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i33geWe can think of sleep as a type of surrender because we basically hand ourselves over to a state of unconsciousness. And while we sleep our unconscious can speak to us in images that would be blocked while we’re awake. Surrendering to God or spirituality is similar: we must hand ourselves over to the care of what the universe (higher energies) wants for us – while we are awake – and listen for the guidance that can arrive in many forms. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So my dream last night was classic in that it portrayed quite simply the vibratory effect that is associated with the inner flowing into the outer. Generally this understanding is rather esoteric and something a person might have a hard time grasping because they do not readily associate their attention in this way. When a person has their attention to the outer senses only, the discernment of inner into outer is a concept.

However, in the dream, I see myself proceeding in a crowd of people. When someone seeks to get past me, I am able to feel how their attention is able to inhibit my movement. It is as if they are able to touch and grab me energetically somehow. This is an outer sensation.

I also am able to experience this effect based upon my understanding of what colors mean. I mean it’s an outer sensation, but if you knew how to listen to the outer sensation correctly, you would realize that there’s an inner effect in that. And so in the way I am dreaming this here I actually see it as an inner sensation. It’s easy to say that it’s an outer sensation, looking at it in a lower way, but from the perspective that I am in, I see it as an inner sensation. In other words, when you’re traveling in God you see it as an inner sensation, and when you’re traveling towards God, or away from God, it’s all an outer sensation.

So here’s another one. I also am able to experience this effect based upon my understanding of what colors mean. For example, the higher-self colors such as green, blue, indigo, and violet are able to have their way with the more dense and earthly color, say, red. In other words, you can tell that there is a flow there even though it’s subtle, but there is a flow. In other words, it has its way, so to speak, in that you can discern the innerness of that, of the information that is housed in that connectivity of what is in that form of light.

Another way I am able to recognize this happening is when I struggle to move in a dream. If I stop and look at the images closely, I will notice that vibratorally I am focusing upon a denser vibration I’m trying to speed up, as my focus and attention is more keenly relating to a subtler energetic effect. In other words, I’m allowing this inner to touch me as I effectuate the outer to try to get it to speed up. The subtler the effect, the more inner it is.

In this way a person is able to tell within themselves using a basic understanding and perception of the inner into outer. Of course maybe I have dreamt enough that it has become second nature to recognize the pattern with respect to how things repeat and repeat, such that when I have a dream that has a natural progressive effect to it, that I am able to recognize the effect of an inner into outer by understanding the chakras and that the denser energy is slower, and that the higher-self colors are a faster flow.

The harder part to this process to own and acknowledge from the understanding of the principle of flow, is how this relates to karma. Those who do understand this know that they enhance a consciousness. In other words, these principles of light are the colors of things and enhance a consciousness and groundedness in manifestation, if you surrender, if you can surrender then to the denser energy. See, this is inner coming into outer. You have got to surrender it to the dense energy. You can’t just stay in a transcendent and aloof state.

And therefore you force yourself to hear and see in this way, rather than project and use the effect of the inner flow from subtler energies and higher color light, to impose a personal will. Or in other words to try to manipulate or take that and use that in a way that has its personal prerogative in the lower-self, or the denser nature. To be a servant of the servants you have to have a surrendered consciousness and emptiness such that you never take advantage of a situation. So whenever you feel compelled to push the bubble, you catch yourself and hold the inner flow energetic in check.

In other words, you don’t use it to your advantage, and let the outer appear to have its way. In this way a person is keeping their feet on the ground. However, even the principles of thought and such that the person is inclined to adhere to comes across more as a gracious and humble mannerism, because deep within it is said although in the outer this is subtle and generally goes unnoticed, that this is a consciousness, i.e., head, that is in the clouds and in the heavens. In other words, there’s a part that’s feet on the ground, and then there’s this part that is circulating and percolating inside, that is there that you recognize and acknowledge, but you can’t use as an exclusiveness. You have to adhere to the outer, because you’re in the outer. So your head’s in the clouds or in the heaven, or however you would say that, even though your feet are on the ground and you’re allowing yourself to be effected by the outer conditions – even though you know that that’s illusory.

And this keeps progressing to steps of traveling in a type of God, so to speak. So when you truly grasp the inner into outer concept, and honor the will of God as being something subtler than our lower-self nature, a human being gets out of the way by making one’s self as small as possible, in other words, not as loud like everybody else out there.

By being really small such that everything outwardly can have its way with you, or us, or however you want to say it, and of course this is a type of so to speak way of saying it, from an outer sensation we are trusting in the inner to be that which is real by letting it flow through us -without trying to manipulate it for personal edification.

Such emptiness is practicing the art of being totally vulnerable and completely subjective so that, from the perspective of the outer, the inner inflections are suddenly visible and the veils we project fall away. That is impossible, of course, as long as you have some reaction or mannerism in the way.

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peacockToday we have a great example of how our dreams, in the course of a single night, can lead us through an awakening process. Jeane describes three dreams, beginning simply and then expanding to incorporate more and more energetic space within. As new energy is awakened, the challenge is to incorporate it within ourselves, without getting thrown off balance. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My earliest dream is I’ve got my beading loom, and I’ve strung it and I’ve started working on what’s called a split-loom necklace. And the thing about a split-loom necklace is that you weave a pattern and then at the top of it you split it in two. If you’re making a necklace, one would go around one side and one would go around the other side, so you’re no longer doing a straight line like you do a belt.

I just seem to be spending a lot of time working on that design in the very first dream.

John: You’re establishing a new kind of dexterity. You’re familiarizing yourself with a new kind of dexterity, and you’re using the image of what you’re doing to indicate something else. In other words, there’s an energetic in terms of what you’re doing there, and what you’re indicating, you’re discovering, or opening up, or approaching, or recognizing, or realizing inside of you, which is reflected by this image your other [following] dreams will talk about.

Jeane: In the next dream, while I’m home in my hometown, and my folks still seem to have the department store there. At home I’ve made myself two beaded skirts, one of kind of jade-looking beads, and the other of black and white beads of different sizes; like some are round and some are a little different design.

But when I put the black and white skirt on, some of the beads haven’t been anchored well enough so they fall off on the floor, so I realize what I’m going to have to do is to go through and fix that. So I just hang the skirts up and then I have a little dressing room at the store where I also hang up some clothes that are of a little different design.

And then I’m kind of excited to be able to show these skirts to my family. But I can’t show them to them yet until I get the one fixed.

I go down to the store and my mother’s there, and she suddenly wants to show me a new jacket that she’s got that’s a very summery jacket like with yellow and white. It’s kind of very spring looking, and she thinks I might like that too, and I’m looking forward to showing her and a woman who shows up, whom I know, who is this woman who’s very stylish that used to lead seminars.

I know that I have some clothes hanging up in a dressing room, yet I haven’t really looked at them. I know that I want to get into a certain design of clothes, but I haven’t done that yet. And it’s like I’m just talking to the two women. That’s all I remember of the middle dream.

John: So from the first dream you’re learning to access and go into something different and new, and not only are you having to go into this, but you’re having to wear it, or live it. It’s a dimension of you that isn’t well established yet, isn’t put together, but you still have to wear it. You have no choice in the matter.

You now have to take this on. In other words, it’s your two skirts, and the green is kind of something that’s a skirt that you have that’s established in life. This is where you’re at, so to speak, in terms of a certain way of being. But now you have to go into something that has greater extremes to it, both black and white, black being a color of feminine depth, and white being a color of masculine expanse.

And you don’t handle that very well. In other words, because you are having to wear it and the beads are breaking to some degree.

So, the fact that you’ve taken this on means that it puts you into a different state and that different state involves you having to probe a part of you that has more of a masculine orientation, because it’s a white jacket that you now have to get, which has the ability to see things more directly on an inner level, more directly on an inner level with the yellow.

When you put the two dreams together you’re basically exploring, or have opened up, a part of you, where what you find yourself doing that is different than your usual approach, or the way that you’re familiar with and, as a consequence, first you’re playing with it, and then you’re having to wear it, and it’s another dimension like going through into another zone.

And in having to wear it you also are finding out that there are greater extremes to this, both up and down, both black and white, both masculine and feminine, and taking on this different kind of motif, things aren’t quite totally together yet, beads are breaking.

You have that at home as a base that you have to work with, but then as you probe out into this newfound awareness, causes you to probe on out with your feminine quality nature, and when you do you find yourself able to access a jacket – more masculine again – a white jacket, with the ability to see things or to open something up with an innerness about it with the yellow in it.

And so this is a dream portraying an unfoldment, or an overallness, that’s more or less being depicted. There’s no detail in it, other than this is what’s depicted. Let’s see if you have more detail. Well, it’s interesting. You’re opening up a masculine quality because it wouldn’t surprise me if you get detail.

Jeane: In the next dream, I seem to be working as a therapist again, and I have an office like almost in a daylight basement of a building, because I feel like it’s on the ground floor or lower, but it has light and there’s a secretary right outside my door as well as a few chairs where people come and sit.

I’m counseling someone in the office. It’s the end of the day almost or early evening, but for some reason I’m counseling them with the door open. So I see there are several other people waiting, and several of them are new people, but my session must run on overtime because the people leave.

Well, I get up and I pick up the forms that they’ve filled out, and I go down the hallway and must go to a Xerox machine or something. I don’t know what I did, but I did run into one of the people, a man, and I realized he works in the building so I tell him if he wants to he can come on down now.

I think he wants some counseling on a work issue. I’ve gone on down to my office, but he’s not there, but then the woman who’d left that had been waiting has come back, so I decide since she’s there I’ll go ahead and see her.

I see the man come and look in, and then I think he leaves, but I realize he works in the building so I can catch up with him the next day.

John: That’s the detail now! This opening up is best depicted in terms of how you’re then able to flow differently. And so usually you have to maintain certain boundary controls, and boundary controls are essential for a person to feel like that they’re not getting thrown askew in every which way that they can’t possibly handle.

So people develop these boundary controls. Well, what you’ve done going from a certain way of living and a certain way of following the element of life, what you’ve done is you’ve opened up something different. You’ve learned to do different beadwork, so to speak, as you were describing, or you found something more interesting in this whole process of the way energy can unfold.

It results in, of course, things breaking, collateral damage, but you work to resolve that because you have to wear it. You don’t have any choice in the matter and, as you’re inclined to wear it you come to grips with a better understanding of both the masculine and the feminine.

You’re able to go with your mother. You’re able to buy a jacket. It’s a white jacket with yellow in it, so you have a depth that can open up. But then what does this all mean?

Well, it means that in terms of your functionality you’re able to look at things in a more overall and inclusive way without having to seal things off behind doors. So this door that’s being opened is ordinarily considered like something that causes a violation of one’s self because it can break the continuity of a steadiness or a stability of your nature.

But in this particular case, you’re learning how to handle that. It’s not easy. Things can break, but you’re comfortable with the way things break that you can resolve it. In other words, instead of having a definite order to things, and a definition of things, you’re able to take on more. And in taking on more things, it’s harder to hold things in the container.

And so that which is in the outer room of your being can go flittering and fluttering off, but you are developing a greater depth, and a greater range in yourself, in that you can find that, or it doesn’t get totally lost. That you can hold two spaces at the same time, that you can do your counseling, or do your work in the room, and at the same time be aware of things outside of the room, and aware enough of an energetic connection to the things outside, that you can pick up those pieces, that you can maintain them within the peripheral.

You don’t have to have clear, distinct, dividing lines like you had before, you have both parts of you able to work. As the first image, you can do a greater, more interesting degree of beadwork. You can address the feminine side of you now better, and you can catch up with the masculine side of you because you are holding onto it in a more grounded and rooted way.

The dreams last night had us having to take on, and go into, and find a comfortability, and let go to the working with a type of energy that normally we consider too much. Or normally we set up parameters so that we’re not overwhelmed. This is a type of energy that has to do with a greater expansiveness of one’s self.

Now, there’s a spiritual concept: that you can’t grasp what is really important. You can’t grasp it in the overall, and yet you use an ability to peak around the corners of things in the outer, you know, in creation.

That is where the longing comes in, in the out-breath. The interval between the out-breath and the in-breath is the longing state, and in that longing state you can get a sense of the divine in the contractiveness and density of creation.

And in the expanse, there’s too much for you to grasp. The interval where the in-breath turns to the out-breath, that greater expanse, that is the place where you have the greater dimensions of you in the overall. To aspire to that place without having the grounding is impossible, in other words without catching up with the longing, or your part in creation.

However it is the more important part of the breath, because it opens up a whole degree of being able to shift, and to change, and to adjust to things differently.

However, to experience that without the grounding, without the rootedness, is not very functional because that leaves you off the ground. It’s inclined to cause you to get disoriented, to get too airy.

A person has all kinds of dilemmas when they get to racing out too much as a general rule. However, there comes a point when you have to be able to do that too. You can’t just limit yourself to the pain of things, meaning you’re in creation so you go into the density of yourself. You go into the density of yourself in order to go into the expanse at the same time. You use the density of yourself to create the blackboard effect, the rootedness, the ability to see, and to grasp, and to understand the expanse so that you don’t just get blown away.

You’re describing yourself doing this in just a general imaged way. You’re not looking at the ramifications, which I’m describing. And the reason why you tend not to do that is because things aren’t as easy to hold together in a container. Things can fall apart.

And the reason why a masculine doesn’t do that is because they get too top heavy. They get even more off the ground and, as a consequence, they set themselves up for what is known as a prideful fall.


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John: Yesterday you described a very deep dream (see Wings of Angels). In it, you have a tremendous connection within, that you’re able to bring through, which touches and reflects upward vibrationally.

When you’re able to bring that vibration from the inner depths into the outer, you’re actually able to hold a space of appreciation in having done that.

What you describe is something that I wasn’t sure I believed was possible: You take, and hold, a symbolic thread of value, and cause it to be instilled into a scenario in the outer (the dream imagery).

Of course, the quality of being able to do this seems to have something to do with the fact that you were also quite touched by what you witnessed (the Blackfoot ceremony and the images of angels kneeling).

And you recognized something about the volcano, and about the hidden depths of something within you – the old village underwater – that represents something latent and unconscious in you as a reflection of the way the outer reality is now (the new village). And you’re able to carry that across and through.

When you do that you’re…  I’m trying to think of that man – Drunvalo? – yes, he speaks about this. It’s like a shamanic act where you are actually bringing something into alignment. In his case he might be aligning crystals, or he’s working with indigenous tribes to awaken and resurrect something that needs to be brought forth.

The way Drunvalo tells it, it’s crucial that these things are brought back out as a linkage, when their purpose and time is appropriate. If that doesn’t take place, and the synchronicities don’t come together (they always seem to come together) then it will be too late for Mankind, in some regard, energetically.

That may be what you’re doing. You’ve got the Indian value (the quality of appreciation of Creation) working with the sense of the subconscious innerness, at a depth within that you’re in touch with, and you’re able to carry that across and take that which is on land and touch it in some capacity, which brings it to an awakened aliveness.

It’s an awakened aliveness in that you’re doing the touching because you yourself have been touched. That’s what it means to “appreciate” the coming together.

This imagery fits in with the your other dreams, too, in that you’re finding yourself able to suddenly, out of the blue, wear something, or be something, that you wouldn’t normally see yourself as wearing or being. You just suddenly find yourself like that and it’s like a flash where you break through – a snap, or a pop, like in the first dream where you just break through to something.

That transition can be a bit much, it can be a bit shocking and a bit traumatic. When you get to the point where you can soften that, meaning to touch it with a softer and softer heart, a greater and greater appreciative heart, and recognize the beauty of it and you in that space – well, you’re blessing that space and that space is blessing you.

That’s why you have this aspect of it being angelic. But it’s an angelic that has pink associated with it, yes?

Jeane: The bodies of the costumes are made of pink feathers, and the wings are either pink or a very unusual shade of blue.

John: Blue is usually associated with tremendous insightfulness, where you just know something. Pink is associated a little bit more with the shamanic quality – more like the color of the phoenix rising from the ashes.

So we have a combination of those two having come together. The blue is on one side of the heart, in the higher self, and the pink is an appreciation color in Creation, it’s more shamanistic. It’s like red: red is shamanistic, but in your dream it’s a pink color – it’s softened down. It’s softened down because you are experiencing recognition and realization.

In other words, you’re not just using your energy as a type of power that you don’t understand – you do understand what you’re doing. It’s very touching because there’s an angelic side of you that’s able to look out over the affairs of something. 

That’s a very interesting access, or contact, that you’re able to see inside you, that becomes possible because you come to know the space with such appreciation that it causes this other thing to arise within it. Because you’ve touched that energetic, it just has to come out. It can’t stay dormant any longer – you’ve touched it.

At first it could be shocking, but then it’s just “boom!” – you’re there. When it comes out, then we can ask, “What degree of depth does it have?” From where in your subconscious are you bringing this across, and what are the greater qualities?

Then, as you keep holding this space, it keeps getting more and more angelic. In other words, you’re stroking something, in an indigenous Blackfoot way, with an appreciation that’s touching because you caught up with it. You’re no longer in so much bewilderment. 

When you get out of the bewilderment you actually develop a way of listening and hearing something that, in your particular case, can hold that space – just straight out of the blue hold the space of that.

That’s a very deep dream, and I’m not even sure I’ve been able to do it justice.

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