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tondals-vision-hieronymus-boschIn this very dark dream image, John faces what looks to be certain death a number of times, yet in each instance he finds himself escaping at the last minute, as if an unseen hand were protecting him. And so it is when we align our purpose to the purpose of creation – it is like a grace can begin to flow with us. Still, as this imagery shows, we all can be guilty of warping higher energies when we try to also hang on to our planetary attachments. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream, the scenario I’m in has already been affected. The energetic stages are on the verge of portraying the inner energetic unfoldment as being enough to affect the outer appearance – and then I forget the rest.

I’m told how it can be, even though I don’t do it that way, I’m told how it can be. In other words, I’m able to see how it is possible to connect with an inner essence from which everything that is in the outer resonates, and thus I am able to understand the only thing that is real and place my attention there.

That’s a good way of saying it, providing the energy only works one direction, from inner into outer. But something in the outer rises up to the inner, as well, and so if there’s an imbalance in how it is that you are taking it in, then you create a perversion on the inner level, in terms of what you’re doing, in terms of how you’re taking it in in the outer – if it’s off a little bit, the consequences of that have a whole other visualization on the inner. That’s established in this dream.

I’m a prisoner along with others. The prison camp is protected or surrounded, it’s maintained, with electric and barbed wire, and it’s so well done that no one can escape. And everyone who is taken prisoner here, gets exterminated. In other words, you go to a gas chamber or injected with some sort of thing that just knocks you out or whatever.

This is a fate that I can sense isn’t good. I can sense that I can’t be held captive here. So I move away from others who are just kind of like accepting their fate, maybe, because there’s no answer if one just sits in the malaise of it all, and I find this little room in which I see that there is something that drops beneath the floor, and the barbed wire and whatnot goes above the floor, above this area.

And so I’m able to crawl between the wires and then crawl outward to a sidewall and find a space that I can break loose, and move from there into the corridor. In other words, I’m still in the prison camp, but then there is an outer corridor and then there’s another thing that’s less guarded that one can then after transcending to that area can then escape completely.

That spot is more visible than I realized and I’m looking around and I can realize that I can’t be running out in the open trying to get away. So I try to lay there thinking that I’ll wait until night, but it’s not well hidden, and a guard vehicle, making its rounds, sees me.

So I’m rounded up and I’m put into a paddy wagon in which I expect that I’ll be immediately killed along with others who are in there. In other words, I would have lived a little bit longer in the concentration area, but now that I’ve done what I’ve done, the jig is even more up.

And then at some point, one of the guards that’s basically assigning termination papers, hands a satchel to me with a bunch of papers, that indicates that I and three others are to be exempted for life. In other words, we’re not going to be put to death but we’re exempted for life, whatever that means.

And in the papers I am referred to as Golden Rule. But, as circumstances would have it, that was just one guard or one person that did that, and the other guards that just do the menial activities, they do not know what this is about.

So, as I’m held in detention, awaiting whatever that fate would be, and now it’s kind of a different detention in which everything’s speeded up, because I think now we’re about to be executed more quickly.

This time there’s another kind of escape, where a woman is able to slip out somehow and she slips into like a creek and she’s going to swim to the other side and on the other side is kind of a wilderness area or something where she could hide and be free perhaps. But she doesn’t make it.

She and another one get caught and examples are made of them as they are drowned in front of us. So, off we go, the rest of us, to an extermination chamber, and these others just pretty much seem to be accepting their fate, but again I somehow slip a little bit off to one side and hide within the confines of this extermination chamber.

And I find myself hiding near a broken down kind of hutch or something, it’s not really a building, and I get spotted again. But I have these papers that no one seems to recognize or that didn’t seem to keep me from going into this extermination area.

I show the papers and they laugh. And the guard that refuses to acknowledge my detention papers fumbles around to try to find I guess a needle to inject me, that would knock me out or something. But then he just kind of laughs because the decision is made to let the dogs tear me to pieces.

Suddenly a supervisor arrives and he is familiar with my story of being exempted, but I can’t find the papers now to prove it because all of that got misconstrued as this guy whacked things around looking for a needle to inject me, and repudiated what I was offering. But the story is familiar to this guy and he’s heard of me.

And I know that when I was handed this that I had been saved or selected by a Mrs. Roush, and so that’s familiar enough to him that I get directed off to one side. Like I say, there was four of us that were exempted and I do not know any of these others and they all have strange names and they were exempted to go, not to Mrs. Roush but to some other direction apparently, but I don’t know anything about that.

I find myself going to where what appears to be a picture on a wall, but it’s a picture that’s alive. And from this picture Mrs. Roush sticks her hands out. She’s like a middle aged, elderly lady and I put my hands in hers and it’s like a bond that’s really warm and feels wonderful.

But what I see behind her looks very strange. It’s like a stable of ghoulish-looking guys who look deprivated and weak as if I’m in some other kind of perversion. I wake up as Mrs. Roush says to me, as she holds my hands in her warm and inviting hands, “Oh you are so good, Golden Rule.”

So in this dream I carry within a sense of freedom and a knowingness that stays with me in the most despairing circumstances. And in holding something inside like this, it keeps me free of the outer reflections that prevail to a certain degree, which I see wherever I look outwardly, because I know deep within that I am okay, and spared, or going to find a way out from whatever this is that exists.

I know that I’m somehow or another able to let go of it, or be away from it. The reason doesn’t seem to have anything to do with any concepts I might have, or maybe it does? Because I seem to be spared because of a kundalini energy I carry that corresponds somehow to a state that is created in this other kind of world.

All I’m able to see is that somehow my inner development has taken me to this stage of not physically dying or, in other words, not really letting go of something in the physical. In other words still holding on to something. So I’m in this perpetual kundalini on an inner purgatory. I do not know what to make of this except that this must somehow correspond to a way I am still carrying myself in a deeper essence of my being.

The overall impression of the dreams are suggesting that the inner access I have is compromised because my attention is still correlated to a deprived way of being that I’m carrying into the inner.

What that looks like from within is what the second dream portrays. In other words, what I am in the outer has a certain capability in terms of the direness of the outer, but how it is that I am yet conducting myself is still holding onto what is seen on the inner as a deprived condition.

What is made known to me is that it is this way because of what I am not letting go of.  From the inner way of looking at it, the image is one of having subrogated the kundalini energy into an energetic effect in which, on an inner level, I have created something perverse.

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Today we have a continuation of the conversation we began on Friday, in Saying Yes to the Process.

Here John leads us through the ideas of the processes of dream work itself, and the unfolding of the spiritual journey as the energetically awakened person begins to see the world around them more from the inner into the outer, and explores the concept of holding both the unconscious and conscious aspects of life as one thing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Yesterday I had a very, very complicated and detailed dream, that I couldn’t remember one lick of when I came out of it. As a consequence of that dream I was in revolt to everything. I couldn’t identify with the outer environment around me or with anybody.

Everything was nausea, everything was kind of insecure. I was kind of like cracking up.

So I went to bed. Jeane takes and has two great dreams of which she always remembers her dream. She rolls over and touches me and same thing, poof, completely gone.

I kind of laid there in the cradle not even wanting to get up. When I get up I go back to meditating and meditate until 12:30pm. Basically all morning long – still not able to identify with anybody or anything and still in this very strange state.

When I come out of it I go out and announce, which I had announced to Jeane earlier in the morning, that I’m toxic and therefore I’m not going to eat for the next three days. You know, the feminine always take that as a shocker, you know boom like that. He’s really flipped out.

At 12:30pm I get up, I take a long walk, and I come back at about 4pm, and the TV is on and I’ll be darned panning around is one of my favorite shows, A Bronx Tale.

But it’s on a channel with all kinds of commercials and it’s got a lot of filthy language in it because it is one of those types that has very deep meaning but uses extremes to get there, and they’re dubbing it out because it’s on regular TV – plus with all of those commercials.

So I’m now flipping out again because I’m cracked; I’m fragile. So it gets recorded, the other half of it or so, and I disappear again and meditate for a couple more hours because I can’t relate to anymore TV or anything.

And I come out of that and watch it and it’s really good and everything, but I’m still feeling in this state where I’m a little disconcerted. Now, as far as a certain level of sight, it’s enhanced. But as far as a dexterity in the outer, I feel very helpless and weak.

As far as talking about things that other people talk about that consider important in terms of outer things, I probably am dangerous to talk to in a state like this, because I’m liable to shock them. I might not be polite enough you know to cater to it.

Also what tripped this, the night before last, was we pretty much set up a movie we were going to watch. It’s actually a very excellent movie with a lot of depth to it, Water for Elephants.

Jeane selected it and I thought it was a dumb movie but it turned out to not be, so we had the movie room reserved and she had a friend that was coming down. This was in… oh, I forget what they call it – it’s a special way of filming so it’s really high tech and whatnot  – and of course we have a pretty phenomenal movie room here, so at 8 o’clock this person hadn’t showed up yet.

And before they showed up about 8:15pm, I could already feel the vibe, and by 8:30pm I didn’t even want to watch the movie. Well, what this person is, is this person is an incredibly brilliant person, very deeply developed on a spiritual level, but so insecure it’s unbelievable.

I’m so much of a type of raw energy, that if a person was really insecure, I’m going to hit that button right off the bat. I mean, I was aware of this before she showed up. I felt I needed to disappear.

And then when she showed up she greets me with all kinds of openness because she knows Jeane real well and I don’t feed her insecurity button, and she starts to crack. And then she tries to make a comeback, and it doesn’t work you know because, I don’t know, I’m just a hard ass in some sense, and I say I don’t even mean to be that way. It’s just kind of a quality there and all of it was useful because what it did is it threw me into this nausea.

I mean this is a wonderful person and what came up was a discussion in which there was another person in here that has a lot of momentum, accomplishes a lot, but is vicious…

But you know they can’t help themselves if they’re vicious and I couldn’t stand the judgement of it, so I took this person’s defense even though I don’t agree with it. I also don’t agree with any black-and-white rubbing out something. And of course that will hit the insecurity button right away, because this person finds that sort of thing repulsive. If you find certain things repulsive, and you are reactive, you’re not going to be able to carry the kundalini energy.

And she had accessed things and she had developed a sensitivity and a brilliance, but then comes the next installment that could take her miles and miles down the road – would be the kundalini energy – and it will freak her out. It’s too much for her.

Jeane likes her because she finds her so brilliant, but she’s is also very, very careful to know how to handle her in terms of her insecurity.

I joke to Jeane, I say, “That’s an amazing talent that you have.” Just like I can take someone that can walk up and stick a gun in my ribs as I’m walking down the street and just start talking to him as if they are a long lost brother, and then when we hit the corner they go one way across the street and I go the other way as if nothing had happened. And anybody else they would have freaked out and they would have gotten robbed and who knows what all.

But I don’t feed into that and so it doesn’t work. There is a kind of a natural intertwining. I think I have told you this story of this other guy that’s so dangerous that he puts people in hospitals when he flipped out, and I would talk to him and everybody else would give him a wide space because they knew if he flipped out, and you’re around, you are going to be in bad shape.

I like the guy. I never felt any… I mean I could feel the rumble of that quality in his nature that was out of control but it was almost like driving a car. I knew how to drive that, how to steer or something, and appreciate the wondrousness that this guy had inside of him too…

One has to get like that and be like that in order to break the trances of the outer.

Because the outer is nothing but a reflection of energetics, conscious and unconscious. In other words, you’re going to come to a point in your dreaming where you are going to realize that the access that you are having that is reflective has a limitation too.

In other words, the outer is all reflective and your dreams are reflective but they go to a different depth. They incorporate a certain soul element that moves around…

But the soul element is also caught in having to be in creation, in a magnetism of a human body in terms of earth, and it’s a little bit baffling and a little bit confusing, so the images that come through you speak of something on the other side, but put it in a language that has to do with symbolism that is an earth energy.

And you lead through the earth energy to understand the symbolism on the other side, or the meaningfulness on the other side. Well, because your senses work most of the time, 99.9% of the time, outwardly and the mind of course is there interpreting those outward senses, when you have a dream that you remember, what you have actually done is you have stopped the mind and have settled yourself.

You didn’t realize that you stopped your mind, when you were sleeping, but you have stopped all of that moving around in an outer way capacity that just yo-yos back and forth and doesn’t have any sense of cadence. You have paused enough in order for this greater dimension to leak through, just like when I’m unsettled and cracking up, Jeane just touching me, it sets a trepidation off where she loses her dreams, or that quality of the other side trying to communicate through as a kind of language of the macro, to which she really is at a deeper level.

When you dream and then you are reducing this to images that you then cypher through to see what’s going on as a movement of the soul at a deeper level, what you’re doing in the dream process is first and foremost is you’re establishing first of all a stability and a sense and a training and an understanding, and a strength, by which you then can be subjected to access of the greater part of yourself.

When you are really fairly trite and dense, you can’t handle much and so everything is kept really basic. The outer is the outer and it’s no more than that. But then when you start to get more subtly refined and developed inside, to where you can access the greater part of yourself, then you come to recognize that the outer is nothing more than a reflection of the inner.

To begin with you struggle with your dreams in that you have to somehow get to the point where what you see in your dreams you don’t apply in an outer context. To begin with you do. To begin with you think oh, well it means I did this, that, and the other – I’ll change that in terms of what I do tomorrow.

To begin with, it’s a lot like that, all still cycling around your narrow perspective of life. But ultimately it gets to where you can’t do it that way anymore. That’s the nausea that you hit, that’s the third part of your dream. You can’t do it that way anymore.

You cannot be subjected to the limitations of power and control; you are intertwined with it all. You cannot handle you being treated as if everything operates in its own separate way and is distinct. You know better than that.

When you get like that, well, here’s the dilemma you run into, like Jeane starts out and she recognizes both the conscious and the unconscious, and then she learns how to take and put that sort of thing into kind of an order by which she can then express herself. Her dream described right where she was at in terms of using the energy, but it also portrayed the nausea in another way.

And I said to her that her dream was where she had both the conscious and the unconscious simultaneously. How can you be okay with it just being that way – in a state of a type of nothingness?

In other words, it hasn’t been formed into anything whereby you’ve streamlined yourself to utilize it. That can break you into a million pieces. That can cause you to throw away everything that you had identified with in terms of the sense of satisfaction.

There’s a way of interpreting your dream and this would be a completely wrong interpretation and fortunately you haven’t gone there, I don’t think, but there would be a way of interpreting the dream to think that your marriage is going to fall apart or something. And that is completely, completely totally wrong.

And that’s how the kundalini energy can destroy you, because that isn’t what the kundalini energy is about at all. The kundalini energy is there to cause you to take a step within. Everything in the outer, all of that, is meant to be an inner to outer correlation, not prison.

The outer is not a prison, it’s a reflection of the inner. Ultimately the outer reflects the inner.

That’s why when things are in a certain state of flux, here in creation, there is a similar flux in the ethers, or in the higher self, or the higher whatever, as above so below. And we are sitting with an access to it all, by being able to hold into the depths of something as the microcosm. In other words, there’s both the expanse and the contraction and the expanse and the contraction ultimately reveal the same thing.

As an example, the contraction you could take and put something under a microscope and you could see that every cell is identical to every other cell in the human body. Basically they have a blueprint, and that blueprint has a quality about it just like a fingerprint. It has a quality about it that is unique.

The microscope or the technology of minuteness can take and break the atom all the way to the point that it can get to the epicenter of all of the energy in creation where you have the big bang or poof effect just through a type of nuclear kind of way they call it nuclear anyway, a nuclear kind of going and going and going to the point where through the microcosm you get to everything that there is.

It goes that way too. We live in the microcosm. We have access through the microcosm to everything in the macrocosm. It’s amazing that there is no time and there is no space and you can play with it either in terms of expansion or contraction.

And a human being yo-yos back and forth between expansion and contraction which is the same thing as saying one minute they’re happy, and the next minute they’re sad, and one minute their heart is dancing, and the next minute their heart is crushed.

And then they start to maybe even develop some of the traits from Proverbs, or Ecclesiastes or whatever, that in other words don’t get too elated because then you are going to get sad or whatever as if there is an equanimity, which is a kind of Buddhist term now.

You know, trying to find that love of equanimity so you do not throw yourself around. This is just the order of things. Another way of saying expansion and contraction would be conscious and unconscious.

What we consider consciousness is in the outer an idea of how to best fend for yourself, and the most responsible and know how to walk across the street without getting hit and all of that we consider that a type of understanding as a type of consciousness. What we consider unconsciousness is a person that’s sleepwalking and they walk across the street and kabango. That’s unconsciousness.

That unconsciousness is a quality that includes everything in the overall. Consciousness has taken and streamlined and limited something.

Here’s another way of describing it. The world is created out of sound. So everything resonates a pitch or a sound. There is a sound in the universe and you can hear that sound.

Now let’s apply science to it. So science has come along and they’ve taken and they have figured out what’s called frequencies. And they can make a frequency, we will call it a cellular frequency, and the cellular frequency can handle voice technology, it can have the frequency that can transmit television and news radio and such. That’s streamlined, that’s precision, that’s taking something out, of you might say, a type of unconsciousness and made it conscious in the outer.

Then you can take the same frequency and you can go from what’s called analog to digital in which you tighten the frequency and now it handles and transmits and projects better things like data packets.

And then you could say well gee, I have accumulated all of this. I need to be able to contain it in some fashion. So now they’ve developed what is called microwave, which is a type of working with light where you zip this to maybe a home base like a central computer or something. So now you are able through the microwave to spray this around when before when you took something out of the macrocosm as a microcosm, you limited it, because a radiowave can only project so far, but now when you convert it back to light you can start to expand it back out into the macro.

The secret, the key here is to get to the point where you can be both conscious and unconscious simultaneously.

In other words, the dream I had last night is I went home and there’s a baby laying first of all kind of in the middle of the bed or towards the middle of the bed and suddenly it’s laying right on the very corner on the end.

And I start to wonder what would happen to this baby if it rolls off the bed. Sure enough, the baby rolls off the bed and eyes open up, the mother goes over and picks it up, the mother being my mom, picks it up, and the baby can talk.

Pretty sharp baby! The baby’s joking around about something that dad had said that indicate that the baby is going to be put on welfare, and the baby is laughing about it as if this is a joke because the baby knows. The baby can reason and knows stupidity when it hears stupidity.

Then finally I’m looking at the baby, the baby says, “Who are you?” I say, “I am your older brother.”

Then the baby comments about that, makes some comment, and I say, “Yeah, there is another brother, but I’m the oldest.” And then I try to remember another brother I had, but I can’t remember him. So it’s like he’s my other brother, but I feel like I am 40 in the dream yet my younger brother’s 20.

And the whole thing is this baby is in a state of unconsciousness, so to speak, connected to the soul of things, and I’m in a state of sophistication connected to creation and supposedly having lived life and have a certain conscious recollection about things, yet to this baby everything is unconscious.

Wow, I am a baby. That baby is me, we’re intertwined.

Ann: Boy, that’s pretty powerful.

John: So both the conscious and the unconscious have to be carried together. It’s the only way that inner can properly come into outer, it’s the only way that the inner and the outer can be correlated.

Otherwise, to the degree to which you have a depth of awareness inside of yourself, you’re going to keep building bigger castles, and you’re going to have no problem with the kundalini energy, except the kundalini energy is not designed the way the teacher’s teacher put it. The kundalini energy is one third on this side and two thirds on the other side.

It’s designed to open you up to the greater part of yourself. And when you open up to the greater part of yourself, then you come to find out that this path is about service. The reason why it’s put in those words is because you have a responsibility to the Whole.

And as you take on that responsibility of the Whole, you function differently.

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In these dreams, Jeane and John gain similar insights, but their approaches and conclusions differ, affected by the perspectives of the feminine and masculine viewpoints. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream it feels like I’m at the back of a large audience, seated in some kind of a theater, and they want to demonstrate what they do when someone has an emergency.

So they use me for that, and it feels like they take me to the very back and put this long green robe around me. It’s like a dark green, velvet robe that goes all the way to the floor and then they give me a little vial of pills, and so that’s what they have when someone has an emergency what they are going to do.

And so the robe is a lot prettier than I thought. I’m kind of surprised that’s what they have just for something they’ve thrown together.

Then it feels like I’m no longer wearing the dark green robe, but I’m going down a street in my hometown carrying the pills. The pills that are supposed to be for an emergency. And there’s a woman who’s having an emergency, and this time I’m taking the pills to her.

I have to stop for a minute, maybe I’d spilled some and I’m gathering them up, and so what I notice is that even though they’re all supposed to be the same medicine, they’re different sizes and shapes, but I realize that’s because this is what they’ve thrown together as an emergency contingent, so I guess even though it’s the same medicine it doesn’t all look the same.

And I’m taking it to that person, and I’ll only be able to give them a few because it’s just for emergency. It’s for that day or the next day until they get back to their regular routine.

John: This dream portrays the answer to the problem that I describe in my dream. In other words, the masculine is able to bring a clarity down to see things, but that doesn’t mean that the masculine, just because it sees it, is the best one for fixing it.

And of course as I’m seeing this, the conclusion I’m drawing is that, it is what it is, that I can’t necessarily change it, I can look at it, I can perceive it to be what it is, and it’s at a depth and at a level that to try to change it or to try to alter it or whatever would probably create more problems than anything else and it’s better to just leave it alone, kind of make a mental note of it or something like that, realizing that everything has its conditions and its situations and circumstances and mannerisms and these things change very, very slowly and so that’s just how it is.

And in your dream, what you’re dreaming is that… and of course I’m able to look at the problem on very subtle levels plus also on big levels that affect in the outer and everything too as well as things that just affect the microcosm, and in every instance it’s like the force of what’s going on is not really even on the microcosmic level we are subtle, and on the macrocosmic level where it seems overt and all of it can be felt in the bones.

It’s not something that you can readily do anything about because it’s not like it’s readily recognized even by those involved, for it to be what it is, and so all I can do is report it. I can make a report on it.

But in your particular case, your dream is all about fixing it. Your dream is all about where you take and you get the impression of something that needs to be dealt with, and you know how to fix it.

I’m always nervous about you having to try to fix things because when you do try to fix things, or go about dealing with something, it’s like whenever something is identified as an issue for you, or whenever you come around to realizing it’s an issue, you kind of zoom in on it and plod away at doing that.
You do that in everything that you do, in the way that you feel that you have to cook or make cookies, everything you do. Once you zoom in on something that has to be done, you go ahead and you proceed to do that, and hopefully not too obsessively.

I guess that’s how I always kind of wonder whether you might be getting a little over the top at times in terms of whatever you think your responsibility or your duty is, but you seem to have a good self-corrective mechanism too, so it’s just me and my having to evaluate everything in detail kind of motif of the masculine because it all seems to be just fine.

Well, I’m saying that in advance in relationship to as you put this together in terms of how my dream comes across because your dream basically indicates that you’re stationed, that you’re more or less sitting in a station, or a spot, which is like a station, in which things are happening and you’re positioned in a way so that you can deal with those things, you know how to deal with those things, you have the pills or the tool chest.

You have the robe on, meaning that you’re holding a station and you have at your disposal the ability to do something from that station, which is the pills. And you wouldn’t be doing that, sitting in that station, you wouldn’t be sitting with those pills, if you didn’t know kind of how to conduct yourself in this sort of way.

So, now you want to know what the problem is? And it’s only a problem from the masculine’s perspective. None of these problems are problems really. It’s just kind of how things are in the subtle energetic of life. And they’re there so that a conscious way to shift and shape things can happen.

In this dream I’m asleep in a vacation cabin that is a cabin that’s owned by this friend of mine, and he’s had to leave or go somewhere. So his wife is behind, and I’m in a bed, and she’s in a bed, and there might be another person that’s passed out that’s in the cabin too.

And outside of this place is a guy that’s supposed to take care of the outer and make sure everything is secure. Apparently there are wild animals or dangerous animals crawling around and him safeguarding from the outside kind of keeps this sort of stuff at bay, so he represents a raw energy of things.

Well, he comes into the house and obviously concludes that the other guy is passed out and he assumes that I’m probably in the same condition, but I’m pretending to be more asleep than I am. And the woman is kind of awake but she doesn’t seem to, because he’s under the employ of her husband, doesn’t see that there’s any problem, and so she even kind of talks to him a bit and what he does is completely inappropriate.

He starts going through the drawers and looking for this, that, and the other and she doesn’t seem to be at all alarmed about it, but I could tell what he’s doing. He’s looking for something to steal, and he thinks that he has total control of the situation, that I’m checked out, and she’s naïve.

And so I kind of lay there just seeing how far this is going to go. Now, this part I don’t remember what happened that came up and took him under, arrested him so to speak, in terms of jumping up and doing something, but what I do remember is the effect of whatever was done. And it’s now morning, that part is a skip in the dream.

The woman thinks that I’ve gone too far, and I say to her, “If I hadn’t done what I did and stopped him, you wouldn’t be alive today.” She just doesn’t get it. What I know is that he would have either found something to steal, and then would have had to kill her so that there would be no one that could report on him, or if he didn’t find anything to steal there was nothing to keep him from taking advantage of her.

And so what I assume and see and believe what happened is if he hadn’t stolen something he could have done whatever he wanted to do thinking that I was passed out and no one was there to be attentive, and then kill them.

So it seems that I’m the only one who realizes how treacherous and dangerous this guy is, in his intent when he came inside. When he was on the outside in the outer was one thing, but when he tried to come to the inside of the thing to the subtler energies of things, it was too much for him.

The dream ends where we have traveled, I mean he’s been a prisoner and we’ve traveled to another place and I am probably the guy that had been drunk before or who knows. Anyway, another person are in the basement of this house and we have this guy down there in the basement, and the time has come when he needs to be brought to the top, brought out, you know basically, I suspect, turned over to the authorities or you know.

This other person says that it’s okay that I can go upstairs because he can handle this guy and he’ll bring him up in a minute, but I know better, and I say to him, “We need to both bring this guy up.”

The thing is again this is another scenario in which I can tell this thief is laying back down acting as if he’s been subdued, but if he rises up and attempts to escape he’ll overpower this guy. It’s going to take the both of us to bring him up.

The simple meaning of the dream is the dream is saying that there is a raw energy that is not well understood, by other parts in myself anyway, that’s less aware, and as a consequence, because there’s a letting off or not being attentive in that regard, something is about to rise up and destroy what exists.

And this raw energy is supposed to be taking care of the external state of affairs, but has gotten out of control and has invaded a situation, or entered the house, and is seeking to take over. This raw energy is of the opinion that there is nothing that can be done to stop it from having its way.

In other words, from what it sees it thinks it has the situation scoped out and if it acts out or is allowed to fully act out, its mannerism is such as it will destroy the fabric of what exists, as it sees things.

In the dream I am the only one who realizes how dicey this has gotten, in other words, that more conscious part of myself can sense this stuff going on. But then there’s the feminine part that’s naïve, and then there’s the other part that’s checked out, and then there’s also the part that’s kind of seeing how far it will go before it suddenly springs to life and acts.

I guess you might say that fortunately there’s a more conscious side that understands this raw energy and what it is capable of doing, which knows how to handle it, and things have progressed to the point where it is now time to bring this raw energy into the light of day because it’s being now brought up from down below.

Of course this is kundalini energy and you have to work with that. You don’t take and snuff it or stamp it or repress it or, you have to work with it. With a teacher for example every time it sees a student act up, the teacher realizes that this is raw energy and that the teacher has to figure out how to play with that, how to work with that. Maybe there’s a point where enough is enough, or in the case this guy was arrested by us, but at the same time you play with that raw energy. You don’t obliterate it.

How does this apply? I can see how in present life, in existence now, that there’s an energetic quality jeopardizing the current scenario. I can feel it. I have yet to put my feelings directly upon it.

But you’re naïve in terms of it and you’re being blindsided, not necessarily are you naïve. You know how to fix it, see that’s my summation as I would see it looking at it strictly from the masculine, but you have the sense. I mean, it’s not like you’re totally naïve, right, but it’s just how the masculine sees it.

I believe it has to do with her dad in a subtle way and I also believe that this is a hidden energetic he harbors. I believe that it has something to do with the past, how he sees her in relationship to his ex-wife, your mother.

I also believe you unconsciously feed into it by not seeing it and is therefore allowing it to become a greater uneasiness. That part I don’t think is true after your dream.

On the surface I am of the opinion that this is manageable because I am able to see it. What I’m talking about is an example of this blindside. A bigger micro example has to do with a tenuousness that is brought on in society by the economics of things, the politics of things, even the way the sports energy flies around.

Those associations, and way of life images, have their way of anesthetizing and afflicting things in the fabric in life that keeps things kind of destabilized, keeps things kind of numb or dull. Not seeing these forces for what they are tends to undermine existence, or the flow in the outer, of the status quo.

This in turn affects the way I relate, in that the tendency is to remain asleep. In other words because you’re hit with this and you kind of want it to go – you think that it all runs its course, given passage of time – and of course that is the course of least resistance.

This is also the course that little by little leads to a tearing down of a state of order and balance in the Whole. In other words, that’s going on, you’re seeing it. What I’m doing is reporting that I can’t do anything about it, but you’re reporting that you can. On some level you have the robes, the state, and you have the pills to do it.

And then I wrote a part that is this dilemma. I am seeing this from a point within that is able to sense the way the energy is slowly unfolding, but that doesn’t mean that this is something that is able to or going to change, nor am I going to change it.

Anything I might do or even talk about or even anything, I live with it. It’s kind of like an awkwardness that just has to be. It actually has a useful purpose behind it, too. It’s part of the sharpening of a consciousness. It’s part of the awakening process to go through it.

For the masculine it’s a type of longing, it’s a type of thing that on the flip side and the blindside is the hearkening to something that eventually is able to come through. I don’t know what you call that. You wouldn’t call that longing, but it is part of the process nevertheless, and so you don’t take and slam it in any direct regard because then that hurts something.

There’s a quality in there that’s wonderful as well, even though one can look at it as out of balance or bizarre or something. It’s there for a reason and it has its importance, and if you do something to change it you will affect the psyche of life, or your dad, or whatever. So I can’t do anything about it; I just know that that’s what would happen.

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