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0022xxsMostly we think of ourselves as feeling “normal,” or as feeling tired, but we actually are changing speeds all the time. Sometimes we are the tailgater, other days we are the meandering driver. It’s good to have an awareness of our speeds, particularly in relation to the people closest to us, because they will have shifting speeds, too, which will affect one person’s ability to relate to the other person. And, in our spiritual journey, we are also learning to incorporate the quicker speeds of higher energy into our system in a balanced way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my meditation dream, I had to look at this in terms of having to look at it as an overall spatiality. I have to look at the polarities, the ends. In other words as if, in a masculine way, you’re still looking at something going from one point to another point – instead of just holding an overall space.

The stillness and the holding of the overall space is really where it’s at, on some level, but the masculine way still flaunts about. That’s its nature, just like the feminine acts like it’s being left behind, or rejected, in some fashion.

So, in the meditation dream, because of the way my Kundalini energy was speeded up at the party that was in the building here, and during a very engaging day with our water leak and all of that stuff, it actually solved itself interestingly when one didn’t get thrown asunder. So I was having trouble, in the meditation, of quieting myself and I decided to lie down to see if that would make a difference – and that’s when an amazing thing happened.

Once in a while I’d have to do something to break up a pattern, or routine, and the only thing I know how to do, when I’m not just going somewhere, is to sometimes lie down or change my position. And, when I changed my position, I was still attentive to a focus, the idea of a focus of a letting go, and so suddenly I was dreaming that I was paying attention to an energetic focus in which I left the raciness in one place, and focused on a pointedness of being still. Almost as if there’s the arrow inside of myself as the prime directive, an arrow to the stillness, and yet a link and connection to the raciness yet.

In other words, almost as if I was feeling the polarities, and the result was a sense of both places I guess is where you’d say that. I had a sense of what I was leaving behind, the Kundalini energy, and there was the adherence to a thread that delved into the letting go.

Normally, if you go into a letting go, you’re in a letting go and all of that other is gone, and then something emerges out of the letting go and that’s your meditation dream. But, in this case, it was like an experience in which I had a sense of both places yet, which means that the depth of letting go is compromised because of the nature of which the senses had come alive in the outer.

And I observed the thread of letting go as if I was looking at myself lying there in a quandary, and the experience was profound because my natural awareness was enhanced by the focus that I could see and what I was like in an uncontrollable aliveness, out of control subject to getting lost in an outer flow. In other words, both states were experiential.

In other words, when you get carried away and speeded up in the outer it’s easy where you get too over the top, yet I’m aware of a type of stillness that I was able to maintain a kind of auric spatiality of beingness, that I was able to maintain yesterday. And so, in the dream now, I’m looking at it from the inner. You might say this outer was like a scenario that points to what that is like in terms of a depth from within.

Now what I found profound in observing this is that, even though I may not have gone somewhere real profound to the degree of where you let go and you’re just gone; I mean it’s not like I wasn’t gone. I let go, and then I was aware of this other. Normally I’m not aware of anything when I let go, and I could appreciate the letting go, and the essence of an excitable inflating fire and air energy being able to put this into an attentive spatiality.

So what is going on is I am able to be in the inner and the outer if I hold deeply to the thread of singular focus letting go. In other words, I can do that in a letting go. Now what I’m talking about is what it is like when the senses in the outer are afire, and then directed to stop. When the Kundalini energy is taken on in full force, and then brought to arrest, it is possible to be able to note the expanse as a spatiality – which is opposite of getting consumed by an out of control outer vibrationalism.

So the meaning is, to bring inner into outer in a meaningful way it is necessary to take in the outer vibratoriness and, in doing so, place it into the heart as an experience of inner stillness. In doing so, I am breathing the outer senses as a Kundalini energy to be absorbed as an inner space of heart stillness.

In other words, the outer is louder, it invokes and follows a lot of the mental reflective and all of that side, and it’s denser, and then the heart is stiller and subtler. This is done in the outer when the engaged energetic senses fire up, then are breathed in as an in-breath light.

The opposite condition, in other words, to point out what it’s like to talk about it as a density, the opposite condition is to pay attention to and react to the outer senses, compelling the heart to shrink defensively, you know that’s when you go stupid. But I am able to be truly vulnerable by not having to react in this human condition pattern when I am able to exact an inner focus of stillness as the in-breath takes in the liquid light of a divine sense array.

The result is a joyful dance like inner exhilaration in that in this in-breath so much gets healed. Everything around you gets healed when you do that. That is what awakening to the intertwined wholeness is all about.

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i31magesWhen we seek to connect to higher energies, we don’t always realize the effect they will have on us. Certain aspects within our design only become activated when we are in contact with higher energies, which can throw us out of balance for a time. The more time we spend with the energies, the more our systems will adjust to the changes. In this way, over time, even our cellular structures will adjust.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: First of all, I couldn’t meditate, because I was speeded up to such a degree that I couldn’t find the orientation and all this Kundalini energy was rolling.

And when I came to bed, before I even could fall quite asleep—in kind of the twilight of falling asleep—I have a vision of a bottle of orange juice that’s just suddenly erupting or bubbling up inside the container and going over the top and overflowing. And as I sit there in shock at this, a voice comes in and says, “The next time this comes up, put it back on the table.”

So the meaning is, it’s like a type of guidance image in terms of how the process works. Orange juice represents health. Putting back on the table means when kundalini energy is so astir that you can’t meditate or you can’t ground it, the image of orange juice bubbling up and flowing is that image of the kundalini energy going all over the place and spilling the health of your beingness in terms of the inner and the outer.

This image is kind of like telling me that I need to let go of this outer energetic demeanor. In other words, not go off and be totally indulged by that reflection of things, no matter how much sense it might make to do that.

Now what has happened in the past when this sort of stuff comes up is I have discovered that two things happen simultaneously. One, when that energy really speeds up, I can hear my ears really ringing too. Can I yield to it? It’s almost like the ears will get louder as the Kundalini energy gets louder. But there’s also a third thing that I’m noticing. I can almost see things in a light, almost, but the kundalini energy is too much, so I can’t pull it down and I am not grounded enough so I can’t quite see it, very closely, just like letting go of a holding on to an aspect of outer consciousness, or whatever it is, and I would be able to almost see a movie picture straightaway, which is harder than hearing the sound because that’s more in light.

And because I didn’t break that into actually seeing it, but knew that it was there and there was the brightness that was there, I was able to catch up with the fact that my inner consciousness is a well being I am meant to experience.

However, for this to happen, when the kundalini energy rises up, I have to ground that and I usually ground it by way of the sound. Or I have to pull it into the sound in which it is emanated up into more of a transcendence and it will integrate.

Or as indicated in this image, I just put it down on the table where it belongs, and not give it any reflective energy, which is mental in that condition of thinking and pondering it. You know that dynamic of a quickened awareness is good. It can drive you crazy too.

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Here Jeane continues to work with her masculine aspect (see The Assignment), this time in the form of a young boy whom she is trying to nurture and take care of with an offering of food. In this way an inner relationship deepens. By nurturing the young boy aspect, that connection can grow to maturity in oneself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this last scene, it’s like I’m at an area on the campus where you can be outside and you can eat. And you can go up and self-serve yourselves, like you do in a cafeteria at a college, except that it’s outdoors, from the regular bins of food.

There’s one area where there’s a woman, an older woman, and she has a large container, and in it is some food that was homemade. It’s kind of a big chunk of meat that you can carve meat off of, and then there’s sauerkraut, and then there’s four or five different kinds of maybe some vegetables or stuff all piled up within this one container.

Well, because that’s homemade food, I kind of go and get my food from there. And I notice another man that’s done that, that’s trying to strike up a conversation with me, but I feel like he’s just more interested in picking someone up. So I’m confirming that this is probably the best food there.

I don’t really connect with him, because I’ve got my eye on something else that’s happening and there’s this boy that has come over. And I think his mother must have been one of the cooks. At first, he doesn’t get any food. I’m thinking maybe he doesn’t have money to pay with it or something.

Then she asks me if I want more and I don’t want more, so then she indicates that there’s just this last piece left and actually it’s going to be free. And so our consensus seems to be that she’s going to cut the top piece of that for the boy.

His attention has got diverted for a minute and he’s run off. So, I’ve picked up the piece that will be his to give to him, but I’ve noticed that it’s the last piece. She’s cut away some pieces on the bottom of it and it’s like at the top, so it also has—it’s almost like some hair or something you can pick it up by because it was right on the height or something and then right below it—and I’m kind of just noticing that the little boy has run off, but he’ll come back and he’ll have the last kind of part of the food there because it’ll be free.

And I think that was when I noticed the other guy was kind of trying to make a conversation around all of this to pick me up but I wasn’t really interested in that.

John: This dream continues the theme, in which you have in your world, the option behind more or less taking on something that’s just naturally in the collective, that’s like a regular smorgasbord out there, or buffet of things. Or, you can take and address or deal with that which is natural to your nature.

Now, when you take and you start to recognize and realize something that’s natural to your nature, it becomes kind of a human nature trait to want to think that this should be shared. But there’s a negative way of sharing it, in which you think that you have reached a state where you are entitled or should have something more.

Or, have you reached a type of sharing, which is like the giving, in which you take that which has been prepared, of which now, you are also the preparer of it—and you know that that is needed by an element of something that is reaching or probing around, like a hungry ghost, to try to find some sort of superficial fulfillment.

And you realize that the depth of that, which is the little boy of it all, you can help. You can give something to this little boy. And then the fact that what you’re giving to him has hair or whatever to it, creates the impression—the sense—that this is a type of giving that is necessary, but includes having to have a degree of, so to speak, skin in the game for it to occur.

Why I probably came to bed so late was I’m stirring something up inside, which again is along the theme of what you’re dreaming naturally without having to go through this mannerism outwardly, physically, it has to do with things wakening or taking a step off of an edge, or jarring something loose, or causing a new sense of something to emerge—or, you know, all these different ways of saying the same thing here, but on a stirred-up kundalini level that can have you going around and around and venting a little bit this way or that way inside yourself because it can invoke something that takes some stabilization and balancing to own.

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