A Small Town Perspective

OZ_-_Z_Diorama_001John dreams of going for a walk with a woman from an isolated, conservative town, only to find her father and other authority figures awaiting their return. Through this imagery, we can extrapolate the current human condition, which imagines that it knows what is going on and has some control over the outcome.

From a higher perspective, we don’t really know, but we can understand that it’s unfolding according a greater plan that we don’t easily see. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My dream is pretty fast. It’s an odd little story. Odd little stories are pretty loud actually, and actually easier to remember. That’s probably why they’re odd little stories. They’re the kind of stories that you tend to want to even forget as if you think something is haywire.

So, I have traveled into the eastern part of Montana, and arrived at a remote area where there is not much contact with civilization. People who live out here are very conservative. They are far away from normal life, in other words the life of the city and usual environment.

In other words, it’s not a great mixing pot. People are too isolated. Such isolation can lead to a lot of false impressions about how things are because there is not the opportunity to sort things out and grow, like there is in a mix of a lot of people. And that, as a consequence, such isolation leads to an imbalance because the consciousness is not provided the opportunity to develop.

So I’ve traveled out here, and I meet a woman and we go off in the distance together. We’re taking a walk out into the field away from the normal, small, isolated farm environment, or whatever it is. In such an isolated area nothing happens without everyone aware, which is both a protection and a problem.

I go off on an excursion with the woman. I’m able to tell that the father has imagined the worst: he has called the authorities. When we return, the ranch hands and her father, plus another person who has a certain authority about him, is there. Before we have gotten back to where they are, in other words we can see all of this in the distance as we’re returning, the authority figure says to the father to let him handle this because, he’s saying, “They look too casual and easygoing for one to just straightaway jump into some sort of foregone conclusion.”

As we arrive the daughter, of course, is aware of the mentality that has gone rampant, and says to her father, “At least you waited and didn’t go off completely on a tangent without obtaining my side of the story. Nothing could have happened without my permission. To that you can rest assured.”

The meaning is everyone thinks that creation is being raped and plundered at will. That is because there has been a jumping-to-conclusions based upon appearances and imagination. Such an attitude has magnified that which appears to be a problem, into a foregone conclusion.

That is a perspective that is closed off from the whole. The concept of self discipline has gotten lost. People imagine what they think they see, and in their imagination arrive at conclusions based upon appearances without fact.

Rarely does anyone take the time to realize that everything that happens in creation is by design. It’s easier to place blame. And that is why there is such a problem in creation. No one has any faith and trust anymore. This leads to a world of false accusation, fear, distrust, and isolationism. Creation is excluded from the big picture.

No one knows the real story. Nothing in creation can happen without the feminine being included and the unfoldment being part of a divine plan. God is everywhere, yet people seem to have forgotten this truth and gone off on personal tangents. The point is, nothing is as it appears.

Because of a lack of sight, the imagination is lost in the ideas of power and control. The conclusions reached from this perspective aren’t capable of embracing the big picture. As a result the world is deemed to be in dire straights, as if it is actually possible to destroy that which is real. In other words, that the world has something in it that is real.

Maybe we don’t know what that is, and that it could get destroyed. It is as if no one is able to look into the depths of the human heart to see that everything that is unfolding, as dire as it looks outwardly, is not what it seems. Just like energy is not created or destroyed, it simply changes form, that is what is taking place in creation.

And deep down, in the heart-of-hearts, what is unfolding is preordained. The problem is that no man can see or appreciate that because he has gotten lost in the appearances, and in his limited perception faculties. Creation knows better. She isn’t as helpless as she appears.

Permission for a change to occur has been given. There can be no other way. Everything is interconnected. A human being who identifies with the outer appearances has thrown away this memo.

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The Reciprocal Effect

We have spoken here before of the idea of “the light of the collective going out.” In that idea is the implication that the energetic changes that are occurring will not impact the human race as a species, i.e., each individual has to choose to be a part of the on-setting future. What that looks like, on an inner level, is described here by John. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The theme of the dreaming had to do with shifting back and having to take a look at something, and that something is, and could be, what is confusing a lot of people.

We have a slightly different take on what’s unfolding, in that we see that there’s kind of an individualistic sight that is coming to the surface, and is more succinct. And that there is a vibration and energetic within, as one is functioning, that is stirred up in terms of the conditions that are reflective [the outer world].

In other words, as one connects with an insight inside, and then that insight inside acts out in the outer world, how it acts out in terms of how it effects things, is an aliveness that is generated. And that aliveness, which looks reciprocal, is actually something that you can feel, that strokes or enhances how you are.

It’s fragile, it’s subtle. You don’t get fed by the collective anymore. You get fed by the fact that your own focus and attention leads you to a point where you can take and touch things in the outer, and cause change to happen, and cause reciprocal effect. And it’s the reciprocal effect that seems to have more meaning and an aliveness, because if you were to rely upon the outer sense of things you could be confused again.

Now, that is kind of where our dreams have been taking us. But now we’re going into a scenario where what’s going to be introduced is this idea that the light has gone out. And when the light has gone out then the shift, and what is necessary to do things in the outer, is compromised.

In my dreaming of this, that’s how it was. One has shifted past that, or one is now being forced to take, and come to grips with, a greater depth inside of themselves, that greater depth being how the individualistic light can function in relationship to the Whole. And the fact that it doesn’t draw anything from the collective, or the reflected, to support itself – when before it tended to still do that because there still was a light hidden in creation – that had a level of importance to communicate.

And now I’m finding that an individual’s clarity is best presented when they take and come across with the light and connection that they have inside, and take full responsibility for every little thing that brushes their own heart, and that they go with that, and they get stroked by that, as they awaken to all of the subtle things that exist. And not have to factor in, or pay any attention to, the collective motif of things – as if it has some validity – because it’s just a reflection that can confuse and undermine the clarity that one has to one’s own inner linkage.

Now, this idea of this light going out created a confusion in the energetic, that you didn’t quite get through. And even as I was sleeping, I found myself sleeping in a space that understood, and was excited about, and even in a state of joy over, the fact that things were coming together in this whole new way.

And then all of a sudden I was able to flash back to an image that shows how the light went out in kind of a certain collective motif that one used to work with. And so I’m left trying to remember both.

The one that was the hardest to remember was the second, meaning the one that was more current where I’m excited about something yet because I don’t have to be limited. I have a whole other freedom in which to relate. There is a shift that I have to take, that has to do with working from, and taking greater responsibility of, that inner essence inside me, which in a previous dream we likened to be the secret of secrets, in that it doesn’t have any cognizance in terms of the outer because the outer is caught in just pure reflection.

But I ended up thinking I can’t write both up, so I decided to write up the one that had to do with the light going out. And then thinking well, then after I do that I will have stimulated the energy that I could come back and write up, in succinctness, how it is seen as something that is actually a greater step, not a step backwards.

It’s part of the whole unfoldment, that the idea of having to work with a degree of so-called collective light is actually a limitation, and the fact that you are put and compelled to be away from having to deal with that, means that the individual is key to everything that unfolds. It’s not like there’s something outside of themselves that they have to also hear, which is reflective. No, everything has to come from the depth of a greater sight that is within.

In this dream, which had to do with the light going out, it starts with seeing an ember that is barely burning. First of all though, the first glance at this as I’m looking at this, is I see kind of like a fiery condition, that is defined like a light or a fiery condition, that is kind of in an overall, but then somehow or another I’m drawn to looking at something on the edge.

And on the edge it’s barely burning at first glance – and then it goes out, it quits burning. Because of the other that I see burning, my first impulse is to believe that this is going down to just a mere ember, that that’s just temporary.

At the time this happened I’m looking backwards in the dream, having already gone forwards, and excited about what’s changing because it causes one to invoke something different in terms of how they see their inner presence unfolding.

I try to proceed in this future or whatever you want to call it, in which there’s the sensation about it all that has to do with one’s own light and how positive and excited I am about how it seems to unfold and has a quality about it that I could recognize as very interesting.

The dilemma with how it unfolds of course is, you’re fed off of what you work with. In other words, it’s like let’s say you’re taking and you’re doing something within a similitude of interest, or even with relatives, and whatever you do to stroke things, like you working in relationship to your dad, however it is that you pull something together you create an energetic. And that energetic is something that has an aliveness in it, that you’re able to gain something from by taking and putting yourself into the attention of that.

In other words, it’s reciprocal of that focus. And that somehow feeds you, you get information from it, it has an aliveness about it. That might not exist if it was all collective, and you had to jumble the opinion of this, that, or the other and not be able to work and bring out the succinctness that comes from rising closer to just a responsibility over your sheer perception and how it effects things.

Anyway, because I lose this other [dream] and decide to write up the earlier stage thinking that I’ll have to go back to sleep and go back into it, because I can’t pull out both scenarios at the same time. That means that the unfoldment that is able to have a specific effect upon the overall, based upon an inner flow awareness that is positive, and exciting, and something I wholeheartedly embrace – I have to let go of.

So then when I come back to the initial image I can write it up in great detail:

To begin with there’s the aliveness that’s in the outer, or in all of life, that is all over in numerous ways. In other words, burning wherever you look in front of you.

And then the focus shifts to an area flickering and then smoldering. To try to fix this I go over to this area and I take a wick – something that goes down into a fuel liquid and then you can light the top of the wick and it’s actually something burning the liquid gases or whatever at a depth down below.

Even though I don’t see the liquid, I assume that it has to be there so I try to put a wick into it so that deep fluid, which I can’t see, will feed it from within. But in messing with this, I put it out. And this whole time there is a person standing off to one side hoping that I’m successful, watching me.

And I think at first they thought that there’s no way I could put this thing out. And so I was refusing to acknowledge a weakness, and then all of a sudden a particular strength, associated with it having to work this way and come back around as I try to light it, goes into a state of shock.

However, that is not what actually hit me when the ember goes out. I find myself having to figure out how to fix it, and I realize that the problem is that the attention in this particular area, off to one side, has fallen away, and even if I had gotten it relit, it’s only burning in a partial, it’s not burning in its Wholeness.

So, in my sleep, or in my shifting, I shifted the whole fertile material into a center, so now it’s not only no longer off to one side but now I felt I could try to light this again, and light it at the center, instead of from the side, where it’s naturally designed to fail by neglect.

And in taking and putting it into the center, I realize how important this actually is, except now by doing this – paying attention to something specific – it’s as if I no longer see any of the other area in flames.

This is it. It’s at the center. I hadn’t realized how important this was. How did that happen? Did my attention shift so much to this that the other just quit? I did get this centered so that it can burn from the middle with all the fertile material around it – if I can just figure out how to get it lit again.

Well, my plan for igniting it probably was to take and use a spark that’s already there, but there’s nothing else burning anywhere. And so I guess my plan to ignite it is to breathe upon it, or at least cause it to light from someplace inside me. I’m not sure how that is, but I know that somehow one can do this.

Even in this dream I have come to the conclusion that there’s something at a depth inside of me that has to come to bear. I no longer can rely and work with the outer. I just think that’s different than what’s being commonly reported, reflectively. I think that it is a deeper depth, because I never lose faith. And I realize, because I have never lost faith, I seem to be able to sustain a positive demeanor and, as a result, no matter what has happened, I don’t lose a certain joy from within.

It’s kind of interesting the dream’s like that because in the outer, I guess I’m kind of doom-and-gloomer and dire kind of guy, and here in the inner world it’s taking one hell of a lot to cause me to realize that there’s a problem that I am supposed to be getting all shook up about or something.

I’m able to hold onto this inner space even though my shoulder is hurting. In other words, that’s how positive I am. It is as if I am at a deeper level behind the outer reflection. I also know that I am relating more directly to the inner light from deep within, and that’s why I don’t have to contend with the outer, and be bothered, and awoken, and disturbed, and all that, because I’m not dealing so linearly with the outer situations, in other words, the pain and distraction.

Little by little this keeps opening up. What is keeping me excited and feeling good about things is there is an energetic that I have noted in prior dreams where an aliveness exists based upon how I place my attention.

I no longer look to my outer perceptions for sustenance, when I relate to the inner unfoldment. The way it works is I place my attention upon inner connective parts of myself, and therefore I’m able to touch a corresponding recognition of this being part of me, or touching me in some way.

In other words, all coming from within. What I’m trying to say here is that you feel yourself fed by something that you take and you do, and it causes a certain effect. And then that effect is what you have to resonate with, and that is an effect that has to do with your light’s effect coming across.

You don’t take and factor in the negative. You only factor in the aliveness of your light. The negative is just a reflective, and then the light has its potentiality. Whether you could fully catch up with it or not is always a question, because you are caught in a world of manifestation that can create its blur, but the light creates the clarity and that’s what’s important now.

What I am able to invoke as an awakened excitement, from what had been a heavy overburden or general sadness, which is kind of how the outer reflective is, is this aliveness that I revolve upon within for sustenance. This is an attention that does not accept the outer circumstances – where separation exists – to be the answer.

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Caught In Between

In today’s dream, Jeane finds herself caught up in a commotion that surrounds her, which can be seen as a type of delirium. A state of delirium in a dream is often created when our inner system is trying to work out, or integrate, some new energetic that has been introduced. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My first dream last night seemed to be affected by the fact the light was on in the room and we watched some dumb movie on television.

So there was some kid in the room that was like in the movie, and there had been this wedding going on in the hotel – I mean in the outer reality – so that was in the dream too. It felt like there was kind of this activity in our room, and there was another room, inner room, right off to your right where I guess the kid slept.

There’s this coming and going because I had figured out maybe I was going to set off the fire alarm and see how everybody exited the hotel. It just felt like there was all this coming and going and commotion and that was all the first dream was about.

John: That delirium was in my second dream or third dream or whatever. It’s not quite attuned to how it needs to be; it has kind of a confusion whether it should be a little like this or a little like that. The problem is you’re not sure that you can get even directed from the outer, because the outer could be coming with some concepts as well.

In my dream that was like this, something had changed in relationship to how something needed to be looked at, so when I pull up to a stoplight, and there’s an officer standing there, I don’t know if I’m violating something to even be at that stoplight, because what had occurred and existed worked within relationship to that being a stop for it, and a stoplight there.

And now that something’s changed, it’s a stoplight, and how does that apply to what has shifted and changed too? Because there’s a different purpose, and that different purpose existed for something in the past and not for this that exists in the present. And so I have to at some point ask the officer some questions to try to see, because you can interpret this multiple ways, and in your dream it’s like… say it again. What was the main theme?

Jeane: The main theme was like we had this kind of dorky kid that was staying in the room with us, kind of in another room off to your right, and then there’s a certain amount of commotion going on in the hotel with people coming and going because there was a wedding and they were staying in the hotel.

And then I was thinking I would maybe set off an alarm and see how people exited the hotel, or go out and direct the traffic as they tried to leave the hotel. It just was kind a lot of commotion.

John: Yeah, you’re kind of caught in something there where even you could act up to try to see how something best responds because it just hasn’t come into any kind of congruity in the way that you need it to be, or feel that it should be.

A person has a dream like that when there’s something thrown in that’s like a concept or view or perspective that they haven’t figured out if it integrates, or doesn’t integrate. And you could be thrown off, if whatever it is that’s thrown out there, seems to compromise the way that you find yourself flowing or unfolding.

In other words, you could have felt confident in it being one way, and then all of a sudden you no longer have that confidence because something has changed, or the report on something has been altered to reflect something else. And so you don’t know what applies or fits anymore.

This is a kind of a dream that’s caught in between. It’s better than being in a biased place, to be able to be in between so that you can actually take in something. It’s better to be like this than to be totally set in your nature, but then at the same time you can’t be like this for long because you’re meant to be able to have a focus and attention that’s able to slice through and effect things in life.

And so if you’re caught in kind of a delirium about things, then that delirium stands in the way of you getting to a greater depth inside yourself.

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