room and I’m picking it up, and sorting it out, and trying to clean things and put them in the right order. But in the back of my mind, too, I realize that everybody is still looking for but hasn’t found the rest of the family members.

I get to a point where what I’ve sorted out and cleaned up is in pretty good shape, and I had told one person that was older what I had heard about where they were, but now I tell another person that I’m pretty sure they’re in the jail and that it’s booby trapped. But I’m still not hearing anything about them, so I don’t know if because I’m young no one’s listened to me, or they don’t believe me or what’s happening, and I’m still concerned about them.

So I go down to where the old jail is, and there I see that there are a number of people engaged in a rescue operation. And they’re doing it in such a way that the family members and everyone else doesn’t get blown up. And there’s an even younger girl than I am that I relate to, that appears at the window of the jail, and she crawls down on the ladder to be with me. So then I know everybody’s going to be okay.

But at the same time, as I’m leaving the area, it feels like I glance at a paper and I see the man that locked everybody up, or captured everybody, that’s supposedly the bad guy, just had his best year ever in terms of how his investments are paying off. So it seems like nothing really happened to him. Then the dream goes on from there, but it shifts markedly.

John: I think we’ve reached the phase of dreaming where we’re gathering information that has a little bit to do with our makeup, as it correlates to conditions of our soul from a prior lifetime. In other words, you have the information that’s given, that you have this free-floating nature, of which things just kind of work out, and that’s contrasted against parts of yourself that are restrained, and that any efforts to free them up is apt to cause a calamity.

And if you do get a break, and something does come through, it’s as if the forces that had been holding you back, there’s no recourse to what they have done. In other words, they seem to somehow or another gain some sort of overall benefit in life from having refrained, or restrained, something.

This sort of thing has set a tone in your nature, that I had been looking at and wondering about. You’ve never described it before, but I’ve been looking at this from the standpoint that when something gets to a particular point you have a way of checking out from it, almost undermining it by not wanting to jinx it, or something.

It’s really kind of a funny thing to think of, and so I keep sitting and I look at the karma of that. What is the karma of that? Because it’s got this strange skewered effect, you know, it’s really hard to sort out because you have the great free-flow that helps, and facilitates, and makes things occur kind of naturally, and then that’s contrasted by this quality that has this huge remiss in it, that it refuses to allow itself to believe something as if to believe something will create a kind of dire consequence.

And so there’s a hidden kind of holding back that is shaped as a consequence of some quality that is kind of explained by what you just described, where there are the parts of yourself that are jinxed, or booby trapped, that are restrained. And, if they do get free, it’s almost like a mockery, too, because that which took them prisoner, or captive of that, has gained some sort of huge vicarious benefit in some way.

In shamanism there is this image in which the life force itself is afflicted by what is like a blob-like energy, that tends to feed or eat off of the aliveness, and that you have to become more alive, and more awake, or otherwise it keeps you dumbed down.

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