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Throughout the centuries and around the globe people have always formed belief systems of something greater than themselves, which usually pointed to a higher purpose and connection between all things. And even though the details may differ between these systems, if we are striving to be in service to what created us, and to fulfill the reasons why we were created, then we are all on the same path. In a certain sense, there is only one process going on in this universe and we either are in support of it, or we are in opposition to it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It’s interesting that we’re theming in this way, now, because my meditation dream does something similar, in which I see myself with a bunch of different people, and we are all following a kind of different path. Each path, however, is trying to point to a greater end, or quality of realization. 

And so, in this meditation dream, I am the Christian, another person is a Buddhist, then there’s a Hindu, a Muslim, a Sikh, a Native American Indian, etc. And we have come together with a common purpose in which each of us must uphold our inner truth – in spite of outer appearances that are inclined to keep us checked out. 

So to prove we are who we say we are, as a consciousness that is real, it’s as if we are put to a common test: we are required to inflect into manifestation our truth. So, in this dream, out of a darkness that presides, we must each figure out how to go from a state of personal oppression to a state where we are able to be free. And, what I mean by being free is we have to each produce a flicker of light that rises from the darkness of our nature. 

I do not know how anyone is able to do any of this. In other words, I do not know how anyone is able to do any of this because we all seem so different and are coming from different paths. Yet this is what we are about. In other words, you can’t make sense out of this from a mental point of being, it’s just a greater spaciality, and capacity, that lies dormant within each of us. 

And so what is going on is, in the dream, we have gathered as an eclectic oneness, and as representatives to all of the colors of the universe. And, likewise, we are all of the truth of mankind. We have come together with a conscious realization, within, that we each can go beyond the shackles of the outer that binds, and awaken a beingness capable of accessing a light of consciousness. 

Of course, it’s an unseen light because, when we come together, our outer aspects have us looking one way, but the way we really relate, or have a sense of feeling inside, is something entirely different. 

And so, as a meaning, that which is real is not caught up by reflective identifications, as if that is the end all, be all. From the darkness, we each know how to access, when we listen to the hidden inner light, we seem to have a way of accessing it and bringing this light into the outer. 

To do so is to reach within our being and denote the greater spaciousness of ourselves that is real. To do so is to be a truth to the oneness of life. Those who have the focus and attention to be a force and flow to an interconnected oneness, know each other as a oneness – and know everything as a oneness.

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