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John: I had a series of short dreams during the night that all pointed me toward the same understanding.

In the first image, I’m lying on my back. Another person is lying in the opposite direction so that their feet are up near my head and part of their body is draped over mine. I don’t mind that, but they have their shoes on and the shoes are wet. That does bother me. I tell them that they can take their shoes off and it will be okay with me.

What does such an image mean? It suggests that I can adjust to and handle almost anything – as long as it’s natural – if I maintain a certain attitude within. The shoes didn’t fit that naturalness. I can’t accommodate things when there’s a “foreign” influence. Something unnatural creates too big a barrier for me handle.

A deeper meaning is that I’m shown to have a closeness with what is – the person is draped over parts of me. As long as it maintains characteristics of familiarity, I’m able to find the natural cohesion.

An example of this type of accommodation is how you (Jeane) can’t sleep when lights are left on, but here we are in Vegas where there is always light coming in the windows. There’s a state in which you can find that to be natural, even though they’re man-made. There’s a way to accommodate that.

In the next dream I’m laying upon a surface that’s composed of different layers of cardboard that have been taped together. I notice that I’m able to be comfortable, or accept the differences, when I come to recognize that all the layers are correlated. 

In other words, I have overcome the disturbance I feel in being in this situation. If I know how to thread my way through and see why things are the way they are, I can be okay with it. When I let go of the attitude that something’s out of place or not right, I’m able to see the correlation to that which is entwined together (all of Creation).

In the final dream, I’m among a lot of other people. They seem to be carefree in their outer mannerisms. I’m told in the dream that everything’s more natural and flows together when there’s no hiding who we are or how we are. As I hear this, I notice that I’ve dropped my usual inhibitions and I’m observing how this opens doors into the flow.

An overall theme here has to do with connecting to what’s natural. In the first dream I prefer that there be no foreign aspects affecting the closeness – unnatural aspects (shoes) create a separation. I don’t mind if what I’m close to is the complete opposite from me (the feet at my head), as long as they aren’t holding onto something that supports the illusion of separation. I’m seeking to breach the barriers of separation so that the naturalness that exists can be accommodated.

In the next scene, I’m shown that as long as there’s a natural thread, I’ll be able to probe the intertwined depths (the many layers of cardboard) of the environment I’m in.

In the third scene, I bring the first two images of acceptance together and take on a flow in which I hide nothing so that nothing is hidden from me. This enables a person’s greater beingness to penetrate the outer barriers, which is possible naturally when the distinctions are removed.

Through this process I come to know that Creation has a naturalness of its own that we just need to accept. If we do, we will naturally flow with it. If we hold ourselves distinct and separate, we’ll simply become confused and disturb others. To put everything out into the open is to allow the energetic within to permeate and touch, nonverbally, the environment around us.

That’s possible because deep down we’re intertwined with Creation, but we haven’t accepted this union because outer appearances suggest otherwise. Oneness isn’t possible until our outer barriers are dropped. And the key to understanding who we really are requires dropping the outer distinctions that alienate us from the whole.

In Vegas, perhaps surprisingly, this seems to be something that’s more easily done. Somehow the environment comes across in a way that enables us to recognize and see it.

But we do have to hold our principles inside. There are people in Vegas who can get smothered by how it is. They don’t take a particular inner stand. So we all have to accept and accommodate everything, and we also have to have an inner conviction that can pierce the illusion.

In the outer it’s called conviction, but it must be conviction without judgment. It must be accepting of everything as part of a natural flow. In that way an intertwining is able to come through us and come across to others.

We don’t actually ever convince anybody of anything, nor do we change them. What does happen, though, if we’re natural and open, is that our connections to Creation can create easement in others, and that facilitates their own personal awakening or opening up.

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Jeane: This dream starts out with two girls of high school age. They’re sleeping outside in a flowering apple orchard. I sense that one girl’s mother won’t allow her to come back home. However, her dad joins them in the orchard for the night and they realize he’s not happy with his wife either. He may even tell her he wants a divorce.

After spending the night in the orchard, they’re going to get some food, but they get confused. They must have gotten separated, because they need to meet up and they’re wondering where to go.

The girl and her father head toward the restaurant near the edge of the orchard, and the other girl looks for them, but she wants to go to a vegetarian restaurant. They all get confused about how to reconnect and they lose sight of one other.

Next the dad goes home and he tells his wife that he wants a divorce. She had no idea he was unhappy because she’s rather controlling and likes everything just like it is. She’s in shock about all this.

When he goes to work his partner approaches him and tells him that he can’t get a divorce because they would lose too much business. People would be unhappy about it.

Then there’s a middle part of the dream where the girl is by herself, again in the orchard, trying to travel some distance. There’s been a natural disaster and they’re trying to get everyone to climb up a ladder that goes up a hillside.

The girl finds a little boy who’s crying and has been separated from his family. She takes him by the hand. She starts up the ladder and pauses to help the little boy up. She’s trying to keep him moving because you never know if another disaster might happen. 

Next, the people who have climbed up the ladder go to a common area where they can get food. Initially the girl is in a room where other people are eating. She walks over to a table that has a slab of bacon on it that doesn’t look cooked, even though it is. She takes a small bite, but then moves down the hall to where they’re making and distributing the food.

Then she shifts slightly and I see her observing everything. She’s older now and she’s walking into a space wearing only a black leotard. Most people walk in dressed with their power. She’s walking into this space wearing just her black leotard, but I have the sense that she’s going to gradually put her power back on. 

That’s the whole dream.

John: The first part of this dream describes a general disconnection between different levels in you. You don’t know exactly what, you just know that something is disconnected.

The second part of the dream has to do with steps that you take to counter that. Some part of you is aware that there’s this imbalance, so you take steps to remedy that.

The dilemma is that in the first part of the dream what you are seeing is incomplete, so it’s like you’re only getting general information rather than specifics that you need to deal with.

In the second part of the dream you’re making your best effort in terms of coming up with possible solutions, but you’re not really finding the answer.

We’ll get deeper into this dream analysis in our next post.

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Jeane: When I woke up at about 3:30 in the morning, I had been dreaming some version of the dream I tried to pull out yesterday. The best way to describe it is it felt like I was in a round shopping mall. Basically I’m contemplating a large circular space that to me represents some room or place.

Except it’s not just one circular space – now I have two of them side by side. I’m going around one of them in a clockwise way, and then sometimes I go around counterclockwise. Then maybe I circle around in the second space.  

I’m contemplating something about these spaces, or trying to figure something out. One time, as I go around, I suddenly notice that one of the spaces has this little plastic holder. It’s like one you’d see at Best Buy when you’re looking at merchandise – it’s clear and holds a sheet of information about the product and the price. 

They have one of these holders in the space, so I reach in and pull out a piece of paper. I don’t know, but perhaps it has something to do with the furniture I can put there. I don’t know. 

I’m still not fully going into the space because I haven’t decided whether I’m supposed to go clockwise or counterclockwise. Because I’m uncertain, I keep trying to figure things out.

It feels like I was doing the same in a dream yesterday, but I’m not sure.

John: The interesting aspect to this imagery is that you’re not concerned about any specific detail. You’re much more focused on trying to find a type of balance within the space. You’re trying to find a way to be in the space.

So we see you trying to determine how to flow in this space – whether to go clockwise or counterclockwise. In other words, there might be an activity associated with these spaces, but that’s not what concerns you. Your attention is on a particular sensation in relation to the space you’re occupying.

You’re interested in how it feels to you; you just want it to feel right. You instinctively know that your relation to the space you are in is the most important factor. Next to that, the details and particulars are irrelevant.

That’s because the details and particulars are just the outer consequence of being there. If the inner is aligned with the space you’re in, then the outer consequences aren’t important. That’s being in the flow. That’s being connected to Creation.

Interesting dream!

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