A Streaming Flow

planetaryLet’s think about this: if everything is energy as a first rule, then religions and spiritual writings and books of all kinds are manifestations of certain bands of energy. But energy doesn’t stay the same, it evolves and changes – just as our planet has moved on from where it was a year ago. To be alive and connected to anything, we have to connect to where that idea or frequency is today. Said another way, any writing is less important that what wrote it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: You will have dreams in which you find yourself spinning on something, trying to resolve something. And you’ll spin and you’ll spin, and it’ll be kind of awkward, and you’ll wake up a little disturbed as a consequence of that.

Well what’s going on is you’re trying to hold a vibration of light all the way through into the plane of existence, in which whatever mood, or tone, or mannerism that you have affects everything in the outer. That’s why when you’re feeling angry you cause angry reactions to pop up and hit you.

And so if you are able to bring this thing down and pull it together so that you don’t slop about to where you’re setting off this and setting off that, that’s the creative spark of the inner coming into the outer. That’s how that creative spark works.

But for most people that out-breath coming down, that carries a degree of light with it, that out-breath then takes and what it does is it touches so many things that you have the multiplicity drowning out the effect. But if you can hold a focus to it, you can then utilize it in terms of shifting and changing things.

The other aspect about this is what has to shift, at the same time that this is able to work, is this idea that you’re working separately. You have to get to a point where there’s just a full knowingness that you’re working intertwined.

If you’re still seeing things, as you’re bringing something down, in terms of separation instead of a singular focus then what happens is the other, shall we say, variants of yourself that are off to one side where there are moods and perceptions of separation and that there are attitudes and stuff caught into that, that’s the warring brother vibration.

The waring brother vibration. That’s in other words what we have been going through for the last 2,000 years, in which everything that you do is in conjunction with having to bounce around in relationship to the interests of others around you – or the way things are ordered in society. And so you have to proceed accordingly in terms of what works best.

And there is something always combative about that, as opposed to unified or a coming together. And, as a consequence of that, you’re still staying in the same mindset that supports the dense outer and the quality with the senses of taking and contending with things in which the senses are jarring things askew this way and that way. In other words, we’re always stabbing ourself, in that regard, as opposed to pulling it all together into a oneness.

Now what level or plane am I talking on? I just don’t know. One of them being the perspective of sight that you have in a really focused way, which is something that the Rosicrucians have accentuated where they can have a bit of a perception of things, and they can get real high in the light, but they don’t have the intertwining. They don’t take and come together in a certain kind of grounded heartful way, and thus they operate in a zone of secrecy that can grasp things, but they can’t present it, and it doesn’t come across except in too tight of a way.

And therefore they don’t recognize how the principles of connectivity actually work because they see themselves in a kind of barrierized, veiled condition in relationship to everything else in the outer. And with a sight, but not necessarily a means of bringing it across because they don’t connect to the heart per se. They’re connecting to the third eye and that this pulling of those two centers together is what leads to abilities, for example, of being able to make something happen.

Generally speaking spiritual paths, on a mystical level, go in one or the other of those kinds of tangents. They go into the grasping of the importance of things, but without the quality of an evolved soul of knowingness – which can be the ecstatic side experienced through kind of a heart letting go. Or they can strain themselves off into looking at something real specifically, in kind of a third eye light way, and they can write that up and you can read it and it reads like reading Nietzsche.

The mystics of the Christians are called the Rosicrucians and if you were to get one of their famous books it’s completely accurate but it puts you completely to sleep. It just dulls you out. One of the main books that’s out there by Max Heindel and it’s call The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception. It has everything in it, but you can’t get it to come alive.

Like the stuff when we’re talking and going through this stuff, at least in my dreamworld, there’s a tremendous aliveness that I experience that just it’s astounding. And then if I take and I pick up a book like that and I try to read it, I don’t get the spark, I don’t get the inflections coming through.

And when something is meant to come through and fit in terms of how something is being ordered into life, those inflections and all of that come through with it – you’re supported by some sort of stream, streaming flow that fits with that.

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Atmospheric Pressure

John: Yesterday I noticed that there was a particular energetic quality that wanted to express itself. I also felt the kundalini energy that was stirred up in relationship to it – there was a potent force behind it.

That then set a tone in me in terms of how something would unfold. I was assuming that everything would work that way. Little did I know that I was too narrow in my expectations.

The image that I had was that there might be 20 components within me in relation to a given issue, all adding their bit to the picture. Then I was reduced down to only six or seven components. That didn’t make sense to me, so I resisted it. I resented the idea that I was going backwards, rather than reaching to something broader.

Then I realized that these six or seven components had kundalini energy behind them. I noticed because I started to sweat in my sleep again. That told me that what I was being reduced down to, in terms of my nature, was still clinging to something, and even that had to be let go.

In other words, I began with 20 components and I was willing to compromise because I knew the kundalini energy was pointing to something that was destined and meant to be. But I was still surprised to find out that I now only had six or seven components. The change felt like a punishment because I had been comfortable with the 20 components.

I was thinking that I just needed to learn to let go, and I was surprised that I was being thrown off by this change. Then, all of a sudden, I started to sweat again, meaning that there was a vibratory thread to this aspect as well.

An example of what could trigger a dream like this is when we are with other people. What often happens is that we (people in general), by our inner thoughts, put pressure on others if we don’t approve of their decisions or something like that. In whatever way, we have an effect on what they are feeling.

What we should really be offering another person is a blank slate of ourselves, being without judgment or agenda. In that way we can offer them a mirror of themselves as they truly are. In doing that, they can see and understand whatever it is that they are ready to see or understand about themselves.

In other words, we are always adding to the energies of another person by what we are processing when we are with them. My tendency is to always want to help people move forward from where they are. But that’s not necessarily what they need (it’s only what I think they need).

We always think we are helping another person, as if we know what’s best, but it’s not necessarily so. We don’t need to try to steer or change people – that just creates confusion. The more a person is able to see themselves, the more they’re able to see other things in their nature. And it’s their business to see that.

Our business is to be a reflective mirror of recognition and appreciation in terms of how a person is. When we don’t do it that way, we create things that put pressure on the space that a person is in.

The key is for us to eliminate or move beyond our own inclinations, by relating exclusively to someone else as they are. That way we don’t really change anything. We have no right to try to change anything. Yet by doing that, we offer a mirror quality that gives them an opportunity to sense and see themselves because we’re not doing anything to cause any further confusion.

Because everyone is so used to putting up defense mechanisms, the best thing to do is to hold a location in us that doesn’t trigger another person’s defense mechanisms. That way they’ll have the clearest sight.

So what my dream is doing in relationship to something like this, is that in the beginning I had the 20 components and that was my comfort zone. It’s turned out to be better to have six components, but I couldn’t relate to that, Ultimately, I also want to let go of the six components so that I’m able to truly see what’s at play, because I’ve removed all the veils of my personal identity.

There are so many blind spots that we can have in our own nature, we might think we are letting go yet still have further to go. The key is to figure out how to truly let go, and let go, and let go and not get caught up to the point that you solidify or become arrested.

The statement is that “every human being eventually comes to a point of solidification.” That is true in death, but it can also be true in life if we get too stuck in our personal psychologies.

If we can keep that from happening, then we can become “less than dust” in terms of the outer environment. That is a state where we let everything be as it needs to be. There is a path within that where everything is fine, if we can find it.

Stranger in a Strange Land

Jeane: This dream takes place in a town I’m visiting. It’s a resort town and I feel as though I’m there for a conference, but also to see what’s going on there.

The town is in a high desert area and there are cliffs. As I move around, sometimes the path gets narrow and runs along the cliff, even though I’m still in the town.

At one point I leave the hotel to meet a woman at her apartment. She knows that as a therapist I work with people in pain. She has back or body pain and wants me to do a session with her.

I’m a little anxious about that because I usually follow a script as a reference point and I don’t have that with me. I’d have to wing it. Also, there is a sense in this dream that I have to keep on the move.

I want to keep on the move because the path runs along the cliff, but also because it feels like there might be aliens or some group who, if they knew I was there, might represent a danger. I have to proceed carefully. 

I move quietly as I pass this group. I’m interested in their setup, but I don’t want them to notice me so I keep going.  

The only other thing I remember is that the name of the woman who wanted to have a session with me was Mrs. Berch. And it was specifically stated that it wasn’t spelled “Birch,” it was spelled “Berch.”

John: It’s interesting that in the time we have been in Las Vegas, as we consider getting a home here, so much of this process has been reflected back to us through our dreams.

In this imagery the land is a desert-like terrain, it’s a resort town that you are just visiting, and you don’t have your usual “script” for how to proceed in your daily life.

And yet the central image puts you in a scenario where you have something to offer: a woman is in pain and wants your help.

So you feel yourself to be somewhat displaced – out of your element or comfort zone (the aliens or potentially dangerous group). So a stranger in a strange land, perhaps, but for a reason that might not be very clear.

You find yourself in a place where you don’t have a lot of roots or memories, and that you don’t see as your home. But you do have the sense that others recognize you as someone who might be able to do something. The oddity of it is, you don’t have any awareness as to why you have this involvement – you just do. You can help in one capacity or another.

I keep wondering what a birch signifies, because it’s a beautiful tree that seems to have a constantly peeling bark (or skin). The bark is almost like paper and it peels off. That’s a phenomenon that you don’t really see with other trees. And the trunk is white, so it really stands out against darker tree trunks.

So in the dream you are somewhere and you may not quite understand why – you are out of your element. Yet, like a white birch among the dark trees in a forest, there is a value to the difference you represent that can be seen by others, and the place itself, even though you may not be able to see it yet.

It’s a peculiar sensation.